2011 Toyota Tundra Will Add Trailer Sway Control, Other Changes

2011 Toyota Tundra Will Add Trailer Sway Control, Other Changes

Toyota has announced several important mechanical and feature changes for the 2011 Tundra light-duty pickup truck.

The 2011 Tundra will get several interior updates that include discontinuing an ashtray as a standard feature and replacing the cigarette lighter with a 12-volt power outlet. The headrests have been revised with a new design.

Mechanical changes include updating the base 4.0-liter V-6 engine with a dual VVT-i system with roller rockers and hydraulic lifters that can variably adjust both the intake and exhaust valves for enhanced performance and efficiency.

To help improve towing safety, trailer-sway control programming and brake override technology have been added as standard equipment, but Toyota has yet to add a factory-installed integrated trailer brake controller option, which is offered in Ford, GM and Chrysler full-size pickups.

Trailer sway control uses a truck's stability control sensors to detect unintended side-to-side movement at the rear wheels while towing and uses the truck's ABS system to help counteract yaw caused by unwanted trailer motion. A trailer brake controller allows the driver to control the amount of gain (brake boost) applied to the trailer's electric brakes when the driver applies the vehicle's brakes.

The MSRP for the 2011 Tundra will range from $23,935 for the regular cab 4.0-liter V-6 two-wheel-drive model to $42,455 for the Limited Crew Max 5.7-liter V-8 four-wheel-drive model, an increase range of $425 to $480, or up to 1.7 percent. There will be no price increase for high-end Limited models.

[Source: Toyota via TundraHeadquarters]


Even with a trailer sway control it still is a big piece of CRAP!!!!!! Toyota doesn't belong in this market with the big boys.

"It will be a FAIL if Toyota doesn't give the Tundra an integrated trailer brake controller." - Mike Levine

I thought that Toyotas were usually near the top of the price scale. So why do they feel the need to keep increasing the prices. First the Tacoma, now the Tundra. Must be real high quality 12V power outlet.

Doesn't matter what improvements Toyota makes to the Tundra it already has a bad reputation as a full size truck. First with the frame rust then the recalls. The big 3 will always have a big grip on market share and sales.

So in a time when most every other car maker out there is decreasing the price of there vehicles, Yota is increasing theirs.

Sounds like a recipe for further disaster.

All these are just the people with narrow mind comments.

What?, you can tow a trailer with the Toyota? does the trailer need a seperate propulsion system to get up the steep grades? I guess when the accel pedal sticks you won't even notice it.


"Even with a trailer sway control it still is a big piece of CRAP!!!!!! Toyota doesn't belong in this market with the big boys."

Big boys that cannot manage their finances and have to be rescued by big brother to survive...

That shows how small and pathetic they are when they cannot balance their bottom line...

@snowman - the NHSTA released a report stating that out of 3,000 complaints and 75 fatalities - ONLY ONE WAS NOT DRIVER ERROR!
TruckBlog Quote
"After reviewing some 3,000-some complaints about unintended acceleration, the United States Department of Transportation has found that driver error was the actual fault, not a magically depressing accelerator.
With this news, it leaves all but one of the 75 fatal accidents blamed on this “phenomenon” as being caused by driver error. You’ve got to wonder if this is going to have legal and financial repercussions against responsible parties.
So after Toyota’s reputation has been trashed, they’ve been forced to spend millions on recalls only two issues that they responded to quickly, floor mat issues and sticky pedals, have been found to have any bearing on this subject whatsoever"

Now, that opens one huge can of legal worms!

Does that mean Toyota can file a defamation lawsuit against Congress?

With no official word from the DOT or NHTSA on its findings in the case, the WSJ's sources have been called into question.

According to an unnamed NHTSA spokeswomen speaking with Just-Auto, "The story was planted by Toyota. Toyota is the source – yes we know that for definite [sic]. It is [the] Toyota PR machine. We knew they were going to put it out."

UPDATE 2: A report by the Detroit Free Press quotes NHTSA Administrator David Strickland as saying that the agency has "several more months of work" to complete before it can definitively come to a conclusion on the cause of unintended acceleration.

