Hyundai Rumored to be Considering Full-Size Pickup Truck

Hyundai Rumored to be Considering Full-Size Pickup Truck

Hyundai is considering jumping into the full-size pickup segment, sources say.

The Korean automaker, which has made major inroads recently into the American car and crossover markets with critically acclaimed new products, recently held research clinics with truck buyers in California and Texas using a Ram 1500 customized with a Hyundai-style grille and interior tweaks. The response from the focus groups was positive enough to keep the project moving forward, according to our sources.

Hyundai Motors Company of Korea, like other foreign auto manufacturers operating in the U.S., manages its operations through an American subsidiary, called Hyundai Motors America.

A spokesperson for HMA told that adding a pickup truck to its portfolio isn't currently on the company's radar.

"We never say never about future products we might add," the spokesman said, "but pickup trucks are not a high priority for us."

Our sources say that it's HMC, not HMA, that's running the research and that they may be doing it without HMA's knowledge.

This isn’t the first time that Hyundai has considered building a truck for the U.S. In 2008, Dr. Kim Dong-Jin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hyundai, said that Hyundai killed plans to build a midsize pickup for sibling Kia Motors at a factory in Georgia because of softening demand for trucks and rising gas prices.

Using a Ram 1500 in its research clinic isn't necessarily a sign that Hyundai and Chrysler might partner to produce Ram-based Hyundai pickup trucks. Manufacturers considering entering new segments can test early ideas using modified versions of existing products.

But such a manufacturing agreement wouldn't be unprecedented for Chrysler if it did occur. Chrysler was going to manufacture Ram 1500-based pickup trucks for Nissan before that deal died last year. With Ram sales off 20 percent year-to-date, a deal with Hyundai could help Chrysler take advantage of underutilized manufacturing capacity.

Similar deals, though, have had little success with truck buyers, such as the low-selling Mitsubishi Raider, Isuzu i-Series and Suzuki Equator. Sources say that Hyundai's larger dealer network could help overcome the hurdles that smaller manufacturers have faced promoting and selling rebadged trucks.

One other possibility is that Hyundai could build an entirely new truck in South Korea on its own later this decade. The U.S. and South Korea signed a free trade agreement in 2007. Part of that agreement will phase out current tariffs of 25 percent on South Korean-built pickup trucks exported to the U.S by 2017.


So people liked the Ram with some Hyundai stuff?

This is exactly what I'm talking about guys. If we don't support our American brands, like Chevrolet and Ford the next generations would want to drive a Hyundai 2500 HD. We need to stand up and support our American way of life.

It happened to Anheuser Busch, yes Budweiser is European. We don’t want to see Ford be European and GM be Chinese, let’s stop buying exports and support our children. These companies provide American jobs from Detroit to California.

@ All American What century are you living in? American way of life? How do you define that? by driving an american badged pickup? so if I dont drive a pickup but eat apple pie am I american enough for you? I drive a Honda civic and a toyota sienna(not pickups I know) made in Ohio and Kentucky are these auto workers not american enough for you? Glad you are not in charge.

So who was in this "Research Clinic". I sure as hell would not buy a Hyundai truck. Leave the truck building to the Americans. God bless you Americans you build great trucks, from Canada with love.

What is a reseach clinic? Doctor examination to see if you are not insane by buying a Korean truck. I will save precious time for everyone. Yes you are.

@Roger They get paid peanuts, the profit goes to over sees to countries that don't care about us. Everyone is using us the American people to pay for their own agenda against America. I'm saying if we stop buying exports those economies will suffer while ours recovers, what century are you living in? There are no more white picket fences, no more apple pies to eat!!! I don't understand why Ford and GM say they are now at the same level of quality of Toyota, prior to the Toyota scandal. They make better vehicles, proven and re-proven. Roger your probably a nurse, registered nurse driving a Honda Civic.

The truck would be a re-badged Dodge. Built in America, by Americans, with part of the money going to help Chrysler. The problem is that Americans aren't buying foreign full size trucks. The Titan is about to die and the Tundra is only staying alive because of the stubbornness of Toyota. Hyundai would be better off building a compact 4 door pick-up to compete with the Tacoma and Frontier. There will be no more Ranger, S-10/15 (Colorado/Canyon) or Durango. Big hole in the overall market. Hyundai could market this well.

