Update 1: A Quick Look at Year-to-Date Truck Sales Through April 2010

A Quick Look At Year-to-Date Truck Sales Through April 2010

Pickup truck sales have rebounded in 2010, with significant volume gains over last year's depressed sales levels for most of the largest players in the full-size and small truck segments.

Here's a quick look at the numbers of trucks sold through April of this year, according to sales data provided by J.D. Power and Associates.

Full-Size Truck Sales

J.D. Power's "Power Information Network" figures are unique because they break out full-size truck sales into light- and heavy-duty classes. Monthly figures released by Chrysler, Ford and GM aggregate both light- and heavy-duty truck sales (including chassis cabs, when sold) into a single number without revealing class splits.

J.D. Power removes the Ford F-450/F-550 and Ram 4500/5500 trucks from the tallies, so chassis cab versions aren't included. However, the F-450 pickup isn't included either and Ford doesn't break out F-450 pickup sales independently. F-450 pickup sales through the first four months of 2010 are probably around several thousand units, which won't show up in our figures and charts.

Ford has enjoyed the biggest market share and sales percentage increases year-to-date, according to Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager.

"[For Ford, 2010 is an] F-Series share growth story. F-Series has gained 5.8 points of segment share [through April]. The full-size truck segment is up 37 thousand units total and F-Series [alone] is up 34 thousand."

When we look at the combined sales volume of LD and HD trucks, it's clear that Ford dominates in big trucks, having sold 138,225 F-150, F-250 and F-350 pickups year-to-date. That's more than the combined sales of General Motors' twins, the Chevrolet Silverado (102,098) and GMC Sierra (32,862) 1500, 2500 and 3500 haulers. But when we break out half-tons from three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks an interesting pattern emerges.

Ford and Ram Trucks have almost identical percentage splits of sales between their LD and HD pickups, with LD pickups making up approximately two-thirds of sales and HD pickups the remaining third. Chevrolet and GMC, however, have sold much larger percentages of LD pickups through April. Approximately 80 percent of their sales come from half-tons while only about 20 percent are from heavy-dutys.

If we compare Ford to Chevrolet, the sales mix differences are large enough that if we look at light-duty pickup truck sales only, the Ford F-150 (88,007) has outsold the Chevy Silverado 1500 (81,679) by less than 7,000 trucks and combined sales of both Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 continue to outsell the F-150.

April 2010 Truck Sales Figures YTD

Ford dominates in HD sales, though, beating Chevrolet and Ram by more than a 2-to-1 ratio and GMC by almost 7-to-1.

Why is GM selling fewer HD pickups on a percentage basis than Ford or Ram? It may be partially because of GM's four-month pause in diesel engine production, which started in late December 2009, while it finished testing and tooling up for the introduction of its updated 6.6-liter "LML" Duramax V-8 to meet new emissions standards that went into effect Jan. 1. Production of GM's new HD pickups with the updated diesel engines started just this week. Meanwhile, Ford was able to start manufacturing its all-new 6.7-liter V-8 late last year, and Chrysler's 6.7-liter inline six already met the new regulations since 2007.

If we look back again at half-ton sales -- this time putting sales leaders Ford and Chevy off to the side -- there's an extremely close race going on between the Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra and GMC Sierra 1500 for spots 3 through 5.

The Toyota Tundra (29,106), which ended 2009 with 42 percent fewer sales than in 2008, has seen its sales rise 20 percent year-to-date since Toyota aggressively added cash-back bonuses and discounted loan rates to help recover from the fallout of the company's safety-related recalls. It's now outselling the Sierra 1500 (25,362) and closing in on the Ram 1500 (32,058).

Compact and Midsize Truck Sales

Finally, in the neglected compact and midsize segment, Toyota is almost as dominant as Ford is in HD pickups. The Toyota Tacoma (33,920) has outsold the Ford Ranger (17,514) by an almost 2-to-1 ratio. The Nissan Frontier is in third and the Chevy Colorado is a distant fourth. Surprisingly, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac is in fifth place, outselling the Honda Ridgeline, Dodge Dakota and GMC Canyon.

The Ranger, Explorer Sport Trac and Dakota are scheduled to end production next year, and we expect similar fates for the Colorado, Canyon and Ridgeline. It looks like Nissan and Toyota stand to gain the most by simply outlasting the other small trucks going into 2012.

Update #1 May-27-2010 13:12 PDT:
Updated story with sales information and quote from Doug Scott, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager.


