Report: Nissan Expects to Recall 2010 Frontier and Titan Pickups

Report: Nissan Expects to Recall Frontier and Titan Pickups

Nissan is in discussions with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to potentially recall certain 2010 Titan and Frontier pickup trucks along with Nissan's body-on-frame SUVs, according to a report in Automotive News.

Up to 48,700 Nissan light trucks could be affected by an improperly welded lower suspension control link that could crack and fail.

In March, certain 2010 Nissan Frontier pickups were recalled for possible airbag and steering shaft problems, and certain 2010 Nissan Titan pickups were recalled for potentially faulty brake-pedal pins.

[Source: Automotive News]


Ray LaHood?

Ray Lahood only comes out when the company hides the defect, ala Toyota. This is a 2010 and Nissan is fixing it immediately. No hiding. Just fixing.

Like it or not nissan always takes care of business. I will drive nissans as long as they stay that way!!

Nissan stands behind its customers unlike some other companies out thier.\

Now that the genie is out of the bottle,Nissan had better issue recalls when needed (as should every maker),or they fear being dubbed the next "Toyota Scandal".

i would much rather be driving down the road and have suspnsion failure than a car that just takes off and could have a have a higher chance of killing you than your suspension could, atleast they actully recalled it to have an immediate fix than ole 4.3 million. plus atleast nissan are not a hunk of plastic carve to make a so called " nice car"(toyota). So that is why i drive nissan/infiniti


Do you have a court of law finding about your claims of sudden acceleration or are you just believing everything the media is telling you and the socialist owners of GM?


Hiding stuff? Got evidence in a court of law?

Just keep believing everything you are told at face value...

Say it isn't so. Is the significant story about the Dakota?

What gives oxi, do you moonlight as a lawyer when your not building off road machines for the military? Here`s a thought. If the rumors about Toyota knowing about problems for years and doing nothing about it are false then every media outlet, mainstream or other wise, is guilty of slander. One might think if Toyota was innocent of any wrong doing they would file a lawsuit of some sort to prevent the spread of these lies. The fact that they haven`t leads me (and obviously many others) to believe that the accusations are true. I know that if I was accused of doing something terrible and it wasn`t true I would do what it took to clear my name (esspecaily if I had Toyota`s resources).
I have no problem with the fact that you like Toyota and it ammuses me the lengths you will go to defend Toyota. But your hippocracy is getting old and is actually startibng to piss me off. You hold Gm 100% accountable for the mess they are in which everyone should (even though there were circumstances outside of GM`s control like greedy unions, high fuel prices, and the poor economy which ultimatly doomed them). And yet Toyotas problems are not there fault. Its the suppliers fault there is unintended acceleration, its the suppliers fault that frames are rusting, etc. You need to hold your favorite company to the same high standards you are holding Gm to. If you don`t, you are just as sad and pathetic as what Toyota has become. Toyota is very deserving of your type of loyalty.

@Jordon - Comparing Toyota to GM is appropriate as most experts are saying that Toyota is making all of the same mistakes GM made:
sluggish slow to respond administation
declining quality control
expanding too fast
too many products
repeated mistakes
Toyota does have 2 advantages over GM:
1. They are more financially stable than GM.
2. It's not to late for Toyota to turn things around.
GM has not learned from it's bankruptsy - Quote from TruckBlog "GM wants to finance more buyers with poor credit".


When the federal government owns a majority stake in perhaps Toyota's biggest rival in North America, GM I for one smell a rat. I do not trust the federal government, they cannot even balance a budget yet they take ownership in a private company and then all of a sudden Toyota with just about every major seller in their lineup is having problems?

Every auto make has safety and recall issues but to specifically target one to help their struggling GM is not proper and begs a conflict of interest...

GM has the backing of the federal "socialist" government, Toyota has to be careful and play their cards because when you have a government in massive debt and a struggling GM, Toyota has few options to fight back...

And let's not forget the main media is in bed with the federal government, reporting word for word what the federal government says like good little sheep and never questioning their motives or science behind it all...

The witnesses in the witch hunt the federal government brought to testify where not experts and falsy made accusations without evidence to back their claims...

Even ABCNews showed doctored video!!!

Their university expert was being paid by the very insurance companies seeking claims against Toyota!

The main media will not tell you things like this, the government that ownes GM got their sound bites off to the media and the sheep bought it at face value...

The government has pinned Toyota into a corner and Toyota has few options at the moment to fight back. Their has NOT been a single court of law to rule Toyota of anything...

FACTS, stick to them and forget all the hype...


Toyota has major mechanical problems..

I lived in Fukuoka Japan for many years,born their..

