No. 2 Diesel Fuel Prices Hit an 18-Month High

No. 2 Diesel Fuel Prices Hit an 18 Month High

It could be a long, hot and expensive summer for heavy-duty pickup truck drivers. The average price of a gallon of No. 2 diesel fuel in the U.S. has reached $3.122 a gallon — the highest price in 18 months, since it was $3.088 a gallon on Nov. 3, 2008, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

While that's significantly below the July 2008 peak price of $4.76 a gallon, it's the 10th week in the past 11 weeks that the price of diesel fuel has climbed. And a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico isn't helping things.

Diesel is most expensive in California, at $3.26 a gallon, and cheapest in the Gulf Coast region at $3.083 a gallon.

[Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration as of May 3, 2010]


I would still like to know why the heck Diesel fuel is more expensive than gas. Makes me so mad! My understanding is that it is cheaper to refine diesel fuel, than it is gasoline. Mostly because Diesel fuel is less refined. Although I am not sure that is the case now with ULSD. It still sucks, especially since I am a Diesel owner.

Oh no here it comes :p

I don`t feel sorry for you. Its at $3.25 in central Alberta and thats not a bad price compared to what we`ve been paying last few years. Regular fuel is another 37 cents. And we`re only a few hundred kms from the oil sands!

It's $3.60 in Anchorage, AK. We never went below $3/gal.

This is complete BS!!! God, the oil companies screw us over at ever turn.

Ive been seeing diesel in the range of $3.00-3.20 a gallon in Michigan lately.

Most of the fuel burned in the USA comes from domestic production. Next is Canada,Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and then Mexico.
Problem is by 2020 - 64% of US oil will have to be imported.
Most experts feel that the bulk of oil "reserves" are in the Middle East. That would explain the heavy US military presence in the region.
46% of vehicles on US roads are light trucks and SUV's. These vehicles consume 10% of world oil supplies.
We are eventually going to need that Arab oil. Look on the bright side - global warming is melting the Northern Icecap, and once it's gone billions of gallons of oil will be found in the Arctic sea bed.

Here is a simple and informative site:
THe oil companies are happy to sell us domestic oil at outrageous prices and let the Arabs take the heat.

Its 3.50 here in Wenatchee Washington

Actually , the government makes more money off of oil than the oil companies..TAX,TAX,TAX adds roughly 50% to the cost of gas at the pump,so the government is pumpin you where the sun dont shine !!!!! The gas would be cheaper,but the government wont let anyone drill,the enviromentalists complain about a few oil soaked birds once in a blue moon,but the enviromentalists say nothing when more birds are killed by going green..Windmills kill more birds/animals than drilling for oil !! Some windmills kill 100,000 birds anually including many Eagle's !!!!

Actually there is more ice now than ever before....ever hear of climate-gate ? Our temp is not warmer than the 1700's !!! Many so-called scientists (or not) manipulated the temperatures to actually make them warmer than it actually is....
Also the U.S has the most oil,its everywhere,experts say the u.S has more oil than the middle east !!

Another reason why manufactures dont want to build a 1/2 ton Diesel..people wont buy them !!

The "research" behind the average prices in this article is suspect. In Denver we haven't touched $3 in a long time, we are getting close now, but I still see lots of places around here selling diesel at 2.80-2.90. It sounds like we'll be there soon though.....

@TMK50: Feel free to hit the link at the bottom and see the research for yourself.

Last time I checked it was around 2.90 or so here in Arkansas.


I've been using Sinclair's credit card with it's 8% fuel discount for a final diesel price of $2.92 per gallon. I can't complain as it's almost as good as the the local discount stations sell unleaded.

I've considered applying for the fleet or 'commercial fueling network' (CFN) but I'm not sure the savings are built in. I might check that out though.

Hey Mike, I'd love to see a review of fleet/commercial fuel networks plus gas credit card savings for us diesel users.

