Spied! Underhood and Interior Photos of the Next Global Ford Ranger

Spied! Underhood and Interior Photos of the Next Global Ford Ranger

Ford continues to work diligently on the next-generation “T6” global Ford Ranger that’s expected to be sold in countries outside the U.S. and Canada starting in 2011.

Until now, we’ve only seen engineering test mules and heavily camouflaged test trucks of the T6, but our spies have just caught a glimpse of what’s going on under its hood.

Major changes are expected in the Ranger’s engine lineup to broaden its global appeal, including new 3.2-liter and 2.2-liter Duratorq TDCi common-rail diesels, a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter Duratec gas engine and a 2.0-liter EcoBoost mill. All will be four-cylinders. Six-speed manual and automatic transmissions are also expected, according to Car Advice, an Australian automotive website.

Next-Gen Ranger Engine Spy Photo

It’s difficult to tell which engine is pictured here. We speculate it’s the 2.5-liter Duratec, which is also shared with Mazda. Of note is the prominent composite intake manifold with large throttle body. We don’t see a turbo, which could be buried lower out of sight.

We’re curious to hear our readers’ take on what engine this could be, in our comments section below.

We also got a first glimpse of an undisguised interior in a second truck, which is sleeker than the current overseas Ranger’s interior. It features a multifunction steering wheel and gauge cluster that’s reminiscent of that found in the all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta and Focus cars.

Next-Gen Ranger Interior

Ford sells two versions of the Ranger: the U.S.-built Ranger sold domestically and in Canada, and a Thai-built Ranger that shares only its name with the North American Ranger. Production of the U.S. Ranger is scheduled to end in 2011.

U.S. and Canadian buyers interested in a successor to the Ranger will likely have to make do with only a more fuel-efficient Ford F-150.


Mike, tell me why I should care. I'm sick to death of all these so-called 'great' vehicles you can get everywhere.....except here. I suggest Ford would do better to keep the ranger. Better yet bring back the ranger EV, except with a range extender option.

@ Ty - I suspect that all these spy shots and leaked media information is a way for Ford to guage consumer interest and response to a product without officially making any commitments.
it is the only explanation I have for the multiple stories I've seen around the net for the "global" Ranger.
Ford's stategy is "global" platforms.

Ya, i'm guessing Ford will go a year or two without the Ranger, and then bring the Global Ranger here. Ford will not go long without a mini/mid sized pickup.

If Ford gets out of the compact truck market entirely I think that will be one of their biggest Oops moments in recent memory. It would clearly be a mistake, as even GM now sees potential in this niche and is talking about a compact offering. The Ranger is only selling 60K units per year because it hasn't been redesigned since the cave men days. IT would sell great with a well thought out redo. If the T6 truck ever lands on our shores a large torque laden v6 would be awesome in that engine bay. I would buy it in a second to replace my 14 year old Ranger. As for the ecoboost f-150? Too much truck for this guy. Need somthing smaller.


There are not two Rangers, there are Three! Go to Ford sites in Mexico, Brazil or Argentina to see what I mean.

Over the past 50 years there are (and have been) many rangers.....
Edsel Ranger,F series Ranger,Bronco Ranger/Ranger XLT....
Like Explorer....Bronco Explorer,F series Explorer.....
I guess Ford never totally throws any name away.

Gee more pics of the truck Ford refuses to sell in the USA ,
and buy a mega big F150 with a four cylinder .

@ Paul - I agree with you.
a registered trademark name never expires and remains the sole property of the person or company who registered it. I don't think any company throws their names away.

My dad had a F250 Explorer, and a F250 Ranger.

I bet Ford had to do a lot of wrangling to get permission to use the Raptor name.

I can't get excited over these pictures as I know it would be a cold day in hell before we got a diesel T6 Ranger. In fact, I think if we got a diesel 6-spd stick T6 ranger here, I wouldn't be able to buy it....as the shock of seeing it for sale in the US would probably kill me.

Truck we will likely never see for sale in the U.S.:

T6 Ranger
Jeep Gladiator

I still enjoy reading the news about them!

Hey Mike, If they sell these in Canada why cant we go there and buy it and drive it back? Is that possible? If so would we be able to get it registered here?

I'm with Ty.
I'm sick and tired of these cs type of Ford posts when they won't sell the stuff in the market that made them.

Screw you, Ford.

So in Australia, people aren't happy cos Ford doesn't sell the F-series there right now, people in America aren't happy cos a certain Ranger hasn't been confirmed. I think the bottom line is people just aren't happy. And it's all Ford's fault. What will the suicide rate be like?

Honestly, I liked the idea of the F100 more than the T6 Ranger. The main issues with bringing the T6 to North America seem to be the chicken tax if they import it or tooling a plant for a unique platform that's shared with nothing else if they build it here. With the F100 they could presumably use an F150 plant with flexible tooling for production since it's based on the F150 platform. If Ford would build a truck that competes directly with the Tacoma and Frontier, that's the one i'd be interested in.

I'm just replying about the whole engine thing since they said they wanted comments. I'm pretty sure that's a N/A Duratec, the intake pipe seems to be coming right off of some sort of air filter canister, unless they started making plastic case air to water intercoolers. It's definitely not a turbo charged mill.

Mike the 2.5 Duratec will be an option on the new T6, but not for the Australian market. We will get the 3.2 diesel and other Ecoboost engines.

