Nissan Titan Production Jumps

Nissan Titan Production Jumps

After bottoming out last year, production of the Nissan Titan half-ton pickup appears to be significantly rebounding in 2010.

Nissan has built 10,886 Titans through May 08, 2010, compared with only 1,256 Titans during the same period a year ago, according to North America car and truck production data reported by Automotive News. Manufacturing has ramped up to meet growing demand from new truck buyers. 

Nissan spokesman John Schilling says a healthier U.S. economy is likely responsible for helping reverse the skid in the Titan's sales, which fell 44 percent last year to only 19,042 units sold from 34,053 units in 2008.   

"We are seeing more demand for Titan, and [sales] are trending higher than last year," Schilling told "Production levels weren't as high [in 2009] as the demand simply wasn't there due to the economy. This year, Titan is up 27.8 percent through April. The [full-size] segment is up about 12.5 percent. The general overall improving economy seems to be driving this." 

Through April, 7,453 Titan pickups have been sold.

Incentives are helping to move the metal, too. Nissan is currently offering zero-percent financing for 60 months or up to $5,000 cash back on select Titans, including the rugged PRO-4X off-road model.


There is more to it than just the parts content, Lou. You need to look at the big picture. We have been down this road before. I also understand you bought a 2010 Toyota Sienna and feel the need to defend your manhood whenever anything anti-Toyota comes up. I get that but open up your eyes. You slagged a lot of Toyota owners over the rust issue awhile back. But I noticed you quickly ignored when the 2010 Toyota Sienna was recalled for the same rust issue. What kind of a vehicle has a rust problem after one year? A vehicle that was improperly made. It is not a maintenance problem and never was and that is why they recalled it. You owe people an apology.

"Toyota does make diesels. Ever hear of Hino. My nieghbour's LandCruiser has a diesel in it."

What's that got to do with pickup trucks?

"Toyota was planning on entering the HD market with a diesel before the economy tanked."

You mean before their sales for the new Tundra tanked. The economy was doing fine when they dropped plans for entering the HD market.

"It's ironic - Toyota gets slagged for having a whimpy 1/2 ton, and people say they should get out of the pickup market. They then criticize Toyota for not having a HD or diesel. "

No. We do not criticize Toyota for not having a HD. We do not care. We criticize you when you start up with the made in Mexico argument which is always surprisingly loaded with agenda and I say that with respect because I personally like you. But you don't do enough critical thinking with your Toyota angles, first and foremost, because you own one and want to defend your purchase. Some call this brand loyalty. You boast about the diesel of other makers being made in Mexico and how the Tundra is made in America. Then when we remind you the Tundra does not make a diesel. I don't even care about the sophomoric disses about Mexico anymore. That ammunition is like marshmallow bullets. It tickles.

It is a complex blend of problems. In some cases a lack of maintenance does come into play. The pictures that were posted a while back of a rusty Toyota truck undercarriage showed some other issues that would look like a lack of maintenance. It some cases I'd say there were maintenence issues. My brother in law is a diver and his GM spent a lot of time in wet damp weather, and on beachs. His truck looked just as bad as the Toyota in the picture. Toyota has made big mistakes. The frame rust issue being one of them.

Quote:But I noticed you quickly ignored when the 2010 Toyota Sienna was recalled for the same rust issue.
We have not recieved a recall for rust on the Sienna.
We don't have a rust problem on that vehicle. I checked the floor mats after that mess was circulating, and our van wasn't included in the "pedal" recall.

I mention the whole Mexico thing re. Ford or Dodge for that matter because too many people look at the nameplate and say America good, foriegn bad. They don't realize that the Toyota they are slagging is more "American" than the vehicle that is currently parked in their driveway.

Why don't you read through the posts on Hyundai's consideration of a full size truck. Many of Toyota's products have a higher "domestic" content than the "domestics". I was using them as a counterpoint to the USA owned good, foreigh bad for USA argument. Unfortunately, I gave the impression of being a raving Toyota fanboy.

THis site and interacting with other bloggers has been very educational for me. I have learned a lot, and I have adjusted some of my views.
I respect your opinion and if I offended anyone, I am sorry for that.

Honestly, I'm not at all surprised to hear that production of the Titan is increasing. This is hands down one of the best looking and best performing pickups on the road today.

I just dumped my 06 F150 FX4 crew cab for a 2010 Titan 4X4 Crew. There is no comparing the two. The titan schools the F150 in power! I had so many problems with that 150 as well. Rear end went up and then the differential not to mention trying to get a tune up on that POS. All the haters out there please try a titan. I smoked my old man in his 08 Z71. I mean not even close.

1. Titan was designed by all-american team.
2. Titan is built in USA.
3. Measure Titan's HP at the wheel, not the cam, do calcs, then compare engine power. It's 6 years old and only Toyota's 5.7 can beat the engine for speed/power.
4. Titan is full-sized (someone said "small"), park your Ford or Chevy next to one.

I bought an '07 KC and it's been a great truck so far. It's the first jap truck I've owned and it's been a damn good truck. They just need to beef the drivetrain up a bit but other then that it's great. I went with this truck because I like being different and having a different don't see to many blacked out Titans on 35s and a 6" inch lift. I cant tell you how many D-bag F-150, 250, 350 Chevy and Dodges I see with the same lift and cookie cutter RBP/Rockstar comp tires....lamers...

anyone know how many fully loaded 05 nismo crew cab 4x4s where made...thanks

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