Big Luxury: GMC Sierra Denali HD 3500 Dually Coming for 2011

Big Luxury: GMC Sierra Denali HD 3500 Dually Coming for 2011

Remember the high-end GMC Sierra Denali HD 3500 dually that our sources said was coming for 2011? Now it's official, according to a press release from General Motors.

The biggest Denali model in GMC's lineup will join the previously announced 2011 Sierra Denali HD 2500 four-wheel-drive crew-cab single rear wheel model that debuted at the 2010 NTEA Work Truck Show.

But that's not all.

Upscale Denali trim will also be available for the two-wheel-drive Sierra 2500 crew cab as well as for the Sierra 3500 single rear wheel configuration, with two-wheel or four-wheel drive. The Sierra Denali 3500 will also be available in standard (6-foot-6-inch) and dually long box (8-foot) versions.

“Our Denali line sets the premium standard for the industry,” said Lisa Hutchinson, GMC product marketing director. “We received such an overwhelming response to the new Sierra Denali 2500HD that we worked quickly and decided to extend the model into the 3500HD series so those GMC buyers can also benefit from blending capability with premium features and styling.”

Unfortunately, pictures of the one-ton Denali dually won't be available for a few more weeks, but we do have video of the three-quarter-ton Sierra Denali from the Work Truck Show (below).

What does checking the Denali option box buy you? Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar chrome grille with body-colored bumpers, chrome door handles, chrome accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum trim, power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: black, Stealth Gray and white.

Powering Sierra Denali HD pickups will be either a standard 6.0-liter V-8 gas engine or the new 6.6-liter LML Duramax V-8 diesel engine, which is rated a segment-leading 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque. All 2011 GMC Sierra HD pickups have redesigned, fully boxed frames and revised suspensions.

The Denali option package has been available in the light-duty GMC Sierra 1500 since 2002.

[Source: General Motors]


Pretty cool stuff!!!!!! You won't see me in it though I'll stick with a chevy and not break the bank.

It's too late, they should of done it back in 2003 to be more competitive with Ford. Don't get me wrong I'm a Chevy guy for life, but they need to do more to promote and have more options. They do a horoble campaign when it comes to advertising, they never advertise The Quadrasteer until 2005 and it was too late. They should have a special SS already to complete with Harley Davidson and what about the Z71, they just painted the front bumper for what to compete with the Ford Raptor. I give it to Ford when it comes to design and options, but they do drive like Krap brake and they lean to the left, lol.

Ford leans to the left?!? GM is owned by the effing government.

GM...Great idea.
I'm always amazed by the number of guys who are actually willing to fork over close to $80,000 for a diesel pickup. I see fully loaded F350 crewcabs all over the place.

@Adam - that was a great retort. It took me a minute before I stopped laughing.

@All American - I agree that GM needs to come up with some competitive models.
A Chevy SS would be cool. Put the Corvette ZR1 drive train and suspension in it and any performance record the SRT10 held would go out the window.
A Z71 with a real offroad package would be cool as well. Put a 4 inch lift and a bumper made of metal on it. It doesn't need to be a Raptor or PowerWagon fighter but be on par or better than Ford's FX4 or Ram's TRX offroad. Make it an real offroader instead of a street truck with bling.
Id love to see some cool trucks come out of GM.
The Sierra is a great looking truck. All of the proportions look right. I hope they don't change the Sierra too much on the next model.GM got the design right.
The Silverado on the other hand is uglier than the F150 or Tundra.
That is the beauty of having 2 truck lines, you double the odds of keeping everyone happy.

Let it be written. Let it be done. or something like that ;)

Any Ford when you hit the breaks it leans to the left. Have you noticed that the front rims are always dirty from drake dust, they use cheap breaks. Take a look at all the F-Series, Expeditions, all Lincoln and even the Navigators. They have a great design and but they are built cheap, GM took loans from the Government I think it's called business. That's what businesses do, is to take loans. Yeah I agree the Government should of let them fail, so they can learn a lesson.

holy cow - deja vu. I have the distinct feeling that I saw the exact same post somewhere else.
If it has brakes, it's going to leave dust.
That is not brand specific.
I'd say something about the "built cheap" remark but I don't want to have to deal with a litany of Bob's saying I am ruining the post.