Toyota has,
millions of sludged engines
bad welds minivan doors pop open
corolla side glass shatters
steering problems
random excelleration,even Toyota says so..
rusting frames on Tundra and Tacoma
cracking tailgates on trucks
bad ball joints
I can go on..

And I dont feel comfortable buying a Japanese car when people in Japan get rid of them at 40,000 miles to avoid problems..That is what people do in Japan,so if Toyota is so good people in Japan would keep them longer than 40,000 miles !!

Oh yes,Toyota is no better than GM,Toyota is socialist as well,they received money from the Japanese Government,and the hybrid technology was made from Japanese Taxpayer money !! So,watch whom who mock,Toyota is at the bottom of the barrel !

@Born in Japan

Thanks for your personal opinion, none of what you said is FACT!

I have owned Toyota's since I got out of the Marines back in the early 90's and have had few problems with them that I could not contribute to my off-roading and pavement racing...

I have been a repeat buyer of Toyota smaller trucks because they appeal to me, fit my needs and are better off-roaders than the competition! I also used to own a Toyota with the 22r motor and that thing would take abuse on and off-road and still run like a small champ!

As a Toyota owner (I have more of a say than non-owners) I can say from my position this whole charade has been blown wayy out of proportion and it has become nothing but sound bites for the media to convince the sheep to tarnish Toyota to help struggling domestic brands...

After all the federal government does own the majority of GM and ownes Chrysler!

I had a 2005 Tacoma and now a 2010, WHERE ARE THESE PROBLEMS? My brother has a Sequoia and a Camry late model, WHERE ARE THESE PROBLEMS?

I have yet to find a single Toyota owner out here where I live that has any of these so-called problems!

Back to Nissan, maybe the federal government is now moving to Nissan and maybe Honda soon in their helping domestic brands campaign...

@Mike Levine
Does this recall include the Suzuki Equator - a la Nissan Frontier with an "S" badge? Nice to see Nissan tackling this problem right away.

@ oxi So you and 2 other people you know don`t have problems? This is the fact you use to back up your Toyota is good arguement? The only facts you have stated are your love of Toyota and your constant repitition that the gov owns GM and Chrysler. You want facts you hippocrate? Here`s a few
These are not my opinion. These are facts. I already know that you won`t read any of the links but nobody can say I didn`t try.

Geeze Oxi come one. Conspiracy or not you can't deny that there are not problems with Toyota's vehicles. Rusting frames is one thing but this whole accelorater thing is another. Did you listen to the video of the family that died in the Lexus? One family of 5 dead is reason enough (to me at least) to start an investigation on Toyota. If Toyota is at fault, which they admited to being at, then they are liable for the problems. Also, if you feel so certain that you could balance the national budget and turn things around in 1 year than by all means write your congressman with suggestions. Have you done so? Have you made any attempt at all to change the world around you or did you just bitch at us on the internet? Did you even vote in the last election?

On topic, good job Nissan. It's been proven the customers respect a company that stands by it's product. You are doing so, congrats. Fronteir is still my favorite small truck.


As tragic as the Lexus deaths were, that was a clear case of DRIVER ERROR! I would expect more out of a CHP officer but I guess he was not trained well enough to drive properly in situations nor at high speeds!

Their are so many ways to slow a vehicle down but what can we expect from a society that kills close to 50,000 every year on their roads? I think I should repeat that, close to 50,000 folks! That in-lies your problem, stupid drivers that do not pay attention and clearly do not know their vehicles well enough to get out of situations and now that hot shot lawyers, the main street media and federal government all claiming things, you bet drivers are going to blame their personal bad driving incidents on Toyota and I am sure other auto makes!

The truth is sad indeed!


Your sites you reference, the first one is from lawyers, sure probably the same ones trying to get a few bucks from Toyota...

Then we have auto-blogs, again not very reliable media...

Consumeraffairs is a dot com so once again another questionable source...

It seems to me that you just HATE Toyota and will believe evertything the media, lawyers and the federal government will tell you at face value...

Be patient, let this whole witch hunt un-fold and the truth will come out. The truth like when the media all over the front pages showed 2 Prius incidents, one with a CHP officer trying to slow it down and the other a lady crashing through a brick wall...

They show these things to sway your minds yet hardly report a few weeks later the one in California was fabricated because he was in massive debt and the lady pressed the wrong gas pedal but wanted to blame Toyota for her error...

And just imagine how many other incidents are like these?

People cannot afford their vehicles anymore, so they crash them, blame Toyota in the hopes they can recover losses...

Insurance companies will make millions more on higher rates for Toyota owners...

Lawyers will try and cash in on suits...