I bet that soon the Tundra will outsell the Dodge Ram 1500....

So the GM LD trucks are outselling the F-150. Yes, Ford win's overall, but in the LD catagory, GM is winning. So much for Ford's "The F-150 is the best selling truck".

Toyota will never be in the top three. GM needs to improve its marketing technique for the Heavy Duties, they out do Ford in any segment.

You don't know how to analyze data. GM light duty is not outselling For light duty. The amazing thing is that they are actually a close second, and that is probably all they will ever be...second.


Do you not get it? GM counts GMC and Chevrolet as seperate brands. Judging by the numbers F150 is still the #1 selling brand.

@ Tim

Are the GM and Chevy identical? Pre 2007 yes, post no.

Many, MANY GM Sierra 1500 buyers would not touch a 1500 Chevy due to its "questionable" appearance. (Thats as nice as I can put it) They even have seperate packages: GMC Denali and All-Terain n/a on Chevy. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME TRUCK.

That said, during the above period of time Gm would only need @ 25% of Sierra buyers to stick with the mother ship to surpass the F150, and I would agree that 25% would stick around due to dealrships loyalty etc...

So while "fair enough" I agree GM is currently outselling the F150, I don't think that argument can be used asa blanket stmts all the time.

For the millionth time, GM is not outselling the F-150.


I did not say that the Tundra will be in the top 3, what I said was that the Tundra will outsell The Dodge Ram 1500 soon.


The Ford F-150 is the best-selling light-duty pickup brand.

GM is the best-selling manufacturer of light-duty pickups, based on combined sales of the GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevy Silverado 1500.

F-Series (F-150, F-250, F-350) pickups are the best-selling full-size trucks for combined sales of LD and HD trucks.

Good clarification Mike. Somehow I still don't think that will slow down the nasty comments!

Mike, how long until your e-power steering comparo is posted? Been a great week in news. Always something new when I go to the site.

@Power Kid: Electric steering drive coming soon. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see. ;-)

@ Frank


@Mark Johnson

....Do you guy's not get it...the GM 1/2 ton outsells the Ford 1/2 ton !!

GM has the best selling half tons around !!

Why is it so hard for Ford guys to understand this ? Are you all not right in the head ? Good grief !! Grab a brain !!

FYI ....Yes,We add GMC and Chevy together as they are GM
and together they outsell the F-150 !! Get it ? If not ,how can you be so dense ?

GREAT info. Its nice to see the breakdown of HD trucks in each segment, as well as Sport Trac sales as usually they are combined with Explorer sales. If we could see this exact same breakdown at the end of every year that would be very helpful!

These statistics are great.
I am surprised by the fact that Ford sells almost double the HD trucks that GM sells.

I'm not surprised by the fact that Dodge Ram HD sells almost as many HD trucks as GM. I see that pattern on the streets of my home town.
If you look at HD sales - one can argue the point that the consumer has already decided who makes the best HD.

The 1/2 ton stats surprised me as well.
This is were GM shines. If you combine Chevy Silverado and GM Sierra BRANDS they outsell the F150 by 19,304 units. This will fuel the brand versus company debates all over again.

The much maligned Toyota Tundra - a truck that most guys would deam as a "city slicker's" truck or definitely not a "manly man's" truck is right up there with the Sierra and Ram.

I wonder if Ram's drop in overall sales is due to 1/2 ton sales?

The Toyota Tacoma is the clear leader in small truck sales.
Ford is killing both the Ranger and SportTrac. That looks like a bad move.
Combined sales are 22,784.
That is 11,136 less than the Tacoma.
Ford should come out with a new Ranger. Give us a bare bones econobox option and a more well equiped crewcab with all the bells and whistles to cover the other end of the spectrum.
The Ranger currently covers the bare bones end, while the SportTrac covers the high end.
These statistics show that Ford could provide serious sales competition for the Tacoma.

I dont know what is happening in the States with the Dodge Ram 1500,but in Canada its selling in record numbers (April broke all time sales numbers)..even at or near $4.00 a gallon !! In the States the Ram heavy Duty sales are up,so maybe it starts with the Heavy Duty's then trickles down to the Ram 1500 !! As a Dodge fan I hope so !!

I am curious to see the Ram Heavy Duty sales in a few months,as in Jan-Feb they were pretty rare on dealer lots !! Hope they pass the GM H.D in sales,soon !! As dodge trails GM Heavy Duty's by 8000 units !!...Notice how I add Chevy and GMC up together , for the accurate numbers !! Not like the furd boyz,they cant grasp that concept !!

