Bigfoot Monster Truck Steps In New Direction with Chevy Body

Bigfoot Monster Truck Steps In New Direction with Chevy Body
Photos Courtesy of Bigfoot 4x4 Inc.

The Ford pickup that started the monster truck craze is no longer a Ford. For the first time in 35 years, the legendary Bigfoot Monster Truck will wear a Chevrolet full-size truck body.

Why the stunning switch? Ford dropped its sponsorship of Bigfoot in 2007 (after 23 years), leaving Firestone Tires as Bigfoot’s primary partner and sponsor. Firestone is the official tire of this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game fan festival in Anaheim, Calif., and Chevy is MLB’s official vehicle.

Combine the two in one place, and Bigfoot will wear a Silverado body when it arrives in California for the 81st All-Star game on July 13.

“Firestone has been a Bigfoot sponsor for over 15 years. We went down to Firestone [to talk about its sponsorship of the All-Star game],” said Bob Trent, vice president of Bigfoot Inc. “We did a couple of concept drawings, and Major League Baseball told them that if we did it with a Chevy body that they’d be more than happy to have it [at the game].”

Baseball fans will be able to see MLB Bigfoot at the All-Star FanFest starting Thursday.

Bigfoot with a Chevy Silverado Body

Monster truck fan reaction has been mixed. On Bigfoot’s Facebook fan page and at monster truck forum Monster Mayhem, comments have ranged from “Bigfoot anything other than a Ford is just a sin” to “I liked Bigfoot before, but now BIGFOOT A CHEVY!!!!!!!? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!”

“I think you have a couple of die-hard Ford fans that don’t like it at all, which I can understand” Trent said. “But then I think we have a whole lot of people that understand why we’re doing this also. And we’re not switching over our entire fleet [of Bigfoot trucks]. Right now, it’s just a one-time deal.”

That one-time deal will be more than just a Chevy body. Bigfoot will be Chevy-powered, too.

“If you’re going to run a Chevy, run a Chevy motor,” Trent said. “We don’t believe in brand-mixing.”

More than 15 Bigfoot trucks have been built since 1975, when Bob Chandler modified his personal Ford F-250 4x4 work truck with re-arched leaf springs, 2-ton military axles and 48-inch terra tires. They've been featured in seven movies and made more than 25,000 appearances at shows and races in more than 20 countries. And now MLB Bigfoot will sport a Chevy bowtie.

Bigfoot with a Chevy Silverado Body

[Monster H/T to Mike Stewart for the tip!]


i dont like change... especially this one... this just seems wrong

Wrong......just wrong!!!!

something is wrong in the pic..that is still a Ford suspension. I thought he said all chevy!

Great Change.. I love it!

Monster trucks never have stock suspension, ANY BRAND


the only thing Ford or Chevy about these trucks are the body...


Ford should of seen this coming.
It was incredibly stupid for Ford to drop their sponsorship. BigFoot is a world wide business that has been synonymous with Ford.

BigFoot Chevy! It doesn't seem right.

Good for Chevy. Cool truck.

This is going to ruin bigfoot! Bigfoot needs to stay a ford not a chevy. Thats one thing you dont change!

Will it have a Durastroke or a Powermax?

It just ain't right!

@Alex: It has a GM alcohol burner.

I didn't see that Bigfoot was switching, I just read they are making a GM for the purpose of doing this event. BTW there are many Bigfoot trucks. I don't see them going back getting GM bodies for all of them. This is more than likely a one off. Have to pay the bills right?

To quote the story:
That one-time deal will be more than just a Chevy body. Bigfoot will be Chevy-powered, too.

I hope this rattles Ford's cage, and they wise up and sponsor Bigfoot again.

The support vehicle and the trailer still say ford so this is a one off truck. When you dont have an automotive sponsor you will build it for whoever pays the bills.

The power plants are not really a big thing. IIRC awhile back it was released that the Ford sponsored "Blue Thunder" monster truck on the Monster Jam circuit was running a GM engine. Kind of like NASCAR where they run Ford rearends.

Should be a good competitor to the new Raminator.

See what your gov't bailouts get you! A bankrupt company that still has money to throw away on racing. Good job ford - if there is better advertising media than monster trucks may the best media win.

WOW... somethings should never change and that was one of them I'm not a big foot fan anymore because i didn't grow up watching big foot as a Chevy its just not right to me its like Dennis Anderson dropping his 1950 Chevy Panel truck also know as grave digger.... THIS IS A BUNCH OF B.S.

I love the new look. I'm a die hard Chevrolet Fan and of monster trucks and for once I can say that im a Bigfoot fan. And remember this isn't the first time that a legendary monster truck has changed its body brand. Can anyone remember the original Bear Foot, that was a chevy for ~15 yearsand became a dodge in the 90's...

I love it, looks amazing.....Much better then ford has anyways...

