2011 Toyota Tundra Will Add Trailer Sway Control, Other Changes

2011 Toyota Tundra Will Add Trailer Sway Control, Other Changes

Toyota has announced several important mechanical and feature changes for the 2011 Tundra light-duty pickup truck.

The 2011 Tundra will get several interior updates that include discontinuing an ashtray as a standard feature and replacing the cigarette lighter with a 12-volt power outlet. The headrests have been revised with a new design.

Mechanical changes include updating the base 4.0-liter V-6 engine with a dual VVT-i system with roller rockers and hydraulic lifters that can variably adjust both the intake and exhaust valves for enhanced performance and efficiency.

To help improve towing safety, trailer-sway control programming and brake override technology have been added as standard equipment, but Toyota has yet to add a factory-installed integrated trailer brake controller option, which is offered in Ford, GM and Chrysler full-size pickups.

Trailer sway control uses a truck's stability control sensors to detect unintended side-to-side movement at the rear wheels while towing and uses the truck's ABS system to help counteract yaw caused by unwanted trailer motion. A trailer brake controller allows the driver to control the amount of gain (brake boost) applied to the trailer's electric brakes when the driver applies the vehicle's brakes.

The MSRP for the 2011 Tundra will range from $23,935 for the regular cab 4.0-liter V-6 two-wheel-drive model to $42,455 for the Limited Crew Max 5.7-liter V-8 four-wheel-drive model, an increase range of $425 to $480, or up to 1.7 percent. There will be no price increase for high-end Limited models.

[Source: Toyota via TundraHeadquarters]


I will buy Toyota's b/c they didnt take my tax money to bail themselves b/c make more vehicles than they can sale just to pack up and leave and build them down in mexico. Toyota builds what they can sale and almost all are built here in the U.S to create jobs for us. Toyota can raise there prices b/c they still can sale a vehicle unlike other car manufactures that have to give huge rebates just move them off the lots b/c of the overstock of vehicles. I think GM really hurt themselves when they came out w/ a commercial bragging how fast when they paid off there bailout when actually the goverment gave them a secret loan to pay off the bailout, its kinda of like a person paying off one credit card w/ another credit card. I can go on and on but at the end of the day no matter what I say there will always be poeple trash talkin other manufactures that just the nature of the beast.

Wow after owning a Ford, dodge and Chevy I will pick the tundra over them hands down. I am wanting the "the big three" to step up and make a truck that could compare to the tundra and stay out of the shop. Remember if you get a deal on a big three it is only so you have money to pay for service on it. It seemed that everything that broke on them was never under warrenty.

This is the truck that I will buy next. I have a Ford right now that I am not all that happy with. My preference was Dodge until the government took over Chrysler and GM.

I'll never buy anything from a government owned corporation. I'm not going to support Communism voluntarily. After awhile you are going to see Chrysler and GM cars turn into absolute crap because the government does know their butts from a hole in the ground when it comes to A) making cars and B) running anything efficiently.

Too bad the Feds bailed out GM and Chrysler.... it would have been GOOD RIDDANCE! Now the taxpayers are on the hook so the good ole boys and other trailer trash can keep driving thier Rams and Silverados and post asinine responses to articles just like the ones I see here. Seems to me the Tundra owners have showed remarkable class!

The trailer trash will continue do drive superior trucks (F-Series, Ram, Sierra, and Silverado). Trailer trash just doing our part to support the U.S. of A.!

Yup. as long as it is an American made trailer or trash ;)

I have two of the Tundra pieces of CRAP!! Thats exactly what they are. Even the Dealers don't want to work on them, no customer service what so ever.

You can't buy any parts for them, as Dealers only have light bulbs and windshield wipers, maybe, if your lucky.

Perhaps Toyota should consider adding a fully boxed frame to cut down on all of the frame flex. Where is the link to that youtube video of the 2009 Ford-F150 compared to the Tundra on frame twisting/flexing?

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I love how the only ones that are putting the Tundras down are the ones that never owned one. They have no clue what they are talking about and love to expose their ignorance.

I work in a situation where I regularly drive different trucks DAILY! I HATE it when I have to get in a Ford or Dodge because of their terribly poor quality and performance. GM isnt much better. No worries with the Tundra. Outperforms them all no questions and always reliable.

@Gstreet: "paper thin C-Channel" Are you completely ignorant? All 3/4 ton, heavy duty trucks, AND tractor trailers use C-channel frames where the load is heaviest. The Tundra is the ONLY 1/2 ton built like a heavier duty truck.

Again, the haters are the ones that dont know what their talking about.

The new trailer sway control that they will be adding seems interesting. It actually might be very useful. Though, I doubt that the price increase for that certain feature is reasonable.

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