Hyundai will fail if it even tries to hit the full-size truck market at this time. Why is it exactly that foreign makers believe they can compete in the full-size market, where buyers are intensely loyal to their brands, when every piece of evidence yet seen points to failure?

Kia kills its compact truck, where there's no competition and chance of a reasonable success, yet big-brother Hyundai wants to jump into the full-size market like a crazed lemming so it can crowd the market further and almost certainly fail.

If Hyundai has any brains whatsoever it will stay out of full-size trucks. Those buyers will stay married to the big American makers. If they want a truck they need to make a compact.

@ all american Well your assumption on my career choice is as way off target as i think your opinion on what is good for america. If you are going the Hillbilly ignorance route than Ill tell you I burn stuff all day for a living and get paid well for it. Honda and Toyota employees do not get paid peanuts. Sure they are non union but how do you think they keep unions away? Yes profits do go over seas. Do you care where profits go? I am more concerned where the well paying jobs are. Chevy aveo and cobalt Are made in Thailand and Mexico how well do you think they pay? and how American is that? I'd rather drive my American Civic than a Mexican cobalt. Instead of looking at the badge on the grill start looking at the "where its made sticker".

Guess they picked the WORLDS BEST Truck to copy !!!

They never said Chrysler is going to build trucks for them,Hyuandai used a Dodge Ram to show its investors what a full size would look like if they built one....Asian companies always rip-off either American or European if Hyuandai builds one,guess they would mostly copy the Dodge Ram,as all American and Asian full size trucks have done since 1994 !!!!

The money from your import turds goes to Japan...yes they pay the workers but the majority of the money ie:profits goes to japan not America !! Plus Toyota and Honda have major mechanical issues,how's your timing belt and water pump doing...Got engine sludge..As a mechanic most major repair costs are from asian imports !!

What "sources" are these ?

Cant see Chrysler doing this,they just said they need no more partners,and scrapping the Nissan truck and ending the supply of VW Rotan minivans (Caravan).

The Chinese took the current Chrysler Sebring put a new nose and rear end on it and are showing it off as a electric car there,so in the typical Asian rip-off fasion this is what Hyuandai is doing,bought a dodge slap their front and tail on it and show it off as theirs until they can come up with the tooling to produce one,copied of coarse as they are prone to copy every one else..

Honda is low milage. But '98 sienna has 190,000 miles and only issue ever has been door handles. my neighbors '99 chevy venture died at 60,000. mechanics in my neck of the woods all say majority of major issues are on domestics. Go see who wins the used car awards. never mind the B**l S***t you read here.

@TruckGuru - Why wouldn't Chrysler build the truck for Hyundai? They were going to build it for Nissan, the only thing that stopped that was the bankruptcy hearings. It would give Hyundai great insight into how to build a truck for America.

Also, by building cars in America, the Japanese, and Germans aren't only paying the Americans that are building the cars, they're paying the construction firms that built them, the electric companies that light them, the property taxes to the state, the American suppliers that are bringing them the parts, and the list goes on.

Remember, even the Camaro isn't built in America (Canada). The whole buy American is very difficult because of where they're actually built. And stop with the recalls, Toyota isn't the only company to have recalls.

Here is my concern, the biggest "American Car Companies" use plants in Mexico, and other countries to produce these vehicles that many people feel are American made. Maybe designed here, but that's about it. Trucks on the other hand are different. Ford Trucks are made in Detroit from front to back while GM, and Dodge are too I believe.

You can not deny the movement that Hyundai has made, all their cars are built here in the U.S. Providing just as many if not more jobs than the home grown car companies here. Same with Toyota and Honda, which have car plants here in the US.

I bought an American Car new, which was built in Mexico, was awful, and nothing but problems. I bought a Hyundai which was built here in the southern states from top to bottom; Best Car I have ever owned in terms of dependability and lack of problems.

We can fret over this all day long, but many of us would rather purchase something that will be worth our money, built by Americans from the average person by a foreign owner , or built in another country stuffing the pockets of mainly CEO's who think only for themselves?

Screw this foreign crap!!!!!!!! This is why our economy is bad nobody want to American cars that make American jobs and the the money stays in AMERICA!!!!!!!!

Can't these morons figure out that people want a compact pickup.

"Hyundai will fail if it even tries to hit the full-size truck market at this time. Why is it exactly that foreign makers believe they can compete in the full-size market, where buyers are intensely loyal to their brands, when every piece of evidence yet seen points to failure?"

