Recall Alert: 2007-09 GM Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Recall Alert: 2007-09 GM Full-Size Pickup Trucks
By Dave Thomas

Do you have a heated windshield wiper system on your 2007-2009 GM full-size pickup? If so, it’s likely part of a wide-ranging recall of 1.36 million vehicles including 18 different models of Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer and Saturn cars, trucks and SUVs.

The defect is a new one, and it follows a previous recall of the same system in the same vehicles. So if you’ve already had one recall performed, this is another you’ll need to address. Even if you’ve had the previous recall performed, the system may still have significant heat and melting issues that could lead to fire.

GM will be removing these systems completely from the vehicles and reimbursing owners $100. The systems will not be reinstalled, and GM no longer offers this option on new vehicles. The recall will begin on or before Monday. In the meantime, do not use the system.

The list of trucks is below, as are the customer service numbers for each division and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  • * 2007-2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT
  • * 2007-2009 Chevrolet Avalanche
  • * 2007-2009 Chevrolet Silverado
  • * 2007-2009 GMC Sierra

You can contact Cadillac at 866-982-2339, Chevrolet at 800-630-2438 and GMC at 866-996-9463. You can also visit You can contact NHTSA’s hot line at 888-327-4236.

[Sources: General Motors, NHTSA]


the system may still have significant heat and melting issues that could lead to fire.

That would definately keep your windshield washer fluid from freezing;)

On the subject of heat - I'll get roasted for that remark. LOL

Heating an alcohol laced liquid is a bad idea anyway.

In all seriousness, does OnStar detect vehicle fires?

The following is a real conversation between an Onstar advisor and customer.

Onstar: Onstar advisor. This is Lou. How may I help you?

Bob: My truck's on fire, my truck's on fire!!!

Onstar: Stay calm. Where are you located?

Bob: Where am I located? Jesus @#$%^!!!! What am I paying you $12.95 a month for?????

Onstar: We are having trouble locating you due to the rural area.

Bob: What do you mean rural? I am in the middle of #$%^ city!

Onstar: Sir. Do you know what city you are in?

Bob: Ahhhhhhh. My pants are fire!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. My face is on fire. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......

End tape.

Bob passed away that night.


That's not very nice, LMAO!

Scott, that was stupid!

wow big deal,this is not new........

Hey Mike, I'm not sure where you got this information, but it's pretty old. I got my recall notice for my 2007 Silverado over a year ago and had it replaced at the dealership in about 10 minutes.

Hmmmm........first you post "News" about Ford being the Top Selling Truck and gaining market share and then you post a "Recall Alert" for GM trucks which is pretty darn old news. I'm not saying you're biased, but a helluva coincidence. Will you ever tell us exactly what Ford pays you guys for marketing/advertising and what they pay you "under the table?" :) This is a little obvious now......

I was kidding. I know it's a new recall, I just wanted to stir the pot. Thanks for posting Mike! By the way, I don't have a Silverado but I wouldn't mind buying the new 2011 HD Diesel when it comes out.

@Chris: Are you kidding me? You're joking right?

Why don't you get look at GM's media site and read the press release they put out about this TODAY.

Maybe GM is taking money from Ford under the table?


Hey, does anyone know if Ford or Dodge offer heated windshield washer fluid as an option? I'm wondering why GM can't get it right and just fix the problem instead of just pulling the plug on the whole system? I guess it's going to cost them more money to fix the problem than to just pull the plug and give customers $100? That's lame for people who live up North and really use it.

@Chris: You just shot my blood pressure to 350. I need to take a walk.


Mike...Ha Ha Ha!!! I just figured the day was a litte dull for you and you needed a shot of adrenalin pumped into you! It's only Tuesday, I'm bored and needed a little entertainment myself. I think you'll survive! A walk in the neighborhood is exactly what my wife are about to do too here in Austin, TX! It definitely helps level out the day's blood pressure spikes. You can go ahead and delete my "fun comment" if you'd like. Mission accomplished! ;)

Lou, Frank & Scott,
Who cares! A fire is not something you should laugh about.

Besides there were only 5 fires out of 1.5 million!

I wonder if I could get the $100, and then put the system back in. If not, I will be leaving it alone. It's not a big enough deal and not hurting anyone.

Hey, anyone out there who has the heated washer system, if I were you I'd use that heated fluid over and over and over again until my truck caught fire and then have GM give me a new truck. And while you're at it, throw some old chicken bones into the cab of the truck and claim it was your 12 year old beloved family member and cat, Jewels. That should be good for another $100 grand or so! LOL!! ;) Just kidding monkeys, don't try that crap or you'll end up in jail!

Have this option on my 2007 Gmc Duramax, i live in Canada and never use the damn thing, glad to get $100 for it. If its really cold and you mist the windshield with warmed fluid it just freezes right away anyway. My new 2010 Ram 3500 Laramie doesn't have this option and i don't think Ford Uses in HD trucks, dangerous to heat flamable liquid.

Hey Mike Levine,
Don't get all blood pressurized and upset. If you stroke out whose left to post pick up info? Your gonna get the occasional off the wall comment but don't let it get to you. Ok, enough brown nosing. Keep up the good work and I know I can speak for many of us that browse this site and do apppreciate the hard work that is put in by the folks at

This is hilarious. Not much of a fix. I can already see the new commercails from GM. Ed whitacre (or whoever is running GM these days) walks into to a room full of engineers touching fancy machines, looking important, and ,of course, wearing white lab clothes. He works up his most serious face he can muster then says "We have just recently repaid one hundred thirty six million dollars of tax payer money. We are on the road to recovery, creating jobs, blah blah blah, etc etc...... The end.
And if Bob, or any versions of Bob, are watching they will immediatly stand, remove his hat, possibly salute or cover his heart with his right hand (depends on which version of Bob), and starts singing "America the Beautiful" while weeping silently. After drying his patriot tears he runs as fast as he can to his PC, goes to PUTC and, well, you know what happens next.

@Scott- That's the hardest I've laughed all day that was awesome! Bob's keeping pretty quiet on this topic.

I can see the headlines:

Man trapped in vehicle because OnStar fails to unlock doors.

@ Scott - I laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face.

This kinda pisses me off. I do own one of these trucks and I do use the heated washer fluid from time to time. I paid an extra 10 grand for the top of the line SLT because of the extras. it was a package deal. Now Gm wants to start removing the extras and give me a hundred bucks ??? What if it were the cruise control or the heated seats causing a problem.. whats that, 200 bucks and they disconnect them too. I know they aren't necessary items, but the point I am trying to make is that it was an option package that i bought and they can reimburse me for the entire package i think.. I say they owe more to thier customers than that.

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