May 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in May 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +34.9% May 2010 49,858 F-Series 12 mo Sales
193,843 May 2009 33,381
2 Chevrolet Silverado +8.5% May 2010 33,690 Silverado 12 mo Sales
135,788 May 2009 31,463
3 Ram Trucks -14% May 2010 17,298 Ram 12 mo Sales
69,005 May 2009 15,516
4 GMC Sierra +7.6% May 2010 11.305 Sierra 12 mo Sales
44,167 May 2009 10,272
5 Toyota Tacoma -2.8% May 2010 8,630 Tacoma 12 mo Sales
42,550 May 2009 10,162
6 Toyota Tundra +22.6% May 2010 8,491 Tundra 12 mo Sales
37,597 May 2009 6,414
7 Ford Ranger +14.5% May 2010 6,651 Ranger 12 mo Sales
24,165 May 2009 5,289
8 Nissan Frontier +53.4% May 2010 3,739 Frontier 12 mo Sales
15,509 May 2009 3,111
9 Chevrolet Colorado -30.2% May 2010 2,535 Colorado 12 mo Sales
9,776 May 2009 3,610
10 Nissan Titan +26.6% May 2010 2,063 Titan 12 mo Sales
9,516 May 2009 1,623


Notable Items:
- New Top 10 layout. We've added a 12 month trailing graph with high and low sales points
- In May, Ford Super Duty sales were up 82 percent versus a year ago
- Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-Series both had best sales month in a year
- Chrysler reports 17,298 Rams sold in May, making YTD sales 69,005, not 68,999 as reported
- GMC Sierra and Toyota Tacoma swap fourth and fifth positions
- Chevy Colorado and Nissan Titan swap ninth and tenth positions


Guess the lack of incentives were the problem after all. The Ram finally posted an increase in sales by 11.5%. It's either that or the fact that people finally have realized that the new Ram is the best truck hands down now INSIDE as well as outside. Way to go Ram, keep it up!

@Ram Man - I see a 14% drop. Where are your stats derived from?

Exerpt "In May, Ford Super Duty sales were up 82 percent versus a year ago"
New model sales?

Why didn't Ram see the same jump?
That is very puzzling.

It will be interesting to see what kind of jump GM/Chev will see with their 2011 trucks.

@lou: If you just look at May year-over-year sales (not YTD), then Ram was up 11.5%

@lou: I am referring to may sales this year compared to last year of May 2010: 17,298 and May 2009: 15,516 = 11.5% increase. Also the Ram HD's did post a significant gain when the HD's went on sale however I am not sure what the exact number was. I believe it was around 30% or something. Yet I must admit an 82% increase for the new Super Duty's is very impressive.

Good to see these increase in sales. Very Impressive Ford on the 82% increase in sales.

What I find very interesting is the fact that the Tundra went from abysmal to pretty good in sales so far this year the Tundra is slowly creeping up to the Tacoma and not to far behind the Sierra. Not Bad.

Hmmmm, Ford F-Series outselling gmc sierra + chevy silverado and the lead just got bigger in May.

Pretty clear who's winning in the market right now.

Forgot to say this but I did test drive a new 6.2L V8 F250 FX4 and that was a very good truck with a good amount of power. Ford is doing a good job and they are on the right track.

@ Mike and Ram Man - thanks for the clarification. Good to see Ram improving in sales.

I have a question about the 12 month change graph. Obviously red = low, green high.
How do the numbers correlate to the posted numbers on the Year to Date, and 2009 month and 2010 month data?
I assume the distal end (far right) of the graph is the current date.

Thanks. Still learning the new layout. People are creatures of habit :)

@Lou: The new trailing sales graph shows each truck's sales trend over the past 12 months. In this case, June 2009 to May 2010. You're correct - the far right is the latest monthly sales data and red and green points are the lowest and best sales months.

f series is only 150,250,350,or whit 450,and 550...explain please..

@mic: F-Series includes F-150 through F-550. Ford doesn't separate out those trucks when it reports sales.

I didn't know Ford includes both their F-450 and F-550. As a result those sales figures are a bit misleading and skewed in my opinion. I'm not saying Chevy or Ram would pass Ford if they were excluded, i'm just saying the playing field would be a bit more level and the sales figures would be a bit closer than they currently are.

@ Ram Man - apparently Dodge includes 4500 and 5500 stats.
Ford sales - trucks larger than 350 = approx. 4% of their sales (based on last month's JD Power stats).
Thats not a big number.
The JD Power stats do kill the whole argument "Ford is number 1 because they count everything".

GM's Kodiac/topKick were considered different brands, so they would not be counted by GM as Sierra or Silverado sales. It's the same reason why GM posts GM Sierra , and Chev Silverado sales separately. GM counts them as separate brands. Separate brand = separate numbers.