Federal government will be able to collect additional fines, make it aware to the public they are doing something in an election year, impose stricter regulations on the industry and yes, help struggling GM compete by trashing Toyota...

And I do not even want to get into the encrypted software debacle as the REAL motivation behind the government's charade and witch hunt!

Like I have said before, I am a long time Toyota owner, where are these problems? My brother has also again where are these problems? I know many Toyota owners where I work and yet NOT ONE problem with any of them, where are these problems?


@ oxi Here you go. Toyota has compiled a nice list of problem vehicles for all to see. If you won`t believe me maybe you will believe Toyota. You are mistaken when you say i hate Toyota. Toyota is near the bottom of my list of brands that I would purchase because i do not care for the vehicles that they make but I am not even close to hating them. My biggest problem with Toyota is that they were dragging thier feet with this acceleration problem. First they blamed the floor mats. That didn`t fix the problem, they shortened the gas pedals, that didn`t fix the problem. Then they replaced accerator pedals. This is FACT, FACT, FACT. Now some people say that this still has fixed it in some vehicles. This is NOT a fact as of yet but I have formed an opinion from this info. Toyota has either been covering up problems or they are incompetent because they do not have any idea what the problem is or how to fix it. If you want to buy a new Tacoma every other year, go for it. I will spend my money else where.

Toyota blamed the floor mats, then onto the pedals and then later the software?

I do not think so it was the federal government that could not make up their mind as they continued with their witch hunt!

The federal government opened their mouths without and FACTS or scientific evidence, they just wanted their sound bites, that is why they changed their tune so many times...
Toyota had to respond to all of those because the government ownes their number 1 competitor General Motors, the media just prints, they never investigate on their own and the insurance and lawyer groups that funds elections and politicians had to get their piece of the pie likewise...

Floor mats? Give me a freaken break will ya! I ran 2 floor mats, the OEM and one on top of that for over 50,000 street miles and yeah NO PROBLEMS! Good luck trying to prove the floor mats in a court of law...

Sticky pedal or should we say drivers hit the wrong pedal but can sue now because of this whole charade? Again, prove it in a court of law!

Software? That can be changed quite easily but I think we know what the federal government is after here all along. It is the encrypted software Toyota has. I have heard of only 2 computers in the U.S. that can read their software and the federal government does not like this...

The federal government probably this decade will introduce a mandatory OnStar system for all vehicles sold in the U.S. Insurance and lawyer groups will back this. Why you say?
Simple answer, control. They would have the ability to monitor what you do and where you drive, easier for LEO's to investigate heck they could even shut your vehicle down when they choose so. They could use this to impose quota's on how much you will be able to drive, know if you were speeding and be easier to pay tolls, etc...

Some rental companies already have governor's in them so the testing has been ongoing. Semi-trucks have governor's to monitor truck idling, speeding, etc...

I a sure they will claim safety like the current OnStar commercials advertise or that the Taliban will attack unless we have these systems, whatever...

And for the federal government to get what they want, they have to lay the groundwork now for stronger regulations down the road and when the technological infrastructure is in place. So Toyota is practically the biggest obstacle because of their volume of sales and they continue to encrypt their software...

They will hit the others soon, trust me!
By showing Toyota (as well as the other private auto makes) cannot be trusted with their software or whatever other BS reason, they will come in and make an OnStar type system mandatory and one less liberty for us all!

That in a nut shell is the strategic view of this whole witch hunt and I am not in favor of the fabrications and BS from the federal government, the main street media, insurance companies and lawyers groups that are all waiting in line to cash in!

@ oxi So far you have have not given me any facts that could be held up in a court of law. Your theory would make for an interesting book or movie but it just a theory. I believe that a hat made of a good quality tin foil would be a good investment for you. You don't want the government to read your thoughts. If they found out that you are on to them your life could be in danger.


Man you are ignorant,you just dont get it...not every Toyota has problems..but a majority of Toyota products has major problems...Toyota aknowleges this and recalls them,or refuses to recall them then the government steps in and you see what happens..

Toyota execs knew about its quality issues,random excelleration but refused to recall them..Internal e-mails from Toyota execs show they knew about this issue for years,and did nothing to act on it...

No conspiracy,Toyota has major quality issues..


Being a fellow Taco owner, you should check out the Toyota truck blogger site TTORA.COM, lot's of great chats and feedback from fellow gear-heads, truck enthusiasts and Taco owners, hooah!

is this toyotas website or is just showing that they are human to.

It's like all these Japanese automakers have all of a sudden decided to cut corners... or something. What's up with all the recalls?

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

It`s not a Toyorust blog it`s for Nissan pick up so leave Toyorust alone

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