Bigfoot Monster Truck Steps In New Direction with Chevy Body

Bigfoot Monster Truck Steps In New Direction with Chevy Body
Photos Courtesy of Bigfoot 4x4 Inc.

The Ford pickup that started the monster truck craze is no longer a Ford. For the first time in 35 years, the legendary Bigfoot Monster Truck will wear a Chevrolet full-size truck body.

Why the stunning switch? Ford dropped its sponsorship of Bigfoot in 2007 (after 23 years), leaving Firestone Tires as Bigfoot’s primary partner and sponsor. Firestone is the official tire of this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game fan festival in Anaheim, Calif., and Chevy is MLB’s official vehicle.

Combine the two in one place, and Bigfoot will wear a Silverado body when it arrives in California for the 81st All-Star game on July 13.

“Firestone has been a Bigfoot sponsor for over 15 years. We went down to Firestone [to talk about its sponsorship of the All-Star game],” said Bob Trent, vice president of Bigfoot Inc. “We did a couple of concept drawings, and Major League Baseball told them that if we did it with a Chevy body that they’d be more than happy to have it [at the game].”

Baseball fans will be able to see MLB Bigfoot at the All-Star FanFest starting Thursday.

Bigfoot with a Chevy Silverado Body

Monster truck fan reaction has been mixed. On Bigfoot’s Facebook fan page and at monster truck forum Monster Mayhem, comments have ranged from “Bigfoot anything other than a Ford is just a sin” to “I liked Bigfoot before, but now BIGFOOT A CHEVY!!!!!!!? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!”

“I think you have a couple of die-hard Ford fans that don’t like it at all, which I can understand” Trent said. “But then I think we have a whole lot of people that understand why we’re doing this also. And we’re not switching over our entire fleet [of Bigfoot trucks]. Right now, it’s just a one-time deal.”

That one-time deal will be more than just a Chevy body. Bigfoot will be Chevy-powered, too.

“If you’re going to run a Chevy, run a Chevy motor,” Trent said. “We don’t believe in brand-mixing.”

More than 15 Bigfoot trucks have been built since 1975, when Bob Chandler modified his personal Ford F-250 4x4 work truck with re-arched leaf springs, 2-ton military axles and 48-inch terra tires. They've been featured in seven movies and made more than 25,000 appearances at shows and races in more than 20 countries. And now MLB Bigfoot will sport a Chevy bowtie.

Bigfoot with a Chevy Silverado Body

[Monster H/T to Mike Stewart for the tip!]


@Keith spot on. These two are even more even more blasphemy than the Chevy.

monster truck quit being real trucks a long time ago,more like wresting than truck racing,

In these times sometimes people have to do things they dont want to just to survive. But I have driven by Midwst for 13yrs now everyday on my way to work. They even held a open house last weekend. I doubt by anymeans that they are selling out,but money talks and ford tearing down there plant right across the street and putting THOUSANDS out of a job then pulling there sponsorship?? Bet that hasnt crossed his mind...maybe Ford was using Bob as a marketing tool for st louis plant, having a monster truck sitting across the street with there body on it?? Just food for thought..

Lou won't even notice, he's too busy washing his Toyota and old Chevy Van. Lou you ever going to put your money where your mouth is and buy a new truck. Then maybe you will get a life away from this site and have a first hand opinion on trucks.

Bigfoot just went emo.

just for chevy to screw up another thing

Anything for a buck ,I Guess!!!!!

@snowman - I worked as a paramedic for 23 years. I've driven multiple chassis cab variations and van conversions at high speeds and in all kinds of environments. I would suspect that kind of experience would entitle me to an opinion on trucks!
I also drove gravel trucks for a time for my dad when I was a kid.
I don't currently own a pickup. So what?
My purchase decisions are based on what's best for my family, not my ego.
Many guys I see every day driving pickups would get by just fine in an econobox rice burner.
You seem to be on this site a lot. Follow your own advice.

Wonder how long it will take team bigfoot to go bankrupt? besides basically the taxpayers own the team now because government motors haven't paid back the bailout yet.

@SuperDutyFan - the post indicated that this truck was a "one off" deal.

Don't use the word "bailout".
It wasn't a bailout.
It was a loan.
A loan, just a loan, nothing but a big assed loan. Every one gets loans.
What's the big deal about a loan ??