GM took loans .... aaarrrgggg...... let it go...Lou... let it go.... calm down.... breath deeply...... there you go... calm....

Mamma Obama, that was a close one

Hey Mike, are those plastic hood louvers fubctional?

nice truck,clean look ,duramax for years is a good puller,they have nothing to prove whit this diesel they pass ford long time ago for better puller,the good thing is the frame,maybe this year ford have a good diesel engine,about time,,but gm working on the new dmax,,,bout don't forget you need a good combo..

@ All American,

I drive a Ford...I'll check tonight when I hit the breaks...oops...I mean brakes...see if it leans to the left. Though I wonder if it won't just be me, because I park, uhm, to the left. Could be just that I'm waying...crap...I mean weighing it down on that side of the truck?

Honestly, really? Breaks...crap there I go again...I don't know of anything that breaks to the left, it either breaks or it doesn't, it's not usually specific as to where it breaks. I think you meant brakes, as in pulls to the left. You don't know nothin' dude, 'cause you obviously don't drive a Ford. As for breaking (in the correct context this time) I doubt it, Ford's u-joints etc are all about twice the size of what Chevy puts under their trucks - my Chevy ate more parts than my Ford ever has. Or will. (X fingers)

Re the Z71 package...that's been available for oh, what, almost 2 decades? Maybe more? Long before the Raptor was even a pipe dream. It was never meant as more than a dress up - a skid plate and a sticker, not much else. Maybe the shocks were different. The Raptor is way above and beyond, to compare the two is ludicrous. Not even in the same category. Chevy/GM has nothing that compares. But that's probably ok, if all the Bad News Bears are to be believed, we've only got a couple of years to go and it'll all be for naught anyway. No more oil means no more cool trucks so what's the point in them coming out with a competitive type vehicle in 3 years when the market will be completely dead for anything but a 3 cyl golf cart? Just sayin'...

FYI, F-150 has all new brakes for 2010. The Sierra had the longest braking distance of all the trucks tested in the last shootout.

Is it big luxury if it has the same old 1980's grandma interiors and lackluster exteriors? I thought Howie Long and GM told us having a heated steering wheels indicated you were "gay." Now they are using them? Hypocrites.

So GM's response to their cheap looking/feeling interiors that EVERYBODY complains about is to stick some fake chrome trim around it? Come on GM, you need to step up your game!

There is a lot of stuff that Howie Long has said that made no sense at all... You know how many GM fanboys I know that have all said they wish they had the 'Man Step". Make fun of it all you want, they know it was the best ideal since sliced bread. Maybe he can get a job selling Honda lawnmowers now that GM is using a different ad agency.

Oh and I just checked. My Ford doesn't lean to the left when I brake. My original brakes did leave some dust on the rims though. Sorry not trying to ruin a GM post. I think a Denali is a good thing. Nice to see GM catch up with the rest of us. If GM is using the oldest interior out of all the American truck makers then wouldn't a Denali interior be outdated to? Or would it be an updated interior finally?

@Greg: No. The louvers are cosmetic.

I would rather put that much money on a class 5 truck that has a lot more room, capability and power plus my choice of engine!

Does the Denali come with a real front axle? didn't see that list.

Thats a great truck to buy hopefully I will be able to buy it one when it becomes and when a good job becomes available too, GMC has done a great job with it and the New GMC Acadia Denali is good looking suv to have for the family and its luxury benefits are great too, They should bring that concept to reality they named the Terradyne Concept truck that was at the 2007 Autoshow in Detroit, Mi.
Please take consideration in your customers needs and wants so we can be happy with our purchase or lease of a new vehicle and we will come back for more.

I'm a Ford guy, but All-American is right: Fords lean to the left. I don't know why. Take a look at any Ford SUV or pickup in a parking lot and you'll see it sits hunched to the left.

Mine doesnt

in my opinion, the truck is sexy. whats not sexy, however, is not being able to distinguish a chevy truck from a gmc truck. which is why i drive a f150. lol.

