Ram Heavy Duty Pickups Deliver Donations to Help Tornado Victims

Ram Heavy Duty Pickups Deliver Donations to Help Tornado Victims

The Chrysler Foundation today announced a $50,000 donation of supplies and cash in support of relief efforts for residents impacted by severe tornadoes that hit Northwest Ohio earlier this month.

Ten Ram 2500/3500 heavy duty pickup trucks, filled with generators, wheel barrows, shovels, chainsaws, ladders, tarps, boots, and other materials, were driven to Waterville, Ohio, from Chrysler Group World Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich. The supplies were delivered to ISOH/IMPACT, a community-based charitable organization, whose disaster response team will put the recovery materials directly in the hands of those in need in areas most impacted by the tornado. ISOH/IMPACT will also use the supplies to outfit a complete first response trailer that will be taken onsite to help those most in need.

[Source: Chrysler]


So they sent 10 small trucks to do the work of one OTR truck. Smart use of money, fellas..... it's no wonder you went belly up -- and I'm a big fan of DODGE heavy duties.

It's too bad that a good deed gets spoiled by the PR department

Gotta clear the dealer lots somehow.


Hilarious and true!

yea ok supercrew I see a fair share of hd Rams a hemi Ram will pull a 5.4 around the block and Cummins vs. Powerjoke need I say more why cant people just see the good in this I woulda been happy if Ford or GM did this either way

moparman.. HD rams maybe so great but why are sales 3's so low? They maybe able to tow a house down the street but... who cares if they aren't well built.
Sales numbers speak volumes.

Fact is how many people do HEAVY hauling every day vs just wanting a nice dependable ride?? Again, sales tells you your answer. This is not my data.

@ supercrew02 popularity has little to do with how good a truck is. My brother-in-law came over yesterday to show off his GMC Vortec max 1500 he just got. Its got 30k kms on it and the oil and tranny cooler lines are leaking. With your logic this just shouldn't be happening. He is a Ford mechanic who traded his f-150 off because off all its problems. Lets try to keep with the spirit of the story. This is a good thing for Chrysler and the people they are trying to help. Nothing more.

I agree with Jordan L because Chrysler did something that I appreciate and I am sure all of the residents affected appreciate as well.

On another note Ram makes great trucks and in my opinion the reason Ram is not doing well is that people do not know if Chrysler will be around or not.

I am actually proud that Chrysler gave a 50k check and supplies to the residents. Very noble thing they did.

jesus, its no wonder that gm is controlled by the government and fiat owns chrysler. why are you throwing $50,000 towards needy people when it needs to be paid towards either your loan or to fiat. LISTEN UP GM AND CHRYSLER, your products are lame, and your executives are stupid. GM, this is why you are owned by the governement, and still havent paid off your loans. Chrysler, this is why you wenrt broke and were bought by fiat.

I drive a ford truck, but only stupid people would continue to support gm or chysler.

this would be a better deed if chrysler had better money managementa and not be bought off.

did chrylser really dothis because they truly cared, or they thought if they did this, that their public relations would go up? theyre are truly few people in this world who do a good deed for absoulute no reason. don't believe me, then open your eyes! was it really their money that they donated? nope, it was fiat's money.

@ allistar, with the GM comment, itd be stupid NOT to drive a GM, wether you like it or not, you have an investment in it, and if they fall, which they wont, our investment would be in vain, as much as i hate toyota, i dont wish death on them, they do create jobs for us, so itd be an even larger mess for our economy and the whole automotive world if no one bought GM, GMs still American, and i still love it

on the comment "On another note Ram makes great trucks and in my opinion the reason Ram is not doing well is that people do not know if Chrysler will be around or not." And the reason they may or not be around goes right back to why??? Their quality past record. These perceptions don't come from ONE bad year on ANY make/model but several. Did you read the links from earlier, Chrysler knows they've had a bad past putting them in the spot today they're in "know one wanting to buy because they maynot be around. All truck mfgs do good deads some more noted than others but Chrysler has the biggest hill to climb, even if their current truck is great. It's indepedant feedback from diff sources that plays in a make/break future. As with all mfgs they have problem agreed but it's how quick they listen and fix them. Keeping the number of recalls low.

