April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in April 2010

No. 1: Ford F-Series
143,985 +30.5% YTD
April 2010: 40,946
April 2009: 28,757

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
102,098 +8.9% YTD
April 2010: 29,618
April 2009: 26,437

No. 3: Ram Trucks
51,707 -20% YTD
April 2010: 13,665
April 2009: 17,903

No. 4: Toyota Tacoma
33,920 +0.9% YTD
April 2010: 9,407
April 2009: 9,027

No. 5: GMC Sierra
32,862 +6.8% YTD
April 2010: 9,360
April 2009: 8,273

No. 6: Toyota Tundra
29,106 +20.0% YTD
April 2010: 8,949
April 2009: 6,156

No. 7: Ford Ranger
17,514 +10.7% YTD
April 2010: 5,220
April 2009: 4,535

No. 8: Nissan Frontier
11,770 +68.2% YTD
April 2010: 3,192
April 2009: 1,992

No. 9: Nissan Titan
7,453 +26.5% YTD
April 2010: 1,784
April 2009: 1,309

No. 10: Chevrolet Colorado
7,241 -30.3% YTD
April 2010: 2,010
April 2009: 2,676

Notable Items:
- Ram Trucks continue to lose sales


Mike - "Ram trucks" includes 1500, HD and Dakota? What gives? That's a lousy number for all three of their trucks. Any comments why - I thought this was an award winning couple of years for these trucks. Combined they can't outsell the tundra this month? Better get a Rosetta stone to read the 2011 and 2012 manuals.

Check that - "barely outsell" the tundra. Didn't outsell Toyota. Mia Culpa

@FW: Ram Trucks refers only to full-size pickups. Not Dakota (which saw year-over-year sales jump 36%)

I am amazed that Dodge Ram is still showing a 20% drop. What's up? or should I say down?
Even the Tundra has seen a big sales increase. I don't think the whole congessional hearing/recall mess has hurt Toyota(at least long term). Shows you how short of an attention span the public has!
Ford is the only "Domestic" doing well.
Everyone else(arguably) have better looking trucks, better MPG, and more power.
Is this "bailout backlash?
Does the public perceive Ford as being the most stable?secure? reliable? dependable?

The GM Bobsie twins are silent today. FORD. Number 1 brand. Number 1 truck company.

Mike do you have the figures for the Ford Super Duty.
Heard the backlog is over 33000 trucks and growing. Can you confirm this figure ?

In Canada Dodge Ram trucks sales rose big time,both the 1500 and heavy duty...

In the U.S.A Dodge Ram Heavy Duty saler are up 13%...

Could it be the lack of advertising for the Ram 1500 ? They advertise the Heavy Duty Rams alot...The Dodge Ram 1500 really is a great looking truck,all around truck,but Ford is still the lowest priced truck then GM trucks and in this economy the cheaper the priced the more it sells....

Wonder how many fleet trucks Ford and GM sell,probably alot !!

@Dodge, I was surfing the net and noticed that Ford saw a 27.5% increase in pickup sales in Canada.
Where did you get the 13% US sales increase number? This site stated a 20% drop.
I love the looks of the Dodge Rams but:

There is no joy in Dodgeville, as the mighty Ram has struck out!

I hope the Ram Brand pulls out of this soon.

"The GM Bobsie twins are silent today. FORD. Number 1 brand. Number 1 truck company." - Tony

Their cookies are blocked.

i thing ford this year be the best to sell more truck,but next year be different...


What is you're Magic 8-Ball telling you?

@ Frank - maybe their OnStar subscription ran out?

@ Lou,

Perhaps they thought it was still free after the one-year subscription and refused to pay because the Sync from Ford is offered 3 years/free.

However, let's not get off topic.

As I look at it. I don't think GM will ever sell more trucks than Ford after this bailout.

Times are a changing.

LOL what happened to the ram sales wow!!!! I think its because of that weak HEMI under the hood. Ford Trucks are the best of the best!!!!

Why are the ford-humpers wetting their panties over this? Ford only outsold GM by about 1000 trucks this month. That's like.. a couple fleet customers. We all know Ford is the fleet queen of trucks.

Not to mention Fiat was offering the free Hemi upgrade recently. So they can't even give them away?

