This is What a 2000-03 Toyota Tundra Replacement Frame Looks Like

This is What a 2000-03 Tundra Replacement Frame Looks Like

If you've ever wondered what the largest factory replacement part might be for a pickup truck, we may have found the answer. Pictured is a brand-new frame (part No. 04000-2410C) for one of the first-generation 2000-03 Toyota Tundras involved in Toyota's recall and limited service campaign to fix rusty frames.

Toyota will swap out the old Tundra chassis for free if the frame meets certain corrosion conditions, but owners of Tundras with frame rust only have a limited opportunity to take advantage of the offer, which expires after April 30, 2012.

Frame replacement is a nontrivial task that requires moving every component from the old truck to the new frame. Ordering the replacement frame from Toyota and initiating repairs could take several weeks.

Toyota Tundra Replacement Frame

Toyota Tundra Replacement Frame Part No.

[Photos: Seung Min Mel Yu]


You have to be crazy to let Toyota replace the frame , thats a lot of stuff waiting not to work right after a frame swap even more so when it is all rusted .

Is there a warranty ?

What if your low mileage truck never had a problem,besides the rusty frame,and after the truck is re frammed it has nothing but problems,since you have to take the truck apart to put in a new frame ? Sounds like more problems than its worth !

Just want to know,what the deal is...Yikes !

What if some parts are not interchangeable, meaning they are worn out. Will the owner have to pay for such parts?

Yup, that would be one of my question on the parts that are worn. Is the customer goin to be talked into replacing questionable parts like control arms, ball joints, rusty brake line, maybe a slightly leaky power steering rack, etc??? Also as it gets re-assembled, will there be pinched wires etc???

actually, this probably wasn't the smartest thing for toyota to do. best case scenario, they fix all the problems and everyone waks away happy. worst case scenario, every single frame that was replaced contributes to new problems or doesnt work. what toyota should done is offer loyal customer a certain amount of money and buy back their trucks. i for one would not let toyota take off the frame and stick all the old stuff back on a new frame. if it were me, id make them replace every single thing before it gets put on a new frame. i would rather get between $5-10,000 for my next truck then to have toyota replace the frame.


This is going to get ugly.


This is going to get ugly.

@ frank

theres yet another recall for stalling engines in toyotas and lexus. have you seen this one yet? at this point, i dont feel sorry for toyota, i pity them. you reap what you sow!

No one I know has gotten a new frame. Toyota has just bought the vehicle back based on "Excellent" book values and handed the owner a check.

wheres oxi to defend toyota?

What... maybe more issues with steering problems in trucks back in 2005. This posted this morning 7/2.
At the end of the article:
Officials were also investigating whether Toyota waited nearly a year in 2005 to recall trucks and SUVs in the U.S. with defective steering rods, a case that could lead to additional fines.
How much more don't we know?

Dealerships must HATE this.

There must be a better solution than having to replace the frame. They gave heavy discounts on Tacomas, why not offer a similar program (or do they?)?

I will admit, they're stuck between a rock and a hard place: Replacing a first gen tundra with the current tundra is like replacing a Colorado with a Silverado... Some owners wouldn't be happy stepping into the much larger new truck.

But I can't imagine Toyota shops enjoy having their mechanics taking up all that space in a shop for such a long period of time..

If you buy crap you get crap...

Taylor and Shawn you're absolutely right.

Poor Toyorust owner.

Guys, Toyota has been replacing the 2001-2004 Tacoma frames for a while now. Some dealers have done a number of Tacomas, so the Tundra frame replacement will be old hat for them.

The frame replacement includes a number of suspension components and lines besides the physical chassis. Those who want additional components replaced (like new shocks) while the truck is apart only have to pay for the part - the labor is free since the reassembly costs are already covered.

The primary complaints from Taco owners who have had the replacement done is some squeaks/rattles where the new frame has revealed a body component that was worn down.

To be fair about this I'm sure it was done by an outside party not by Toyota but still something tells me like any outsourced part it was made to Toyota specs... if it wasn't then where was Toyotas quality control at? For that matter where has Toyota QC been at the past several years... You know that old saying time will tell, well it sure is!

Just because you can build a great econo compact truck does not mean you can build a full size truck at all. If it is such a great truck then why has it done so poorly? I actually stopped into a Toyota dealership and the salesman just told me to keep moving to the Ford dealership across the road. It was part of the same dealership but damn when your salesmen won't stand behind it that's saying something...

Any one know if the 04-06 Tundras have had any similar problems with there frames? I own a 06 tundra double cab 4x4 and havnt had a chance to crawl under it and take a look.

