New Incentives for Ram Pickup Trucks Announced

New Incentives for Ram Pickup Trucks Announced

For Ram trucks, 2010 is off to a rocky start. Sales of Ram full-size pickups are off by 20 percent, while its competitors are seeing sales growth for all of their rigs. To help reverse this trend, Chrysler has just announced a new round of incentives.

Consumers who buy most 2010 Ram trucks can choose from zero-percent financing for up to 60 months or up to $3,000 cash back. In addition, consumers who buy or lease a Dodge Dakota or Ram 1500 and finance through GMAC are eligible for $1,000 GMAC Bonus Cash.

[Source: Chrysler]


In my area, the bonus cash is double. $2000 if you finance through them .

Maybe truck of the year will eventually catch on?

I don't understand the sales drop. I'm guessing people are just not test driving these trucks. I bought my 09 RAM over a year ago and I'd do it all over again, its a fantastic truck. I was sold with the test drive and I came from an F-150.

I think people got so annoyed with the 3rd gen for being around so long unchanged, the 07 refresh was a step backward to many, and clearly not keeping up with the competition the Ram was forgotten about and the 4th gen update has all but been unnoticed by the general public.

That said I own a 4th Gen and love it, but it hasn't been until the last month or so that I've started to see others around and I bought mine February 09.

According to Chrysler's press release on April sales, the Ram HD sales were *up* 13% over last year... that means the sales problem is all on the 1500. So the Truck of the Year publicity is working there - but that doesn't cover 1500s.

In that regard, Chrysler may be the victim of bad timing in introducing the rear coil suspension, as it was intended to attract the consumer pickup market, which all but dried up after the 2008 gas spike and the subsequent recession. That suspension decision and the lack of two key 1500 models (Quad Cab with 8-foot bed and Crew Cab with 6-foot-4 bed) that would appeal to commercial customers means pickup buyers who want a half-ton work truck are looking more at Ford and GM.

Those who really want a Ram work truck can find a reasonably priced 2500 for that duty, but at the expense of more weight, increased maintenance costs (larger tires, etc.), and poorer fuel economy.

Would be nice if they would put a 6 speed tranny (AUTO).. Then it would be good fuel mileage n lower RPM.. Think about it... Mike Levine quick question anything more on Nissan Titan on new remodels? Thanks!!

@RLM: Nope. Nothing new to share about Titan beyond what we reported earlier this year.

Sorry I forgot to say on the 1500 Ram Trucks (6 Speed Tranny)

Am I reading this post right - quote"finance through GMAC are eligible for $1,000 GMAC Bonus Cash". I thought GMAC was, well, GM only? Just curious (Honestly, I am).

Cerberus has a majority stake in Gmac lou

I am wrong on the cerberus gmac majority stake thing

I believe GMAC was spun-off from GM a while ago, couldn't tell you why. I've also noticed in Canada that GMAC is also into real estate, I sh-t you not! When buying my Ram last year, true enough, they went through GMAC for financing. Chrysler Financial is apparently having issues.

When GM and Ford truck sales go up,those sales have to come at the expense of someone else,and here,its (Dodge) RAM.The RAM brand is not going over as well as Sergio Marchionne thought it would.They should go back to 1981 and label the tailgates as "DODGE RAM",or else dump RAM entirely and call them all Dodge Power Wagons....

On May 3, 2010, GMAC Inc announced that it will re-brand itself as Ally Financial Inc.

I know that as part of the Wall Street "bailout" GM financial got a huge chunk of cash. I knew that they were into real estate, I just find it ironic that "bailed out" Chrysler gets financing from "bailed out" GM. Correction "bailed out" GMAC.
I do hope Chrysler/Dodge turn things around. I like the Ram trucks.
(PS. I like the GM ones as well)

Puzzling, the new Ram is a great truck. I guess buyers don't have any faith in Chrysler anymore. Don't see anything wrong with the truck. Will Chrysler be around in 5 years?

That's odd, up here in Canada I see lots of new RAMs driving around. Starting to see the heavy duties too. What gives?

The first vehicle I had new was an 08 ram quad cab hemi 4x4. I leased it(2 year) and the entire time I had it I did not manage to meet the fuel consumption estimate. I can do it easily in my wifes hyundai and now in my 2003 silverado. I also received poor service at the dealership on several occasions. I would not buy or lease another dodge ram .

COIL SPRINGS COIL SPRINGS COIL SPRINGGGGSSSSSS, thats proly why the thing aint sellin:)

I agree exactly with jrod82. I am absolutely puzzled that ram is not doing better. People must not be shopping and testing all the trucks before buying. I also got an 09 ram. First time buying a new dodge, and i've been happy with chevy and ford in the past. I don't know how an open minded person can test drive a new chevy ford and dodge 1500 and not prefer the dodge. It was all about the test drive for me. I really wasn't thinking I'd buy a dodge, but after the test drives there was no question. I love the truck.

I think the problem, up till this announcement, is everybody was test driving all the halfers. In my area Ford was offering 4500. GM was offering 4750. Ram was only offering 2500 in rebates. When you can get a truck similarly equipped for $2000 less that speaks to peoples pocket books.

I don't think the extra $500 is going to help Ram sales much when the competition is still offering trucks at least $1500 cheaper, even if they are inferior.

there are two reasons, I don't want a dodge truck.

