Toyota Trail Tracker App Now Available for the Apple iPhone

Toyota Trail Tracker App Now Available for the Apple iPhone

Toyota has launched Trail Tracker, a GPS application for the iPhone that makes it easy for off-roaders to share their favorite trails or find a new one.

Assuming you can get a mobile internet signal from AT&T in the middle of nowhere (it's spotty sometimes even in Los Angeles), Trail Tracker downloads detailed information such as trail maps, rating, distance, duration, elevation gain/loss and photos.

"You can also browse trails, learn about trail history and access insider trail tips. Or you can follow, connect with and learn about other Trail Tracker users from all over the country,” Toyota says. Users can share trail locations, maps, notes and photos at

All that for free. Download it today from Apple's App Store and let us know how it works.

[Source: Toyota]


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What about droid app?
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