2000-03 Tundra Owners May Be Eligible for Frame Replacement

2000-03 Tundra Owners May Be Eligible for Frame Replacement

Toyota is expanding its recall of 2000-03 Tundra full-size pickups over the same frame rust issue that caused the automaker and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to recall the trucks in November 2009 in 20 cold-weather states, according to a letter sent to Toyota dealers (and obtained by our friends at TundraHeadquarters.com).

The so-called "limited service campaign" is a retroactive enhancement to the vehicle's warranty to replace the entire frame for free if it meets certain corrosion conditions, but owners of Tundras with frame rust will only have a limited opportunity to take advantage of the offer, which expires after April 30, 2012.

The service campaign covers Tundras sold nationwide and not just in the original 20 cold-weather states, Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said.

"Information is being sent to all [2000-03 Tundra] owners," Lyons said. "We're really targeting the trucks in the severe cold-weather states but it also includes owners in the other states [not included in the recall]."

The states in the recall include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia.

The original recall covered 110,000 Tundras. The limited service campaign expands that to up to 440,000 trucks.

Toyota dealers will inspect Tundras covered by the campaign for signs of frame rust. Whereas the original recall was limited to replacing the rear cross member and surrounding components if severe corrosion was found — special circumstances of excessive damage were handled on a case-by-case basis — the new campaign expands the rust inspection to almost the entire frame and sets firm guidelines for replacement. If a perforation larger than 10 millimeters is found, the entire frame will be replaced with a new one.

Replacing a frame is a nontrivial task that requires moving every component from the truck to the new frame. Ordering the replacement frame from Toyota and initiating repairs could take several weeks.

Toyota will cover rental car costs up to seven days. If frame replacement is delayed due to parts availability, up to 30 extra days may be claimed. Up to 60 days may be claimed only with special authorization. Affected Tundras that were brought to dealers before March 2010 may claim up to 90 days of reimbursement.

Toyota will contact customers covered by this campaign this month by phone and mail. Customers with additional questions or concerns can contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 888-270-9371.

[Source: Toyota via TundraHeadquarters.com]


What about Canada??

Wow! Things just keep getting better and better for Toyota!

Didn't Toyota just buy the Tacoma's back at 1.5xKBB value? Why don't they do the same here? Are people really that attached that they want to change the frame on a 10 year old truck with XX,XXX+ miles?

Korey - A lot of Tundra owners are asking the same question, but the trouble with a buy-back is that a lot of owners don't want a payment - they just want a truck. If I was in this situation, I'd take the money...but a lot of the guys just want to keep driving their pickups.

Times are tough. A buy back won't get you a new truck. If the rest of the truck is okay, I can see why owners would want a new frame. I'd rather see a choice given to the owner: buy back or repair.
One other way to look at it, getting a new frame installed would probably cost Toyota more money than a buy back. If you were pissed off enough to want to stick it to them - that would be the way to go.

I've been looking at trucks. And the Tundra was one of my top choices (next to the silverado... and also the Tacoma and Ridgeline since I dont NEED fullsize as a homeowner).

But, I have mixed feelings about the new ones. Some people are already complaining about surface rust on the body panels, along with several other issues (including this new air-pump issue pooping up).

The fact that the Toyota trucks have had a bout of problems lately would normally make me shop elsewhere, but the fact that Toyota has been standing behind their products and paying for these repairs makes me really wonder what I want to do.

Will they have the same support in 10 years? Who knows...

I think the real test for me is seeing how Toyota will approach the air-pump issues right now.

Hate their trucks. But rust is bad ok any part of any car so get it fixed Toyota you still won't haven't business.

More of a reason to BOYCOTT Dana as a supplier...

Their frames are the root cause, same with prop-shaft joints being manufactured wrong at their plant...

If I was Toyota I would investigate Dana and hold them liable for faulty parts and bankrupt them!

So glad I drive a Ford... :-)

I am sorry I own 2 piece of junk toyotas I am even sorrier that I work for the lying bastards.Beware of Siennas with wheels that fall off!!!

According to Toyota, Dana is not the source of the rust problem.


Just leave the frames the way they are, then when the vehicle experiences ``unintended acceleration`` hopefuly the frame will break in half causing enough drag to safley slow the vehicle to a stop. They can turn this potential problem into a solution and it will cost them nothing.
Win win :)

Frame replacement? Are they kidding? What a pain in the a**! Just give them 50% off for a new truck or something. Whats with the frame rust issues with Toyota- or rust in general? Why Toyota and nobody else? My Ranger is 13 years old and has barely any rust on the frame. What is Toyota doing different then other manufacturers?

why dont they just fully box the current frame and then issue a recall...to fix the rust issues and the excessive flexing!!!!!

these frames are just WEAK!!! not even my 1970 chevy sgot rust!!!!

Toyota must be loosing it. What kind of person (or company) replaces a frame on a fairly new truck?! I can see a frame being replaced on a classic car or truck, but not a truck that's still fairly new and still being driven. What the hell is Toyota going to do, take your truck from the dealership once you drop it off and ship it back to the factory and replace the old frame there? I've worked in a body shop before and not once have I seen a frame being replaced.

These are Toyotas, the last 300-400K so replacing the frame at 100 or even 200K is still cost effective.