*** supercrew02..

Ford has the lowest priced trucks = more sales...
The way the media ignorantly puts down Chrysler its amazing they actually sell as good as they do !!
The new Ram's are the best built trucks,best looking by far especially compared to a Ford (hideous new h.d Ford front end lol)...also I never ever had an issue with a Chrysler product under 5 years old and under 120,000 miles ! The issues they have now are usually a reprogram of a computer,not major engine issues as Ford has..And to pull your vehicle in for a 15 minute reprogram it counts as a recall and uneducated people consider that bad/poor quality,though a Dodge doesnt have breaking off spark plugs in the head as per Ford !

Please educate yourself,you make a complete fool of yourself !! The only reason Chrysler is in trouble is because Mercedes screwed them(Chrysler was the most profitable company )..then Cerberus screwed them even more..Hopefully Fiat will not screw them and they will turn around and be the Most profitable car company once again !!

By the way Ford took 92.7 Million tax payers money for..drumroll...hybrids...yeah,I sure see alot of Ford hybrids around...and Ford doesnt have to pay it back either..Ford takes government monies also Allistar,so once again please educate yourself about the automobile world before you post such painfully ignorant comments,once again Ford lucked out by getting bank loans just before the economic meltdown ..remember they attended the meetings,just incase they needed government bailout as well ! You are not helping your low rent Ford truck friends out with comments like that !!!

Dodge... comments on their looks whether you like one brand vs another is each others opinion period. That aside, lower sales, lower customer sat issues as reported, many diff reports noting quality problems is all on them. As far $$$ is this the 2nd time Chrysler got gov bail out, one w/o Mercedes to blame which is now reporting good sales? Is there any truth (since I can't speak of experience) to others commenting about many folks having problems with Dodge transmisions? I know in northeast I see far more Dodge trucks running but all rusted badly than those of GM & Ford of similar years. Prehaps other Dodge/Jeep car known problems (head gaskets & electrical) of the past stay in minds of truck buyers which may turn some off. Has with many of my friends. And yes I'm sure it does go both ways. But I believe popularity does have an affect because the very good & bad get talked about the most which in turn affects a sale or not.

there is a difference in taking out a loan to improve your peoducts, then to simply save the company. ford wanted to improve and chrysler and gm were gonna die without help.

My trucks better than yours! My truck sells more than yours! blah blah blah. You all sound like a bunch of little kids. Whatever works for you is great. As an owner of a average size lawn business that also does snow removal, I have owned them all. My Ford 6.0 was a nightmare..plus kept eating front tires. My Dodge's have been great except transmissions once I hit 100K to 120K miles. Cumins have been rock solid. (now these are 5.9s and not 6.7s) Have 2 2008 Duramax...great truck also. Not as tuff for plowing snow though.


Chrysler paid off the loan in the 80's in record time,remember Ford just about went under as well in the 80's !! 1982 was a very bad year ! There was a recession from 80-83 !! Funny thing because even back then Ford turned around faster than GM and Chrysler !! But then fell behind..Remember Chrysler was the most profitable car company in the late 80's to late 1990's,before Mercedes screwed them just look it up,its proven Mercedes robbed Chrysler of its billions in reserve money !!!! Hell the new Mercedes sls amg is a Dodge Viper,well was going to be the next one now no more,as Mercedes stole it !!

Also your evidence is antidotal that you see more rusty Dodge's,I see more rusty Ford's..Also Ford even has transmission problems,electrical plus the whole line of engine spark plug stuck in head syndrome..

Furthermore,I love when you say Dodge has transmission problems,but the people who complain about them never say they do brake stands,overload their truck or have 130,000 miles,all you hear about is my Dodge broke down never mentioning their 8 year old truck has 130,000 miles,100 brake stands and commonly carrying 5,000 pound load in the box and towing a 16,000 pound trailer !! Hell add the fact he is carrying his obese buddy around in the passenger seat !!


No,No,No !!! Ford took taxpayer monies !! $97 million dollars of it for so-called hybrids..not a loan,Ford is not going to pay it back !!! Ford took tax payer money !!! Who knows where they spent the money,also remember Ford said they just had enough money to last until the summer of 2010,that is why they went to all of the bankrupcy meetings !! Ford lucked out as it seems the automotive sales are picking up across the board.Again,Ford got a loan before the meltdown,went to the meetings because if it didnt turn around by this summer Ford would be out of cash,guess the 97 million helped,as well as the economy or at least auto sales have picked up !!