I bet that once GM re-enters the 4500 - 5500 ranks, they'll be branded as Sierra and Silverado and NOT separated out on monthly sales statistics.

and ram man the ram 1500 -55,000 are put together ram just cant sell anything

The Tundra's sales are higher recently because they've been offering 0% interest for 60 months and other incentives to keep people in the showroom. This is probably the first year in a very long time that Toyota has had to offer such incentives because of the whole recall thing that has tarnished Toyota's reputation. Toyota has been offering those kinds of deals for a few months now. I wonder what's going to happen when they stop offering those deals? Even my in-laws who had been Toyota fanatics say they won't buy a Toyota anymore. They've switched to Honda for good. You couldn't pay me to drive a Toyota either, but that's a whole other story.

@ Mike Levine Here's a suggestion to go with the new look. Cancel the comment section on every news story that involves year to date sales. Its only a matter of time before the idiots attempt math and start screaming FOOOOOOOORDs RUUUUUUUULE S
Then insults fly and feelings get hurt and tears fall. AND I"M SICK OF IT!!!!!!
I know I could just skip the comments but I can't. It's like a car wreck. You know you shouldn't stare but you can't help it.

@ jordan L.: I know exactly what you mean man. It's comments like the one from Anon that are clearly lacking intelligence and take direct shots at brand loyal pride that each of us posses. All of the comments up to this point have been civil and I want to explode on this dude so badly right now and tear him up yet I refuse to because I have done it in the past and don't feel it is worth it to argue with morons like him anymore. I love Rams and own one myself yet I still gave Ford props on there accomplishments as well. I respect the other two domestic trucks yet I will not credit any of the foreign brands. Yes I know about the whole Fiat merger yet it is still an American based company and always will be.


Chevy is having 0% for 72 months so is that why they are doing well right now.

I am not brand loyal or anything. The incentives are helping yes but I also believe that it is not the only reason for everyone's sales increases. Things are rebounding people are buying again incentives or not. Ford is a prime example of this as well and so is Chevy before there 0% incentive.

People make a choice and they buy what they like and there is nothing wrong with that.

All I can think about right now is Mercury. Sigh..

@Frank: If Ford had given Mercury a modern M100, it all would have been ok.

Jordan L and all, I'm not a fan of mud slugging either it's simple. If you don't want to read it then don't scroll down past news story.

Notice the green dots? Ford and Chevy have them where they need to be, at the right end, literally and figuratively. Ram is heading that direction, GMC also to a lesser extent. Ford has the most compelling graph, showing a continual increase since they bottomed. Someone at Ford is smiling, many someone's.

Tundra is actually selling less than a month ago, +22.6 over a year ago is good however they are in a losing trajectory month to month. Expect incentives to continue for the Tundra, Toyota has swallowed the incentive pill and is following the Big 3 lead.

In my area Ram is offering up to $4000 and 0% financing, it figures they would see some sort of turnaround.

@supercrew02: I think you can see how incentives help sales by looking at Silverado and Sierra sales over last 12 months. YTD, there's almost 100K difference in volume but the sales trends are near identical.

I think the fact that tacoma and tundra are the only two trucks that sold less last month than april says something about toyotas customer trust now... everything else is going up...


That's because you are a good little sheeple!


Where did you learn math?

The Tundra is up and you forgot to mention the Chevy Colorado that slumped again...

The Tacoma is doing fine, it still outsells the Ranger and all other competitors in class!

Is there a way that we can get the individual numbers for May between light and heavy duty?

Its not about math, I'm not talking about year over year sells but the last two months according to the graph... everything sold more than last month EXCEPT toyota trucks...

Good point about Toyota losing sales the past two months. Taco's are not heavily incentivized, and are quite pricey. Toyota may see the current Taco sales numbers as a victory of sorts, Taco's do have a very loyal base.

Tundra sales will crater if they take away the 0% financing, my guess is that very few are taking the rebates over the 0%.

Will be interesting to see if they can reverse the current decline this month. My guess is they will be lucky to maintain monthly sales figures.

I'd be happy to be wrong though...

Ford saw a huge spike in sales with the new SuperDuty. It seems that most people don't follow the doctrine of "never buy the first year of a new model".
Ford will be fortunate to continue the momentum with the release of new engines and features in the 2011 F150.

Chev is coming out with new HD's. It will be interesting to see their sales trends post release. They won't see a new 1/2 ton until the end of 2011.

I hope that across the board sales increases are a sign of a strengthening economy.


"are not heavily incentivized, and are quite pricey."

Tacoma's hold their value!

Have you bothered to read the most over-priced trucks for 2010:

Not one Toyota in the top 10!

Ford F-250, worth 25.2% less than its $25,300 MSRP...

Nissan Titan, worth 23.6% less...

Chevrolet Silverado 1500, worth 23% less...