Wow For sells more HD trucks than GM and Dodge combined , and I bet its because of the Super Duties solid front axle contrary to what GM says .

"GM is the best-selling manufacturer of light-duty pickups, based on combined sales of the GMC Sierra 1500 and Chevy Silverado 1500."

Nobody is arguing with that at this time.

"Do you guy's not get it...the GM 1/2 ton outsells the Ford 1/2 ton !! GM has the best selling half tons around !!"

Not true.

"Yes, We add GMC and Chevy together as they are GM
and together they outsell the F-150 !!"

Two truck brands from GM beat the one F-150 brand from Ford. Good for them!


Ford sells more Trucks then GM in LD/HD Trucks. Period!

WOW,WOW and WOW !!! I told it so many time FORD IS #1,its always #1.The best selling truck,the best built truck,the best looking truck,the best performance truck,the best overall truck,the best chassis,the best ride truck,the best interior,the best suspension,the best frame and so on and so on!Want to continue? :)) Yeah,everyone knows that ITS THE BEST!!!Thank you FORD for give us SUCH A GREAT TRUCK,RELIABLE,HEAVY DUTY TRUCK!!!ITS BUILT FOR REAL TOUGH JOB,for HEAVY CONSTRUCTION JOB!We know you always 1st,in all category an all way!Great job Ford!

P.S. Hello,Chevy,Dodge guys!Don't waste your time to comment here,don't worry,this KING OF ROAD always give you a second place,because you have a great truck too,Chevy and Dodge - very nice trucks,and I so like it,BUT,Ford here is greater,you just can't beat it.Anyway,its American trucks,and they cannot be so bad,they is greatest trucks in the world!The best in the world!American muscle!O yeah,you know what I'm talking about! To all,have a nice and great day!

Frank ....

Dont care, hate GM and Ford....but GM outsells the Ford's half tons....PERIOD !!! Tired of Ford guys saying otherwise..or crying otherwise !!!!

Ford sells in large numbers due to its lower price,and large fleet sales of its trucks...just because it sells the best ,doesnt mean it is the best !!! Wonder how those hideous huge headlights will hold up on gravel roads when people use them for hard work...Say crack !!

@HDTRUCK,all three is great trucks,depends what you like more,you can't be wrong with all three.Who cares what brand is more sells trucks,its just a numbers,thats it.

Ford does not have the best performing truck !! Look it up !!
Best looking..NOT !! GM h.d's out power Ford !! And everybody beats the F-150 in performance !!

The numbers are in bold letters and the nothings better than ford crowd cannot accept the truth! The F-150 is NOT the best selling half ton truck. The Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra are brands of GM. and combined they out sell the F-150. GM as a corporation sell more half ton trucks than Ford does period! end of story!!!

Now, I will admit that ford kicks everyone's arse when it comes to the heavy duty trucks. I am positive GM will close that gap with the new and improved heavy duty trucks for 2011 models.

I can't wait for the pickuptruck.com shootout this summer that will pit the 2011 super duty vs the 2011 Silverado HD. I predict that GM will win the shootout and send the ford fans home crying and saying it's not fair.

so let it be written, so let it be done!!!

Dodge (the truth),

Whats really sad is you trying to hold on to that cherry picked nugget. If you want spin then get a gig on Fox News.

@Dodge, for me,I like more HD trucks,if HD outsells GM,Chevy and Dodge,then of course it outsells in LD segment.And you wrong again here,Ford outsells GM,Chevy,Dodge in LD and HD segments.See Mike Levine post.

Got Ford best sellin trucks #1,best diesel torqe,better than GM by 100 torqe.Proud to be a Ford mans..Go Ford!! I rented a Ford and realy liked it alot.I know my 1990 f-250 is unbeatible,better than a new Chevy ..#1 Ford

No that is NOT TRUE! GM is #1 with their duramax diesel in torque, 765 foot pounds and that my friend is 30 more pounds than fords powerjoke!!! I just love rubbing that little FACTOID in to the smug ford lovers on this board! TAKE THAT FORD FANS.

The Duramax will kick sand in the powerjokes face when they face off in the shootout and you can take that to the bank!

So let it be written, so let it be done!!!

