2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Hoops it Up with Dude Perfect

2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Hoops it Up with Dude Perfect

GMC emphasizes the professional-grade engineering of its trucks, so it has teamed up with Dude Perfect, a group of students from Texas A&M known for making amazingly intricate and challenging basketball shots, to introduce the new 2011 Sierra Heavy Duty pickup truck.

Television commercials for the 2011 Sierra HD start running next month, but here's a sneak preview of the first one. A 2011 Sierra 2500 HD Denali sits in the frame while Dude Perfect nails a basket from a moving airplane.

John Schwegman, U.S. marketing vice president for Buick-GMC, introduced the campaign earlier this week in Detroit at a GM fleet preview event.


UMMMM.... How does this show the qualities of GMC? Or the luxury of Denali? GM marketing is not on the mark with this one. I want to see the strengths of the truck (and if the seats are cozy enough) not a trick shot. Hopefully this is a rough draft....

Great commerical. This new frame must be really strong. It can tow a basketball hoop. LMAO.

I'd rather see something whimsical and fun like this as opposed to mean spirited Howie Long commercials or Ram's rednecks crashing through barns.
I suspect they are trying to target the "youth" market.
Hope it works for them!

Hey Lou,
How many youths do you know who can afford a $60,000 truck? What about the ad that featured the bail out and paying off their loans? I don't see how any of these ads are going to work for anyone but the GM loyalists like Bob.

I love GM, but their marketing department has always sucked... This commercial is cool because of what the guy ends up doing but it really says nothing about the truck which is stupid...

I agree with Lou though, this is alot better than Howie Long...

I think it is interesting. Granted it does not show the capabilities of the truck. It is a series though that will keep your interest and you will want to watch and will help promote GMC.

WOW! Awesome shot...what the hell does that have to do with the truck. Thats topical of GM, garbage ad's to go along with their garbage trucks. Maybe that guy will be a walk-on to some NBA team.

Dang that really shows the brute strength of that Government motor truck pulling that basketball hoop. Ford would have put that Piper Cub on the back of that trailer and pulled it out there then taken it home after the shot. GO FORD!

obama motors marketing team is about as keen as the three stooges

This is the stupidest thing ive ever seen!!

Just give me a commercial showcasing the trucks capabilities!

GM couldnt spend theyre Obama money better? Come on guys...

WOW those guys are amazing if you havent seen them You Tube them. But it doesnt work with the truck they have a lot of videos were they ride around in a f-150 making shots from the back. GM had good plans however it just showed me that these guys are awesome and they few a plane out of a field.

Gig'em Ags

That.... Didn't even make sense. Apart from the Sierra hanging out in the background, there wasn't even anything related to it going on here.

geez that was dumb. great theyve got the guys from jackass showing their trucks WHOOO HOOO!!!

All that bailout money and this is what they spend it on? FAIL.

Nice airplane add..
I wanted a Cessna but that yellow plane looks cool !! Didnt notice any truck in that add !! People say there was a truck..I didnt see it !!

I love the ad, innovative and keeps you watching. Better than the usual Ford ads lying about how they have the best fuel economy, not from what i,ve seen. Way to go GM.

Spent their bailout money? Are you questioning my patriotism? GM paid back the loans in full and ahead of schedule. How many times do I have to repeat this. I am sick of every GM post turning into a topic about the bailout?

or better than the one where Ford is lying about the best selling truck. Below is a copy and paste from another post but it applies to this one as well.

@ Lou,
Once again the best selling truck is GM!!! You cannot deny this.

GM'S trucks are 3 year old designs and Ford has a brand new F-150 and soon will have a new Super Duty.

Now I suppose you are going to start bringing up government motors and all that bailout crap. Ford has been lying about best selling truck for years. Ford fans can't deny sales numbers no matter how they try to spin it.

hence GM IS A JOKE.

@ bobby - you obviously did not read my post replying to what you wrote on another thread. Since you are into "cut and paste" I'll do the same:
@bobbie - another GM fanatic named Bob - where do you guys keep coming from. Dealing with you fanatics is like being a human in a Zombie movie ,but on acid.
Why don't you look at the sales statistics posted on this site.
Year to date:
Ford - total full size ========= 143,985
GM/Chev total full size(combined)=134,960


Now, if you want to include Avalanche,Caddy EXT, Colorado/Canyon - here is how those numbers play out-
(Taken from GM's website so you know they must be accurate)
Year to date:
Avalanche============ 5,550
Cadillac EXT===========929
Combined total=========16,072

Ford Ranger===========17,514

The lowly, ancient Ford Ranger outsold 4 GM models by 1442 units.

Therefore :

Grand Total (April-Year to date) :

FORD++++++++++++++++++ 161,499

GM/Chev/Cadillac----------------- 151,032

Ford OUTSOLD GM +++++++++ 10,469

In your exact words "Ford fans can't deny sales numbers no matter how they try to spin it."

Thank you for making that observation plain and clear for me.

