Ford and Toby Keith Are Giving Away a 2011 Super Duty

Ford and Toby Keith Are Giving Away a Super Duty

Usually, country songs are about losing things, like your wife, your dog, or (gasp) your pickup truck. But Ford and country music star Toby Keith have teamed up to create a contest with nothing but upside — for the winner, that is.

You can enter the American Ride sweepstakes between now and March 31, 2011, at for a chance to win a new 2011 F-Series Super Duty and a weekend on the road with Keith, complete with exclusive backstage access and use of a tour bus.

“We are proud to once again partner with Toby Keith on his American Ride Tour and to have the opportunity to award one lucky winner the chance of a lifetime that only Ford Trucks and Toby Keith can offer,” said Kevin Schebil of Ford Motor Co. “We are looking forward to giving one lucky person the experience of being on tour with Toby Keith and keys to the ultimate American Ride – a Ford F-Series.”

American Ride Karaoke Truck
This 2011 Super Duty F-350 doubles as a karaoke stage as part of Toby Keith's American Ride Tour this summer.

The campaign is in conjunction with Keith’s nationwide tour that started June 19 in Holmdel, N.J., with stops in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and many more. Joining him on the tour is hit-maker Trace Adkins.

And, hey, even if you don't win, Toby will have a special American Ride Karaoke Truck built on the all-new 2011 Ford Super Duty, where you can sing about not winning a free pickup.

[Source: Ford]


Anybody can be bought it seems.

American made in Mexico!!!!! LMFAO

Why does it matter where it's built. It is engineered here in the US. Mexico builds good quality cars/trucks based on American Engineering. Possibly even better than here in the states. You're post was an utter failure.

I dislike country music, but might enter anyway. What's the worst that could happen?

*Nuke in background*

Ah damn...

Mexican workers are known for their work ethic. I would rather have a good worker build a vehicle than some slob anywhere else build it.

Dateline did an expose on what goes on at some of these Detroit factories with their drunk workers. They go down to the bar instead of working or spend their lunch hours getting drunk.

And it's also called being competitive and being able to stay afloat rather than taking bailout money, and then declaring bankruptcy and then lying about paying off the money.

I would much rather NOT win a Super Duty then win a Super Duty.

I'm serious.

What's with all the negative comments about?
-anybody can be bought...
-American made in Mexico...
-What's the worst that could happen...
-I would much rather NOT win a Super Duty...

Heck, Ford is using Toby Keith to help Market their vehicle as any successful business should do, Toby Keith is helping to Market the vehicle which fits in with his lifestyle- I mean, it's not like he's Marketing a Honda Civic(at least not today, and for anyone who doesn't want their Ford Super Duty above after they win it, please have it shipped to me. In fact, I'll even pay the shipping if you'd like.

I like Toby Keith so hanging out with him wouldn't be so bad and who would turn down a Truck? Seriously I wouldn't care if it was Toyota, GM, Dodge, Nissan, or whom ever. Its a free truck for crying out loud!

I love the "Its built in Mexico banter."

Oh well, have fun kids!

If I win I'll have a SuperDuty for sale.

Just to clarify:
This is NOT guaranteed to be a Super-Duty. If you read the entry form and the rules they only list the prize as a "Ford F-Series" with an ARV of $50,000. Chances are it's a Super-Duty, but legally they may give you a loaded-up F-150 (so no diesel) instead.

Either way it's still a great contest if you want a Ford .....

This beats the idiotic "Dude Perfect" garbage GM is pushing out.

nice ,y change for a real pickup....super duty is only a name..nothing specail...hhummm maybe a gm or dodge,or toyo,,lol

Everyone uses "artists" to promote their products. Brooks and Dunn were supporting Toyota Tundra. We all remember Bob Seger's "Like a Rock" for Chevy(or is it Chevrolet).
Nothing new here.

I'm not a big C&W fan but Like jrod82 said : Its a free truck for crying out loud!

Who would you rather have as a spokesperson?

GM uses Howie Long, a poser metrosexual who doesn't like work trucks or luxury, and some nerdy kid basketball trick shot artists who know nothing about pickup trucks either.

Ford uses Toby Keith who uses these trucks on his horse ranch and Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. The Ford spokespeople make a lot more sense to me. Like Lou said, you don't have to like C&W music to like a free truck.

There is no going to be one person who pleases everyone. I have seen a few Ford fans on other forums immediately have a negative reaction to like Toby Keith. Ask them why and it is because they are liberals, and Keith is considered a conservative who supports the troops, this country and the American way. According to recent surveys, about 20% of the population is liberal, 42% is conservative, and 35% is moderate.

Obama should be the next spokesperson for GM. This could appeal to all the liberal and socialist pickup truck owners who hate America and Toby Keith.


"Keith is considered a conservative who supports the troops, this country and the American way."

The "American way" also means communism since Cuba is a part of the America's...

If you pay federal taxes, you support the troops so that would be most of us except the illegals and the very rich...

You don't support the troops if you don't believe in the mission. Go move to Cuba.