Does anyone know if the 2004-2006 tundras frames are affected by this? I own a 06 tundra double cab 4x4 and havnt gotten a chance to crawl under the truck and check it out.

@bluoval4ever - I'm just shocked that with that name you got, you own a Tundra... lol

Looks like the old one, only not rusty. They've shown some pretty rusted out frames on this site, but my brother's S10 frame looks more rusty than my Tundra.

This is more political than anything, but after the government gave $1 billion to Toyota last year through Cash for Clunkers, if your frame needs replacement, make 'em replace it. Toyota's sales grew 50% over the last 5 years, which works out to 5 million cars. 10 years ago, buying a Toyota was a message you wanted change, now it's a message you want the end of the US auto industry.

I couldn't understand why we sang the praises of the M4 Sherman, the M16, and Detroit. I do now. Gotta support your country, next time I'm buying American.

As a mechanic who works at a dealership I would be interested to know what that job pays. ONe thing I do know is that most recall jobs don`t pay worth a crap. And things like rust, corrosion, and age is not considered in the time that you get paid. So on a huge job like this how exactly do they decide what the tech gets paid?

It would be cheeper for Toyota to buy the truck back at market value or an equivalent cash back on a new truck.

I've seen badly rusted trucks and cars of all makes. If the frame is in bad shape the body is usually rough as well.

If I owned a truck requiring a frame and the rest of the truck was decent it might be worth while to have new components installed at the same time since the cost is covered. I suspect that is what Toyota is hoping for.

Toyota trucks have always rusted out before the big three offerings for as long as I can remember. The only thing surprising about this to me is that Toyota is actually doing something about it.

I frequent a few Tundra forums, and so far have only seen one owner who has had his frame replaced. Not one has been offered a buy back. Many owners have received different responses by different dealers. Which is tough, since Tundra owners don't know which dealer is right and which one isn't. Also, there are a lot of 04-06 Tundra owners who wonder if/when their trucks will be covered since they are just as likely to experience this problem.

From what I've read/heard, techs will be paid typical warranty labor hours, which is lower than normal labor rates that the dealers charge. Haven't received an official answer on the number of hours the tech will be paid for this frame replacement, but I'm sure there will be plenty of replacements that will take longer than what the techs are being paid for.

I had an experience with a frame replacement before on a 1/2 ton. Worst thing ever, since nothing ever is the same as it was from the factory. Sure glad I don't own a Tundra.

@Shawn - Yea I know it was a shocker for me to but this is my first and only non american vehicle and when I bought it last yr for the $ it was the best deal. I havn't had any problems with it....yet but this whole frame swap thing has got me worried.

OH YA...I'd want one of those !!!!!!!Buy a real truck....Probably made from Cambell soup cans.WTF!

I just got my 2000 Tundra Access Cab truck back from the dealer after a complete frame replacement. I bought the truck new and the body is in excellent shape. The dealer did a nice job and did replace several parts that I provided (clutch, clutch master and slave cylinder, shocks, rotors and calipers) with minimal labor charge. I have a couple of call back issues (unidentified rattle in the left front, failed post cat converter oxygen sensor)but my dealer has been working with me to get them addressed to my satisfaction. They had my truck since March but Toyota did provide me with a 2010 Tacoma Acess Cab to drive (no charge) while my truck was in their shop. The diagnosis was done quickly but the parts took months to get. I think this was because the frames needed to be manufactured for the recall. I do agree with the writer who asked where Toyota QA was when the frames were manufactured by Dana Corp. Good question.

The dealer has had my 2000 Tundra Access Cab truck for 2 months, the frame has yet to come in. I bought the truck certified used and the body is still in excellent shape. I love the truck for its size, not too big like the newer models. They have provided me with a 2010 Tundra which I'm getting comfortable with, still to big for my needs though. They have suggested replacing parts while it's torn apart. I'm still waiting to know what that's going to cost me. Otherwise, I'm just waiting and putting the miles on their loaner. Would like to hear more about other's experience, IE parts replaced, service after the job was done, etc.