UPDATE 3: We've asked Toyota's National Manager for Environmental, Quality, and Safety Communications, John Hanson, if NHTSA has been supplying information to Toyota on its investigation. His response: "It's been a one-way valve [to NHTSA]. We've been supplying information and sending it to NHTSA. We are not aware of any study. We are not aware of any report. We've been compiling our own field reports on unintended acceleration and as we investigate them, we send them to NHTSA. The WSJ report was news to us."

From: AutoBlog

Report: WSJ unintended acceleration story "planted" by Toyota

Nice knowing you Toyota. Wait till the National media gets ahold of this...

As I said the other day, the WSJ report that was based on an "un-named" source was 100% B.S. The Toyota girls on here will cling to any supposed ray of hope... sad. In truth, this was probably someone affiliated with Toyota, doing as Toyota wanted to do all along: blame the customers.

It is time for Toyota to sue Obama and the federal government for what is obviously false prosecution and slander..

It was obvious Obama knew the claims of unintended acceleration were totally false yet went ahead to help Government Motors.

Looks like taxpayers will have to pay for that when the truth comes out.

Can Obama do anything right for America?

I think Toyota will get this idea wrong. You know how their cruise control makes it go OUT OF CONTROL? It will be just like that, Toyota's trailer sway control will make the trailer sway harder than usual, and actually push the trailer off the road and in to houses! :)

All of you opening your big filthy, illiterate and ignorant mouths check the facts before you post your nonsense remarks. I personally do not care for any particular brand as long as get my money’s worth. Ford still holds the record for being the largest in the history of vehicle recall.


oh boy the nonsense, it was a prelim report that posted the findings about driver error. Toyota WOULD NEVER claim it was driver error, this comment was made BY NHTSA THEMSELVES. look it up.

And to the foolish people that think the tundra is a pos, you can keep buying up the garbage the not so big three build, meanwhile i'll laugh and smile everytime i pass you goin up a grade with a trailer when your truck wont keep the speed.

Oh, and just for the record....... Ford, GM, and Chrysler are 3 years behind Toyota. trailer sway control has been standard on all tundra's since 2007, its part of the Vehicle Stability Control. See yota uses a 4 wheel INDEPENDENTLY controlled abs system instead of 2 and 3 channel systems the others use. So their "newly found" Trailer Sway Control system STILL CAN'T WORK AS GOOD AS THE TECHNOLOGY TOYOTA HAS USED FOR 3 YEARS NOW!! Who has the POS now?? Get your facts straight before you get embarrassed.

Can you say "defensive?" LOL

@ hemi lol The 09-present Ram 1500 has 4 channel abs. Not sure about Ford or GM. You may want to ``get your facts straight before you get embarassed``

My friend truck will be in the shop for rusty frame replacement that's a mechanical upgrade.

And buy the 4x4 model if the frame break or separate the front and the back of the truck will stay together.

I think Toyota will get this idea wrong. You know how their cruise control makes it go OUT OF CONTROL? It will be just like that, Toyota's trailer sway control will make the trailer sway harder than usual, and actually push the trailer off the road and in to houses!
Posted by: Alex

Got any proof of any of that? No you don't! So shut the hec up before Toyota sues you next!

This just proves, once again, that the Toyota Tundra is the best of the best!!!!!

Guys, I am a loyal Toyota buyer. By the way Toyotas are made in Texas so stop hating.

Best Truck on the Market Hands down, my friends dad works at the plant in Texas and he says he has the authority to stop the entire line if he finds a quality issue.

For all you Toyota haters out thier, if you don't like the truck don't buy it, I'll just laugh as I pass you buy.

Interesting. What validates the price increase? Surely not the new headrests or an incomplete swat control. If that be the case, go to GM and check the trailer sway control box as an option. It's only 200 dollars and the price of the truck will be cheaper from the get-go. Not to mention you don't get a paper-thin C-Channel frame or 5 lug wheels. I'd totally be okay with filling the bed of a Tundra with my wifes groceries, but taking it to the limit? Nah, not till that frame gets stiffened up. I don't want dents on my cab.

Buy what you want but there's a reason the Tundra sells like it does.

@Tundraman, that was the reaction I was looking for!

@ G-Street, putting groceries in the back of a Tundra and "taking it to its limit" are pretty much the same thing. :)

I love how the other truck owners bash on Toyota because they know their trucks are inferior. It makes them feel better. It's like the bullies in grade school, picking on people because they are insecure about themselves.