Photos of the shortened Ute tray on the Crewcab version of the T6. Single cab versions will have a very much longer tray.


paul810, I'm with you give me the diesel, but I'd die of a heart attack if they gave us a diesel and a 6-speed manual like you said. I'll believe when I see it.

wow big news,,ford ranger..better to fix the trany,big ford problem....

go with a f100 that would be great no rangers they suck

LMAO People don't want a big truck yet somehow want a Ranger that will do big truck tasks with big truck numbers. The bigger laugher is all the people wanting a diesel option. Problem is for every one person here who is drooling to get a diesel in a compact or 1/2 ton, there are probably 10 who don't. We here are the minority. Don't believe me? Stop by some other truck owners and start talking truck with them and see what they know. You'll be suprised.

If there were still a booming market for Ranger and Colorado, their sales would still show it. If one wants a compact truck what are they going to buy? The Colorado is newer than the Ranger and sells worse. The Tacoma is newer and barely sells better. It isn't like buyers are rushing to the newer alternatives. While the compact market has shrunk, the fullsize market has grown. Do the math.

@Paul, lou
Names never really go away. Remember when Silverado was a trim level of the C/K?

I am very mad at Ford Motor Company dawn dawn!!!! I believe If Ford Ranger T6 will last model near future three or five years future. it will no more rear wheel drive. if will maybe no more pickup (F150 and Super Duty) if will maybe no more traditional SUV (Ford Expedition will be last) it will no more Australian Ford Falcon and Ford Territory if Mustang will might gone. if American and Australian people will never buy a Ford will have all green vehicles. I believe Ford Motor Company is liberalism, environmentalism and socialism. if world people will never attend 125th Anniversary Ford Motor Company auto show event on June 2029.

1) This truck isn't out yet. 2) Ford is selling the Ranger through 2011. 3) They never said they would not sell a Ranger here after 2011. It is like everything to be determined.

I would rather they build a really cool Ranger specifically for the US with a higher standard and really make it stand out from the competition and appeal to the youth market.

I'm not feeling the global Ranger which is one probable reason they are not why they are bringing it here. Global truck buyers usually settle for much less of a truck than Americans, see Mahindra for instance.

@Dave.One reason Ford maybe not bringing it to the US, it may cannabalize F150 sales more than anything else. It will Toyota Tacoma sized, have considerable capability be reasonably well appointed (Not Harley Davidson though) and a bit cheaper.
It will be no mini Pickup though.
The Diesel Nissan Navarra does this. The New Ranger will be 4500lb GVWR and will be easily be able to do the same.

I agree with Dave and Robert. First, ihe global Ranger looks like crap. It looks just like the Chevy Colorado that was a huge failure. They need to come up with something new and fun. Overall all the global Ranger will do here is eat up some F-150 sales and make less money.

I think the bottom line on the Ranger is this - the compact pickup truck market in the US is either very low margin fleet sales or "lifestyle" purchases. The "lifestyle" buyers will still consider a unibody truck based on D3 platform, which makes much more sense. Or they will buy a high MPG F-150 if Ford decides to make one. The low margin parts runner for Autozone is not worth the effort to introduce a while new platform in the US. They can buy a Transit Connect and it will work just as well (probably better). Either way, the volume is too small to support assembly of the truck in the US.

The only way I see T6 making to the US is if somehow the Chicken tax is repealed and Ford can import the truck from Thailand. The US-Thailand free trade pact which would have eliminated the Chicken Tax on Ranger was not ratified... this is why Ford changed its mind on T6. If they have the option of importing the truck to test the water, they would surely do it - the same way they tested the water on Transit Connect.

Ford should "test the waters" with an F100. It would be the easiest option. Introduce an F150 lite - AKA F100 and see what happens. If no-one wants it, then look at a global Ranger.

Highly unlikely there is an F100 on the horizon. It was more concept than reality. The F150 Ecoboost is going to be the replacement for the F100. The Global Ranger is needed to try and get Ford more penetration in the Global Pickup market, which is booming.

I think Ford Super Duty will be last to kin of Ford E-Series. if different next generation Ford F-Series will might related of European Ford Transit. if Ford F150 will be last model. Ford Motor Company will might destroyed to American and Australian models. it is real sad situation. If I will see if Ford Motor Company will might mix up European and Japanese models will not fancy platform for more green models. it is real collapse to original American models. in you will never buy future next generation Ford models. I will hate to Ford will change to bad thing. you will too that.

Ask Toyota how having a capable and midsized Tacoma is helping Tundra sales. The two are cannibalizing each other. Exactly what Ford wants to avoid. Read the posts here. People want 1/2 ton capability in a truck the size of the current Ranger and gets the same mileage. Explain how that is going to work. I think fleet sales are skewing the sales numbers of the Ranger. It is cheap and can get good mpg's. Most of those sales would switch to a higher mpg Transit with no issues.

Ford should put in the Ranger, the 3.0 TDV6 that they make for Land Rover and Jaguar. 180kw/600Nm (240HP/440lb-ft). That would be one sweet Ranger!

Alex@ Small diesels do not sell in the US. You have the problem of Ford making a decision to drop the Ranger and does Dagenham in England have the capacity for a considerable increase in engine capacity?. Factor in as well, these engines are not cheap

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