Still the Tacoma outsells the Sierra and the Tundra is not far behind. What gives? Maybe all the negative publicity about Toyota, confirms the old saying "bad publicity is better than none"
I think Dodge needs promoting, otherwise the RAM brand will tank before it even gets going.

Wow, Chrysler's new Ram-brand strategy makes it's first feedback... Too bad...but i still love the Ram-trucks!

No. 4: Toyota Tacoma
33,920 +0.9% YTD

No. 7: Ford Ranger
17,514 +10.7% YTD

No. 8: Nissan Frontier
11,770 +68.2% YTD

No. 10: Chevrolet Colorado
7,241 -30.3% YTD

70, 445 people bought smaller than full size trucks. Seems to me like there is definitely a market out there for someone to bring out a good smaller truck. Especially since people bought 70,445 trucks that are essentially outdated to heavily outdated models.


Which sales figures are you looking at?

F-Series & Ranger = 161,499

Chevy, GMC & Colorado = 142,201


Total = 19,298

Ford sold almost 20,000 Trucks YTD compared to General Motors.

Ford sold almost 20,000 more Trucks YTD compared to General Motors.

I wonder if the lower incentives offered on the Ram trucks is causing the lower sales numbers. Gm and Ford have had big incentives all year long in my area but Ram has offered very little. Chrysler reported a profit in the last quarter so even though they sold less they made more.

Someone traded in a 08 Silverado 1500 at my dealership. Can anyone tell me what the computer module is right above and to the front of the spare tire and why the hell they would put it there

Here in Canada the Dodge trucks are selling really good. I see more and more on the road all the time. I'm surprised of the GM truck sales as well, again here they sell well.

There is no need to panic at Dodge. They only built 93,000 Pickups in 1993 for the whole world. 51,700 for four months in just the US of A is not bad.

With all the Dodge bashing going on here, all I can say is I'm glad I drive one.

It is the Best all around truck on the road.

According to their websites:

Ford currently offers $4500 worth of incentives.

GM currently offers $4750 worth of incentives.

Ram currently offers $2500 worth of incentives.

I bet that is making a good sized dent in sales for the Ram. I'm sure Ram loses 3000 sales or so a month because a buyer can get a similarly equipped Ford or GM for $2000 less, even if they are inferior vehicles.

@Super Hippy - I haven't seen much Dodge bashing. Commenting on poor sales is not bashing. I'm curious as to why Ram sales are down.
Like I said earlier
-is it bailout backlash?
-or like another blogger states- failed "I AM Ram" strategy?
- maybe it's consumer mistrust in Fiat?
I'd like to see some comments on what the problem may be.

Locally,I see more Dodge Rams being sold than Chevies - especially in the HD ranks.

I don't think it is related to rebates as all of the manufacturer's have scaled back promotions.
Toyota traditional does not offer big rebates and the Tundra has seen a huge increase % wise.

The small truck ranks are doing well overall - with the exception of the Colorado/Canyon twins.

Are you sure that it's an 08 Silverado? No Chevy or GMC truck have a computer module anywhere near the spare tire.

GM has out sold Ford to many consecutive years, and if Ford will outsell this year, ain't no biggy, that still don't change the fact that GM makes the BEST TRUCKS!!

@ Lou I have to agree with you on the Ram advertising. Its is terrible. After watching them I want a new truck but that is because I`m a Dodge guy. There is little to convince a GM of Ford guy to switch brands. They don`t say anything other than all the awards that these trucks have won. I think most people have gotten over the bailout issue. I think that if your gonna get mad about it take it out on the politicains that gave them the money. The whole reason for creating RAM brand was to keep people from worrying the FIAT was going to have a hand in building trucks.

From my perspective I have always said Dodge makes the best looking trucks hands down. But I have had several friends who have owned Rams and just about all of them have had issues with the rear or the tranny in them which is why I would never consider one. As for GM until they put a solid front axle under their trucks no thank you. I'm not saying GM makes bad trucks or anything if I was in the market for a new truck I might consider one. My last 3 trucks have been Fords, and although I agree 100% with the comments about how weak the 5.4L seems to be its nothing that can't be fixed with a few tweaks under the hood and a $300 chip. I have not had a single problem with any Ford truck I have owned until just a few weeks ago. I have a pinion seal that just started to leak but my current truck had 100K miles on it so no biggie there. As much abuse this truck has took on the farm I'm shocked that I have not had any problems earlier. Dodge does not market their trucks right. GM markets Honda lawnmowers thanks to those confusing Howie Long commercials (which are being replaced thank goodness) but Fords commercials are straight and to the point. Having a guy like Mike Rowe and Dennis Leary doing your commercials ain't to shabby either.