Like there is no rusty chevy dodge or ford frames out there? Give me a break. Im yet to here anyone switch to toyota and go back to the Big 3 unless heavy duty is needed. And if there prices did go up didnt we all pay (suppliment) for the gov't produced Rams and Chevy silvelrados? Father in law sold his ford light duty for a ridgeline and was impressed with how much more reliable and powerful it was over the 150. Give it up loosers CHEvy dodge and Ford. serving angry ignorant fools for many years to come...

@lol, i love how people say they love it when people say things, but deep down they really hate it, and don't want to admit it.

The truth is Chrysler and Ram are living on taxpayer money right now.

Really? I suggest you look at GM's income for the last year and their sales. It is nothing short of impressive. Especaially considering they have fewer incentives than Toyota on average.

Does the V6 get a 6 speed automatic?


"I suggest you look at GM's income for the last year and their sales. It is nothing short of impressive. Especaially considering they have fewer incentives than Toyota on average"

bs... GM is quite a bit higher on average http://www.fi-magazine.com/News/Story/2010/07/Incentives-Flat-in-June-as-Automakers-Struggle-Edmunds-com-Says.aspx

Sounds good to be, i think ill trade my 08 in for a 2011!!!!

You Pay for quality and that's that. Personally I would pay more money any day for a 1/2 ton truck that will out preform the big three 3/4 tons.

The issue here is this truck has more American parts than the big three. Is build in America by Americans. Granted they are non union, but still Americans.

you all are narrow minded when it comes to the tundra, its a big pos, people who like it must also liek the feeling of a yaris, the tundra is junk get over it, its a over priced space ship. ford is a bigger company they would have more recalls and idiots who say toyota is more americian, are more idiots. the tundra is more japananise any way you look at it, it was designed by japan, its not americian at all.

I don't get it, I bought a Tundra after finally having enough with every domestic that I owned falling apart and having no tease in value. The last time I spoke with GM I told them I would never buy one of their products again and i meant it. I love my Tundra and every domestic that pulls up next to me wants to race. I do experience the pedal sticking as I leave them in the dust. 6.2l requires mid grade, 5.7 regular, advantage Toyota.

@Nick - before you start calling people idiots - you'd better learn how to spell!
Ford is not a bigger company. GM used to be bigger than Toyota until it went bankrupt. Toyota is now the largest automaker in the world (that alone does not guarantee a quality product).

Love my Tundra - and GM nor Dodge will NEVER get my money - government crap

Looking at a Ford 350 as I want to move up to a 5th wheel from my current towed 33 foot trailer. More than enough power - just want a bigger payload capacity

I own a 2007 Tundra 5.7 2wd with 45k miles on it and it the BEST most TROUBLE FREE truck I ever owned. I have owned a F-150, a GMC 1500, a Dodge 1500 hemi and none could pull as hard or give better mileage than the Tundra does. I am compairing only 1/2 ton trucks so dont put diesels in with this. If you have a 1/2 ton Ford and even think it can out tow a 5.7 Tundra you have no idea what you are talking about. Ford is undoubtably the weakest 1/2 ton pickup out there. Besides the Tundra Chevy and GMC trucks out tow a Ford as well as the Dodge hemi. Other than the nice styling on the high end Fords there is nothing good about them. This from someone who only drove Fords since my first in 1962. I used to love Fords and still own a mint 96 Cougar 4.6 V8 with only 30k miles.

@Jim Miller, you are full of yourself, you dont know what your talking about.

I came to get good info for my truck purchase. Just a bunch of bickering and lobbying. Sounds like UAW union employees justifying their over payed salaries to keep the gravy train going, probably while on the job, thanks for nothing!!!

If you don't love your family buy a toyoda...POS

Wow ,after reading all this and having extreme headaches from it I think I'll leave my comment now, You can take it how you want. I own a 2007 Tundra Crewmax, I traded in my 2002 Ford F-150 that was way under powered with the 5.3l Tritan. My 5.7 l Tundra Pulls my 32' Cabin Crusier without any problems. The boat weighs 9800lbs. Again, I'm pulling this with a Tundra 1/2 ton. I now have 67,000 miles on it and have not had any problems. with it The brakes are so fricken awesome with the 4 way disc brakes that I can have my truck and load stopped very quickly. I'm giving this truck a 9 .5out of 10 and am planing on buying another Tundra in the spring. The reason behind the the 9.5 out of 10 is because I think the fuel ratings could be a little better. But after being a mechanic for the last 24 yrs I will say this. That the Toyota Tundra is bar none the best 1/2 ton truck on the market. Any haters out there have not driven one and I would be more than happy to pull my 1/2 truck up besides yours anyday of the week and do a comparrison. Educate yourselves before you knock something.