@ Edward Lee, thanks Ford guy. You guys got me all wrong, Ford has a great design and GM does not. Yes I might of misspelled a few words, I was just really excited. The thing is that we are Americans and the bottom line is that we should support American Companies that built trucks, yeah they might be assembled in Canada and Mexico but for the most part they create jobs in America. I love this land and I love my Chevy's, I just wish they had a more unique design like Ford. I have a 1987 F-150 V-6 that was my favorite truck, I just had to sit in it to remind me what this great country is all about. I cry when I see America going the way it's going, no it's not Obama and no I didn't vote for him. It's issues that keep us blind I just hope this country doesn't go in the direction that makes the new generations want a Toyota. All American peace to all and remember to be as American as you can, that is to give a hand, be humble and stand for what is right. Oh regarding the Z71 and Raptor, I know that the Raptor is at a different level. I just want to see the Z71 be more than a decal on the side on a truck.

@ Sillypickle- The Z71 is what most people need. Skid plates, better tires, differen't gearing, locking rear diff and stiffer shocks. Considering most never take their trucks off-road I'd say the Z will suffice. The reason GM doesn't build a Raptor/PW competitor is because it's not cost effective. Do you honestly think Ford makes money on the Raptor? The make little to no money on it, and with GM's financial woe's and a dwindling truck market it doesn't make since to build one. Believe me, I want them to build one, it would be great, but they couldn't get away with that right now. The gov't, the general public, green weiners and liberals would all scream at them for building something like that right now.

@Lou- The Sierra All Terrain was the 2nd best off-roading truck in the segment. Right behind the Titan Pro4x. The Sierra All terrain benefits from being one of the lightest trucks in the class. Not surprisingly, the huge Tundra, was worst.

just hope ford don't build the pickup like the cheap escape,we have 4 escape at the office and this is cheap every part....1 2009,and 3, 2010,,,16000k 2009 new tranny,,plastic inside easy to scratch,seat get dirty fast hard to clean,the door entrance floor plastic come out etc etc......yes is cheap price,but this is cheap truck.......we have 20 escape this year all around the company,,we see if we did a good choice...

Good idea on GM's part; they will sell as many Delali HDs as they can build and reap a large profit on each one. No doubt Ford will follow up with Limited SuperDutys, even though the existing Lariat and King Ranch trims are as much luxury as anyone really needs. Chrysler needs to come up with some trim level above Laramie to get in on the cash cow.

@G-Street - I agree.Most people do not take their "offroad" trucks offroad. I"ve looked at the TRX, the FX4, and the AllTerrain/Z71. The chin sits much lower than the other 2. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one since I think the Sierra is a great looking truck. I don't like the thought of losing the plastic airdam in a heavy snowfall or in a small rut offroad. One could remove it, but I'm at the point in my life where I'd rather just buy it and drive it.
I'd say Ford is making good money off of the Raptor. They have an 8 - 12 month wait list. The Raptor only comes with a high end interior = more profit, and there are no factory discounts = more profit. It is also a flag ship for Ford. Look what we got = free advertising = increased profits.

The Sierra is a great looking truck, put the Z71/All terrain package and the GFX trim package on it and I'd say there isn't a better looking truck out there. Put a metal bumper on it without a chin spoiler that acts like a snowplow and it would be perfect.

lol wow! remember when ram started using heated stearing wheels? and the gm commercials made fun of them? lol now theyre copying ram! haha gms retarded

"Does the Denali come with a real front axle? didn't see that list." - Scott

Negative, never has and never will. God Bless GM

Howie Long keeps coming up - look at this link from GM InsideNews - quote"USA Gets Howie Long As Chevy Spokesperson - Brazil Gets... Pamela Diaz".
She'd sell way more trucks than Howie.

Picture her doing the "man step" commercial or the heated steering wheel commercial..... now that would be great!

I hope those louvers don't detach at speed like the Hummer H3!

Who the hell is Howie Long ?

Oh the guy making fun of the Dodge Ram's heated steering wheel..

Funny how GM copied them.

That grill makes the truck look cheap..

By the way GM was making fun of Ford and Dodge trucks in its lame advertising ,one would think GM makes only base model entry level trucks! ! Single cab,vynal seats no style,no class...guess those commercials it backfired on them !! Or they are truely liers !!

If you want a luxury truck buy a Dodge Ram Laramie or Ford Platinum series,want a cheap value low rent truck its a GM they advertised them as such,making fun of side steps,heated steering wheels..these were comments by non car people ,my girl and friends when the commercials aired ,so what the hell message is GM giving out on its trucks..I am this a loaded truck or a base model ? Cant have heated steering wheels,or side steps...then GM LIED !!! Yep they are lying dolts !!

