First Look: 2011 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Denali

Here's a first look at the 1-ton GMC Sierra HD Denali. It's the dual-rear-wheel version of the HD Denali three-quarter-ton shown at the NTEA Work Truck Show earlier this year, and it’s being positioned by GM to take on Ford’s F-350 King Ranch. Expect to see 1-ton Sierras at a ranch near you by the end of the year. 


Lou, That is a load of crap and you know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever read what I post or just go ape feces the moment you see my name?

Comprehension must of been a weak point for you when you dropped out in primary school.

Re-read my post. It is self explanatory!

Truck guys are generally a conservative bunch.
Evolution rather than revolution is the design mantra.
"All new" is the most abused/misused term in the automotive PR world.
The only truck out there than was "All New" was the Toyota Tundra when it came out in 1997.
We all know how well that turned out.

Mark sums it up very well Quote "I can't keep posting like this. I just let you steal another 15 minutes of my life replying to you"

Does it really matter how often a truck is updated?

What matters is that it meets the wants/needs of the guy driving it.

Basically the same does not mean the same. It is either the same or it isn't. I could say the GM is basically the same old 1990's design with a few extra bulges to the fenders, slightly more slanted a pillar, crappy suspensions, and the same old interiors that my grandma had in her 1990's Buick.

Even if Ford's tailgate fits other years, it is still a new design. I would rather have the new lighter Super Duty tailgate with the locking tailgate, new tailgate step, stow-able bed extender, the big blue oval, and Super Duty written across the back than the plain old boring GM tailgate that they copied off of the 04 F-150. I really don't care that the new GM tailgate doesn't fit the previous years - that is of no value to me.

Because you have wasted even more of time I'm done with this topic. I will let you have the last word.

@Mark - sometimes it feels like one's been sucked into a black hole with no escape;)

wow ,you don't have something better to show us,,,a real picture,,,they doing test right now whit some media ,pickup truck ,,,

Mark you don't know S**T about GM trucks...

Yeah seems like furd fan boys got sucked in that black hole and doesn't matter what facts you tell them they are locked on their dumb theory and will repeat it over and over like retards.

What a beautiful truck. Looks very strong and capable. Love the Duramax/Alisson combination. Interior could be a little bigger(like the new Ram Hd crew cab), the body lines are very nice on the GMC model. My 2007 2500 Duramax is due to be replaced and this will be the one to replace it. Also have a 2010 Ram 3500 HD Laramie and it is rock solid and rides smoother than Ford and GM now. Tried the new Super Duty, nice truck(except for grill/headlight/hood), has smooth transmission, way too much rough plastic on dash and doors, nice seats, the truck is far from being proven reliable yet. I love the durability/reliability of the Duramax and now with the new frame and suspension it can only be better than my 2007 wich has been bulletproof excepy for the usuall idler arm and tie rod end replacement.

A guy down the road from me got a new Ford PSD about 3 weeks ago and has already hooked his fifth wheel to it and went camping in the mountains of PA. He said hands down its the best money he spent, was on this truck. Also he said fuel mileage was around 14mpg. His camper weighs in around 9,000lbs. The new Denali is a Sexy looking truck though. I'm not gong to knock it at all. I'm still not crazy about GM though. I have rode in both Fords and GM's and I have said it before and I will say it again, towing is so much better in a Ford.

Tell you the truth if i had one of these Denalis or a King Ranch you wouldnt see them anywhere on my ranch but the drive way. These trucks are sooooo nice.

Shawn, Again, 2011 GM HD's have NEW CHASSIS, when you talk about a 2011 ford, compare it to 2011 GM. Then try towing, and give your honest opinion.

@Andrew, how can anyone give an opinion on a truck that isn't even out yet? The 2011 Ford is out and has been for some time. People have driven it. But the 2011 Chevy is not out yet! It is like saying come on drive the 2012 Super Duty! It's just as difficult!

Is it fair to assume that the 2011 GM Chassis is "unproven" so it may not be any good? What if it doesn't live up to all this hype? hehe I'm just throwing back at the GM fanboys what they said about the new Ford diesel engine.

to bad the new ford diesel is a gm design

Sweet I got to get me one of these baby 3500HD Denali here I come!!!!!!!!

I love this site, Tons of information is available in these sites :)

I am a very big fan of trucks and plan to come up with my very own blog on one. But for now, I am enjoying reading yours about this size of trucks.

Thanks for the info on the GMC. It is truly and awesome one. By the way, my current site needs a little upgrading. Do you have any ideas? Please, take a look and let me know.


I love our new Denali! my husband mentions "payload this, towing power that"......I like the classy looks and comfortable interior. Ours is black with quite a few extras that make this a bad ass, sexy looking truck!

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