Thanks for the comment, T-Bone. I've yet to read in a forum somewhere where someone sold their Toyota and "moved up" to a Ford, GM, or Chrysler truck. And didn't regret it.
One reason the big three are getting better is because of the Japanese auto makers. That kind of competition is good for all of us, and makes choosing the best truck for each individual's need's more difficult. The first new truck I bought was a 1978 Ford F100 Stepside. I went through three transmissions, the first failing under Ford's 12 month warranty. Turns out Ford was putting in a CAR transmission, a manual 3-speed with overdrive, in their trucks. I'll stick with my 2010 Tundra. Great truck.

Woody and T-Bone, thanks for the useful posts. Woody, your recitation that competition is good for all of us is on point, and the some of this lot need to wake up to that fact. My next truck will be a Tundra, and likely this year. "Buy American" is like affirmative action if you're buying something less than the best: it's analogous to the soft bigotry of low expectations. I'll buy the best, thank you. Let the others compete.

I will be buying a Tundra Crewmax by the end of the year and will be driving it in North Africa, between Tunisia and Libya, where the Liter of gas is at 13 cents.
Looking forward to drive it, it will replace a Land Cruiser 100 Diesel 4,2 L VX, European version.
Toyota is the best and will stay the best for many years.

Late to the party here, but I'm selling my 2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L Diesel for a Tundra Doublecab with Tow Package. My thoughts:

- My Ford doesn't have integrated brake controller, and installed a Tekonsha Prodigy unit. It is awesome, cheap and will go into the Tundra. Funny how some of you scream about lack of a controller yet they only cost 100 bucks and the aftermarket units are more sophisticated.

- The only advantage of factory brake controller is offered by Ford: sway control that extends to trailer braking. So you dodge and gm boys get your heads outta your azzes and do some research. Ford has you guys beat in this regard.

- I test drove all the 1/2 4x4 trucks on the market. It is clear to me that the two best are Ford and Toyota. The GM feels antiquated and you need the 6.2L to get a heavy duty, proper, Allison transmission. The Mopar drives like a car (a good thing) but is not a heavy duty machine, has terrible styling details (gaudy), and has a saggy butt with its coil springs and poor tow capacity. Great motor though. OTOH, Mopar service really does suck bad.

- As b/t the Ford and Yota, I chose the Yota b/c I want a bench seat, and it is the only pickup on the market that has a shoulder belt for the middle passenger. Since my family is often in the pickup, I would not risk any one of them on the center seat with a circa 1974 lap belt in the middle seat. The other manufacturers should wake TF up!! The other reason is my continued confidence in Yota's long term durability.

If you need a 3/4 ton, get a Ford Superduty. But if you don't tow over 10,000 lbs regularly, the Tundra is hard to beat.

I recently replaced my 99 Ford F350 Power Stroke with a 2010 Tundra. I went to the Tundra for price, build, and reliability. It easily pulls my gooseneck stock trailer, and with more acceleration than my Ford. The Ford brought a more stout frame and suspension, but the Tundra easily handles my trailer. I plan to add Ride Rites and higher load rating tires, and I'm golden up to the 10,000 pounds or under I usually pull.

My Ford literally ate brakes and front end components.

I am now driving my second Tundra 2007 and now a 2010. I was a former Ford F 150 owner of 5 of them. Frankly these Tundra are fantastic.Great resale, no problems, great HONEST service ( oil changes only) as I had no problems with either truck. My opinion it is built much heavier compared to the Fords and there quality if far superior to Fords. I must state that my Tundra had no squeaks or rattles after 100 thousand miles. my Ford were squeaking and rattling from new. Just my thoughts and real life experiences. Oh one last thing My Tundra was as a fast as my 69 Mustang 390 four speed. It is literally a muscle truck.

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