"just remembering the 90's commercials"

i think the ram needs more advertising....

i dont think the hemi is weak i own a 06 ram and the MDS hemi has enough kick to pull/carry almost anything...or watever i need it to....

havent test drived a new 2010 ram but i hope they did a better job with the front suspension which i think its kinda soft for the way i drive my truck..

anyways as long as the pickup truck sales are up dont matter who is on top....just keep our economy runing..!!

The fact still remains that the F-series sells more because they are the better truck. Period.

The fact still remains that the F-series sells more because they are the better truck. PeriodPosted by: Mike | May 3, 2010 9:31:26 PM.

This is a false statement. Have had lots of troubles when i owned f350 trucks, engine,tranny,front ball joints,turbo,rad ect. The facts are all trucks break and have equall failure rates . At the same time all trucks(heavy duty segment) are capable of hard work and hauling huge loads. Advertising plays a larger role in vehicle sales than reliability or function. I love my Cummins and my Duramax, both have been more reliable than any of my Fords (especially the Duramax/Allison). Best seller does not equall best vehicle by any means. Kia sells more than most and we all know how light and cheaply built they are now don't we.

IMO, the RAM sales have taken a hit ever since they went w/ that crap-tastic coilspring rear on half tons. Yes, there proly is some "bailout backlash" and confusion/uncertainty/anger over FIAT ownership. But, Gm received a bailout also and their trucks are up year over year, "RAM's" arent. And yes, even though i love GM, i think ford got it right w/ the new 6.2 + torqshift in the SD's.

Wooo! Frontier and Ranger sales continue to rise!!

I can't believe dodge sales are not better. I always kind of pull for ford, but my dodge is a dang good truck. I like it much better than what chevy and ford offer and historically I'm much more biased towards chevy and ford. Don't people test drive all the new trucks before they buy one? And whoever said the Hemi is weak.......... It kicks the crap out of the 5.4 ford motor.

You girly men in your soft-riding GM "trucks" may be the last to know but sales prove that the Ford trucker is better looking, better haulin, better truck all around. Those GM things prob do alright tho on the way to the drive-in where they're showing Brokeback Mountain.

Ford has built a lot of momentum. Advertising that hits home, they've managed (so far) to make themselve's look like hero's of the people for not taking a government bailout, they've turned around their car division, and somehow - even though they have the weakest motors (up until now) have managed to keep up the perception that they have the best trucks. The SD trucks haven't been as good as the competition, but the 1/2 tons have been good overall. They are on a roll.

GM is struggling. The bailout - "government motors" sentiments has hurt them, especially in the USA where people pride themselves in rugged individualism.The Howie Long commercials have been off the mark. THey've had hit and miss quality. Hummer - the once proud war time hero became the poster boy for wretched excess.

Chrysler/Dodge - I don't know were to start. Poor advertising, especially the "I AM RAM" crap, Ram BRAND separate from Dodge, the commercials with rednecks. Getting screwed by DaimlerBenz, then bailout, and Fiat. Truck guys are generally conservative and traditional. Chrysler/DaimlerBenz/Fiat has messed that up.

There is more to selling trucks than looks and power. Ram has both and can't seem to sell.
Ford has neither and is #1.

A neglected small truck market seems to keep on plodding along, and lately seems to be pickup some steam.

Is the beleaguered Toyota Tundra making a comeback? If that is what one would call a comeback. Why are Tacoma sales soft?

Troubled times , I tell ya.

Incentives for Ford are $1000 + $2500 cash back. There is an extra $500 if you are in the police or military. Realisticly that is $2500. for most people.

As for Ram...
"In addition, Canadians who visit one of the company's 440 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram dealerships during May will continue to receive an exclusive $500 in "Why Canada Drives" Bonus Cash on top of all other retail incentives including up to $7,500 in Consumer Cash Discounts plus purchase finance rates starting at zero per cent on nearly every 2010 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram vehicles."

