Ram-Based Hyundai Pickup Shelved; Commercial Line for U.S. Considered

Ram-Based Hyundai Pickup Shelved, Commercial Line for U.S. Considered

Following up on the Hyundai pickup truck story from early this week and a second report Tuesday by Reuters, we have new information from a source inside Hyundai Motors Corp.

Hyundai and Chrysler have held discussions about Hyundai building a pickup off the Ram platform, but those plans were shelved recently after both parties couldn't agree on production volumes that were being negotiated as part of a manufacturing contract between the two automakers, the source told us.

Hyundai Motors Company subsidiary Hyundai Motor America provided the following statement about its rumored pickup truck development to PickupTrucks.com this morning:

"Hyundai Motor Co. denies that there are any current plans to bring a pickup truck of any type into the U.S. now or in the foreseeable future. Hyundai is not in discussion with Chrysler in regard to a selling a rebadged Chrysler Corp. pickup truck, or any other vehicle, in the U.S."

Our source said that Hyundai's research into pickup trucks was motivated by a possible new strategic direction in North America. A pickup truck would be a bridge product between Hyundai's consumer-focused car and crossover business and the company entering the commercial truck market in the U.S. later in the decade, which could broaden Hyundai's product portfolio with passenger and light commercial work vans and other commercial truck platforms.

If Hyundai were to enter the U.S. commercial vehicle market, it would mirror Nissan's recent solo moves to offer new products in the slow-changing segment.

Hyundai, however, could still partner with Chrysler in the future on other work vehicles besides pickups, as it does today supplying the Ram H-100 Wagon in Mexico (in the picture at the top of this post).


Oh, That car is a Hyundai iload.


Finally some good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Hyundai do not entering a US Turck/Van market.
Don't waste your money and resource.
No foreign maker success in this category.
If any foreign maker success in this market, hyundai can follow it.

No to a full size Hyundai pickup yes to a compact Hyundai pickup , when gas prices go up to 5 & 6 dollars a gallon full size truck will sell like s**t sandwiches in a snow storm .

Well,well,well!What can I say - shame,shame and shame!Dodge-Fiat,now Dodge-Hyundai,Chrysler-Hyundai and etc. and etc.No question the best here is FORD!The best all around truck,king of road!The real Heavy Duty workhorse!Second place here far away is Chevy/GMC.Nice job FORD!The best truck in the world!

This is the kind of news that hurts consumer confidence in Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.
Multiple failed business relationships:
Sales are down because people are afraid that Fiat will be the next one on the list.

I would have to disagree there Lou,

Nissan and Hyundai never were or intended to be real "Partners" or "Owners" of the company like Daimler/Benz once was. They were simply side projects that just didn't work out. The average consumer knows nothing about the Nissan and Hyundai agreements. I would also venture to say that a good majority wouldn't know anything about Daimler as well. The average person does not pay attention to these things.

The issue (I think) is the vast media coverage that was surrounding Chrysler during the bankrupcy, GM had no coverage in the media when compared to Chrysler.

"U.S. later in the decade, which could broaden Hyundai's product portfolio with passenger and light commercial work vans and other commercial truck platforms."

Are they going down the Isuzu path and bringing exactly the same products they produce in Korea or produce Convential Trucks for the US?

All I have to say is whoever is the first to bring a midsize diesel powered, nicely equipped pickup that I can drive off the lot for around 25k to market (except for that fugly Mahindra) gets my cash. That is all...

If hyundai want's to enter a full size van market, they will not succeed, domestic full size vans don't get updated for a while (especially ford since 1992 same body) of coarse sprinter is a great van, thats why there i no place for hyundai.

This would be a disaster !!

Chrysler,Dont Not give any manufacturer a Dodge Ram clone !! What the Hell are you thinking ?

"No question the best here is FORD!The best all around truck,king of road!The real Heavy Duty workhorse!Second place here far away is Chevy/GMC.Nice job FORD!The best truck in the world!"

Says the guy who had never driven anything else to compair.
There is a reason why no other pickup on the road is more awarded since Rams new design in 2009.

Now back on topic. I'm glad this deal isnt going to happen. Chrysler doesnt need a partner when it comes to trucks.

I have to give them credit. They are quick to decide and release pertinent info unlike Mahindra's comical Abbott and Costello who's on first routine.

The ram based hyundai would be a major mistake.there better off makin there own unique truck

"Now back on topic. I'm glad this deal isnt going to happen. Chrysler doesnt need a partner when it comes to trucks."
The Hyundai I-Load is called the Dodge H-100 Wagon in Mexico.
Will Hyundai be selling its Cabover Trucks in South America as RAMS?

@jrod82 - I've seen more media surrounding GM's bailout than Chrysler.
The general public may not know what is going on, but there is a perception of doubt as to Chrysler's future.
JD Power had done a study on consumer confidence.

(JD Power) According to the 2009 Avoider study (a study that researches reasons people don't purchase particular vehicles) a rapidly increasing reason consumers give for avoiding a specific car brand is uncertainty over the company's future. Nearly one in five respondents who said that they avoided a particular brand said they did so because they weren't sure of the brand's viability. That reason has risen to number four, just behind styling, price, and perceived reliability. Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer were identified as the five domestic brands most often avoided due to uncertainty over their futures. Ford brands, meanwhile, have seen their avoidance numbers decline. http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/163_news091216_us_car_buyers_avoid_brands_with_uncertain_futures/index.html

@@jrod82 - my first post refered to failed business relationships. The extent of the relationship, wether it was building trucks under contract or partnerships, and/or mergers still gives people the perception of instability. I like Dodge Ram trucks. The Cummins HD is my first choice if I were to enter that market. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Power Wagon if I had the $60,000.
Chrysler/Fiat isn't doing enough to calm the nerves of customers.

@Get real Ford faithful, compair FORD to Dodge or Chevy?Are you kidding?I like Dodge and Chevy but they lost on start.

Half of me wanted to see what a full size hyundai would be like, and the other half didn't even wanna know.

Neither half of me wanted to see a full size Hyundai. Chrysler/Dodge/Ram - what were you thinking?

ken i like that one! whos on first whats on second and i dont knows on third! AND I DONT GIVE A DAMN WHO'S ON THIRD!

I would have liked to see what they could come up with. It would have been interesting to see what it would have looked like and performed like.

Even though the Hyundai iLoad may not appeal to anyone, it actually won van of the year in Australia because it is best All-rounder, ones like the Renault Trafic, Ford Transit (not the Connect, a fullsize van) and Mercedes Vito are all too expensive or ill-equipped for a cheap one.

I LOVE it when people say we are not giving these other companies a chance. Then bam! In 2 days they fold up shop. There will be no Hyundai. See we told you so.

That Hyunday/Dodge H100 wagon is another great product that we will not get here. 2.5, turboDiesel, 5 speed manual, etc. This really gets my dander up. I frankly am sick of seeing these great products available elsewhere over and over. I am still trying to figure out why. Safety? Emissions? These things are easy to evercome even if they don't have them integrated now, especially if offered in Europe.


when how many time im weitin

the H100 should come to America. If they can get the diesel to be US compliant, It would be a perfect truck, with a small diesel if the price could stay low. Ford, Chevy, Dodge have all priced trucks way above what I would pay, so now I just get used one's and drive them, rebuild them and drive them some more. Mahindra was going to have a diesel in the US and it never showed up. Ford will have one soon but I feel sure it will be priced at $50K. Hyundai stop being chicken and build a H100 for the US market you might be surprised at your sales because there are no small trucks in the US any more.

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