It is pretty pathetic to see GM putting components on their trucks after making fun of other automakers for doing something similar. GM's advertising is just terrible. Instead of highlighting good things about their own products, they instead try and bash other automakers without proving why their own product is better. Ford's "Truth About Trucks" videos are what people want to see. The videos do a great job of showing and explaining what they are focusing on and even do a great job of showing how something is better than something else.

you can put lipstick on a pig, and its still a pig

I don't really see what the big deal is about the GM interiors. Ok, they may not be as nice as the interiors that Ford and Dodge offer, but in my opinion, the current GM interior is a major improvement over the last generation Silverado/Sierra (and the last gen interior is an improvement over the old C/K series interior, but not by much).

The grill on this thing looks like one of those electric shavers.
Those plastic hood things should not be on a 60,000 dollar truck.
Bobby1971 - I am getting my hair cut like Howie Long today. It is supposed to be good luck and help GM sales. Wish me luck.
Hey Bobby1971 - are you going to get implants like Pamela Diaz. I hear they are good luck too.

Nice if you are into that sort of thing. Looks a lot more classy than a 'King Ranch'. I have seen very few 'King Ranch' Fords out here, I think they are made for the 'all hat and no cattle' crowd. I do see the Harley-Davidson and Amarillo Fords though.

The New GM, so that's their plan. How long can they last on the $53 Billion ?

@Lou- I only say they make little money because it's a very expensive rig to build (more so than the standard 150) and they barely charge any more than a regular 150. They may make alot off them, I'm not for sure. But I'm speculating that they do not. Also, I really, really wish I could find the article that I read where the Sierra won but I cannot. In the article it actually said it had the second best ride height, again behind the Titan. They article said that it appears lower than it is.

I would rather see GM spend some R&D money on up-grading the Colorao/Canyon with the 3.5 DI and 6-speed and have a truck with good gas mileage and power, instead of making a big gas/diesel truck more "pretty".

By the way diesel is at a 18 month high in price and 35 cents more the gas per gallon.

This is amazing the engine is huge. this is a beast i love the gmc denali series.
ford youve got some competetion now

Nice looking truck the GMC HD is, except for the plastic hood thing. Heated steering wheel is one of the best inventions yet, i love mine in my Cummins 3500 Laramie. Interior of the Denali looks the same as my 2007 Duramax SLT package, nice but nothing special, Ram Laramie is much nicer and more room front and back. This new GMC is going to be the top of heap for towing, ahead of the new Ford thats for sure. Tested the new Ford 6.7L diesel for three days they let me have it, knowing i buy a lot of diesel trucks. Not a bad truck at all but it sure did not get over 20 mpg average, highway was 21 mpg but average was 17.2 mpg, not bad but nowhere near all the hype. Do not like the front grill on the new ford now that i have seen it up close, quite ugly actually, nice transmission shifts, but you can't select the exhaust brake to come on it only comes on when in tow haul mode and decides when to come on, prefer the manual select exhaust brake on the ram. Good news for diesel truck buyers is that all three brands are very capable haulers and super comfy.

To add to snowman about this new Super Duty. If you compare apples to apples, the 1 ton chev vs. the 1 ton super duty, the new Chevy actually will out tow and haul the Super Duty; by quite a bit actually. If I read the specs right on the Ford site, the crew cab long bed 1ton SRW I'm buying this year, the Chevy's payload is better by a ton and towing is better buy 1 ton also. If im wrong, by all means correct me on this one, but show me your source so I can look it up. I'm thinking about buying the ford because they didn't take any bailout money, the interior is worlds better than the Chevy, and the computer is cool, but I need every ounce of the capability and the Chev has it in ALL 4 major categories, being HP, TQ, Payload, and Towing.

@g-street - I was checking out some dealer lots this evening. I see what you mean about the GM looks lower than other trucks. I measured the ground clearance on the lowest point of the front bumper of some 1/2 tons with "offroad" packages.
F150 FX4 offroad -----------15 inchs
Ram TRX4 offroad----------10 inchs
Sierra Z71/AllTerrain-------9.5 inchs
The Sierra was the lowest, but I was surprised by the Ram. It was similar to the Sierra. It looks higher driving around and on the car lot. It must be the shape of the nose.
I was aslo surprised that the F150 was much taller than the other 2.