You guys make it way too easy for me. It really and truly is pathetic.

Another momma's boy bites the dust.

i am soo glad i am not one of those people fooled by the "FURD ADS"

what happened to like a rock!!!?!!

Watch this video at the 4 minute mark.

The interesting thing is that the Chevy Siverado is getting A LOT of 3rd party endorsements!

Consumer's Digest has voted the Silverado as the Consumer's Digest Best Buy.

That's a great reputation. Care to explain that one to me? Maybe Consumer's Digest is a fanatic too? You have no argument.

Like Howie Long says, any way you look at it, the Silverado is affordable, hardworking and delivers MORE of what MATTERS to the consumer time and time again. I like to think of it as America's BEST TRUCK!

If you don't think this is America's best truck I would like to know what is America's best truck? What is the number one best truck according to Lou right now? I don't want a huge wishy washy list of the best trucks. Just name one and why it is the best truck. America's best truck!

Lou, Before you give me your pick, just remember one thing the Silverado delivers MORE of what MATTERS to the consumer.

I have bad news. Lou won't be coming back to give us his pick. He has just bite the dust.

"Ford OUTSOLD GM +++++++++ 10,469. In your exact words "Ford fans can't deny sales numbers no matter how they try to spin it." Lou


Lou, But you forgot the GM Yukon, Chevy Tahoe and the Suburban! Add those and I think you will see who sells the most trucks!!!

From the Truth About Cars:
"Yukon was down 21 percent to 1,942 and Yukon XL added 46 percent to 1,693. Chevrolet’s Malibu improved 13 percent, making it the most popular car in the Chevy lineup at 16,536 units. Impala fell 8 percent, to 16,144. Cobalt had a strong April, with volume up 29 percent to 13,701. Equinox sold 11,987 units and Traverse added ten percent for a total of 9,020 units. Camaro continued its strong sales streak, moving 9,150 units. Silverado was Chevy’s top-selling nameplate, at 29,618 units, and even the Colorado avoided a Canyon-like dropoff, logging just over 2,000 sales. Tahoe volume fell 23 percent to 6,309, while Suburban added 15 percent to 5,087 units. HHR fell 19 percent to 5,383 units."


Does anyone else think Howie Long should join Dude Perfect? I think they should have had Howie Long that airplane shot. Maybe Howie Long will be in the next video shooting some hoops! Lou, I totally disagree with your first post, they need to feature Howie Long more.


Yes GM trucks do rule. Love that the new Duramax outpowers the new 2011 Ford diesel, and will get better fuel economy. Ford did not lie that the new diesel would get better economy than their old 6.4L, but 18 mpg driving easy(as tested by this site) is nothing new, My 2010 Cummins 3500 gets 18 mpg and my Duramax also gets the same. GM says the new Dmax will have improved economy over its last year edition which will put it as the best in the segment( nothing new here). Read the fine print in fords new ads that states they get the best fuel economy, and towing numbers, fine print says "over previous Ford trucks" whoop dee doo. GM does have the best HD truck now with the highest towing and that is just the facts the Ford guys will have to live with....AGAIN.

@bobby -
I actually do not have a favorite brand.( I just don't like the Bobsie twins GM fanaticism)
Here are my "favorites" by category:
compact/mid ===== Toyota Tacoma double cab
1/2 ton ========= Ford F150
1/2 ton "Off-road === Ford Raptor
Heavy duty (diesel)== Dodge Ram
Heavy Duty (gas) == Dodge Power Wagon


Consumers Digest Congratulates
The 2010 Automotive Best Buy Award Winners.


Silverado 1500

Ram 1500

Sierra 1500

Doesn't look like they are very selective.

Why brag about an award that everyone recieved!

Kind'a like kindergarden - every one gets a gold star so no-one feels bad.


Yukon, Suburban, Tahoe - they are classified as SUV's not trucks.

GM zombie.... Go home to momma.

@billiejoe - I was wondering the same thing, what happened to those "Like a Rock" adds?
Now those were great adds.
Bob Seger's Like a Rock is an excellent song, with very powerful lyrics. The guitar rifts stir the soul.
That was shear genius to use that song for GM trucks.
For me, the only negative was that I was/am a huge Bob Seger fan and it was upsetting to me that he had "sold out".
Don't get me wrong - it would of bothered me even if it was a Ford add.

I don't think GM or anyone else has ever had another great add like that!

Yes this commercial doesn't say much about the truck, but I like the direction of new GM commercials!

Lets see, Truck does not move, idiots seen playing games, truck still does not move. Strongly suggests buying another brand.

the best part of that was when he made it

The best part of this video is Howie Long............ he's not in it.

Chevy Sucks.

@ nick


GMC's are bye far the best trucks they've ever constucted and built I've always been a cheverolet man which is gmc certified and one of these days I will own me a GMC so I can drive around with class and awesomeness

Love the new marketing campaign. http://www.billdodgeautogroup.com/

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