@Mike L

Say Mike I am actually with TMK50 on this one I have not seen over $2.95 a gal here on the front range in quite some time and even in the big tourist town such as Vail/Breckenridge/Aspen you will be hard presses to see over $3.15 a gal! Just goes to show not every "Research article" is correct. With that said Diesel prices are ridiculous in price and it just another way the government wants to control how we "pesetas" live our lives by driving what they "the government" want us to! The price of Diesel along with the new Diesel regulation is the biggest joke that the Government has mandated in a long time!

We shouldn't forget there's no safe haven as all fuel prices are increasing. More than anything else we can thank the oil traders/speculators.

@ Mike L

I wasn't blaming you. I don't trust any government agency numbers (inflation, GDP, unemployment, etc.) I think they are all politically skewed depending on the message they are trying to get out.

That is why I provided the link to the diesel prices in my area, which are generally lower than even the "lowest prices in the country" as cited by the government source that was used for the article. For Denver they must just hit all the major truckstops on I-70 and use those prices which are always the highest in town. The rest of us are paying 15-30 cents less.

tmk50 & D57H - It is kind of irrelevant what prices are in your area. This article covers the entire country. Here in CT diesel never really dropped below 87 octane gasoline, but elsewhere it is cheaper. FWIW I can go to different areas of my state and fuel prices will vary 10-15 cents. That is in CT which is a pretty small state.

I filled up with diesel this morning in L.A. at $3.35 a gallon. Ugh. 6 weeks ago it was under $3.

This must be the fault of those bleeding-heart liberals. And the Commies. And the gov-mint. And the eco-weenies. Arm yourselves! Oh yeah, and the French, they're in on it too.

@ Keith

I disagree - the area that we live in is a part of this country last time I checked - and believe it or not Denver is considered to be a major metropolitan area. So when we say that we are paying less for diesel up and down the entire front range area (Fort Collins - Denver - Colorado Springs) - than the "Gulf Coast" area that is called out as having the lowest prices in the nation in the article - I would think that gives us proper back up to question the report.

I'm sorry I brought it up - we'll keep all the cheap diesel to ourselves.

Another good source of info is the Mastercard Report

@ Dodge - my north pole melting comment was meant to be a joke!
There are web sites that post where the cheaper prices are for gas in various cities etc.
Many gas stations have gone to digital signs so they can hike the price of gas for peak demand times during the day.
Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware!

Obama is happy gas prices are rising. Remember during the campaign he said the problem is not how high that gas prices have risen, but that they went up too fast. 'I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment," he said. I don't see gas prices going down until after 2012 comes around and he gets booted out of office and we get a serious energy policy in place.

tmk50 - You need to read closer. Nowhere did I imply Denever was not part of the country. I stated the article covers the entire country. Meaning that even if Colorado has cheap diesel, 6 other states may have more expensive diesel. That pretty much skews the price upwards across the board. I can pretty safely say all of New England (Not positive abour RI or NH as I haven't been through them oflate) has higher diesel prices than Colorado if I go by the price you posted. That's 6 states worth of higher prices right there. Average the 7 states out and they come out higher than Colorado. That's how averages work.

its 2.89-2.95 in lake Charles Louisiana my uncle works as an engineer in citgo and he told diesel was once cheaper the to refine the gas but since the ulsd came out the had to refine it even more to meet the feds, epa mandates on it and told me the o-pec is the reason why fuel in general is so high there no shortages anywhere

Wasnt sure ..thought it was a joke..but you never know these days..Guess you arent as crazy as I thought !!! Good-Day !!

@Dodge - no worries.
Obviously - this site isn't populated by "Greens" or I would of been spammed bigtime. LOL.
That is the problem with the "written" word - it is so very easy to misinterprete the meaning or tone of a post.
Good day to you:)

you guys are soooooo lucky there in the us!!! gasoline is just a hair under 4 dollars a gallon here in ontario and diesel is about 3.10 a gallon!! on an average week i burn 350-400 dollars in gas in my 1500 ram.

give me 25mpg in a 1500 ram(diesel) sure as hell beats the 14.2mpg i get with my hemi!! for the love of christ dodge bring out the 1500- cummins!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable. I wish we had these prices here in Europe. Here in the netherlands it's €1.16 for one litre diesel, and €1.51 for a litre regular gas. Diesel is cheaper here, but you pay a lot more roadtax each month. So i drive on regular gas.

