2011 Toyota Tacoma Gets Two New Limited-Edition Option Packages

2011 Toyota Tacoma Gets Two New Limited Edition Option Packages

Toyota is adding two new limited-edition trim packages for the 2011 Toyota Tacoma — the best-selling small truck in the U.S. — that are based on the Tacoma TX project vehicle shown at last year's SEMA Show. The T|X and T|X Pro packages build upon the Tacoma's current Off-Road Package by adding new wheels, exhaust and appearance items from Toyota Racing Development's accessory catalog.

T|X stands for "Tacoma | Extreme."

The standard TRD Off-Road Package, underlying both T|X editions, includes an electronic locking rear differential, progressive-rate front springs, specially tuned Bilstein shock absorbers, a 28 mm front stabilizer bar and BFGoodrich Rugged Trail tires. Added features on the TRD Off-Road Package include a 400-watt/115-volt power point in the bed, sport seats with adjustable lumbar support and unique fabric, plus an overhead console with a compass and outside temperature display.


Base T|X trim adds beefy TRD 16-inch black alloy bead-lock wheels and 265/70R16 BFGoodrich Rugged Trail tires for extra capability off-road over the standard TRD Tacoma. It also features black tube side steps, a stainless-steel exhaust tip and unique exterior graphics. The MSRP of the T|X Package is $1,699, a savings of $754 compared with the package items ordered as separate options.

The T|X Pro Package adds performance flare with a TRD cat-back performance exhaust system that gives the Tacoma's 4.0-liter V-6 a deeper note and slightly more power. Also priced at an MSRP of $1,699, the T|X Pro Package represents a savings of $720 compared with the package contents added as separate accessories.

Both T|X and T|X Pro packages are covered under the three-year/36,000-mile comprehensive vehicle limited warranty.


Ordering for the 2011 Tacoma T|X Pro Package will begin in July, and the T|X Package will launch two months later in September.

[Source: Toyota via AutoGuide]


Real bead-locks?
Didn't think real bead-lock rims were street legal.


Nice grocery getter. An offroad package with BFG Trail tires and STILL no skid plates. LOL.

Also available is a self adjusting pinion angle rear differential, deveolped from there lastest axle wrap technology!

Hey Mike, the picture posted with this article header on the home page is of the Jeep Patriot Concept. You got me all excited there for a second!

Bah! New content management system. Should be synched up with the correct pic in a few min. Sorry about that!

DB - I find it odd that the truck doesn't have skidplates as part of the package. These trucks are good offroader as I know a few guys with them.


Never really rely on what the factory thinks is best for you. I mean stick to the basics like engine, drivetrain and running ground clearance but other components like skid plates, your better off getting better ones aftermarket.

I removed my factory thin metal skid plate up front on my 2010 AC and installed 3/8 inch thick steel plates from Budbuilt from the front all the way to the rear yolk on the tranny. Everything is protected up front and between the frame rails.

I have since added a custom front bumper from CBT Offroad with additional skid plates up front when compared to the wimpy factory front bumper.

I will also replace the rear bumper this weekend with a swing door tire carrier from CBI again much stronger than the chrome one.

Toyota builds a great base to work with, much better than the competition can offer.

Looks like a good hunting vehicle.

@oxi - good suggestions for any truck one plans to take offroad.

Those are obviously simulated bead locks cause real ones are quite illegal. I'm admittedly not a Toyota fan but i do like seeing them embrace the off-road crowd instead of trying to do another street version. The entire industry is realizing cars are supposed to go fast, and trucks are supposed to get work don't and go off-road and it needs to stay that way.

2011 tacoma after a day off-roading with fullsize trucks.


You are correct. They should have simply included skid plates. Not everyone wants to go through the BS oxi is talking about. Just include it from the factory if you are going to call it an off-road package. If you're not going to include skid plates, just leave the true off-road packages to the full-szie trucks.


Jay's Tacoma Offroad Carnage:

@ 34 years That doesn`t look fun. Nearly 8 min to go 50 feet then it breaks. Good thing there was a Jeep with him.

Taco owners, Please do everyone a favor and stay on your marked paths and leave the real stuff to the more capable trucks. ;)

@oxi - I was looking at CBI Offroad Fab website. They have some cool looking offroad armour.
Here is the link if anyone else is interested.

I like this Toyota Pickup, the first vehicle to drive to the North Pole.
An Armoured version

@ Robert Ryan,

Those are Toyota Hilux, that's like compairing the world version of the Ford Ranger to the one sold in the states.

