Mahindra's U.S. Partner Files Lawsuit Over Truck Delays

Mahindra's U.S. Partner Files Lawsuit Over Truck Delays

For being such a small truck, Mahindra’s Indian-built compact diesel pickup continues to face big issues reaching these shores.

Global Vehicles USA, the Atlanta-based company that holds the rights to sell Mahindra’s pickups in the U.S., has filed a lawsuit against the Indian-based company in federal court over delays getting the Mahindra trucks certified for sale in the U.S., according to a report by, a business news publication in Atlanta, and confirmed by sources.

The suit, filed Monday in the U.S. District Court in Atlanta, alleges that while GV USA has signed up more than 350 dealers and spent almost $35 million preparing for the launch, Mahindra has dragged its feet getting final safety and emissions certification.

Delays have become the norm for Mahindra. Originally, the trucks were scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2009. That date has been pushed back several times, and now the automaker says the trucks are scheduled to go on sale in December.

On Tuesday, EPA spokeswoman Cathy Milbourn told that Mahindra has yet to file its emissions certification paperwork with the EPA.

In April, John Perez, CEO of GV USA, expressed frustration with the Indian automaker. "It's a battle with Mahindra to get information from them," he said then. "It's not because they don't have the information. It's the culture. They don't like to make announcements."

According to our sources, it’s believed that Mahindra may be delaying certification in an effort to get around its current supply agreement with GV USA as its sole U.S. distributor.

According to reports, the lawsuit asks the U.S. court to require Mahindra to comply with its distributor agreement and certify the trucks as soon as possible. GV USA is seeking an injunction to stop Mahindra from approaching any other U.S. distributors while the two companies remain in arbitration.

GV USA spokesman Mike Geylin did not have any comment on the lawsuit other than to confirm its filing, and we were unable to reach Mahindra reps in the U.S. for comment Tuesday evening.

If they ever arrive, Mahindra TR20 and TR40 pickups reportedly will be offered in two cab configurations: a two-door regular cab and a four-door crew cab. Both will use a slightly modified version of Mahindra's mHawk 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder diesel engine. It's expected to have fuel economy ratings as high as 30 mpg and 1.3-ton hauling capability. Pricing is expected to start around $22,000.



Hmmm, lawsuits filed? More delays? Am I surprised? Not really...its too bad because this truck looked like it had potential.

Mahindra deadbeats hawking vaporware .

Stick a fork in it,this truck is dead.With lawsuits,nobody in the US will want to step up to import this thing and risk millions on a potential business failure/non certifiable vehicle.And Mahindra,with their foot dragging,must know that that engine will never pass EPA tests without exhaust filters,exhaust fluids....and every other trick,raising prices further.If a cheap vehicle could be brought into the US and pass all emissions and safety tests,dont you think Chinese Chery or some 3rd world country had been able to do it by now?
Zastava's failure to re enter the US market proved that.
Let Mahindra stick to tractors,not pickups.

That truck will never make it to the United States. (That little black dot is a period, signifying end of discussion)

This truck looks like it's been manufactured back kin 70's and had a face lift in the 90's.

RIP, Mahindra, ya jerkoffs.

GV USA is seeking an injunction to stop Mahindra from approaching any other U.S. distributors

Bricklin, anyone?

Mike what happened to my comment, I was only kidding around. What I'm dead serious about is that GM and Ford putting a V-6 Diesel engine in their own 1/2 trucks. I'm in construction and I think that those would be great for America and the work force.

Should have filed suit for it's looks.

You can play "Spot the Mahindra" in Sydney. . I have actually seen THREE in the last two years.

You will end up like them the day you see one pick up. A long beard and a little dot.

Mike Levine:

Once again, I think your report is half baked with no details on how lawsuits and the EPA certification work. First off, when you go to high school, they don't give you a high school diploma. They give you a diploma when you are all done. Secondly, lawsuit, smallsuit, there have been no delays and everything is ON SCHEDULE. This lawsuit will be thrown out.

Don't count on this truck coming here. This is the same company that promised to bring the Cross Lander 244X here a few years ago.

"there have been no delays and everything is ON SCHEDULE"

You actually believe what you typed?
If so, I have whatever you're drinking.

@Informed Truck Buyer: My description is correct.

The lawsuit says that Mahindra has purposely drawn out completing emissions testing and seeking certification from the EPA. I don't know how you can say these trucks are on schedule. I think you're in denial.

But if you think I'm still wrong, why don't you e-mail me your phone number and we can discuss? mlevine_at_pickuptrucks_dot_com.

@Informed Truck Buyer

Don’t kill the messenger!” Way back in 442 B.C. Sophocles wrote words like that in one of his plays. Shakespeare used the phrase too. We still use it today when we have to be the bearer of bad news.