1) The reason why the Ram's don't sell has nothing to do with incentives. Ram has plenty of incentives. This is just another excuse by the Ram loyalists as to way they aren't selling. It is an excuse just like they said Ram light duty wasn't selling well because the light duty Ram was old. Now it is new and it keeps losing sales. Then the excuse was the Heavy Duty was old and just wait for the new model. Now the Heavy Duty model is new and it keeps losing sales. It is pretty obvious why it doesn't sell.

2) As for who has the best looks, just remember Ram copied the F-150, "the According to Chrysler design chief Trevor Creed, two vehicles influenced the Ram’s exterior surfaces, the Dodge Charger sedan and Ford F-150.,,...The F-150 inspired the Ram’s body proportions...We were pretty impressed with the F-150 when it came out (in 2004)..."

I have gone over this a million times. If you like a soft, conservative, old school chromed out look go with the Ram. If you like a dated exterior and a lackluster 1980's interior, go with Chevy. If you like a tough, modern look go with the Ford.

3) Fleets: "About 40 percent of Chrysler's sales for the period were to rental car companies and other fleet buyers, which generally yield lower profits than retail sales to individuals."
From: AP

To you Ford bashers. Do you really think Ford cares where there vehicles go, most sales still means most sales. If fleets are buying them there is probably a good reason besides just purchase price, like low repair cost. If fords are actually breaking down thats because they are being worked not just as grocery getters. We use medium duty gms at my work place and the new motors dont last near as long as they use to. As far as why people may be ok with the GM bailout more than the Dodge is because you dont see GM holding hands with foreign companys like Dodge does, first Daimler and now Fiat.

Na, that isn't a ground for panic Ram enthusiast - just check this link:
Congrats Chrysler!


All of my incentive facts came straight from the manufactures websites. I am talking heartland of America, where trucks are king and where pickup sales are #1, not up in the woods of Canada, where the whole country sells less automobiles a year then California does.

You also stated that the Ram HD was losing sales (blatant lie), when actually it GAINED 13%. http://www.allpar.com/news/index.php/2010/05/chrysler-april-sales-zoom-25
Another factor to look at sales wise with the HDs is the 2010 Rams are brand new, and competing with trucks in the last model year, dealers are sticking thousands on the hood to get them off the lot, while the 2010 Ram has little to no incentives. Sale going up 13%, while competing against trucks that have thousands of incentives on the hood, is actually one hell of an accomplishment.

If you are going to play the game of who looks like whom, Dodge created the big rig look in 94. Ford Super Duty copied Dodge in 99. The only thing Ram came close to coping on the Ford is the higher belt line on the windows. I do admit that Giles did state that they copied Ford, but he could have stated that it was an evolutionary change that was taken from the 300 and the Charger, which were being developed at the same time as the f-150.

The quote you put up about fleets is from Chrysler's February sales where, "About 40 percent of Chrysler's sales for the period were to rental car companies and other fleet buyers, which generally yield lower profits than retail sales to individuals." is not even close to relevant in this conversation.

In reality, Ford's Fleet sales, percentage wise of total sales, is much higher then other companies. This is mainly because of there dominance of the HD chassis cab market and because of the Crown Vic cruiser and taxi cabs. That may not be true, as of yet, this year, but by the time December rolls around, it will probably be true again.

While your post may look impressive to the uniformed, to informed people it is filled full of holes.

This was posted in the last paragraph on ARON's link.

"At this point, which automaker gets the sale comes down to either who has the newest product or offers the most aggressive incentives."

None of that statement is true about Chrysler situation right now, it doesn't have new product (yet) or high incentives. This makes the accomplishments they have done the last few months even more impressive. Many times the vehicles Chryslers are competing against are newer and heavily discounted vehicles.

Let’s not forget Chrysler actually posted an operating profit last quarter for the first time since Benz took over.

Surprised at Looking at the full list you get a similar mixture of Pickups and cars to what you get in Australia. The Hilux being the equivalent of the F'series, but the Camry on the other hand is out of the top 10 here. Surprising in the US listing is the performance of the Honda Accord.

I've been Heavy Duty diesel pickup shopping for a while but cannot pull the trigger. Why? Ford- 6.0 / 6.4 = C*R*A*P THE NEW 6.7? right, that's a big ?? 50 large? are you kidding me?