I think that loyalty more than anything dooms any Hyundai to failure. It could be a great full size pickup, but it would not sell.

Haven't these foreign manufacturers figured it out yet? The Ridgeline, Tundra, and Titan are all failures. Poor sales, poor consumer demand, and poor reliability. Why would someone want to try again?

@roger, the colbalt is made in Lordstown, Ohio

@ delta7 all of Hyundai's cars are NOT built int eh US, they only have one US plant, in Alabama that does build some cars from mixed sourced parts. GM will have about 33-36 US plants by 2012, AFTER closing down/downsizing a few

@Roger, I apologize for calling you a nurse and no I'm no hillbilly. I'm Los Angeles, the point I was making is that the profits go oversees to countries that do not care about us in general as Americans. Look around you for proof here in the states, most Asians do not but American they buy Japanese and Korean vehicles. Do you know why that is, not because they are better or worst they support their own country and give a dam about us Americans? Go ahead and visit Korean or Japan and they laugh at our face and think that we are dump. All I'm saying is to support American made, where the profit goes is where it is invested. Let's keep it here in the states where it can generate an economy not for us but for our kids, who wants to see a fat Korean kid. That is fat pockets.

Let's support our country and fellow countrymen. I'm just trying to get people awarness levels up, so they can see that if it's not up to us then we will lose everything we own as Americans. We are the only human beings that look forward to cruise around and forward for a weekend with our families. Let's do something bring back our troops from oversees and lets support General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Mr. Toyoda from Toyota laughed in the face of Congress regarding the recalls, pretending not to know they knew about the problems for years. What was the result American lives being destroyed here in America, it affects us all one car at a time.

This must be a late late late April fools joke.

Does Hyundai not get the same YTD reports we get? Did they not see that several months last year the Titan, Tundra and Ridge added together didn't equal the sales of Dodge alone? That's not even getting to the BIG players (Ford GM). I mean, it's expensive to build a full-size truck from the ground up. Toyota spent, yes with a B, billions of dollars deveoloping the Tundra and look at the sales. Has it paid off? I doubt it. If they want to jump into the market they should jump into the midsize market. Honestly, I would buy a Hyundai midsizer before a Toyota. If Hyundai brought us a small truck that was well built, full of tech and cheap they will have success. But crowding a market that's already crowded seems foolish to me.

Delta7- I must contradict. GM alone has more plants in America than Honda, Toyota and Hyundai combined. There is not a single automaker that makes every vehicle inside a single country anymore. Well, maybe Ferrari, Rolls Royce, etc. But no mainstream brand.

I am always amazed by the frequency that the whole America is best, Buy from a Domestic or your unpatriotic, Buy America to support America stuff comes up. Do you guys do any research?
Here are the top 10 American Made vehicles. This list looks at where it is assembled, and were the parts come from. Canadian made vehicles count as American made (NAFTA?).
1. Toyota Camry** Georgetown, Ky.;
Lafayette, Ind. —
2. Ford F-150 Dearborn, Mich.;
Claycomo, Mo. 1
3. Chevrolet Malibu*** Kansas City, Kan. 3
4. Honda Odyssey Lincoln, Ala. 7
5. Chevrolet Silverado 1500*** Fort Wayne, Ind. 8
6. Toyota Sienna Princeton, Ind. 6
7. Toyota Tundra San Antonio 5
8. GMC Sierra 1500*** Fort Wayne, Ind. —
9. Ford Taurus Chicago —
10. Toyota Venza Georgetown, Ky
Here is the link.

If you want to buy a vehicle that benefits the US economy buy one made in the US by a US company. DO SOME RESEARCH!
Just because a company's head office is in Detroit doesn't mean it helps the US economy.
Here is a very over simplified explanation
You have 2 vehicles (vehicle A and vehicle B) with a 40,000 MSRP.
They both cost 30,000 dollars to manufacture.
$4,000 goes to the selling dealer,
1,000 goes to taxes and miscellaneous fees,
and the remaining 5,000 dollars go to the corporate head office in profit.
Vehicle A is made in Mexico by an American based company. That means 30,000 dollars leaves the US economy and goes to Mexico to pay for the assembly plant, the running of the plant, the parts, and the wages of the workers. That means only 10,000 dollars stays in the US.

Vehicle B is made in the US by a Japanese company. 30,000 dollars stays in the US to pay for the assembly plant, the costs of running the plant, parts, and wages of US workers. The local dealer has 4,000 dollars to spend in his home town; 1,000 dollars go out to government agencies. That means only 5,000 dollars leaves the US to the head office in Japan as profits.