Why don't you post your links, and/or your sources.

You forgot to write "mis" in front of your alias.

Mahindra appears to be employing stealth marketing tactics designed around a philosophy of reverse psychology: Mahindra figures that if they can annoy enough of their business partners, franchisees, and prospective customers, those same people will love them all that much more. Like an abusive spouse beating you to the edge of consciousness, it hurts like hell but you love them just the same.

I've been eagerly following updates on this truck for quite a while. With the latest additional 6 mo delay, I'm done.

"I think you're in denial."

Yes. Sorry, I was just kidding and making fun of the preposterous Indian truck buyers in denial. They are like Baghdad Bob, you are wrong, "there are no delays", everything is on schedule, when you get your high school diploma!, yada, yada, yada, this is the best truck ever.

Keep up the good work.

Could Mahindra be hiding something?

Smells like they're trying to ditch Global.
I know I would.

I think we are missing the biggest point of all. Who was actually going to buy this truck? I would just as sure push a broken down Chevy (oops Chevrolet) than be caught driving that fugly ugly thing! There are a lot of things I'm willing to do to be more "Green" but that's not one of em!

I'm guessing if they do make it in, parts for them will bear to find if you ever need them.

Looks like strike three for Perez. I feel sorry for everyone that lost money in this joke of a release. If they can't introduce a retro pickup then they need to fade far away.

it is ugly pickup and SUV. I think Ford Ranger will phase out by 2011. if we dont have our next generation models compact pickup of any brands. I think Ford Motor will more greedy to our US Market about Thai Ford Ranger, Australian Ford Falcon, Euro Ford Focus and Euro Ford Mondeo will never coming to America.

I'm thinking that they want to delay till the next generation of the truck is available. Not that it will sell any better here, but it might have a chance. I know why you can't find many in guys get the best small (and large) diesels from Japan already..LUCKY!!!!

I agree with CreigMac I think currently US Ford Ranger is very handsome. if Mahindra and Mahindra will buy the currently old Ford Ranger, currently old Ford Explorer and currently old Ford Explorer Sport Trac. it will re-assembly in Georgia. if Ford will sell to Mahindra and Mahindra. it will have Colonge 4.0 liter V6 will from old Ford and Diesel from Mahindra and Mahindra. if Mahindra and Mahindra will prefect version to original Ford Ranger and Ford Explorer.

I think Mahindra will deliver a world class product meeting emission & safety norms. All the best Maindra

" Say what you mean, Mean what you say. "

mahindra has lost the 'goodwill' that comes with being the new kid on the block. Americans like upstarts, we root for the underdog. But we HATE tricks, cons, and liers. Was mahindra lying? At this point, does it matter? Ask yourself, would you bet 22-25 grand on thier observed 'record' ?

Not sure what to make this. But honestly, all that matters to me is whether Mahindra will resolve this quickly and hold the December launch date. If Mahindra is able to bring the trucks by year’s end and guarantee to all its potential customers that it has the right distribution setup then at the very least I’ll give the trucks a try. I’ve heard great things about the trucks (compact, diesel, high mileage, high payload capacity) – I think Mahindra deserves at least that much from truckers. After all, what else is out there that offers that same range of benefits? Unfortunately, GM and Ford have put diesels only on their heavy-duty pickups. And all manufacturers have pretty much ignored the midsize pickup segment for several years now.

LOL @ Harvey!

Maybe Hotwheels /Mattel will import the truck now... in bulk blister packs!!!

I'll have to check my local Walmart!

I hate to say it, but I kind of agree with the author - it's part of Indian culture to stay "flexible" - which ends up meaning nothing ever happens on time.

I work with Indians on a daily basis, and while I love them, it's just not in their DNA to slavishly adhere to any kind of procedures or deadlines.

With a more flexible US partner, this may have happened... but once companies start suing each other, the deal is off.

If they're having this much trouble getting it into the states, I can't even imagine how much of a pain its going to be when they break- Lets hope their customer service team is better than their production team-

I really think there's a market niche for this truck. As several have pointed out, none of the U.S. or Japanese manufacturers are putting out anything like it. I also think it's ugly enough to be cute.

But I agree with the previous poster -- when business partners start suing each other, it ain't a great sign.

I wonder how many of you people know that the Mahindra is based on the old Willys/Kaiser Jeep?

Personally, I think this lawsuit is too early, because US import laws make it especially difficult to bring new models in until they can be proven to meet US highway safety laws. The fault may not be Mahindra's at all, and until we know, all the griping and moaning and foul language isn't going to change a thing. If you want the truck then find out what's delaying it. I really don't believe Mahindra itself is at fault.