@Truck Guru and others ,... guys,just stop this polemics!Whats good for all of us that WE LIKE TRUCKS! and thats GOOD!WE LIKE AMERICAN TRUCKS and thats GOOD!Ford,Chevy,Dodge ALL HAVE PROS AND CONS!There is no THE BEST,because all have a PROBLEMS,there is no trucks WITHOUT PROBLEMS! AGAIN! FORD,CHEVY,DODGE,GMC - ALL IS VERY,VERY GOOD TRUCKS!You like Chevy? - good,you like Dodge? - OK,you like Ford ?- go ahead! Its all very reliable trucks! Just stop this polemics!

I guess no one is taking into account that GM had not produced a diesel HD truck pretty much all year because they had to wait for the 2010-legal Duramax (which they are labeling as a 2011 like Ford). The Silverado/Sierra HD trucks they have sold are pre Jan-1-2010 diesels already on lots or gasoline-powered trucks.

@ smtrthnu,

What the hell are you talking about..guess you watch mslsd .... er msnbc ,cnn (laughable) !!! I think your spun so much you dont know which way is up !! All I pointed out is in Canada and the Dodge Ram sells like mad !! And Ford truly has the largest truck fleet sale operation .Guess your just too uneducated to know any better !!

@Super Duty,

Your wrong !!! The Ford light duty doesnt outsell GM !!! C'mon man cant you read ?.....Anyway,I like your last post !! But ,my Dodge is faster than your truck !!!


You want to talk prices. Here are they are at MSRP. Starting cost point without options.

2010 F250 - $28,020
2010 Chev 2500 - $27,465
2010 Ram 2500 - $28,165

You were saying Fords are the cheapest. Please education yourself before posting an ill-informed post.

Source: Manufacturer Website
Peace out little buddy.

Possibly the Chevy HD numbers are down is because of the anticipation of the new HD. Once that goes on sale I can expect a large jump in chevy and GMC HD section.

And in new news Walmart is the largest retailer in the world! Who cares does not make it the best product nor the best place to buy something! To each his own and move on with life!

@Dodge - your Ford is cheeper argument does not make sense. The big sale I was at showed the GM/Chev trucks had the biggest discounts.
Frank's post also shows that there isn't a big difference.

Dodge HD is doing well but the 1/2 ton is not.


The whole Brand versus manufacture war is starting up all over again.
I don't buy the " Sierra and Silverado are the same truck" argument. They have different grills, bumpers, fenders, and box sides. The Sierra has2 trim packages that Silverado does not have.
Check this link out:

Chevy owners answered this question:Their first choice if Chevy went away?
Thirty-four percent chose GMC.
In second place for Chevy owners was Ford (25 percent), followed by Dodge (19 percent) and Toyota at 18 percent.

GMC owners returned the love to Chevy, with a full majority (52 percent) picking the sibling brand, followed by Ford (22 percent), Toyota (10 percent) and Dodge at 7 percent.

If General Motors killed the Silverado - only 34% would buy a Sierra.

If General motors killed the Sierra - 52% would buy the Silverado.

If they were the same interchangable trucks wouldn't they have 100% cross-brand loyalty?
Most Sierra and Silverado guys don't see it that way!

GM half tons still outsell ford... Not bad at all when you consider the GM half-tons are 3 years old and Ford got a refresh only last year...

Can't wait till the new GM half-tons come out, GM will regain the top-spot in truck sales again...

And all you Ford guys crack me up, you combine GMC and Chevy sales when Ford outsells them, but when GMC and Chevy outsell Ford you claim we can't combine them because they are two different companies....

what a bunch of hypocrites...

Yo GM boys heres a couple questions for you. How often do you see a new GMC and Chevy on the same lot? So if you think about that one and the fact the numbers are always seperate, GM doesnt even think they're the same truck. Do you not think GM has any fleet sales? If so you are completelt dillsional. And for how do you put your info on the computer if is written, I usually type my info.

So let it be typed

@bob sorry forgot to put your name in that last sentence.

@AlabamaFord,yeah,I agree with you,a combined GMC and Chevy outsell Ford BUT! Why GM is separate it like two different brands?I don't know,its doesn't matter for me,just numbers.About your Dodge is fester than my Ford!?Oh,com on,its a CUMMINS,baby,thats my BEST,the BEST and BEST DIESEL,so like it.My dream is FORD body,1999-2006 and........of cource - CUMMINS POWERED ENGINE!!!WOW!!!Like semi trucks,they buy trucks which better for them BUT choose engine to put on in,and actually its a CUMMINS!!!Yeaaah! :)) Great day!

