2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Spied Without Camouflage

SuperCrew 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Spied

A sharp-eyed Autoblog reader is first to snap photos of the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew running on public streets without camouflage. And the truck seen here also has two other notable changes for 2011 — it's silver, and it's wearing a 6.2-liter V-8 badge that proudly tells the world which mill is under its hood. The 2010 6.2-liter Raptors are indistinguishable from the 5.4-liter V-8 trucks on the outside.

Here's our rendering of the final truck, below.


[Source: Autoblog]


Nice looking truck, not much fan of FORD but this looks great. Message to General Motors; please listen to us, manufacturer a Z71 to compete with the Raptor.

Sweet truck i see alot of raptor's in the city where i live !!! This truck will be a awesome set of weels for oil riggers in alberta on those tuff rig roads

@ Mike.

Do you think the manufacturers look at the PR of their competitors and then slip out some "news"?

Example: Everyones reading your in depth report on the new GM HD's and WHAM suddently Ford takes a uncovered 2011 Raptor SCrew with new for 2011 silver and 6.2L logo out for a casual drive around Detroit Rock City which is almost certainly going to be photographed and hit the websites... yours included?

Or is that too far fetched?

@curious - plausible.
Ford seems to be the most PR proficient company right now.
Chevy or is it Chevrolet, no.... wait.....Chevy............ you can........ ummm........ say Chevy
- they need to get their act together.

"Everyones reading your in depth report on the new GM HD's and WHAM suddently Ford takes a uncovered 2011 Raptor SCrew with new for 2011 silver and 6.2L logo out for a casual drive...."

Sorry, you got it backwards. Ford was testing the 4 door Raptor last week, well before the first drive story from Mike.

What is it with the GM fans? They always think someone is being biased or out to scam them out of news coverage.

I'm not digging the 6.2L badge.

I would think by now Ford would know the turnaround time from a truck being photographed and the pic hitting the various sites....

Maybe but you said the Raptor was suddenly driving after the article was being read. The Raptor was out BEFORE the GM article was even published! Take off your tin foil hat and stop being so cynical and narcissistic. People can still read the GM first drive if they want to.

The Kinks song - Destroyer comes to mind.
"Paranoia, they destroy ya"

Curious, really curious.

Is there anybody out there? (My apologies to Pink Floyd)

You are under suspicion of working for Ford and trying to discredit GM. You will be investigated by the Secret Service. Just a little facts. Obama wants to know how this Raptor was spied at the same time as the GM unveil so he knows whose ass to kick! Are there any Ford agents reading this site? Just nod if you can here me. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii have become comfortably numb.

Looks like they stole the plastic vents off the GM HD trucks LOL. Cool truck for bush bashing with your buddies

Actually the ford had the vents way before the Gm trucks had them so guess we know whos really stealing ideas lol I mean i would too if i was hurting as bad as GM is right now.

Totally useless! What are you suppose to do with that?

actually the vents are functional so you tell me how useless they are

Not the best looking badge I've seen.

Why the L so big?

They need to get rid of that 6.2L badge. It looks horrid.

Enough with the badge dissing. Take a closer look. It is very modern, sleek and tough. People liked it so much they were having them custom made on the Raptor forums. Trust the Ford designers. They know what we want more than we do.



Trust the Ford designers? Have you seen the 2011 Super Duty?

@ Frank - your starting to sound like Bob. LMAO:)

Frank, the new SD's look much better in person IMHO.

I prefer the look of the Ford SD's with the grill surround body color matched. The work truck flat black looks good as well. IMO - Too much chrome in the regular grill.
The close up of the Raptor logo looks good. It does look odd from a distance.


Please don't insult me like that.

Have you seen the sales for the 2011 Super Duty? They are selling like hot cakes.

I have to agree with Keith and Lou. The Super Duty looks much better in person, specially the King Ranch with the paint to match bezel. See for yourself in person and them come back here and tell us what you think. In my opinion, the Super Duty, even though it has room for improvement, is the overall best looking heavy duty from inside and out. Are there room for changes, of course, but they were not doing a 100% all new truck this time around and it looks better than the last model. My guess is in 3 years they will have an "all new" model and resolve any issues people have. Overall, I still think the Super Duty is the best heavy duty.

@Mark & Lou-
Keep drinking the Ford Kool-Aid, boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@B - I think that the Ram is the best looking HD truck.
The Sierra HD is a good looking truck as well.(Especially in Denali rim)
Ford needs to work on the looks of the HD's.
They look better with less chrome.
I do not like the looks of the Silverado.
@ B- go polish your Chevy - no wait Chevrolet..... well I guess..... Chevy is okay...... Make sure your windshield washer heater doesn't catch fire. OnStar was unable to save Bob.

@ Frank - sorry. Low blow:)

Let it be written, let it be done!

Crap. Now I'm sounding like Bob.

The new Ram Heavy Duty has more chrome than Ford:

Front end: I like the New Super Duty front end the best (non-chrome bezel of course). Most modern and tough looking.

Sides, flares, and door handles: I like the Ram more.

Mirrors: Ford is best. Ram's tow mirrors look terrible.

Tailgate: I like Ford the best with the tailgate step.

Logos and emblem designs: Ford.

Wheels: Tossup. I've looked at them all.

Interior: Ram has made significant improvements, but Ford still wins with their updated interior and new dash lcd screen. King Ranch interior still cannot be beat by the Denali.

There you have it. Overall, the 2011 Ford Super Duty is the overall best looking heavy duty truck

ford is hands down the most productive all around versatile pickup truck ever.
1. Dealers are having trouble keeping them stocked
2. Look at the sales increases
3. Wait and see the the new power increases for the powerstroke cause being 7 horsepower below the duracraaap isnt going to stop ford from being the best

So in other words......... FORD IS NUMBER ONE :)


the new raptor will be replaceing my dakota 'i was about to go tundra but i've found what i was really waiting for,i liked the raptor crew but i have two sons that go everywere with me and the space is what i needed most

@jason - "WE KICK ASS..."

Uummmm....... banks, Wall Street, GMC, Chrysler....

I beg to differ!


I was being a bit sarcastic. You know i'm a Ford humper.


No worries brotha. I was joking.

Things have been nice and reasonably civil around here. Did Bob really go up in flames? LOL


The GM Denlai all the way.

Ford Raptor,lets raise it up a little body wise.put electric Step bars that go up when the door shuts like on the navigator, THE SPY PHOTOS LOOK GREAT NICE COLOR HOW ABOUT SHELBY TWEAKING THE BODY/ENGINE ALILLE BIT? COME ON CARROL LETS SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO IN VEGAS THAT DETROIT CAN'T DO?

man, if they DID make a z71 to compete with this it would be a MEAN ASS TRUCK!

I have a 2010 5.4 Raptor here in SE CT. I've had it for a month or so You know what I like it! I sold my 99, 5.3L 1500 with over 200,000 mi on him. They are all great trucks if one takes care of them. The 2011 4 dr Raptor I think is a bit much. I can only speculate what the price for them is going to be. The 1-1/2 doors should surfice any family of 5. Any more members they should get an Expedition or a 4 wheel drive van if they still build them.
What I would make the Raptor better is a 1-1/2 door with a true stepside box 5.5 or 6ft bed with a six speed manual and manual locking hubs. Now I think you would have something.

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