I must admit that my findings did not take tire size into consideration or how flat each truck was sitting. Not very scientific, but I learned a few things.

All three trucks sit higher in the rear but the Sierra looked more "butt" high than the other 2.
It was interesting to peer under the front of all three.
I definately would look at an aftermarket bumper because there is a hell of a lot of plastic under all 3 bumpers. The shape and design of the GM makes it appear worse than the other 2.
These three trucks are close in quality,fit and finish,fuel economy is close, power is close. I think that when I actually decide to buy one, it will boil down to who gives me the best deal.

chevies have always ridden a little lower more like a two wheel drive then the Ford or Dodge, one reason its gets alittle better mileage, I prefer a little lower riding truck since it make ingress and egress easier, I don't plan on offroading so the point is mute, I use the truck to haul my travel trailer.

Slap in the face,thought GM didnt want luxury trucks ,the way they were going after Ford and Dodge in their adds.I bought a Dodge because of the heated steering wheel,among other luxury items,I by-passed the GM lot because they made fun of Ford and Dodge trucks,I really thought GM had bargain basement trucks,as per their adds,making fun of Ford and Dodge for side steps and heated wheels..I didnt want a plain truck as per GM adds claimed them to be,no luxury items ect...Shame on you GM,shame on may FAIL now...oh you already are !! B.S loan money payback,and b.s advertising !!

Big Luxury. Big Lies. Round two of GM's attempt to fool the public about the bailout:

This truck looks AMAZING!!! Love the bulge on the hood...

Lou, where do you get those specs?
I went to every manufacturer website and got specs for reg cab half ton 8'bed 4x4 ground clearance
Chevy 9.5
Ford 8.8
Ram 7.7
GM Trucks always have the best ground clearance.

I hate those BULLS**T Ford camparison tests.
Ford, pick me to drive Chevy's on your comparison tests and I will PROVE YOU WRONG!!!

"Lou, where do you get those specs?
I went to every manufacturer website and got specs for reg cab half ton 8'bed 4x4 ground clearance
Chevy 9.5
Ford 8.8
Ram 7.7
GM Trucks always have the best ground clearance.

I hate those BULLS**T Ford camparison tests.
Ford, pick me to drive Chevy's on your comparison tests and I will PROVE YOU WRONG!!!" - Fred


Actually regular cab 8' 4x4 ground clearance is as follows:

Ford F-150 9.9

Chevy 9.1

There, I proved you wrong.

And Lou was measuring from the lowest point from the front bumper, not just the front end from wherever Chevy was measuring. There is a reason why Chevy says to remove the chin-spoiler off the front end of their trucks when going off-road. Ford doesn't require removal of the front chin spoiler if the truck is taken off-road. You can believe the GM press releases that GM has have the best front ground clearance or you can go measure it for yourself like Lou did.

In Howie Long we trust. Happy Mothers Day, Fred!

Ford lists minimum running ground clearance (in.) Chevy lists the maximum. There is a difference as Lou has shown with his test and Chevy is the only one who recommends taking the chin spoiler off. I wonder why?

Who says you have the take the chin spoiler off? That is another one of Lou's lies just like his measurements were all lies. GM has the beset ground clearance. Just like they paid off the loans ahead of scchedule and in full. Nother you say Lou can convience me otherwise. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

This is the GM only post. Stop with your Ford best ground clearance garbage. I am sick and tired of those who do not like GM who want to talk about Ford all the time and somehow if we do not think Ford is the best we are not patriotic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well we have a right to disagree and show that GM is the best over any truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't you just wait for the shootout and then you will see that GM is the best and the most powerful. Now GM is the best big luxury! I know you Ford fanboys will sleep a little less comfortable tonight knowing that GM has the biggest luxury. Sierra Denali. GM will win the shooout once gain for 2 shoouts in a row. GM has more power. BEST BIG LUXURY and more ground clearance. GM will win the shootout once gain for 2 shootouts in a row. Take that to the bank. Two wins in a row boys. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Ford fans!

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