Even if the motor on a Tundra lasted to 650,000 miles, I still wouldn't buy one when the most important part of the truck, the frame, the backbone of the entire vehicle, doesn't last 150,000.

Does anyone know if the 04-06 model Tundras are affected? I have a 2006 double cab (same body style)

I've been thru this with my NEW (at the time 13 days old) '02 F150 Supercrew that was in accident and damaged front frame rail. I insisted it be repaired at a Ford dealer with good rep. Found one near me that had experience doing full frame replacement. I think raw frame cost was ~ $1400. I was VERY unsure if truck would ever be the same. That was in early '03. Still driving it today with 145k miles and no major problems. But it took body shop 2-3 weeks to get that done. Now you take a 10yr old truck with rusted brake lines and so forth, needing to swap out old suspension and control arms etc, who knows if you'll have more problems than when you brought it in. Then you may get rattles you never had. I'd think twice about this if it was me.

I would take that money and run, run like the wind. Take the money and buy a good used (preferably domestic) truck. Talk about sticking it to the man!

Wayland 1985- Goodluck truck shopping, my friend. You should look into a Silverado/Sierra. Great deals on a great truck right now!

People, please stop supporting/buying Toyotas. I could understand if they made a superior product, but is clear now that they have been fooling people for the past decade about their quality. America may not make the best cars, but they definatley make the best trucks in the world.

way back on the old style f150- 96 & prior, we had a new sold truck arrive with a bent frame due to train crash or something. Was bent where was tied down during transport. Had a special pkg or something so could not be reordered for customer. He agreed to replace frame as he wanted that truck. We set up for 2 guys to do on a weekend on a flat rate basis. They had full shop area to work in- all stands, jacks, hoists at their disposal. They did it by about noon sunday so about total of 24-30 hrs into job. was brand new so no rusty bolts or anything but its not that big a deal and that truck is still running around. The frame will outlast lots of other components.

swapping out a rusty frame? Toyota, are you serious!


I will continue to buy a Tacoma, the competition does not come close and this is my 3rd Tacoma:

I had a 97 2wd Tacoma, became too small because it was a compact...

I had a 2005 X-Runner, perfect cab size and room for what we needed and I built it to race on road courses. Learned what I needed with the track part and sold it to get my 2010 Tacoma access cab 4wd...

With all 3 Tacoma's, no major issues or problems!

I also had an 86 4wd that I raced down in baja, another 86 2wd long-box as a winter beater and a 85 2wd with 32" tires built as a pre-runner and aside from a head gasket that went on the 86 (still made it home with just 3 cylinders) and the rusty box syndrome, again no major problems!

Toyota builds fine trucks and that is why I am a repeat buyer, most of this crap you read about is fabricated, blown way out of proportion or a bunch of yuppie suburbanite whiners that see a spec of surface rust (especially if you live in the north with harsh winters like here in Wisconsin) and the world caves in...

I have a 2001 Tundra that I drove in Iowa winters for 8 years... based on my experience, the frame rust looks like anything I've seen on any other 10 year old pickup. Problem is, I moved to Mississippi, and I've had two dealerships beat on me trying to buy a new pickup because it's 'too rusty'. I don't look forward to dealing with either of them about this problem. I'm glad I'm not paying someone to wire brush this thing for 8 hours.

OXI??? You have had THREE Toyota trucks since 97! And that doesn't tell you anything? My GMC was made on 10/98 and is nowhere near ready for replacement. If I'd bought three GMC's in 12 years I'd be a idiot for buying the third one. Try buying a good truck and Toyota doesn't make one...aka T100, Tundra 1/2 of 1/2 ton and the new vibrating recallathon Tundra. Your Tacoma is littering the road with rust chunks!

@tj - I'm not sure I get your point.
My brother has gone through 8 pickups (3 Fords, 3 Dodges and 2 Chev's) in 15 years. I owned the same F250. Does that mean my truck is better?
He drives gravel roads everyday, and works in heavy industry.
I drove to work everyday with it in the winter. It took me on some hunting and fishing trips, and it packed my toys.

It all depends on what you do with them and how you maintain them.

own a 2002 tundra, bought off a used car lot. no problems.

big discount because of so called "rust" problems.

good truck.

thank you, madison ave.

Im so glad im driving a Chevy silverado:) Best truck ever!

Toyota is racking up one bad news story after another. My opinion of them had worsened. It will be interesting to see how they fare this year when quality/reliability, and "problems per 100" vehicles statistics are released.

I have 480,000 on my 02 tundra I love it and only buy Toyotas now

Why Is my truck falling apart and toyota put a limit on my 2000 tundra SR5 until 2012?? I didn't even hear about the replacement frame until after that date. I worked at a Hospital and had a lot of over time and toyota never notified me about the total frame replacement!!! I had the spare tire thing, done spraying the frame black, that ended up falling off in my drive way. My stabilizer bar is beside a hole in the frame and it is ripping the frame and is going to come lose!!! I think you should fix my truck, I have been trying from 2013 to have the frame replaced. It has 105k miles on it and still drive like a pretty new truck. I've bought Toyota most of my life but I will look some where else for the next truck. and I am on ssi. You owe it to me to fix your weak steal! Just ask God?

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