Bigfoot's deal was through Ford Racing, which has dropped the majority of its sponsorship deals in the last couple of years. Feld's deal is through Ford Trucks, which is an entirely different division of FMC. The deals were never in any way related. As far as the "its like Digger not being a Chevy panel van" statements...I guess the fact that Digger started as a Ford pickup truck, and then made its initial name (and gained its initial popularity) as a Ford panel van is something you either don't know or choose to forget? I guess revisionist's history isn't just for Monster Jam broadcasts.


I think its time Ford sponsors a new monster truck...."Yeti (Bigfoot) Killer"!
Right now,screw Ford or GM,the Dodge Hemis are where its at now.

Way to go for GM. Love the GM truck way more than the Ford. I think it is a smart move for GM advertising. Now we need a New Ram HD to compete against this GM. Next time one of you goons bad talking how GM got money from the government, read the news in Motor trend how GM is paying up early, 5 years early at that.

NO!!!!! now bigfoot will have to file for chapter 12 bankruptcy like GM and it won't land the jump without bending the frame

This must be Chevy's version of the ford raptor


Fail. It's Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

I believe this is the fifth sign in Revelations.

I a HUGE Big Foot fan but if they intend to go in this direction I think I will pass.... Big Foot and Ford go together like a hand and a glove. Its nice to see what GM is spending mine (and your) money own that the Gov gave them.

@snowman - you been hanging out with the Bobsie twins? Using a government ecrow accoun(line of credit)t to pay back a government loan isn't really a loan. GM used US tax dollars to payback the Canadian government loan. The US and Canadian governments are still on the hook for billions that are tecnically not a loan but an investment in GM. Regardless of what you chose to call it - taxpayers are getting screwed.

@ snowman (a.k.a The Goon)
Why don't you post a link after your comment so everybody knows the exact artcile you are talking about?

Look at the bright side.

No one will care when they crash it.

Does this mean that they will move shop to Wentzville, MO.

sorry this is a fail for me. i already dont care for Chevys then this. Wow this is terrible Ford goes with this truck always has. This is terrible. Epic fail to me its not really a bigfoot truck with out a ford body

Outside of the trailer park, will anyone notice?

GM is not spending any money on this truck. MLB asked Bigfoot to make it a Chevy to match Chevy's sponsorship deal with MLB. Thats all.

All seems so odd. This will sure confuse the little kids. Perhaps next year Ford will counter with LEAD FOOT. lol

I'm failing to see how this is a "GM throwing Tax payers money away" concept.

Now I'm not a Monster Truck person and I have very little knowledge of the sport but I'm not pulling anything from this article that is telling me that GM is directly involved.

Major Leauge Baseball wants to have "BigFoot" at the allstar game. The MLB's request was for it to be a GM body truck, I bet this has something to do with advertising agreements for the AllStar game/event.

Ford no longer sponsors BigFoot so that means no money from Ford.

This is a one time deal with one truck.

The "BigFoot" outfit is doing this to make the money they prob need and retro fiting ONE truck with the GM body.

I'm sorry, I just don't understand why some folks are getting their panties in a twist over this.

Personally I think its an interesting twist, I like the old early 90s version of the Ford BigFoot the best, but things change. This change is not for good, so whatever.

The MTBandit - What I posted had nothing to do with sponsorship. It had everything to do with the bodies being just a wrapper. Regardless who sponsors Monster Jam, at one time or maybe still for all I know, it was outed that Blue Thunder ran a GM engine. IIRC Bigfoot is not running a Ford powerplant either. The chassis they all run are from 3-4 maybe 5 manufacturers with no brand affiliation.

That being said, as a Ford fan I like seeing Bigfoot with the body of the manufacturer it originated from. BTW Bearfoot was popular. Bigfoot is a legend. Predates them all. Huge difference.

@jrod82 - yea your probably right. It did say MLB wanted a Chevy. GM probably had nothing to do with this. The BIG question on everyone's mind is... Does this thing come with OnStar? LMAO! When it crashes they just need to let it burn...

man you Ford boys are so original with the bankruptcy comments... Not like we havn't read them 6,000 times...

get a life.

Big freekin deal, Bigfoot will always be known as a FORD. At this point, BIGFOOT has stooped so low that they choose a GM Truck. LMAO!

Grow some.

Just a heads up but the Bigfoot team has been working with Chevy for a few years now doing a few Chevy trucks up for SEMA, in 2008 they did a Silverado and this year I believe (might have been 09 though) they did an Avalanche.

Google Search Bigfoot Silverado and Bigfoot Avalanche

Cool truck! It's even better now that it's a Chevy!!!

i have a couple of questions. number one, is a truck like this street legal? and two, how long will those big o' tires last?

sweet looking truck though!

i like the ford excursion in the back ground!


Now that is a real Heavy Duty SUV.

@Fisha695 - correct, Bigfoot 4x4 aka Midwest Four Wheel Drives have been branching out to other brands. Makes sense from a business perspective.

@jake - snowman brought it up 1st - it's fair game from there on out!

such blasphemy..

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