All of those trucks probably do come with skid plates.

it has an engine skid plate that comes with the trd package

IIRC the TRD package comes with skid plates. The stock ones are more than fine for what that truck will see from an average owner. I can't even imagine the weight 3/8" skid plates add to a smaller truck like that. Whoever said it had beadlocks needs an eye exam IMHO BTW. Interesting beadlocks if thay have no bolts to lock the bead to the rim! LOL.

They could have at least thrown a better set of rubber on these for being "Limited Edition Option Packages"


I could go on youtube and find all kinds of domestic pickups breaking off-road including those small Jeeps.

It's called off-roading ever done it much? I have seen all makes and models break off-road, more Jeeps than anything so what is your pathetic point?


Full size trucks should off-road, they are built to haul stuff and pull trailers customed tuned for city dwelling today!

Size, weight and lack of proper ground clearance with their weight is why it is too expensive to run a full size as a trail rig!

It is nice to see them out there but too many broken parts can happen with such heavy trucks!

And when they get stuck, that extra weight does not help matters!

Correction should NOT off-road!


Those armored Toyota's rock!

Their is another company in Arizona that is under Pentagon contract to build armored Toyota pickups for Afghanistan for SOCOM Special Forces.

Oxi, Which is it? Off road racing, trail running or raock crawling? Are we talking stock or modified trucks? You keep changing your claims to make your arguement and have been wrong on just about all of it. Now you call out fullsized trucks as being made to haul and tow and they are too heavey, yet you always chime in on the capabilities of the heavyweight Military vehicles you allegedly help build. Once again, which is it?

You mod the crap out of your Taco then compare it to a fullsized HD truck with no mods. Apples and oranges no? You make statements on the Raptor, yet it placed in Baja and shoed it was more than a one trick pony in an article in this very forum that you apparently failed to read. FWIW last I checked there were full scale classes in almost all the major off road racing organizations. It isn't just compacts. If you want this true desert racer you keep yapping about go build a buggy from the ground up and be done with it instead of throwing money at a Tacoma.

You are coming off more as an oxymoron than someone with a screen name of oxi.

what a sad joke. some poor sap is going to get scammed out of an extra 2 grand with these non-value-added packages.

"265/70R16 BFGoodrich Rugged Trail tires for extra capability off-road over the standard TRD Tacoma"
- these are the EXACT SAME s***y passenger car tires that come stock on the normal TRD. not meant for off road.

"unique exterior graphics"
fancy talk for what normal people call stickers

no lift? no upgraded shocks? no skids? no rock sliders? no real tires?

maybe im confused. i have a very different definition of "extreme" in my head. get real Toyota.

The rims are imitation bead-locks. True bead-locks are illegal for street use.


This package does include a factory skid plate:


@ oxi-moron I hate to bust your compact bubble but my expedition has plenty of ground clearance. I have gotten stuck a few times but a winch takes car of that. I know you have a great love affair with small trucks but a fullsize truck works alot better for me. My expediton really works great off-road, I haul 5 people to the stand with all their gear and have fun doing it. You would like to think you have the best set up for all situations and you don't. You can run the same trail over and over and something can happen no matter how it set up. You love you little truck so much lets see it! You said you put on 3/8 skid plates or is it 3/16. If it is 3/8 thats overkill. People like to off-road in fullsize trucks so what, way cry about what people use off-road. I will not respond to your ingnorance anymore. You are the type that it doesn't matter what you hear or see, what you think will provale. There is no perfect set up, you will always compromise something. Like lifting your truck you lose towing compacity. You can't have all! Are all cheese heads like you? Lets see the race truck you are so proud of. Your all talk and talk is cheap. Lets see skid plates and all. You seen mine lets see yours.

@Greg - if you look at the Toyota web site, skid plates are not listed under these packages. It is listed under general options.

@Kieth - The stock ones are more than fine for what that truck will see from an average owner.
I agree.

The bottom line is buy the truck that best fits your wants and needs. Modify it to your specific preferences and go out and have fun.


Have you seen how much weight is taken out of full-size trucks to compete in the desert?

Yes, even with my old 86 I reduced the weight up front. Weight is one of the main enemy's to off-roading!

With tactical military trucks, weight is also an enemy. Take for example the 40,000 pound straight axled MRAP's used in Iraq. They were fine for those graded roads but when they arrived in Afghanistan, they got stuck, broke axles and did not have the speed or mobility for the missions...

The Pentagon went with Oshkosh's M-ATV based off the Marines MTVR chassis. Fully independent suspension with more ground clearance, wheel travel and 25,000 pounds and cleary out performed the MRAP's and Hummers in the field. The Marines love them and they have saved many lives and give the soliders the speed and mobility off-road!