It was only billions of dollars that our great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchilden may be able to pay off........................

Looks more like a baseball truck than a Bigfoot. Of course, when was the last time you heard of Bigfoot the truck? This good publicity for everyone involved.

Bigfoot should make a truck for Dodge.

This truck would look waaayyyy cooolllll.

They could call it FiatFoot.

I don't see anywhere in the article that it says GM is sponsoring them. if anything, it's looking like a dig at Ford ;)

Still an all American truck! Be greatful not a Tundra or Titan....

I think I am going to be SICK! OMG...this is Bizarro World come true...

shame on you bob chandler for going with chevy that makes me sick and sad at the same time after 35 years i grew up rooting for your team and now this happens. so what does your drivers have to say? one sad fan

Ford should be ashamed of themselves! To loose an Icon such as this after not taking a bailout, it makes me want to puke! BIGFOOT A CHEVY??????? Loyalty people come on!

If the bigfoot crew was ever going to make a change they made the right one.Good looking truck they did a very nice job with it as alway s.Do not let the hard core ford guys put you down they need to grow up a bit.Bigfoot is a is a buisness and those guys have been doing a great job so far and need to keep it up no matter what it takes,gottakeep the legend going what ever it takes.I am 100%chevy but I have also been a bigfoot fan dispite it being a ford these other guys need to do the same.once again ignore the negative comments and keep on with the great work ford or (CHEVY)

big foot is a upset if you cant be on the most popular monster jam on speed than really how great can you be and switching to a chev thats just dumb

May be a Chevy, but BigFoot will always be the Fords!!
I'm a Chevy fan, own two trucks, but Ford for the cars, own two Taurus's. Have worked for both Ford and Chevy dealerships, Ford paid better and was eaiser to work on.
Keep BigFoot Ford!!!

Why would you do that i love ford i have 2 f150 and change it to a 1500 yuck just rong

Bigfoot is a Ford truck not a Chevy. They should change the name to Fakefoot!!!

this suck I hate chevys


35 years of ford now to a chevy, Im all for american trucks but its not right. Im a die hard Ford guy, I bleed the blue oval but everybody is going to agree when i say this..

At lest its not a Toyota.

hey no one could beat bigfoot so they had to give chevy a chance put a chevy body on get a couple of wins fut the ford body back and bigfoot and ford go right on winnin chevy sucks

seariously u guys didnt ive been a bigfoot fan since i was 4 i from pontiac mi where it all started for bigfoot and i watched him jump his first set of cars what a awsome event the silverdome was going crasy im sorry but im a BUILT TOUGH FORD all the way and u just recked Bigfoot for life come 35 years of true Ford power and u change to this A BIG FAT Y? all i ver owned was bigfoot stuff and bigfoot power wheel. im sadden by this

This is humiliating to me. Bob how can you stoop soooo low?

And Ford could have kept BIGFOOT if THEY hadn't dropped THEIR sponsorship......

bad ass fords suck its about time that bigfoot became a real truck. its chevy or nothing every other truck is a want to be lol. yea good for big foot to become a real truck good for you

I said it was the WRONG choice. Bigfoot Monster Trucks will always have a FORD oval out front in my book. Ford should be ashamed of themselves to let this happen.

i like the older bigfoot trucks better then the new trucks.

Ford took a bail out also.... from the austrailian government. Now their shuttin down w engine plant there. So stop with gm and bailout crap.

Well since CHEVY RULES NASCAR !! it's only right that BIGFOOT be a CHEVY!!!! When it comes to POWER there is nothing like a CHEVY, seriously, they just RULE. As far as all the crap about the bankruptcy, get over it, they paid the loan back and it's OVER. GOOD FOR CHEVY!!!! GOOD FOR AMERICA

NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIGFOOT is a REAL TRUCK!!!!! I work @ a FORD dealership, as I said....NOW BIGFOOT is a REAL truck. The ONLY reason Ford is the #1 selling truck is because Chevy and GMC split their sales, if Chevy and GMC would combine their sales, they would blow Ford off the map. Anyone can check sales of the 3 and the facts are there. GO CHEVY !!!NOTHING LIKE THAT CHEVY POWER !!!!!

I Don't care about the change Most use the same motor no matter the body. But for BIGFOOT I agree in in not Brand-Mixing, & it's just good to see BIGFOOT out there....

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