Which one benefits the US economy more????

Why don't you look up the term "Gross Domestic Product".
If it is made in the USA it adds to GDP if it is imported it contributes little. The location of the head office doesn't contribute as much to GDP. The plants and workers sure do!

Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan etc. all import vehicles into the US and they all make vehicles in the US. If you are going to wave the flag you had better be sure you are buying the right vehicle.

If benefiting the US economy is your priority for purchasing your brand, than this is how it breaks down(Trucks/vans only):

1. American made/American owned: Ford light and HD(new diesel made in Mexico), GM light and HD, Ram light duty (until Fiat gets controlling interest)
2. Foreign owned/US made: Toyota, Nissan. Ram light duty will eventually fall into this spot.

3. US owned/foreign made: Ford Transit van, Ram HD(made in Mexico - Cummins US made)

4. Foreign owned/foreign made - eventually Ram HD(once Fiat gets controlling interest), Mahindra until they open a plant in the US.

This is considerably more complex than looking at where the head office is located.

All of these companies are traded on the stock market (except GM for now - correct me if I'm wrong). Anyone in the world can buy these stocks. Profits find there way to shareholders. All these companies are multinational.

All American - why would you consider it an insult to call a man a Registered Nurse? Why don't you look up the wages that an RN makes? Why don't you look at how many years of school it takes to become an RN. Your whole argument goes up in flames when you say crap like that. I lost all respect for your point of view the moment I read that remark.

Sorry for the lengthy post. It's too complex a topic for a 3 line rebuttal.
@G-street - I agree. Trying to enter a crowded market is stupid at best and financial suicide at worse.
The Japanese have proven how hard it is to penetrate the full size pickup market. Truck buyers tend to be very conservative.
Toyota has great success in the compact ranks, but sucks in the full size arena.
Nissan seems to do better with small trucks but is weak in both areas.
Honda's Ridgeline is too "un-truck-like" to do well.(It does outsell the Avalanche)
Kia was looking at turning the "Soul" into the Soulster.Small, economical runabouts would be a better starting point than a full size.
The small truck market is going to lose the Ranger, Sport Trac, Colorado/Canyon, and possibly Ridgeline. That is the market to enter.

@ Lou, I apologized to Roger. It turns out that he is not an RN and I know they make money. I was just making a point that we should support what benefits the United States the most and our future. If we buy imports they will not help us, we should stick to domestic. We out do them and we should worry about our own country, it's not about politics. We just need to support ourselves not Mr. Toyoda and the Imperialists.

"The Japanese have proven how hard it is to penetrate the full size pickup market. Truck buyers tend to be very conservative."

The Japanese/ Koreans can produce a Pickup that could be competitive in the full size market., but as you said the buyers are very conservative.
I find it strange that the Tacoma is outselling Ford, GM and Chrysler with what is a pretty dated platform in the midsize market, but the Japanese struggle in the Fullsize. It does not help that the Tundra lacks a HD diesel and the Ridgeline is pretty unconventional device built on a unibody and lacking much towing and hauling ability.
The mindset of the average buyer is the Japanese /Koreans can produce a reasonable compact Pickup/car but are not good at larger vehicles.

HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY is making good engines in Korea. They have blocks cast in CGI.

3.0 litre V6 cylinder block
since mid-2006

3.9 & 5.9 litre cylinder blocks
since mid-2007

Leave the fullsize trucks to America!!

Lou, It's not as simple as you described, if the vehicle is produced in Mexico, it doesn't mean that the whole 30k to produce the vehicle would actually stay in Mexico.
1. not all parts are made at same plant (parts can be delivered from US)
2. Money could stay here for raw materials to build parts from.
3. Having a plant in Mexico means lower labor costs so that means more money stays here.

Plus I would rather see US brands to be as best quality, best realibility, best value, best selling compare to foreign brands.

When is Smart or Mini going to think about a truck?

No to a full size or mid size Hyundai pickup yes to a small or compact Ala 70s or 80s Toyota / Nissan pickup , if Hyundai makes a full size pickup it will tank just like the Titan and Tundra .

I buy the vehicle that I want based on reviews and test driving and overall design. I really don't give a crap where its made, I like my country but I don't mind supporting Japan either.