Those trucks aren't necessarily bad vehicles; in fact, the Titan and Silverado are Consumer Reports recommended picks. They landed on our list because they didn't score as high in consumer satisfaction rating as some of their competitors--and they can be had for considerably less than their list price.

Note to all Ford is shutting down their Mercury brand...

This is not the mark of a solid company and in fact proves Ford is struggling...

Heck their stock is selling barely above 11 bucks while Toyota is still above 72 dollars!

@CreigMac - Toyota has never been much for offering sales incentives, decreasing Tacoma sales are also a sign of all the recall hysteria. I've read that Toyota has had the greatest backlash in the USA.
I agree with the comment about Tacoma loyalty as well. I have friends who's government or company trucks are Ford, Chev, or Dodge and their personal vehicles are Tacoma's.

There have been many comments about rebates, sales incentives driving up sales.
Mike - that would be an interesting "flag" to add to the 12 month sales graph.

What is your point? I said nothing about resale values. No, I didn't read the article about resale values and it was not germane to my point about Tacos or Toyota in general.

While I may consider CR's opinion on a car, their truck reviews are best for someone who needs a Buick with a bed for their groceries.

If I want opinions on trucks I go to

Yes, Ford has shuttered Mercury because it couldn't figure out how to properly manage the brand, but before you go tooting your Toyota horn, take a look at Scion, it may be following Mercury unless Toyota can figure things out.

Also, you're oversimplifying with your comment about share price. Yes, Ford's share price is around $12, while Toyota's is about $72. But Ford has about 1.7 million more outstanding shares than Toyota, which dilutes share price. Also, Ford's share price is up 19% YTD, while Toyota's is down 14%. That being said, Toyota's market cap is much higher than Ford's ($114 billion versus $40 billion), which is indicative of Toyota's much healthier financial position over the past 20 years. The point is, both companies have their financial challenges, but at this point neither one is "struggling."

Mercury has been a neglected brand. Rebadged Fords with little in the way of differentiation. It is wise of Ford to shutter the brand.
Ford needs to put some work into the Licoln vehicles. They look like rebadged Fords as well.

Lincoln and Mercury both suck and are irrelevant, Ford has proven that they can only manage themselves...


Much like GM.

Actually - GM has proven that they can't manage themselves.
Didn't they have to stop making HD trucks for 4 months because they didn't have the D-Max engine ready?
I won't mention anything else as some guys get a tad testy when you bring up the "B" word.

Ranger sales up 14.5% and Alan wants to kill it, he needs to take his head out of his a**.

I wouldn't buy a ranger because I just feel like you get so much more for your money paying a little more for a full size truck. That being said I still don't understand why they'd kill the ranger as good as it sells. I do like the them and I'd consider getting one if there was a bigger gap in the price from that of a full size truck. I'm gonna miss them.

Does anyone know how many Ram 1500's were sold in May?

1. It feels wrong that the cayon is still alive seeing what a piece of junk it is.
2. Ford should kill mercury. That being said I loved the Grand Marque and the Montery. Those cars were so much better than the crown victoria. I've owned all of them and will miss the ride but thier time is over. Ford should kill the Lincoln as well. I don't understand the economics of having the same vehicles rebadged.
3. Ford COULD fix the ranger so that it meets the new crash safety ratings. But there is no point unless Ford can offer a significant cost savings over the F150. People buy a small pickup for the cost savings. I repeat 'COST SAVINGS' But with the ranger, the price point is just too high. So they get the F150. Buyers bought the Datsuns because they were inexpensive to buy and cheap to operate. You listening Ford? An inexpensive pickup that gets great mileage. IMO it would be a runaway hit. Especially if it has a small diesel engine.
The idea of the Mahindra has generated an incredible amount of buzz for just that reason. Unfortunatly it is not coming from Ford, or any other 'known' manufacturer. So it very well could be just fluff.

If any manufacturer makes such a vehicle it WOULD become my daily driver.

@woodpud - I think it works out roughly 40% HD,and 60% 1/2 ton based on JD Power's report.

@Lou, thank you I'm just trying to figure out the difference in numbers between the Tundra and the Ram 1500, must be awfully close now.

I think way to much emphasis is placed on sales numbers. It wasn't that long ago when GM was the sales leader of the global market. They went bankrupt. So what good are sales if your not making money? I read an article several years ago that was an interview of Ferdinand Piech, the man in charge of VW I think. The author asked him what his plans are to become the leader in vehicle sales. His answer was "nothing, the goal is profits" in so many words. I agree. Profits are what pays for the developement of future vehicles. And everyone wants better vehicles. So I say who the hell cares? Just keep making them better.

@Jordan L. - excellent post!

@ Lou Thanks. I get a random epiphany every once in a while :) The truth is Porche is one of the most profitable car companies in the world and it has nothing to do with the number of cars they sell.

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