What If Porsche Made a Pickup Truck?

What If Porsche Made a Pickup Truck?

Ever wondered what it might be like to pull a trailer at 120 mph on the German autobahn? Neither have we, but designer Nouphone J. Bansasine apparently has. He's created a new vehicle idea for Porsche's lineup:  a pickup truck.

It's called the Porsche TranSport Truck, and it's supposed to be the ultimate fusion of luxury and load-carrying capability. Bansasine figures that since Porsche is selling SUVs and recently added a four-door sport sedan, why not a pickup, too?

We'll let you answer that question. Maybe Porsche could base it off the VW Amarok?

In the meantime, we're going to imagine hitting the Nürburgring after our next trip to Home Depot.

Porsche Pickup Truck Rendering

[Source: Bit Rebels]


What next, a Lamborghini Pickup??
Pickups aren't meant to be cars.

Would be cool, but it would just be a poser truck, not used for what trucks are meant for, just another toy for the rich.

I could do that with my Titan.

more competition....good.

a lightning and srt fighter.....

looks like the abat.?

And to think, i almost shook hands with the dealer on a new 2011 super duty after reading the towing test review! What was i thinking!

wait til that fog hits and you have a pile up because comrade went around that blind corner at 120 mpg

that would be a pretty cool front end for a cayenne but like others said, a toy for the rich

it would be another honda ridgeline unibody wanna be truck with some go fast engine thats all...

POS!!!!! what a waste of time!!! stay where u belong pourche

having owned porsches, do not see what is so great about them, to set them above and beyond other cars.

if they do build a truck, expect it to be more like along the lines of Honda Ridgeline. yeah, don't see what is so special about them either.

heck, both are boutique mfgrs, and that is all they will ever be.

@PowerWagon - Laborghini did make a truck(sort of). It was more like a Hummer.

It is good for companies to try new concepts.
Ideas tried out in concepts often find their way into real production vehicles.
This Porsche wouldn't be made or marketed towards us anyway.
Looks cool.
Where would they put the engine? LOL

Who could afford one? Cost to much to get dirty. Why bother? Where would they get their truck expertise to make something reliable? What's next, entering it into Sprint Cup?

Sorry, correction on my last post. I meant NASCAR Truck series. But then again, it could be both. lol

Germans would never allow a truck to haul a trailer at 120 miles per hour. Not safe. Trucks in Germany may only drive top speed of 88 KPH or about 50 miles per hour. Safety is taken very seriously for trucks, with mandatory rests about every 2 hours or so.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the LM002.

Looks like something that would compete against an Escalade EXT.

I think it would be an OK truck.

There first attempt at an SUV came out capable, I don't see why there trucks wouldn't. It wouldnt be a body on frame setup like we are use to. But I'm sure it would come with lots of cool tech; air lift suspention, paddle shift 6 speed etc, an all wheel drive system close to what the SUV has.

I wouldn't buy one, but I bet there is people out there who would.

I saw a new 2011 on the road the other day and puked in my mouth a little. UGLY as sin.

it would never happen it they need to stick to cars

"Germans would never allow a truck to haul a trailer at 120 miles per hour. Not safe. Trucks in Germany may only drive top speed of 88 KPH or about 50 miles per hour"

This is a not a Truck as defined by the Germans. Class 8's Trucks are restricted to 88kph in Germany. On a unrestricted Autobahn you can go as fast as you want, have an accident and you pay for the lot, rescue teams, retaining wall deamage etc.

On restricted Autobahns it is 88kmh for Class 8 trucks.
A Porsche Cayenne set a towing record of sorts, by towing a tiny T@ B Caravan to 150mph.

@Nail I saw the post of the 2011 Chevy HD n Puke too..

My Dodge Ram SRT-10 can do that...fastest real truck around !! 150 + mph top speed easily tow a trailer at 120 mph !! Now forget about cross winds and other imperfections in the road ect..but it could be done easily,in the right conditions !!

Could happen Porsche makes suv's and 4 door cars...a truck may be in the works..look at the suv's they have VW,Audi,Porsche all the same !! A truck may be down the road,a version of the VW truck ?..hell Hyundai wants a truck,Honda has a half assed truck..Porsche probably,who would of thought they would be suv builders and 4 door car builders..truck,minivan are next !!

I owned a Porsche 911 and those cars get wrecked so often because they are actually weird handling cars,rear engine if it spins a bit around a corner at speed,it grabs and throws you all over the road uncontrollably...not like a Viper or old muscle car or even my Viper Ram,you can power through the corners controlling the tire spin and know where you will end up,the Porsche grabs traction then throws you violently side to side and you just have to pray you dont wreck !!

TranSport? That was a horrid Pontiac!
Maybe name it something more appropriate....

Umm, does anybody remember the Subaru Brat or the Subaru Baja?

120 on the road?

No-way becuase the truck will only be as good as the trailer and I do not see any trailers that can handle those high-speeds and sustain those speeds with weight...

I'll stick with my Tacoma X-Runner!


150 in a straight line, how about trying to exit the carosel at Road America at over 100 mph!

So your truck is one dimensional, can only go fast in straight lines so how about taking it to a road course and see how many times you lose traction in the turns...

SRT-10 is a very tall truck which translates into a really light rear end and dangerous at high speeds so I would keep it below 110...

That's the stupidiest thing i've read in a 100 years.

Why Ferrari do not build a Testarossa with a towing capacity of 20,000 pounds.


They achieved that mph at a track with turns...Daytona Motor Speedway !!

