Nissan Titan Production Jumps

Nissan Titan Production Jumps

After bottoming out last year, production of the Nissan Titan half-ton pickup appears to be significantly rebounding in 2010.

Nissan has built 10,886 Titans through May 08, 2010, compared with only 1,256 Titans during the same period a year ago, according to North America car and truck production data reported by Automotive News. Manufacturing has ramped up to meet growing demand from new truck buyers. 

Nissan spokesman John Schilling says a healthier U.S. economy is likely responsible for helping reverse the skid in the Titan's sales, which fell 44 percent last year to only 19,042 units sold from 34,053 units in 2008.   

"We are seeing more demand for Titan, and [sales] are trending higher than last year," Schilling told "Production levels weren't as high [in 2009] as the demand simply wasn't there due to the economy. This year, Titan is up 27.8 percent through April. The [full-size] segment is up about 12.5 percent. The general overall improving economy seems to be driving this." 

Through April, 7,453 Titan pickups have been sold.

Incentives are helping to move the metal, too. Nissan is currently offering zero-percent financing for 60 months or up to $5,000 cash back on select Titans, including the rugged PRO-4X off-road model.


34,053 Vehicles in 2008 in a good year. I think Nissan should really rethink its product and strategy for the US pickup market.

I really like those trucks, but they need to do better than 17MPG for a 4x4. I know that most others only manage 18 MPG for their 4x4's but I'll take what I can get when I drive 85 miles a day.

You'll be lucky to 17 mpg in a 4x4, they usually get 15 mpg 4x4 5.6

Nissan need more choice. Selling only one engine choice 2 transmissions and limited configuration doesn't help.

But Americans build good very good pick up so why bother with Nissan or rusty frame Toyopet.

Sounds like Nissan is picking up some - would have been Tundra sales. But it's all a small thing really. Not good MPGs, questionable strength of design and some other weak points just won't compete with the domestics.

I bought an 05 and it has been the biggest disappointment 3 rear axles, cracked dash, the interior stains with just water from the beach, rear power window unit completely rusted out and it get 15 mpg. This is a truck thats 4 years old. This will be the last Nissan product I every purchase

Of course you went through 3 rear axles, the Titan uses a Dana 44. That axle has no business being under a modern full size truck. It needs to stay under light duty vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler with a 3000lb tow capacity.

Robert, Nissan is not Ford or GM. Look at their total vehicle sales and 35K is a good number for them for what the Titan currently is. It was meant to sell 100k units tops when it debuted in 2004. That number would have made it Nissan's #2 seller behind the Altima. It came close to 100K the first few years and for whatever reason Nissan never really advertised it much after 2004. Come to think of it they don't advertise much period except for the Altima or brand wide ads that show all their vehicles. Now also factor in that this is a vehicle with no real substantial refresh in 6-7 years and it is impressive sales are are going up at all.

FWIW I own a 2005 4x4 CC. 13-14mpg city(may vary due to lead poisoning in the left foot :) ), 18mpg highway (65-70mph), and 9-10mpg (65mpg, 91 octane) towing my 30ft 7500lb travel trailer.

Sean, sorry to hear about your issues. Early build 05's carried over some 04 issues like the rear axle problem. 06 and up saw big reductions in axle failures (Dana has horrible QC). I have not seen much about cracked dashes, there was a TSB for clogged weep or drain holes at the power rear window. My guess is yours leaked and did not vent and there is your rust issue. 5 years and my rear window functions like new and I used it all summer long. As for the seats? I agree, but hey, I can get seat covers and take care of that. Also isn't saying the Big 3 don't do the same thing.

i have a 05 titan 4x2 LE and the truck still runs like new. i had no major issues to date and i love this truck. she has been a true work horse with lots of get up and go power. and she will put much newer trucks to shame out on the open road

Fleet sales!!!

"Robert, Nissan is not Ford or GM. Look at their total vehicle sales and 35K is a good number for them for what the Titan currently is. It was meant to sell 100k units tops when it debuted in 2004."

Keith I wonder for the investment Nissan put in initially and the sales it generated is it worthwhile to produce a new model? .They are probably going to keep producing the old model as it is now starting to rebound.
From what I heard most Titan owners are pretty happy with their purchases. Lack of options and the age of the platform have restricted sales over the years.

Kieth, U drive with ur left foot?

Robert - the Titan's platform is used as the basis for the Armada, QX56, Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra. The 5.6l is putting out huge power numbers with direct injection in the new Nissan Patrol and the current version is in the new G sedan from Infinity and was also available as an option in the Pathfinder. The Titan was conceived to give Nissan some market presence, not dethrone the Big 3. Nissan has stated this since it debuted. In all honesty a better rearend, a 6 speed tranny to bump the mpg's, and add the new direct injected 5.6L and the Titan is pretty much back in the game.

Nick - meant my other left foot lol!!