The all american nonsense once again. Should we call back GM and Ford from their recent great successes in China etc?

I think not. Build a good vehicle for a good value and everything else falls into place.

i think everyones missing the point of the whole buy american issue, its not like if you buy an import at a certain US plant, that money goes to them, profit goes to the imports HQ, then slit to all workers, so i look at it this way, everyone has plants everywhere, domestic have more plants here in the US, im not sure how many across the pond. so a majority of profit stays in the AMERICAS. most of imports workers and profits head overseas if anyone knows where to get all the info for who has how many plants and where, id love to look it over and crunch the numbers

Well, hell with that. I want to Hyundai to build full size pickup with light duty diesel in it. It will bring me RAM with 4.2L Cummins sooner and for better money. Competition is good. American CEO doesn't
care about employees anyway. Greedy bastards.

So we can't buy a new Ford because the new engines haven't been "proven" yet? But we can buy a new pickup from a company that has never made one before? It will end up being like the Tundra, it will look good, it will tick all the right boxes, but the frame will be piss weak

I LOVE how the people who always back the business ideal of "competition is good" always freaks out when a different company actually tries to compete or even thinks about competeing.

You gotta choice either go with a true free market or go with protectionism.

What's it gonna be?

Yeah, free trade agreement!
OK, so we can have US-built and SK-built Hyundais! I want to see, in addition to a large pickup, a small pickup. Make them fuel-efficient. Not like the Suzuki Equator and the Mitsubishi Raider...those trucks live on shots of gas (like whiskey). Anyhoo, I wish you much success in this project, Hyundai. Also, reconsider the Kia Mojave KCV-4 concept...:)

I don't think it will work, especially a rebranded Dodge, I mean if someone wants a Dodge thier going to buy a Dodge not a rebranded Hyundi, your taking a big musculine truck name and slapping a girly Hyundai name plate on it. Nobody will buy. Now if they come out with their own truck maybe something more fuel efficiant it may sell okay.

Anything but Government Motors.

more players, the better for consumers. More jobs will be created. May the best player win!

@Gene. I LOVE how people say, they "love" how people say things, to make a point about something that really annoys the hell out of them. lol


Does Dodge have no shame. This is terrible. I would never buy one of these fake RAMS

Doesn't anyone know that hyundai builds some very strong and reliable heavy equipment, look closely when you drive by a construction site, most likely you will see a Hyundai Escavator rumbling around, quite possible they could make a heavy duty truck for the work site as well.

@Andrew Carter I just gave an honest opinion unlike yourself.

@gm88 sorry bad info read an article about production moving to Mexico(it may have been when Obama was taking over). But it is besides my point. My point is I like to buy what is American made as opposed to what is American owned. I know this is a truck site but if we all typed on American made keyboards wed all be F****d.

If a vehicle is imported it adds very little to the country that it enters. The cost of manufacturing, and profits leave the country.
If a vehicle is made in a country it benefits that country much more. Profits are only a small part of the cost of a vehicle.
Besides, no one's been making a profit over the last few years.
A Toyota Camry made in the US is not an import.
The profits from that sale may go to Japan but the bulk of the money stays in the US.
Where a product is made is where most of the money stays.
Imports are a Dodge Ram heavy duty or a Ford Transit Connect van. The Camaro is made in Canada. That too is an import even though it's not counted as one.
Yes, I know that there are many "foreign" owned car companies that import as well. (Actually to them, it's considered an export)
That is reality, wether you like it or not.
Why do you think China has become an economic powerhouse?
All of the foreign investment that builds factories, pays wages, buys energy, and buys resources stays their.
Walmart may make profits but then again so does China.

I don't care who owns it.
I would prefer to buy something made in the country I live in.
My primary concern is getting a quality product for a reasonable price.

@all-american quote"I was just making a point that we should support what benefits the United States the most and our future. "
Yes, you did aplogize to Roger, but what does supporting domestic made products have to do with Registered Nurses. You were insinuating that a person who drives a foreign made small vehicle is less than a man! The steriotype is men whom are nurses are gay, therefore not manly.

@Fred - quote :"Lou,it's not as simple as you described...."
You are right.
I did say: Here is a very over simplified explanation
Sorry for the lengthy post. It's too complex a topic for a 3 line rebuttal.
This is considerably more complex than looking at where the head office is located.

Too many people try to over-simplify.
They usually see it as - Detroit good. Asia bad!
Them versus us.

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