Once again Ford has the best selling truck. Its so funny that most of the people on here complains when Ford add all of there trucks together. But now almost 85% of people on here is adding GM twins together just to outsell one half ton from Ford. the data shows the F-150 alone beats GM twins so this proves GM can't touch Ford in trucks until the Silvorado beats the F-150 by its self then you can say GM has the best selling truck. This is just normal to see people hate on Ford. Ford makes a real truck everything else is just not even compatition so once again Ford congrats thinks for making a truck that gets the job done. Oh and for performance for the half ton segment rhe Ford F-150 Raptor 6.2 can hit 60mph in 6.5 seconds faster then any other half ton end of story.

BTW thanks for the info Mike, very interesting break-down...

hopefully GM's new frame will help them gain a little market-share in the heavy-duty segment... GM makes world-class half-tons and the numbers prove it, im not worried about their share at all...

The fact the loathed Tundra is catching the Ram in sales. Could this be as a perception in the publics mind, that dodge is NOT an American anymore and is a division of FIAT?

I see the idiots are out in full force today... First off the Ford guys don't split the Chevy/GMC trucks in sales... GM does that for whatever reason which makes no sense. If Ford only has to make one light duty truck and GM has to design two light duty trucks and only get a few thousand more sales out of it, is it cost effective to do so vs. just having one light duty truck? That's the real question. You Ford guys need to calm down because GM DOES sell more LD trucks, but because GM breaks their GMC/Chevy brand sales down independently then Ford can say it sells more LD trucks than GMC or Chevy. GET IT? And Ford sells more combined trucks than anybody period. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp people?

Also just because you have more HP or TQ or a fully boxed frame doesn't mean a damn thing when it comes to towing so you GM boys need to get over that. Why does Ford lead in the HD segment (even when they had the god awful 6.4/6.0) because more people have come to realize that some trucks just tow better than others. I know you GM guys would never agree but if you took a Dodge man or a Toyota man and asked them to tow with a GM or a Ford HD I bet they would say they feel more comfortable towing with the Ford. Just my .02 cents!

Last getting back to the frame. Go look at any tractor trailer or dump truck. See that, its called C channel frame. The only advantage fully boxed frame gets you is slightly more strength in a rear accident and better stability going off road, but since you guys don't have a solid front axle, well really who is going to take a GM HD off road LMFAO!

@Robert Ryan - I think you are onto something.
Canadian Ram sales are doing very well.
Every vehicle in Canada is technically an import.
I don't think Canadians are as hung up about were the home office is located.

gm sold more half ton,and ford sold more heavy duty,wow imagine next year whit the new gm truck..number show the true..right..and gm don't have a new model on the market...wow surprise..

sorry,gm don't have a new model like ford and dodge and they still in the race,maybe they build something good

Do ford fans have s..t for brains or what? GM sells more half ton trucks than ford does and the proof is right on the board here but you still have mind numb ford fans try to claim other wise. Ford is #2 in half ton sales behind GM do you got it ford fans.

Yes, GMC and Chevrolet are made by General Motors and they are built in the same plant and assembly lines. So to restate my point, GM sells MORE HALF TON TRUCKS THAN FORD SELLS the f-150. Now I know that is hard for some of you ford fans to wrap you little brains around, but 107,311 half tons is more than 88,007 f-150's.

So GM has sold more half ton trucks than ford. This is a FACT for you nind numb ford fans.

so let it be written, so let it be done!!!

@ Shawn.

Many suspect Ford will too go to a fully boxed frame next re-do.

go Ram! Dodge has got there stuff together recently the new Ram is solid but so has everyone else...

Yes I mentioned that ,as on a few forums posters were mentioning FIAT and Dodge in a derogatory way.See below

"Good for you; now you can order a Fiat/Dodge truck made in Mexico. Great support for the American worker! Enjoy your American nameplate."

If we compare Ford to Chevrolet, the sales mix differences are large enough that if we look at light-duty pickup truck sales only, the Ford F-150 (88,007) has outsold the Chevy Silverado 1500 (81,679) by less than 7,000 trucks and combined sales of both Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 continue to outsell the F-150.

There you go ford fans, the combined sales of Silverdo and the Sierra CONTINUE TO OUTSELL THE f-150!!!!!!!!!!!

So let it be written, so let it be done!!!

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