I am one of the techs that get to replace the frames under the taco and tundra trucks at a very good rate of pay from toyota. the biggest problem is the lack of maintence on the vehicles to start with, we inspect the veh and give the cust a list of problem 90% of them just want whats free. and after the repair are complete they complain of their problem they had to start with. now on the taco its fun to see the look on the cust eyes when they heard toyota was buying them back 95 to 2000 taco and they take their 2001 out for a joy ride and bet the hell out of it jerking rear ends out junking the bodys for one last time, and we say no were going to put a frame under the truck you just junked ha ha. 90% of the complaints on the net is poor maint by the cust. people just do not take care of their vehicles anymore just changing oil is not enough. hell wait tell the brakes are grinding before they replace them,or don't change oil tell you here the motor knock and blame the dealer for a high price repair. I see this every day, setting here reading the junk on the net about toyota is a bunch of BS toyota has went fare and beond what they should have done some of these truck have been abused badly and still toyota stands behind their truck period. this was a dana problem that made the frame not toyota when dana found out that toyota was looking at the problem they filed bank rup , so toyota is taking the blame and fees on their own


You think Toyota owners are the only ones who aren't maintaining their vehicles?

Pickups get abused badly, I guess like you Toyota's engineers don't understand that either, that's why Ford/Dodge/GM still have trucks on the road that were made 30 years ago.

I haven't seen any credible evidence that Dana did anything but follow Toyota's specs. Get a clue.

I had the frame replaced on my 2000 Tundra in August. They replaced without charge alot of things not technically covered (i.e. brake lines, control arms, etc.) under the warranty. I paid out of pocket for shocks&struts, muffler&tailpipe and power steering rack which was shot and the reason I even brought it to a dealer. They charged hardly anything for labor on all these items, parts only.
My rig rides like new and was very impressed with the customer service provided during the entire ordeal. I had a rental car paid by Toyota for over 5 months.
Anyway, good luck with your trucks.

I just got the frame replaced on my 2001 Tundra. They managed to get the work done within a month. I got the vehicle half way home, and something in the muffler system let go. Back to the dealership. They fixed the problem and I headed back to the dealershiip.

They went to get the vehicle while I waited and the next thing I know... the sweet service girl accidently didn't pull the vehicle into the bay far enough and the giant garage door came down on the tailgate of the truck. Busted the tail light and damaged the body.

Had to just shrug and laugh at that one. The dealership has been nothing but helpful, have kept me informed, and seems extremely interested in my happiness with the truck.

So far, other than the small blips... very happy with Toyota and the work their doing to fix the truck. I also own a Camry Hybrid which I love.

I commend Toyota for taking this on. My truck didn't have a scratch on it, and I haven't owed a penny on it for several years. No amount of money would have been acceptable. So... I'm happy.

Just got the word my frame failed. Huge hole near the front. Also the bar attatchment rusted right off the frame. Anyone have any luck with a refund. I have a case manager from Toyota, suppose to get a call today.

toyota gives everything that is needed to replace the frame wothout any broken parts. Your Toyota Is the Same toyota after the recall is performed. It Is a fairly quick process but strenuous at times, but all in all very easy. Take it from someone that has done about 15 frame swaps, with no comebacks whatsoever.

Toyota bought my 2000 Taco back a couple of years ago because of frame rust perforation. I drove the thing for almost 6 years and they paid me $120 less than I bought it for back in 2003.

I got no complaints.

2000 tundra SR5 4x4 extra cab 12 years old 160,000 miles .Frame replaced in 4 days perfect job , they also replaced my shocks struts & sway bar connections . Drives better then new thanks , old frame did not even look that bad.

My 2000 Tundra is at the dealer right now for its frame replacement. I took it in back in Dec, had it inspected, took it home. I got a call in the first week of Jan saying my frame was in and to drop the truck off when I could. I'm driving a loaner, and they said it would only take a week. While I'm disapointed that this recall is even happening, I do however feel that its good something is at least being done about it. These trucks are 12 years old! any other manufacturer would just say tough luck! I love my truck, and now I can continue to enjoy it.

At 144,000 miles Toyota has agreed to replace the frame on my Tundra. The truck is a solid performer hauling and towing anything. I was given a mini-van as a loaner. No other manufacturer would do this. The Dana corporation did not use the proper materials on over 150,000 frames. Toyota is stilll reposnsible. I've had many Toyotas and they are designed and built welll. I would magine the frame swap out will increase the value significantly. I had a 1994 Toyota pickup which cost $8,300 new. In 2009 I sold it for $4,000 with 237,000 miles on it. I am happy with Toyota and was getting ready to buy a new Tundra anyway. Face it. Ford, Chevy and Chrysler would have laughed at you. And I like all three of them. Toyota is a great company and I am personally grateful they are taking this on.