1. 4.7

2. 5.7

reason 1 is weak, not big enough to even haul the body.
sure, the gas mileage is not bad, but not looking for this.

reason 2 is a maintenance problem. takes special oil, 5w20
which is too damn thin. and the gas mileage here is terrible.
this is why they have Multi Cylinder Deactivation.
this has no place being in a truck. If I want a four cylinder truck, I will buy one. plus as age and tear comes on, another maintenance nightmare.

They are not selling because of Chrysler in general. Right now, I wouldn't buy anything Chrysler because they might not be here next year.

The only good vehicle Chrysler has right now is the new Rams. I'd love to have one but not if I am paying $50000 for a vehicle from a company that migght not be there next year.

since when is 5w20 a special oil? the last three cars/trucks i changed oil in take that? lots of newer cars take that because they built engines to a tighter tolerance now.

@ shawn

i think you pretty much got it nailed down. i picked up a new 08 dodge right before things really hit the fan but if i was shopping today i would strongly consider a ford even though i really like the new rams. also the rams are a casual truck drivers dream but they suffer as a work/tow vehicle now that the comp switched to 6 speeds and similar or more hp to the hemi. also i think the coils are a great idea in a half ton truck but they just need a spring that don't squat so bad but still rides good.

I agree that Dodge needs to offer the 6ft bed with the CrewCab like ford does, it would open up a bit more in the market.

The HEMI can get just as good (Real-World) milage as the competition and similar equiped trucks. Its all about the gearing, but I'm sure most of use know that already.

My truck does't cost me any more to maintain and run than my F-150 did and that was the 4.6L in my F-150. I also get the same gas milage with the HEMI, 3.92 rearend, 4x4 crewcab that I did with my old F-150 4.6L 2-wheel drive ext cab.

But oh well, I love my truck and that is whats important. :)

"That's odd, up here in Canada I see lots of new RAMs driving around. Starting to see the heavy duties too. What gives?"

I was thinking the very same thing.

I'm surprised at the Ram sales. I would have figured much better. I also see them all over the place here.

I think the problem is there is alot less dodge dealers now. I own a 09 ram its a great truck. There used to be 3 dodge dealers here now only one. Also people will by a name even if in some cases its a lesser product. If someone does honest comparision they would buy ram many times.

@ shindig You must be a Gm guy. 5w20 has been used in just about every ford for the last 10 years, just about all Chryslers, and pretty well every japanese vehicle. Hardly special oil. The Dodge 4.7 is more powerful than Fords 4.6 and equal to the 5.4 (although a lot less torque), more powerful than GM`s 4.8 and comparable to the 5.3, comparable to Toyota`s 4.6, and more power than Nissan`s 5.6 (again less torque). If the Hemi is driven responsibly you will get similar mileage to any other 1500 and better mileage than the 4.7 thanks to the MDS. The MDS will also NOT cause major mechanical problems down the road. Why use all 8 cylinders and burn more fuel when you don`t need it? It really bugs me when people make uneducated comments like this. If you don`t like the Ram, thats fine, but you should have real reasons for not liking it not incorrect ones. Thats like me saying I don`t like Fords because they have 20 inches of ground clearance.

" They are not selling because of Chrysler in general. Right now, I wouldn't buy anything Chrysler because they might not be here next year. "

In Australia, Chrysler has been a boutique sort of brand, but the the only thing they seem to sell now is Jeep.

@ Jordan - Dodge/Chrysler has done a poor job of PR.
Like I've mentiioned in other posts:
people think the 5.7 is a pig on gas.
Many people still think Ram has crappy trannies and rear ends( I've just managed to let go of that one myself).
Many guys think coil springs are for cars only.
To top it all off the "I AM RAM" separation from Dodge hurt them.
Ultimately, no one is sure of what Fiat is up to or what will be Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat's future.

Hey guys, this may be a bit off topic but I saw a couple of interesting Ram pickups today on my dealer's lot.
One was a Ram crewcab Laramie diesel.
It had Harley Davidson in chrome letters down the side. There was a Harley emblem of the front fenders, and it was embroidered on the seats. It did not show up as a "trim" option on the window sticker. It was priced at 77,000 (ouch).
Is Dodge making a Harley truck?
The other truck was a Ram 1500 crewcab.
It was all black with black rims, a dayglo green suspension lift, and a "Monster Energy" "M" in green on the back part of the cab. It was up on a pedestal so I couldn't see the window sticker.
Is Dodge making a "Monster Energy" truck.
Both looked great.

I suspect the dealer did the work themselves because I couldn't find any information on the web.

@ Lou they were probably dealer one offs. They are good advertising. We always have several custimized trucks on our lot. Good way to showcase dealer and factory accesories. Many of these trucks take a longh time to sell due to thier high price but the foot traffic they generate usually results in the sale of a few vehciles. The only factory specail edition truck that I have seen from Dodge was the Resistol. Mega cab dually 4x4 diesel. Special grenn and tan paint, all factory option but Nav. White leather with specail trim. They were about 8000gs more than a simalar laramie but we couldn`t keep them on the lot, very popular. Ford is very good at making special trucks like this, Chrysler and GM
would do well if they did their own specail edition trucks.

As a guy who owns a couple of big trucks, it always puzzled my why they just didn't put the cummins in all the trucks. Its a great motor, low to maintain, and easy to repair. In fact, dodge,chrysler,and ford should just put diesels in all their big trucks. The fuel milage is also better with the diesel motors.

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