This time.


Mahindra T20 $22,000
Diesel $2.75/gal
Having your distribution partner sue you over a truck they can't sell anyway...


Looking over some of the comments here and elsewhere, I have to say it's amazing the amount of bigoted redneckery going around when people discuss the Mahindra trucks. It's pretty sickening how ignorant most people are when it comes to expressing opinions on this - rather than discuss fact, we resort to a vague, uninformed racism i.e. "blame the Indians".

The bottom line is, it's a conspiracy to prevent a foreign company from selling vehicles that might compete with our precious, useless domestic car manufactuers. And part of America's bizarre and irrational campaign against the diesel engine in consumer autmobiles. A triumph for stupidity over common sense. Gimme Muh Chevy!

I happen to LIKE the way the truck looks. It has a "ruggedly handsome" look-- not like the "sissy trucks" that are made in America. If you want a "pretty" truck, then buy an American made "sissy truck"-- if you want a heavy-duty work truck for REAL MEN, buy a Mahindra when they become available.

The reasons for the delays are the miles and miles of red tape that our country places in the way so that American car manufacturers can enjoy an unfair advantage-- and a lot of good it did them! They went bankrupt trying to shove products we DON'T WANT down our necks! Mahindra is trying to give us (the consumer) what we want-- a small heavy-duty WORK TRUCK that runs on diesel, and gets great fuel mileage. I can't wait to own mine, and I am willing to wait YEARS if I have to...

This is bad news. Mahindra has been planning to build a factory in the USA once the truck got started here. I've been looking forward to seeing it, especially because of its good carrying capacity. The anemic carrying capacity of most small pickups is ridiculous, and this truck blows it away with more than twice the payload.

I'll wait and see what happens before I condemn ether one of the companies involved. It sounds as if the lack of proper communication is the main problem. Mahindra got started in the global market making Jeeps for the world; they are known for rugged, offroad, quality. If they need extra time to give us what we want in a quality package (yes it's ugly but functional) then I'll wait and give them the benefit of the doubt. GV's impatience has cost them in their previous deals and kept us from getting other vehicles from oversees in the past. We may not want to admit it but our own US companies will never (it seems) give us the small diesel truck we've been asking for since the early 80's. They are stuck trying to tell us what we want and forcing packages and other useless crap that we're stuck buying. Have you ever (just for fun ) went into a dealer and demanded a quadcab canyon or ranger (not even offered) , or dakota truck with 4x4, diesel, stripped down no carpet, no onstar (BS), just a basic truck? It can't be had; the dealers say they can't give it to you without all the package crap. Try having carpet and the rest of the package crap as a livestock farmer, it's just pulled out and pitched after a year on the farm (money wasted). The only company that offers a removable (and cleanable ) carpet is jeep and they can't haul a load, and refuse to give us back a truck platform or their excellent oversees diesel engine.

I still plan to keep an eye on the Mahindra truck and may find one in my driveway when and if they make it here....US companies take a note here and start giving us the vehicles we ask for. Because if you don't then the money from buyers going to foreign trucks will be gone like all the people that buy Honda and have never returned to a domestic car......

Well. I saved money for Mahindra because I was the truck I could afford. But kept waiting and waiting. Now, I can buy a slightly used Takoma for the same money. I am getting my dream Toyota truck.

I have an '04 F-250 diesel and am looking for another turbo diesel truck/SUV that doesn't lose power at elevation in Colorado and get's good mileage. The Mahindra trucks look like they will "fit the bill" and not "break the bank." Does anyone have an update on EPA certification and/or when these will actually become available in the U.S.?

Americans like to bark like they know something when they haven't a clue. American tech is falling behind the rest of the world in almost every category. BYD's E6 from China makes Chevy volt seem like an antique. The Mahindra will come to America and when it figures out how to style it's vehicles for Americans taste it will out sell anything our trailing auto industries follow with. We've lost our competitive edge and I cant see it getting any better.

The american people badly need a small diesel truck to deal with the everyday chores of today and the future. The future is Diesel people. What is taking so long?

Common people. For those who hate the India Brand or any Foreign brand for that matter, its always hard and difficult to accept a newcomer. I'm sure many people using the Farm Equipment manufactured by Mahindra are pleased with the quality of the product. It takes time for any manufacturer to meet the quality and standards that the people and economy demand in a new country. The japanese manufacturers were on the same boat and so were others who entered the ever so competitive US market. Lets see what the people have to offer. This is a debut model which I'm sure many people feel is a knockoff or redone 70's model but if thats the case then what is not a copy paste these days? It goes both ways...even the US has its share of copy paste of products from Germany. Lets not go there. People should not be insecure about the demise of american trucks if they only focus on the quality.

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