Well GM,Chrysler even Ford took taxpayer money so should they all go away ?

Yep,Ford took 97 million dollars of tax-payer money for so-called hybrids..so I guess they should also go away ?

Even Toyota other Asian brands European brands get tax payer money from their government,so should they all go away ?

How about every person who gets tax payer money go away ?

I find it interesting that a company is trying to help folks out and there are people here to criticize them for doing so. If this was Ford using 10 new SuperDuty trucks then the comments would be "Ford is so awesome to support these people" or "Look Ford cares about its customers" and other garbage.
Of Course this was a PR thing as well as a charity thing. All companys use this crap for PR.

Some of you folks need to pull your head out of your @$$.

And seriously, ya'll are bickering about the bail out garbage again? It happened get over it. GM got money, Chrysler got money, Toyota & Honda got money (from their own gov't) Ford was there to find out how to get money, BANKS got money, YOU and I got money. Did you turn down that $600 rebate? I bet you didn't, who turns down free money in this world?


@ jrod

my tax dollars are wasted on you? its no wonder that this country has a debt over $ 20 billion. people continue to believe that they're entitled to everything and anything....

ROFL @ Allistar,

When did I say I was entitled to anything? Get over yourself.

The bailouts happened regardless if you agree with it or not. Whining about it won't change anyting.

So, you're saying you returned that "Stimulus" check to the good ole goverment that all citizens received a couple years ago? I didn't ask for that money it came in the mail to me and you. How about the folks to who bought homes and got the $8000 tax rebate? Should they not buy a home at this time or should they just not even claim that $8k on their taxes?

There are a lot of reasons why this country is in debt beyond these bailouts and other stimulus programs, but I do agree they add to it.

I'm just tired of hearing/reading about the automobile bailout. Whats done is done, lets move forward to try and get crap back on track.

For all the guys still stuck with the idea that Chrysler trannies are junk, get over it. I work at a Dodge dealership and nearly every single failed tranny that comes in has burnt clutches. This happens from lack of maintenence and abuse. And it was the previous gen of trannies. The new ones are solid. As far as the bailout goes. They would be stupid not to ask for money. Why would they just let themselves go under? If you feel the need to vent for them getting the money how about letting the politicains know. They gave the money.

Furthermore,for all you guys complaining about the bailout money..at least it saves American jobs and hopefully will save the American automobile companies......

Also ,I dont know why you dont complain about this administration giving Brazil $2 BILLION dollars of your American tax payer money to drill 14,000 feet in the sea,for oil.....in Brazil !!!! While killing all the deep sea drilling here !!! Plus killing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S and helping out Brazil !!! Time to focus on real issue's people..hell if they gave Ford a bailout I wouldnt complain..I like too see all American companies do good !!! Also,Sean Hannity (a conservative) is giving away and promoting a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee..apparently he got over giving Chrysler a bailout !!

@ Dodge - there are many experts who feel that bailouts of any kind do not help in the long run.
Same goes for saving "American" jobs.
Someone like Fiat would of bought Chrysler without government help. There was a billionaire trying to buy Chrysler before Cerebus aquired it.
GMC would probably of been sold off piece by piece(brand by brand). Would it totally disappear? as GM corp. maybe.
As individual entities- no. (ie. Pontiac, Chevrolet,Cadillac)

Reality is - Ford, Toyota and any surviving companies would of picked up the slack.
Maybe - you'd be driving a Tundra Ram instead of a Dodge Ram.

Ford has had the worst reliability with there trucks for decades and in the last 10 years lost over 20 billion dollars. But alot off stupid people will still buy there stuff and still refuse to admit they keep garages in business. Dodge is at least as relieable as ford(in my case much more)

@ Supercrew02, What you really think ford has a better truck than the others? What a laugh. Dodge truck are really good quality and keep getting better, GM trucks have always been good and now have the best HD trucks available. Ford diesel trucks fail, ask any ford diesel tech what keeps the shop busy, Ford Super Duty repairs are plentifull and costly since you have to lift the cab to work on them LOL.

I think that the "domestics" have done a great job of improving their quality and reliability.
There is not a big difference between them.
Trucks keep getting better and better.
Old problems often stick in people's minds and never go away.
2 good examples are: Dodge crappy trannys and Ford sparkplugs.
Do those problems still exist? NO.
Do people keep mentioning those problems? HELL YES.

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