Dodge, errr.. no, Ram, err...., doesn't matter, if it wasn't for the cummins they would have ZERO sales. Chrysler execs are stupid. Unable to make it on their own they whored themselves out to diamler. Guess who got screwed? Now fiat. It's bad enough to get screwed by American executives. WHY should I be happy about enriching a bunch of italian kingmaker/mobsters? Elkann, traitor? Mybe not but co-opted while in college. Marchionne? JAFL just another f*cking lawyer.
GM, what can i say about government motors that hasn't been said? legacy costs, drunken, arrogant.... I don't like them; corporate ignorance/arrogance that puts even the feds to shame. Sure the GMCs are comfy but that's just not emough. I'm simply NOT going to give them more money. Now if they made a more DURABLE vehicle that cost less than the competition.......................................................?
And price price price.
If i found an F250 with a 7.3 that wasn't beat to death with 250,000 miles i'd buy that. But in my area, the 7.3 is god. You will not find one for sale that isn't dead or dying.

I love the cummins, but have been burned by the CHEAP metal of the dodge before. Twice, I'm ashamed to say, but I really DO like that cummins engine.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the 6.7 but ye gods the price. If I had my druthers i'd buy an F250 with a cummins in it. but that isn't going to happen..............So I sit on my checkbook. And keep using what I have. The only thing my currant work horse has in it's favor is the not so small fact that: IT'S PAID FOR!

Here are my two cents on the topic. I am no expert just an avid car/truck enthusiast.

First, Ford I think will continue to increase especially in the HD sector due to the release of the 2011 super duty as well as when they release the new 6.2 to other 1/2 models besides the Raptor. The first to market is usually the market winner. If some of the demos Ford did with HD carryover to real world application, that will help them. Example the fuel economy of the new 6.7 with the 6 speed tranny in comparison to the 2010 competitors.

Second, GM is struggling especially in the HD sector due to not have the 2011 truck's out yet. From what I have read the regular and crew cab models will not start production until late May/early June and the extended cab models about a month later. Where I live in Oklahoma, Ford has the best selection of inventory. People may want a new GM diesel, but have to wait. Even if they were willing to take a 2010, there are not that many out there now. Not to mention the fact that the 2011 should have better fuel economy, but will require DEF. It will be interesting to see how the new GM diesel performs compared to the Ford diesel.

Finally, from what I see on the Ram is that some of the dealerships do not have that much inventory/selection. Not to mention the lower incentivies, as well as, the lower HP/TQ and tow ratings. There was a guy where I work that looked at 3500HD and made a comment how expensive the new Rams are compared to Ford and GM. He is a die hard Dodge fan and loves the Cummins engine. He had a Duramax and kept it only eight months.

I look forward to reading your test/comparison of the 2011 Truck Shootout. Hopefully by the time you do your test you can test 2011 models from all three/four brands. I have heard rumors from a Ram tech that for 2011 Rams that they will be adding DEF injection on the regular HDs not just the CC. If they do this, I am sure there may be some tuning to get the Ram up closer to the Ford and GM.

Louie louie louie, your logic is screwy! Yes, ford is the best selling truck right now because it released an all new F-150 and now has released the 2011 Superduty. Yes, they are outselling gm by a slim margin. GM's 4 year old design is still holding up quite well despite all the turmoil surrounding the (LOANS FROM THE GOVT. and NOT bailouts) and all the negative fallout from that.

GM has momentum on their side and you will see them compete head to head with ford for market share in the very near future. But you ford guys are never satisfied with having the best selling truck, no you have to continually bash GM every chance you get because of your low self esteem! GM is doing quite well and will do even better in the future. Oh, and by the way the duramax will win the shootout this summer and send you ford boys home with your tails between your legs crying for your mommie.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

Sorry if this has been posted. What's interesting in reading all this info and sales data is Ford has had better sales than GM & Dodge. What's interesting is Ford still has the tradition type warranties 3/5 yrs with 36k/60k miles (help me out on those numbers not sure). Point being I believe GM & Dodge offer 100K miles and has it really help with their sales?
I read an article last year maybe that while some car mfgs increased their warranties to 100k Ford & GM said they won't because it's a "perception thing". Was said mfgs that have it usually have had problems with their cars/trucks & they need to win customers back. Hyundai started it awhile ago when their cars were awfull, then Chrysler did it, now GM. Yet Ford still holding to their guns. So far so good.

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