My 2000 Tundra hasd a few issues with the frame like the swaybar mount disintegrating. I am taking it in to get the frame swapped this week. we will see

I picked up the truck last Friday (February 10, 2012) after leaving it at the dealer for 42 days. I told them I would be glad to pay for anything that looked questionable because I loved the truck. I paid $8,500 for a Limited edition access cab over 2 years ago. It had 101,000 miles. I then drove it to 144,000 miles at which time the frame replacement took place. Toyota paid $1,470 for a mini-van loaner for the entire period. When I picked up the truck I also received a two page list of parts they had replaced at no cost including brake lines, rear shackles, gaskets and O rings by the dozens. They also rust coated the entire under frame and underbody parts. I am impressed and although i had planned to sell the truck I have now decided to keep it. It actually sits about an inch or two higher and rides like a new truck. No other manufacturer would stand behind their product like this.

Just had my 2003 Tundra inspected for the second time.....the first was about five months ago and the inspection didn't produce any required repairs. Then I received a call that it needed to be reinspected last week [first week in Feb 2012] and the finding was that the frame needed to be replaced. I asked how many have they done....answer was two....but the service tech said there were 20 ahead of me to be done [this is not a huge dealership, and I was surprised that there were that many ahead of me.] He also said it would only take three days once the parts came in from California. I asked if there would be any labor charge if they could replace my catalytic converter if I paid for the parts. He said no labor charge [my tundra just failed the NJ emissions inspection]. A friend of mine who runs his own mechanics garage told me he understood it costs Toyota $19000 to replace each frame! So glad I sold my Toyota stock 9 months ago.

I dropped my 2002 Tundra off on Wednesday for a frame inspection and they called yesterday to tell me that the frame needed replaced. I am shocked that they are doing so since the truck is 10 years old. IMHO, if the same were to happen to one of the "big three", the results would be different. I was looking at an F150 when I bought my truck back in 2001 until I saw the crash test results from the IIHS and that settled it. I have no doubts that any issues with my truck will be handled properly and I will post updates as I receive them. Drive what you want, I currently own three Toyotas and there are many reasons for that. I suspect that a lot of guys drive what their daddys drive, vote the way their daddys vote, and worship the gods of their fathers.

I am now 4 weeks out from the frame replacement and everything is still fine. The day I picked it up I got an 0155 code (Oxygen sensor, Passenger side, before cat) and I assumed it was temporary. After resetting it with my own code reader it kept coming back. However, it was just a coincidence. Instead of taking it back to the dealer I ordered an aftermarket part and replaced it (10 minute job) and everything is fine now. The part cost was $90 delivered. I noticed there were some chips in the new frame on the bottom and I'm assuming the new frame is subject to road debris like any frame. I would suggest monitoring it and coating the chips as necessary with POR paint and overcoat. It's amazing how the truck performs and rides like new now. Although I had intended to sell it I'm keeping it for at least another year.

I just took my 2001 Sequoia in for frame "rot". They informed me they would replace the frame for me at no charge. Thank you Toyota! It's nice to see a company stand by its products!

My 04 tundra double cab 108000 miles is getting new frame in august 2012 .The dealer will install my parts no charge. What do you suggest ? springs,shocks,bushings. brake lines,fuel lines
are any of these part of the deal ?

@Chris - probably not but some things might not be able to be reused so check with your dealer. Some items might be worth the upgrade anyway.

Just had my frame replace and picked it up today. It was there for a total of 5 days (saturday and sunday included) I got a call yesterday fro the dealer saying that the front calipers were seized and I needed brake pads. I just replaced the passenger caliper last year with new pads!! I just got home and the truck was shaking pretty bad on the highway and I had barely anybrakes! Definetly not the way i dropped it off thats for sure!! I will be calling the manager now! I was wondering how this caliper issue could happen from a frame job? any ideas?

My 04 doublecab is getting a new frame .dealer wasnt going to change fuel filter rusted to lines unless I paid for fuel lines. I did get lower control arms and ball joints

Just took my 01 tundra in for an oil change today and they did an inspection on my frame and its go a hole rusted right through them frame. The dealer took pictures and sent it to Toyota in Toronto.

I have a 2002 tundra body is in bad shape wheel bearrings just went out for the 4th time I was told that I also needed new hubs. The fram replacement looks like a big job. I bought a 2002 tundra yesterday to replace the old one it had a fram replacement done. Payed 9090.00 truck rides good 143,000 miles. My truck has 183,000 miles on it. Is it worth having the fram replaced ? I would prefer toyata just give me a discount coupon for a new truck is that possible ? I also have a 2012 tacoma and a 2008 fjcruiser. I traded off a 2008 undra for the tacoma. I like toyota however I am not happy with the dealer.

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