I still love my 05, it runs like new and I am really considering getting a 2010 just because I really want the 4wd and Crew Cab which I don't have on my 05. I have had a few minor issues all covered under warrenty, but far less then my last Dodge.

i love my titan i have a 04 xe crew cab that guy is rigth the power of the titan puts even the HEMI to shame i have not had preoblem with the engine at all the only thing the i had to replace is the rottors and the front passanger side window mottor and i hope they come up with a new titan i will buy it because u get alot engine for little money one thing the american trucks dont give u have to but the primium packege to get the big engine so nissan needs to hurry up and come out with a new model titan beafore i get a tundra

Fingers crossed for a Manual Transmission!!!!!!

Hey Titan owners: does Nissan have any trouble with the cooling fan mounted in the lower bumper opening? I dont see one in the picture above but I have seen them on a few of the Titans in town. They look really exposed to rocks and other road debris.

I do not care how many Nissans they make, they are still no match for a Chevy.

There is no reason to own anything but Chevy 4x4's. They are comfortable, safe attractive and tough.

The Chevy Silverado is the Consumers Digest Best Buy!

The awards and accolates are stacking up.

Chevy was the "2009 Best Pickup for the money." - US News and World Reports!

Hey Lou,
GM Pays Back $8.1 Billion in Government Loans. I sh### you not! It is not from a GM press release but from the AP. Go to this link for prof:

this trucks are kinda small they should get better MPGs.

no manual tranny?


the chevrolet C/K lasted 10 years in 1/2 ton frame and 12 years in 3/4 and 1 ton frame?

only grille updates air bag switches A/C....

billiejoe, all that really shows is GM's lack of progress in the past. New vehicles are running a 4-5 year lifecycle before a redesign. You also make no mention of the model year Chevy's you refer to. My point being is all 4 competitors in the 1/2 ton market have gotten significant changes over the Titan the past 3 years. The Titan romped on all 4 when it debuted in 2004. 6 years later it holds it's own after the other shave bumped displacement, added motors, changed trannies and on and on. Think about it.

Jordan - No issues with my fans being exposed at all.




Dodge - Guess Chrysler built your keyboard?

BTW you are a business wiz aren't you? That usually how sales go up. Fact is they are selling more than a year ago. Does that mean Ford is selling more only because last year was slow? We are talking about a rebound in sales on a truck that is 6-7 years old in design. FWIW they scaled back production so they weren't building inventory that wasn't moving. You don't make a profit spending money on building product that sits on a parking lot until it has to be cleared out at bargain prices as it is over a year old. IIRC Ceberus had ths issue when they acquired Chrysler. Tons of trucks on dealer and factory lots that weren't selling and had to be cleared out asap. I suppose if 2010 Ram sales go up it was just because they were low production early on?


get back in your little nissan titans and drive to the ford dealership so you can get a truck that has BALLS

If ya wanna fight about it my name is Cody Wolfe. Pussies!


This looks like a Frontier, not Titan, that probably explains what you see.

I agree that the titan is an aging model. I drive a 2008 pro-4x and love it. i recently had a rental 2010 f150 with the 5.4 and found it had no personality. the breaks and turning radius i found very good, but it wasn't fun to drive.

i don't tow anything, so issues with the rear axle i cannot comment on. i know for 2008 they designed the rear differential housing and upgraded the splines for the rear axle. is it enough? you're asking the wrong person. i routinely haul well over 2000lbs in the bed with no issue and have never had any problems with the vehicle save for my fan speed is always on high. nissan said its a solenoid that needs to be replaced.

gas mileage- i'm in canada here, so i run around 16 l/100kms, the f150 i drove was 14 l/100kms. would a 6speed help? marginally i'd say.

as for the redesign - i really hope nissan reads this - the nissan patrol for global markets would be a pretty good starting point. i understand it's being de-contented and becoming the next qx56. i know nothing about what it takes from bringing a vehicle from design to production, but they have some parts available that are based on a modified version of the same frame, and a 400+hp engine would sure be sweet to start every morning. and please redesign the windshield wipers - they are useless (chevy's got the windshield wipers i've seen)

i know the titan will never be a huge seller- it's not really targeted to fleet sales. but it is a very dependable truck, and i am by no means easy on it. of course there are people that work vehicles harder than myself, and i'm sure everyone can complain about items that have failed- from every manufacturer.

aesthetically, i like the design. does everyone? no...everyone has their opinion so don't argue points like that..

The Dana 44 works just fine in the Titan. Bear in mind the rear ratios it runs compared to the others. All failures I have read about on the Titan forums I am on have been weak/poorly manufactured spider gears. Mo ring and pinion failures. I have see no failures from people that replace the spider gears with a Detroit Tru Track.

People who own the Titan will think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Brand loyalty is alive and well.

mike why ford use a 3,55 gear in the new diesel,,,,,they have a problem whit fuel milage....or is a better gear from 30mph and up to push the truck...

Hey bobby1971,

Interning math you have their, GM got 49.9billon from US!

I didn’t realize that 8.1billon equals 49.9billon; you must be using a calculator made buy our federal government.

I own an 08 Titan SE and the only complaints I have ever had is the fuel mileage and the front rotors!!

