Crew Cab Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Confirmed for 2011

Crew Cab Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Confirmed for 2011

No surprise here. Ford has officially confirmed that a four-door SuperCrew version of the F-150 SVT Raptor super off-roader will be available for 2011. It's Ford's response to buyer requests for a truck that's roomier than today's SuperCab model.

Ford hopes that a crew-cab Raptor will add to the slightly unexpected sales success of the current truck. More than 7,000 orders have been placed for existing Raptors, and the average time a Raptor spends on a dealer lot before it sells is only six days, according to Mark Grueber, Ford's marketing manager for the F-150.

The extra weight that the Raptor SuperCrew carries over the short-wheelbase SuperCab configuration requires a stout motor, so it will only be available with the new 6.2-liter V-8 that's rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque.

Pricing and production dates haven't been announced yet, but the Raptor lineup will add silver as a new color choice. We also expect it to receive at least one significant interior enhancement, too.


This is really cool it was bound to happen soon! One thing i have to say is i wish ford will come out with a supercharged version of the 6.2 make it a reg cab and try to keep it below $35,000 so, in other words, BRING BACK THE LIGHTNING PLEASE!!!!

What does the extra weight from the crew cab body do to the towing and hauling capacities? Also is there any changes made to the shocks or springs to cope with the extra weight?

Not a ford guy myself but not as bad looking as I woulda thought glad to see sales of any American pick up boosting

@Jordan: Almost certainly we'll see downward revisions to today's Raptor specs along with new suspension tuning. Don't look for a winch. Ford doesn't want to add 150+ pounds to the front end. The 6.2L already weight 168 pounds more than the 5.4L V-8.

I just read a Crew Cab Raptor review on Car and Driver. com (sorry, not trying to advertise for the competition). Svt engineers say that any more power and this truck would be more likely to break. What mods do the Raptor XT have to keep it in one piece given its nearly 25% more power?

My hope is that GM soon will follow and bring a real offroad version of the Silverado and Sierra...cĀ“mon GM!!!

I hope Ford brings out a Raptor Ranger, it would be sweet and at a lower price point.

@ Matthew: Raptor Ranger would be a cool option. It would turn the Raprtor into a mini - brand with in Ford Trucks. A Raptor Ranger would be a trail truck with jumping capibility. Something Jeeps only do these days.

Great to see that they've made the raptor into a crew cab.

Does this mean that production of the raptor will be beyond 2011?

Also, why not made a super-cab with a 6'-6" bed if they've extended it to the 154" wheelbase for the crew cab. I understand there's a bit of design differences in the frame, but some people may love the raptor and want the extra bed length rather than back seat room. Just my opinion...

Just a very cool package of a truck. I see a more and more of them on the streets and they look good at any angle. I like the Ranger idea - but that will be in the next Ranger - right Ford? And Chevy and Dodge need to get on board. Truck wars, yes.

That 4.4L diesel would look sweet under the hood also!

Yawn get back to me when Ford makes a regular cab long bed Raptor (AKA a real truck)

Raptor ranger with mustang's 5.0. would be nice BUT I would guess price would be to close to f150 rapture to make it worth making. GM trucks are goofy looking. Espically with Bozuka exhuast pipe. Can not picture a off-road truck made by GM that would look as good as Ford or Dodge.


Do you think that with the introduction of the Raptor super-cab and crew-cab, that the Ford FX4 (still labeled as "Off-Road") will likely end production?

With that said i don't see much economical since to have two off road pick-ups (even though the difference between the two is enormous). Hopefully the FX4 will stay and be relabeled as some kind of "sports" package instead of Off-Road.

I sincerely doubt Ford would do away with the FX4. Yes, the Raptor and FX4 are both marketed as off-road trucks, but the Raptor is purpose-built, while the FX4 is basically an option package. The FX4 is for the F-150 buyer who wants or needs to do some occasional off-roading, while the Raptor is more for the buyer who will do extensive off-roading. The buyer of an FX4 would probably not be considering a specialty vehicle like the Raptor, and vice-versa. Besides, Ford probably sells more FX4s than Raptors anyway.

I hope the Raptor doesn't turn into a status symbol (aka Hummer H1) and gets watered down to the point of loosing it's abilities offroad.
The crewcab would be next to useless for any truck duties if it keeps the same suspension as the extended cab truck. They'd have to upgrade it a bit to keep the same GVW figures as the
I am looking foreward to seeing it tested by truck guys. Bring along the Ext. cab for comparison.


A Quote from a previous article, "Not everyone is going to use [the Raptor] for aggressive off-roading."

Just for the record, your words are actually a comforting reassurance for me that the fx4 will be around to stay as i am looking to purchase one (or the raptor crew cab) myself. I suppose the FX4 is to the Raptor as the Lariat is to the Platinum. ;)

Article Link:

The suspension will be different for the crewcab and Ford has already said the longer wheelbase would not degrade off-road performance but actually calm down the rolls.

Going back to the first comment by Jonathan,I would like to see Ford produce the Raptor,and the Lightning together.If they would come back with the Lightning it should be a supercharged 6.2,or a twin turbo 5.0.I think it should have the option as well.I think another cool offroader would be to bring back the Bronco using the raptors suspension,with the 6.2 of course.Until then I will keep dreaming.

@ Terry-- The goofy looking Bazuka tailpipe you call on the GM trucks means that it is running a Duramax Diesel, which has enouph power and torque to out pull or haul any gas truck available, hardly a goofy truck i would say.

@ Jeff - Ford isn't done with the 5.4 L engine. The 2011 Shelby Mustang is going to use an aluminum block.
This engine is 102 lb. lighter than the previous 5.4 and will be rated at 550 HP.
That would make one nasty SVT Lightning.

I'd rather have the extra length in the box. Don't need a fancy redneck cadillac.

A truck with lift blocks is NOT a baja desert type pickup folks!!!

@Oxi - what kind of post is that?
You are tech savvy enough to know that the Raptor has more than a set of "lift blocks" underneath.
OOHHHH. I forgot...... It's not a Toyota.
I like Toyota's too, but cut the crap.


When a truck has lift blocks, I cannot think of it as a Baja desert truck!

Now really how many desert trucks use lift blocks?

What looks good on paper or the surface, when you get down and dirty and look underneath you will find lift blocks and rear lower shock mounts that hang just about 5 or so inches below the axle line...

Attention to detail for such an expensive rig is lacking here!

I'd like to see a standard cab with the 6.5' box out back.

I'm a die hard General Motors fan that has sworn off Government Motors (the new monaker for GM) and love that Ford has taken the bull by he horns on this Raptor and the truck business. Now, Ford simply has to make the truck handle the power of the 6.2 and larger. Hopefully Government mMtors has a long painful death over this.

i say they should come back with the 5.4L Windsor for it 450hp and 450 ftlb of torque

dear snowman now rate that duramax diesel hauling power to other diesels

the ranger is being slated to be dicontinued as ford is planning on a bit larger truck 2 come out and becsause of this the f100 will be reborn and will be avalible in crewcab and maybe diesel

The duramax guy sounds jealous.

How about the Eco Boost engine or a V6 Diesel? AKA Economical to drive... I dont need 400HP, ever!
And what about a real 8' bed? You can't haul anything in those short beds. Come on, get with it. Ford needs to fill the gaps in options. You can only get a long bed in the lower end trucks. Why?

A diesel and/or an 8' bed would kill the performance of the S.V.T. Raptor! The Raptor is supposed to be a high performance specialty truck. Not a run of the mill work truck.

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