1 gallon is 3.79 litres. So we pay €4.40 for a gallon of diesel. So that's far more than 5 dollars for a gallon. Regular is even more expensive at €5,72 for a gallon. That's more than 7 dollars for a gallon of gas!!!

Enjoy it while you can. Cause if prices get as high as they are here, it'll be nearly impossible to drive these cool trucks. Hopfully these trucks will survive in the long run. Wish i had the money for it.

if you want even better mileage take off you DPF here in canada (ontario) its still legal....gets you 6-7mpg more right off the bat! also if you want run "heating oil" for 9 months of the year its almost identical but ALOT cheaper!

watch this we paid for the mess bp just did........for fuel American turn to Canada,BECAUSE THEY HAVE BILLION OF OIL BAREL,in sand but the price need to come up more ,,,,the next big oil price watch people come crazy again,,and get soapbox ,,just Wait the price go down again,because the economy suffer if the price go up,not the oil company..

Funny that today 6 May 2010 the news has crude at $77 a barrel. So why hasn't the price of gas or diesel come down? I mean for crying out load it only hit about $86 to begin with. The last time gas or diesel climb above $3.00 a barrel of crude was like $145.

What else I think is funny is that every other business or industry has had insider leaks i.e.: Tobacco, Banking, Trading and the spies come out of the wood work. Well the oil business must be so slippery that no one dares to come forward with the scoop! I mean doesn't that seem funny to all of you? And of course our little tiny government will look into it someday.

Governments like higher prices because it equals higher revenue through taxes. Letting the price of fuel climb to where no-one can afford to drive plays into the green agenda. The government just has to sit back and watch. If anyone says anything to the government they'll just say - we don't want to get involved in "free" market pricing.

CRY, CRY, CRY, you bunch of babies. If you do not like the price, buy a gas engine. Typical American, whine and complain about everything. This is not a perfect world so quit crying about something you can change.

Dyed Diesel in the new 2011 Engines? It says "Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel". Anyone know if farm fuel (dyed) is any major concern? We get a price break and it really adds up.

@Niki - Off-road diesel doesn't meet ultra low sulfur regulations yet. If you put it in a 2007+ pickup you'll gum up the emissions system and spend thousands replacing components like the diesel particulate filter. Don't do it.

If you get caught running "purple" fuel , you could be subject to hefty fines as well. (depending on the jurisdiction you live in)

For the commentor that has cry, cry, cry, buy a gasser. Hey I got news for you. Gas ain't cheap either and you get lousy milage with that stuff. I would be interested to see more on the gasser that Mike did a story on that will run more economically on E85. If they get that up and running, that might be better, I mean E85 right now in MI is only $2.26 gallon. But right now if you run that in say a gasser 3/4 ton truck you get about 8 MPG. NOT good.

@Shawn V. - isn't that the "BobCat" motor you are talking about. Ethanol is injected to prevent detonation as opposed to being used as a primary fuel source. I bet that engine will be on the market in the next few years.

Remember, when 2 years ago the fuel price went over the $4.00 mark, all kind of experts told us that the big demand from Asia and low output from the Saudies was the reason. And then when Wall Street crashed so did the fuel price. Basically overnight. Did the demand vanished overnight? NO.
It was all BS with that demand. The Saudies were telling all along that the GLOBAL fuel price is set on Wall Street. Those greedy crooks from Enron are at work

Eh all you non-Americans quite complaining about how u wish u had our prices over there! You have national health care, factor in what we have to pay for that with your far superior public transport and your still WAY ahead.

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