As far as brand loyalty goes I've owned vehicles from Ford, GM, and Nissan and have by far gotten better service from my Ford and Nissan products. I wouldn't own a chevy if you gave it to me. Well, on second thought, maybe to go trade it in on another Titan!!!

Actually if it were built by Dodge I would not a problem with my keyboard,as I have owned 6 new 2000-now Chrysler products and never had an issue with them,only brake pads ,oil changes and tires.. even after 7 years 150,000 miles...Also,it is an Asian p.o.s keyboard !! That is the truth !! Guess you cant handle the truth !!

Also,You said,
I suppose if 2010 Ram sales go up it was just because they were low production early on?

Actually YES !! Last year Chrysler stopped production on all of its cars/vans/trucks !!

Furthermore,I am a business wiz !! I own my own business !!Obviously you are ignorant,because the Titan sales are nothing to be excited about...if they were breaking an all time record..yes,you could be excited..but it is still bottom of the barrel for full size trucks,Obviously many manufactures are posting sales rises this year because last year was so bad..p.s get a clue !!

Dear lord, It's exactly like watching kids argue about who's dad can beat up whom.

Could we just be happy that TRUCK sales are going up? No that'd be sensible, why would we want that?

Also Dodge, When your Caps Lock Key is stuck you press it AGAIN to get it unstuck.

@HeyHombré - Dodge said he was a business wiz not a cumputer wiz. LMFAO.

@Dodge - Quote"Actually YES !! Last year Chrysler stopped production on all of its cars/vans/trucks !!"

Dodge, if that is the case - why are Ram truck sales down 20% in the USA?

The economy seems to be recovering,
full size truck sales are up, except for Dodge Ram,

@bobby1971 - this is a Nissan post. You have no right posting here.
You are ruining this post with your anti-Nissan crap.


I do hope that increased truck sales are a sign of a rebounding economy.

I've always thought the Titan was a good truck. My issue is that you have to get the Pro4x to get it to look good. It looks super awkward in CC 2x4 trim. Most trucks don't look good in this trim but the Titan in particular looks bad. I would much prefer a Fronteir to a Titan, though.

I have a 05 Titan and love my truck.Never had any issues what so ever.Even done some modifications to it and get nothing but compliments on its looks and how it sound,awsome truck just wish if Nissan was working on a new model or what not.

"Actually YES !! Last year Chrysler stopped production on all of its cars/vans/trucks !!"

Well, Dodge. Per your logic shouldn't Ram be showing a bounce just like Nissan is? Nissan just slowed production, they didn't stop it.

BTW the title of the article states they are increasing production, not setting record sales. Any increase in sales for any company is good news, record setting or not. They are building more because people are buying more. Pretty simple logic for a business wiz such as yourself no? Supply and demand. Fact is they are selling more this year than last year and have bumped production to accomodate demand. You can't sell what you don't have.

"People who own the Titan will think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Brand loyalty is alive and well. "

FWIW The Titan was close to the top of the heap in 2005 when I bought mine. Power, content, packaging and price it beat the Big 3 and the Tundra in the 1/2 ton class. Fact is in it's current form, it's performance still isn't far off the competition when you look at actual performance numbers. All 4 competitors totally overhauled their line ups since 2004. GM and Toyota in 2007, Dodge and Ford in 2009.

@bobby1971 - this is a Nissan post. You have no right posting here. You are ruining this post with your anti-Nissan crap.
Posted by: Lou

You don't tell me what to do. You don't even own a pickup truck. Unless and until you own a pickup truck, I will not be responding to your personal attacks against me.

Bring on the shootout so I can shut Lou up for good. lol.

@bobby1971 - Bring on the shootout so I can shut Lou up for good. lol. - Read the Denali tread. I don't accept childish challenges.

Unless and until you own a pickup truck, I will not be responding to your personal attacks against me.

A GM van doesn't count?

What if I buy a Sierra?

We become best buddies?

Consumers Digest Congratulates
The 2010 Automotive Best Buy Award Winners.

Silverado 1500

Ram 1500


Sierra 1500

@ bobby1971 -

Doesn't look like they are very selective.

Kind'a like kindergarden - every one gets a gold start so no-one feels bad.

My 06 Titan had a fan and a brake recall issue and I agree with the seat comment they stain easily other than that its been a work horse.

the only thing uglyer than aTitan on the road is aTunda.Buy American made & American owned.Ford Trucks.

@F250 - the new Ford diesel is made in Mexico.

Where is the Tundra diesel made? In Mars! They don't make one. Compare apples to apples.

Just pointing out that most "American" car companies outsource to foreign countries.
Many Japanese vehicles are more America (parts/point of manufacture) than the "Domestics".
You need to read through the posts on the Hyundai/Ram blog to see what I mean.

Toyota does make diesels. Ever hear of Hino. My nieghbour's LandCruiser has a diesel in it.
Toyota was planning on entering the HD market with a diesel before the economy tanked.
It's ironic - Toyota gets slagged for having a whimpy 1/2 ton, and people say they should get out of the pickup market.
They then criticize Toyota for not having a HD or diesel.

I love the look of the Titan, it looks rugged yet refined yet futuristic.

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