Ford to Sell Custom Vinyl Graphics for the F-150

Ford to Sell Custom Vinyl Graphics for the F-150

F-150 owners will soon be able to add a whole new level of protection and customization to their pickups by covering them with personalized vinyl wraps, Ford says.

The wraps, similar to the “digital mud” decals offered on the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, have a thin membrane that adheres to body paint and helps protect against occasional nicks and scratches. Nearly 50 designs will be available, covering small portions of the truck or full body panels.

“Wraps for new trucks will be covered under the F-150’s standard three-year, 36,000-mile warranty,” Ford spokeswoman Angie Kozleski said. “If it’s a used or older truck, the warranty is twelve-months or 12,000 miles.”

The vinyl wraps may cost only half as much as a custom paint job, and they can be cleanly removed to install a new design or to return the vehicle to stock condition to help sell it, according to Jim Abraham, Ford’s licensed accessories manager.

Prices will range from $200 to $1,200, depending on the design and the amount of the vehicle covered.

Flames and Cargo Box 4WD Graphics

Before selecting a custom wrap, owners can see how the pattern will look on the truck by visiting Once a design is selected, the wrap will be installed at a Ford dealer.

There are a few caveats that buyers should be aware of before putting a wrap on a truck. According to an FAQ page that Ford has published for the new Fiesta compact car, owners with wrapped vehicles should avoid carwashes that use brushes or high-pressure nozzles. Hand washing is recommended over automated washes. Wax shouldn't be applied to the stickers, either. When cared for properly, the graphics are designed to last three to five years.

Ford hopes to offer its custom vinyl graphics to other Ford vehicles by the end of the summer, including the new 2011 F-Series Super Duty and Ford Ranger compact pickup.

[Source: Ford]


maybe a camo one for hunters, the trucks pictured above are butt ugly

Government motors will follow with that option shortly,

I think this is a brilliant move by Ford.
Very smart sales closing move and not very expensive either.

I hope they offr a "protection" pkg. Leading edge of truck, behind wheels, bumper, top of tailgate. typical places where you get stones and wear & tear... then I'd be in.

Ty: If government motors offered it - they would make the rest of us pay for it.
Gravel: I like the "protection pkg" idea. Could go all kinds of ways with that like a two tone effect, etc.

Ya, they'll have it for free for those that drive them, others will pay!

@ Bob - GM could offer the package.
" TAX PAYER FUNDED" or " I LOVE MY MOMMA (OBAMA)" down the side of your truck.

Bob - It would be a great look for you.

Back on topic. Great idea. I like the website to "try out" your graphics. I wonder how these would compare to "TrimLine" or other companies.

You can get clear vinyl protective sheets applied to vehicles for protection. I've seen hardcore offroader's and worktrucks have the lower sides of their trucks sprayed with bedliner.

How come I can't see Graphics for the Mustang and trucks and most of the other cars?

@PowerWagon, Ford is still building the site, thats why 'coming soon' is plastered all over it. Give it time.

Properly cared for graphics will last 3-5 years? So $200 will buy you 3 years and $1200 will get you 5. AND you get the thrill of waxing around the decals and hand washing for 3-5 years. Have fun Ford boys.

that one in the main pic really reminds me of the graphics on alotta newish rams personally i really dont think these look good on the f150s at least the pics ive seen besides the camo on the lower half but hey w/e floats your boat more options more you can make your truck yours and the more money the company makes so good looks ford

Chevy did this back in '71-'72.

this is a great idea of ford's i would love to see ford do this with graphic opions on all of thie trucks


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