No Bull. Man Run Over By Bulldog in an F-150

No Bull. Man Run Over By Bulldog in an F-150

A Florida man, Christoper Bishop, was run over by his Ford F-150 pickup while checking for oil leaks when his pet bulldog, Tassey, hopped into the cab and accidentally put the truck in gear, according to a report by the St. Peterburg Times.

After being run over, Bishop said he was able to get into the truck and stop it before it hit a fence next to his mobile home. Bishop waited several hours before finally calling for medical help but, amazingly, his injuries weren't life threatening.

While we're happy to also report that Tassey was collared for her mischievous deed, we hear she'll be in the dog house for a while. (Thank you. We'll be here all week.)

[Source: St. Petersburg Times]


I hate it when that happens..

Key phrase "NEXT TO HIS MOBILE HOME"!!!!!

Proving that YES, people in this country really are as stupid as we think!

Typical Ford drama!

Well I'll be Dog Gone!!

This must have been an older f150 because my 1996 F150 has to have the brake pedal pressed to shift out of park .

This actually happens surprisingly often. Usually though, it happens when a person leaves a truck in gear and then shuts the engine off (without putting on the parking brake). The pet or child then knocks the stick out of gear, causing the truck to be in neutral and roll down a hill into traffic/a house/a person/whatever.

This is one reason why you should always use the parking brake in a manual transmission vehicle, and not just rely on having it in gear to keep the vehicle from moving.

Heh heh, reminds me of a local Subaru ad where cats and dogs were driving cars.

I can't believe anybody would be so stupid as to leave their vehicle in neutral before climbing underneath it. I wonder how many beer's he had had before attempting this death defying act.

And somehow the dog put it into gear? without the clutch? Are you kidding me?

I smell a movie contract in their future.

The dog days of summer have begun:)



Yeah, typical Ford Drama. If and when it happens to you we'll laugh.

ford ford ford ford......

he did not die?...good job dawgy!!!

This site starting to show favoritism toward Mack trucks;-) LOL

BULLshit, this dog is built tough! :-D

This would never of happened with a Chevy. The super-low chin spoiler would of pushed him out of the way. LOL

Some wives have been noted to do this as well.

Ford owners are dogs,so what is this story about..a dog driving a Ford..nothing new !!

Several hours before calling for help? Where's the 911 tape here?

"Hi, uh, mah dawg run me over in mah truck this mornin'"

"Sir, it's 3 pm. Are you injured?"

"Yeah, I hadta polish off this case of Keystone 'for I called ya folks o'er."

Silly man...

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