Diesel Power Speaks to Cummins Filtration About DEF

DieselPower's Q&A About DEF

Diesel Power joined us for our heavy-duty pickup truck comparison test last week in Michigan. Like us, they have lots of questions about diesel exhaust fluid, which is one method for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. So, they spoke with Cummins Filtration to find some answers.

Here's a sample from their Q&A session:

Q: Can I make DEF myself? (We know it’s possible)
A: “Cummins Filtration does not recommend customers make DEF themselves. DEF has strict requirements for maintaining concentration and purity of ingredients that is critical to the proper functioning and longevity of the SCR system. Cummins and other OEMs require that DEF used with their SCR systems meet all ISO22241 specifications as well as API certification requirements. It is recommended that end users purchase certified DEF and avoid blending it themselves.”

For the rest of the Q&A, head over to Diesel Power's blog. We learned something new and think you will too.

[Source: Diesel Power Magazine]


I can't belive how many sorry ass whiners there are on this board who are crying and moaning about the the gm trucks. I think they are the best over Ford and Dodge and everyone has an opinion. Stop the crying and if you don't like the seats or what ever you don't like than don't buy one. Seems pretty simple to me but NOOO, you always have somebody on here that has to try and say negative comments about gm or it's trucks. If you think the sun sets on ford or dodge than buy that product but show some respect to people that like GM'S trucks.

The GM trucks are great and I don't give a rat's behind who doesn't like the interiors on the gm trucks, or who has the best ride, I like the interiors and the ride on the gm trucks. This is the land of the free, buy what you want and leave the rest of us alone.

It shall be written. GM will win the shootout.


Good Lord! Is everyone who posts here 10 years old?

GM is better! Ford= found on road dead!

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Grow up and shut up! It sounds like a bunch of grade schoolers riding the short bus on here.

Don't know how Mike keeps his sanity!

@Bobert, like you said its the land of the FREE, that means FREE to say anything we want. If you dont like it then you have that FREE choice of finding another website.

@Bobert, we'll quote you on what you said in your last sentence if GM doesn't win the shootout. ^__^

Hey Mike,

Where can you refill the DEF-tank from the GM trucks? According to GMC it's under the Sierra's hood. But a few months back you said pickups should be filled next to the diesel cap. I mean you're testing these trucks now anyway so you'll probably know. Can't wait for the results of the shootout :-)

@Chris: In the GM trucks, it's under the hood on the passenger side, next to the firewall.

Why doesn't someone just make an aftermarket sensor that the sends the same electrical signal to the computer when there is say water in the DEF tank instead of cow wizz , after all an electrical signal is the same no matter what is in the tank .

The article states that DEF freezes at 32.5F. Can these tanks be heated? I live in an area where it's routinely below 0 in the winter and would hate to not be able to drive the truck all winter.

@ mldrieling - the DEF tanks are heated. Diesel gels at -35. Fuel is circulated through fuel system to keep it warm. I haven't heard of a gelling problem with any diesel pickup. I doubt there will be any issues with DEF gelling.

@ Lou and mldrieling Coolant and heat from electrical resistance are used to heat the DEF. There are standards set by the Gov that mandate a maximum allowable run time till the DEF thaws. The lines have a heated wire in them then when the coolant is warm enough it takes over thejob of thawing the DEF.

Let it sit for a few days in -10 weather and the lines burst. Good stuff to have in the north oil fields . LOL

@Snowman - there you go again - slagging the Duramax.

@Jordan L. - thanks for the information. Have you ever head of a DEF line rupturing?

@ Lou The 2011 Ram Cab and Chassis are the only ones to have this tech and they have just started showing up on the lots. Ask me again in the spring :). I doubt they will break, like I said there are mandated thaw time for DEF so they know it will freeze and hopfully they engineered for it but you know what they say about the first year of a new product. -40 degress celcius is not uncommon here in central Alberta so if it is possible for the lines to break we will definitly see it.

@ Lou, Not slagging Duramax. Love the GM HD trucks, Just commenting on Urea. Now get back to your boring life.

@snowman - the Duramax runs DEF/Urea. You've posted several times that the Ram Cummins is the best.

My life is far from boring - I don't need 2 HD trucks in the driveway to pump up my life!

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