The Rapton that raced in Baja was not a pure stock truck, they modded the suspension and other features to survive.

By the way the current points leader in the stock full-size catergory is a driver piloting a Lexus LX-570!!! Take that full-size pickup owners, a station wagon is showing you how it is done!


Your heavy Expedition will not make it in fire lanes here in Wisconsin. Have you seen the ruts laid down by logging companies?

Like I said graded roads are a cake walk. I piloted my old 86 at a Parker 400 over 80 mph on graded raods, big deal. My Celica GTS can do graded roads just fine!

A true off-road vehicle is NOT stock! Mods are needed if you truely want to off-road and get away from graded and groomed trails...

Like I have said before a truck (or station wagon in your case) in stock form is really limited in capability, use the rig as a base and mod it to off-road in your local areas.

In Wisconsin, you need ground clearance or you will not make it through the logging ruts, deep water in fire lanes, fallen trees, rocks, marshy un-glaciated lands, etc...

Please refrain from using personal insults, your credibility of an adult is lacking when you sling that type of crap!


This TX package is added to the TRD Off-road package which includes an engine skid plate ... check it again, i just did.

TRD Off-Road Extra Value Package: Off-road-tuned Suspension with Bilstein Shocks, Locking Rear Differential, 16" Alloy Wheels with P265/70R16 BF Goodrich Tires, VSC [4]+ATRAC in place of Standard VSC [4]+TRAC (4X4 models only) with Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) [5] and Downhill Assist Control (DAC) [5] (HAC & DAC available on 4X4 Automatic Transmission models only), Engine Skid Plate, Front Tow Hook, 115V/400W Deck Powerpoint, Fog Lamps, Power Outside Mirrors (Access Cab models only), Remote Keyless Entry System, Cruise Control, Variable-Speed Wipers, Overhead Console with Compass & Temperature Gauge, Chrome Grille Surround & Rear Bumper, Color-Keyed Front Bumper & Overfenders, Smoked Headlamp Trim, Sliding Rear Window with Privacy Glass, Sport Seats with Driver Lumbar Support and Sport Fabric Trim in place of Standard Bucket Seats (passenger-side fold-flat feature delete), Metallic-Tone Instrument Panel Trim, Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel with Audio Controls & Leather-Wrapped Shifter (A/T models only), Dual Sunvisors with Mirrors & Extenders, Tailgate-handle integrated backup camera [1] linked with an auto-dimming mirror with monitor [1], TRD Off-Road Graphics

Posted by: Greg | Jul 30, 2010 11:00:14 AM
This package does include a factory skid plate:

My, my.. how weak skid plates have become if Toyota considers that a skid plate. It is nothing more than a dust shield that goes back to the axle not even pretending to protect the engine oil pan, nor the transmission, nor the gas tank.. All vital components wouldn't you agree.

But I guess because it has a TRD sticker on the side that is protection enough right.


Now we're going to argue what defines a skid-plate. I don't care who's standards it meets, it is a skid-plate, as shown in the picture and noted in the options list. You don't like, don't buy it, or, replace it with something you think is more worthy.... bottom line.

@Greg - thanks for the post.
I was playing with the "build your own" feature on the Toyota site. I must of missed seeing the skidplate listed under the package components.

No problem Lou,it was easy to miss.

"Full size trucks should off-road." - oxi

Your therapist sessions are working.

On my old 86 Toyota pickup, it came with a front skid plate, skid plate for the T/case and one for the gas tank and that was back in 1986!

Still the grey or tan interior, a plastic bed that won't support a lumber rack, and thin paint. Fail.

It's WAY more car then truck.

wow. so the tacoma now has a 4-door edition huh? or was the 2-door a limited one? anyway, it is still NOOOICE

@skid steer,

Toyota has had a 4-door small truck for like 20 years, what cave did you crawl out of?


Then what does that make the Ranger, Colorado or Dakota?

Hotwheels and Matchbox cars!!!

@oxi - Hotwheels and Matchbox cars appreciate in value after 5 years of ownership. The trucks you mentioned do not ;)

Oxi - Show us where Toyota has had a Tacoma CC in the US for 20 years. I know world wide they have, but for a US buyer the CC is around maybe 10 years old or less here. Personal use CC trucks in general are relatively new to the US market, with the exception of the few and far between older late model full sizers that are seen now and then. There were mostly stripped 3/4-1 ton commercial type models with few amenities (80's-mid 90's F series and C/K's, I think Dodge had one too for a bit). They had lots of them in the military. The compacts took awhile to come to market and catch on. IIRC The Nissan Frontier was among the first followed by Tacoma then S10 and Sport trac.

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