Also ,the Ram SRT-10 sits low and handles better than many sports cars !! I had it past 140 and it holds the road extremely good..

Remember, on a public road with many imperfections even a Lamborghini,Viper any high end car will lose it on a bump or imperfection....

My stock Hemi Ram at 108 (rev limiter) stays planted and straight..

Also ,you are a Toyota owner so dont confuse your trucks ill handling at speed to a Dodge truck..Totally different.. Toyota has the worst handling trucks !!! So , a Toyota I wouldnt go past 55 mph before you lose steering,and jump from lane to lane and the rusting frame you may crack in half if it goes past 85 mph !!

Never said my truck is one dimensional...it handles great,hauls,stops great,does everything perfect !! I live in an area with alot of curves,sharp turns & mountainous roads...even my Hemi Ram handles the sharp curves without much lean and I stick to the bumper of many sports cars that try to outrun me !! Also my trucks are 2 wheel drives,they handle different (better) than 4x4's...

Also I know how to drive ..so around corners I know when to floor it and hold back a bit so it doesnt go sideways..unlike some people who cant understand the concept...

Furthermore,stop being so ignorant,American cars handle,stop with absolute perfection..stop drinking and passing along the import Kool-Aid !!!

The point of Porsche looking at a pickup is so they can sell it to guys like Jay Leno, who would need it for getting parts for his jet turbine powered sport bike.
The rest of us will still drive our "domestic" and "import" trucks.
If I wanted a fast street machine, I'd buy a sports car or sport bike.
A sport truck regardless of how good it's made will get spanked by a sports car or sport bike. (Drivers being equally skilled)

As sad as it is, Porsche would sell them. I'm sure there are enough rich guys that would buy them to make it worth their while. I would look for the price to be upward of $80k, though. I would rather have a fully loaded domestic heavy duty truck.

The truck looks like the honda ridgeline!


I drove a Tacoma X-Runner which stock can handle 0.96g lateral grip, that is much higher than the SRT-10!

I modded mine to run road courses at high speed so my lateral grip numbers exceeded a stock Vette, remember it's a pickup truck that can still haul the couch after the race...

I have 5 years running autocross and on road courses with my street legal X-Runner and I can tell you a SRT-10 is too tall in the air and the rear end too light, it would lose traction at higher speeds on road courses...

You may have the big V-10 but I could out gun you in the turns and corners quite easily...

I know how pickups handle at higher speeds, I have done it the last 5 years myself and not some tester on a banked oval like Daytona that proves little but high speed only...


^^^ That may be true about your grip, although I'm highly doubting it to be true that a stock Tacoma pulls a .96g seeing as how a Mustang GT/Camaro SS can barely pull those numbers. But if for even a second the race turned into a straight away he would eat you and the weezy V6 in your Tacoma alive. I'm no Dodge fan don't get me wrong. (honestly, I don't care for the SRT10) But trying to say a Tacoma will outrun his SRT10 is way, way off base. The Tacoma is good as some stuff, but it's not the best at everything.


On a tight road course like Blackhawk Farms which is just under 2 miles and tight, the SRT-10 will not have a chance against a V6 X-Runner...

On Road America the SRT-10 will be fast no doubt down the 2 long straights but my X-Runner will clobber it from turn 5 thru turn 14 and that en-lies the battle on the track...

Those lateral grip numbers came came from Sport Compact Car magazine. In the official sales brochure it can pull 0.90g lateral grip stock. Remember this truck as a long wheelbase and can excel for a pickup on a skidpad...


My mistake 0.97g lateral grip stock!

This is definitely a poser machine. Perfect for somebody trying to upstage their neighbor. I can see it now....a personal license plate that reads "2RICH4U".

What if Porsche made a pickup truck?

It would be another Euro Trash Douchemobile.

Then porsche will make a large station wagon, and a van based on the Routan/Grand caravan! Yay! why can't porsche just go back 2 making sports cars only? I don't mind the panamera or cayenne, but a pickup crosses the line of acceptability

They used to build tanks in WW2
I think Porsche building a Pickup of any sort is mighty remote possibility.

It would be a tragedy...
OMFG, they should build a new tractor first - http://www.porschetractors.com/render.cfm?source=t55~Coffee%20Train%20P312 :)

Oxi- I'm confused here. Which do you personally own? The best of the best off-road machine or the fastest best handeling truck known to man?

When I researched the Tacoma X runner I could only find one source that gave it that .96g and it was exactly what I expected it to be, an import tuner magazine. Motortend, C&D etc don't give it that. And still the fact remains, the difference of how good the Tacoma handles and compared to the SRT-10 is not nearly as drastic as how must faster the SRT-10 is than the Tacoma. I would wager on the SRT-10 with the same driver on the same course anyday over the Taco. It's like comparing a Miata to a Corvette, yeah the Miata handles better but the Corvette is so much faster it makes up for it and beats it every time.

I'll buy off on the X-Runner out handling the SRT10 Ram or Lightning on a parking lot autocross, but on a real road course that isn't so tight and has areas the bigger trucks can put their superior hp to work I am having a hard time believing the X-Runner is going to blow them away, in fact it might just lose outright. There is more to racing than just G's. You can gain more skid pad performance just by a tire swap. GUessing the X-Runner probably also comes with ringer summer tires as well.

for the person thAT ASKED where would the engine go! looks like its under the floor of the bed with glass cover!! u know so u can see it when u r loading stuff! BUT I LIKE IT!

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