LMAO. You guys are drunk jealous haters.

@ L - I disagree. One can support our soldiers but disagree with why they are fighting.
Any man or woman willing to die for their country deserves our respect and admiration.
I don't have much respect for the politicians. I remember Senator Jesse Ventura refer to them as "Chicken Hawks". Men who want war but have never served.

L - There is not going to be one person who pleases everyone.
I agree with that comment - 100%.
Toby Keith is going to be a controversial figure.
Doesn't the state of Texas have more trucks per capita than any other state?

I'm not a Toby Keith fan, but I'm a fan of a free truck!


Why should I have to leave? The Constitution and Bill of Rights are foremost on the top of my priority and not saving the Afghans or trying to covert Iraqis to the Western ways...

I picked up a rifle and guarded my post when I was in the Marines back in the early 90's post-gulf war...

I support the troops, but I don't support the war.

oxi - good point

Oxi - Not a good point. Cuba is not part of the United States of America.

"The "American way" also means communism since Cuba is a part of the America's..."

oxi - Yeah, great point. Cuba is part of the United States of America. Just like Obama says there are 57 states. doh. LMAO.

oxi - how many states are there? 57? Cuba is the 57th state. LMAO.

The quote said "American way", nowhere did it say United States of America the proper name for this great nation...

America is two continents, thus when you say "American" you are refering to both continents which includes Cuba...

Read your passport, no where does it say you are an "American."

You are a citizen of the United States of America! Learn how to read a political map and some geography...

Cuba is communist and in the USA so that means we are communist? Like clockwork Oxi strikes again.

I think that you didn't like geography in school nor watch the news. How sad. No, Cuba is not part of the USA. Just where do you get your information?

I think you are temporarily insane. Every time there is a Toyota recall, you say it is fake, and everyone including the government is behind it all.

See you at the next Toyota recall thread. BTW, please forgive me, as the ACCELERATED tone of my postings was UNINTENDED.

"America is two continents, thus when you say "American" you are refering to both continents which includes Cuba..." -

LMAO. You said he supports communism because he support the American way. That has to be the dumbest thing I have heard you write. Many words have different meanings, yes, but you need to learn something about common usage. Only an insane person would come up with Cuba and communism from that.

I tink you are just trying to INVENT some way to turn a nice Ford promotion into a fight because Toyota is doing so good right now.

By the way, if you believe American means communism, I guess Toyota is the most communist company because they had the most vehicles on the American Index a few posts back. LMAO.

Let's see if we can follow Oxi's logic

Lou: The American Index is in. Looks like Toyota is the number one American company.

Oxi: Toyota is the most communist auto maker.

Lou: Huh?

Oxi: American also means communism since Cuba is a part of the America's.

Lou: That's not what we are talking about.

Oxi: It's what I'm talking about! Learn how to read a map.

Lou: Ok, Thanks for the tip.


There are more Toyota recalls coming, and thought you might be interested in reading these tidbits.

"Toyota’s recall crisis evolved when it suspended sales of 8 models for recalling 2.3 million vehicles to correct sticking accelerator pedals on many of its models in late January this year. The automaker has since been blamed by both the government and the media for its slow response to the safety crisis of its vehicles.

Consequently, the U.S. government imposed the highest-ever fine of $16.4 million on Toyota, accusing it of a deliberate delay in recalling the vehicles by hiding its defects even though manufacturers are legally obligated to notify the U.S. safety regulators within 5 business days once they come to know of a safety defect."

Its past recalls have already tarnished the reputation of the automaker. Recently, based on a telephone survey of 1,704 U.S. adult vehicle owners in April, Consumer Reports has suggested that 57% of Toyota owners would “most likely” agree to buy another new vehicle from Toyota. This fell from 70% in a December survey, indicating a slump in the automaker’s reputation."

Toyota’s Recall Saga Continues

'The quote said "American way", nowhere did it say United States of America the proper name for this great nation...'

@Oxi- The quote was not naming this nation. American was used as an adjective in the proper way.

See Webster's:
of or pertaining to the United States of America or its inhabitants: an American citizen.

Class dismissed.

Wow. Oxi just got destroyed. lol.

Tough room. Luckily no-one said country music sucks or something like that ;)

"Who would you rather have as a spokesperson?
GM uses Howie Long, a poser metrosexual who doesn't like work trucks or luxury, and some nerdy kid basketball trick shot artists who know nothing about pickup trucks either. "

Ex-Oakland Raider lineman Howie Long is from a blue collar part of Massachusetts, and if you have ever seen the size of this guy, I would pay real money to watch this other commenter walk up to him and accuse him of being a "metrosexual poser." He'd look like Dan Marino running for his life.

That was 20 years ago. A lot has changed with Howie Long since then.

Frank Caliendo makes fun of Howie Long:

ELIGIBILITY: The Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the U.S. who are at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license

That rules out most of Toby Keith's fans.

it is very ugly

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Pick me..I'm a ford man for sure..

But be sure to use your word or words in a sentence or paragraph when you submit them. That's part of the fun of it.

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