First Look: 2011 Toyota Tacoma with New Grille

First Look: 2011 Toyota Tacoma with New Grille

Toyota is making final preparations to start production of the 2011 Tacoma midsize pickup at its new home in San Antonio. Here’s a first look at the latest Tacoma, which features a new grille for all models.

For the past few weeks, Toyota has been building preproduction Tacomas to check assembly processes and quality. The trucks shown here are part of the last pilot batch.

Tacoma production was moved to Texas after Toyota ended operations at the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Northern California, where Toyota had built small trucks for the U.S. since 1991. The Tacoma will be built alongside the Toyota Tundra at the Texas plant.

2011 Toyota Tacoma Rolls Down the Line Ahead of a Toyota Tundra
A 2011 Toyota Tacoma rolls down the assembly line for a final quality check ahead of a full-size Tundra.

Toyota’s flexible manufacturing process allows Tundras and Tacomas to roll down the line back-to-back if necessary to meet manufacturing demand, said Craig Mullenbach, manager of external affairs at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas.

The 2011 Tacoma sports a revised grille that collapses the previous two-bar style to a single bar. While some models receive bare plastic grilles, others, like the sporty X-Runner, will have body-colored grilles.

Production of the 2011 Tacoma starts Monday, and the first Tacomas could find their way to Toyota dealerships as early as the end of this month.

2010 Toyota Tacoma with old grille
2010 Toyota Tacoma with previous two-bar grille


Them second generation Tacomas is fugly .

The new hyperthyroid bug-eyed look. I concur with fuly.


Great truck, but y'all are right, ugly. They need to change the headlights and drop the price, not increase it!

I still dont want one.

So the only new thing for 2011 is a grille?

What happens to "preproduction" vehicles? Are they used as dealer vehicles, sold to the public, scrapped, ...?

I support the grille but I do not support an opening for admitting air to cool the engine of an automobile or the like.

will the texas plant be the same one for the recalls of tacomas and tundras in the year 2013? lol ya know, three years later! XD

honesty is always the best policy! :)

Sweet looking truck, better than the Ranger with torsion bars practically a foot below the frame line, where are the Dakota's, the low-rider Frontier, and the government Colorado...

I like the look. I think the new grille makes it look a little more like the first-gen Tundra.

The new four-cylinder crewcab variant makes it an interesting choice for the thrifty crowd, although I wish it would come with a corresponding horsepower increase. Say, an extra five or ten ponies at least?


HA HA this is so entertaining...on a side note: if you dont like the grill but like the truck then you could always get an aftermarket grill like the badazz ones that RBP makes.

Hey oxi!! Ford Ranger 4 the win lol

@synrgy - I support the grille, but not an opening for admitting air to cool the engine. Thanks for your feedback.

hey oxi the 4.7 dakotas where to busy blowing the doors off and going places in the woods these toyotas only dreamed off the rangers where at work not falling apart and the canyons where well ok they suck

So, "B.N.G" now stands for Bold New Grill?
Not Bold New Graphics.

Yes because we all know how wonderful the low riding no articulation Dakota does off road.

looks like I found the forum where all the losers landed... apparently the ones that couldn't afford a Tacoma... LOL I'm on Toyota pickup #10, and I only WISH that someone else would build something better... or something with as good a resale as a Toyota pickup. I've had several of the competition, and don't care to repeat those mistakes.

And I could care less about a new grill... but I'd be thrilled with something that got better gas mileage. I've had 4 cylinder AND 6 cylinder Gen2 Tacomas, and I could do a better job coming up with a winning formula than Toyota does... but they only engineer for profit.

Quite possibly the ugliest truck I've seen in a long time. What's with the grill and the wheel wells? Ick. And it's got the terrible BFG Rugged Trail tires on it, ew. People still buy Toyota... weird. must be the gas mileage factor... they seem to care less about how many deaths their vehicles caused, it's the MPG's that matter baby!

Colorado and Canyon are easily the best looking light-duty trucks on the market.. To bad GM doesn't care about them and let them wither away and die...

they had so much potential IMO... All they needed was a refreshed interior and a strong 4-cylinder option (which GM has in the 2.4 DI) and they would have been fine..


Colo and Canyon do have an incredibly strong four-cylinder option. I defy you to find me a four-cylinder truck that can get 185 hp and generate 190 lb-ft of torque at 2800 rpm, and can do it while getting 21 mpg.


What's wrong with the wheel wells?

Try and fit 265/75R16 on your stock Ranger, Dakota or Colorado with a simple leveling kit up front!!!

Translation: more running ground clearance and better approach and departure angles...

@ oxi Try to stick to subjects you know about like Tacomas and leave the reat of the trucks to the rest of us. A factory available tire size for the Dakota is 265/65/17. A little research indicates that overall tire height is approx 30.5 in tall. Your tire size is 265/75/16. Further research shows approx tire height as 31.5 in. That means 0.5 in above and below the rim which is pretty much insignificant. Given the extra space built into everytrucks wheel wells, it would be easy to fit similar height and width tires as your Tacoma WITHOUT a leveling kit. To bad you just bought a new Tacoma, you missed out on that sweet, new, more expensive grill. Did you hear about the Lexus valve spring problems? Gotta love that Toyota quality.

You're right Jordan L., they were just trying to keep up with GMs valve stem problem. You know, blatantly defective during manufacturing causing excessive oil consumption. The fix? Replacing the head or heads. It took them awhile to figure that out, as they were telling their customers it was "normal" operation. Gotta love that GM quality as well.

@ sheesh What engines were affected by that problem? Haven`t heard that one yet but one more reason for me to be glad that I don`t drive GM`s. To bad they could never figure out how to get their 2.8l-3.5l v6 intake gaskets to stop leaking. That was the deal breaker for me. 2 gasket failures in 80,000 kms. What a joke. You would think that after building an engine for 20 years give or take they would figure out a solution. But its easier to keep selling parts than to figure out how to make them better I guess. Seems Toyota is in the same hole lately. Better to be the biggest than the best.

@Jordon L.

Funny how the new Dakota's are low riders. Those things lack proper ground clearance, better keep them on the pavement where they belong!

I drive next to Rangers, Dakotas and Colorados all the time, and they sit too low, not good for off-roading at all...

Are you one of those Toyota haters? I see people buying Toyota's all the time and that just makes you flipping mad! Sorry the pro-Obama and pro-UAW and the pro-liberal media just doesn't work with real people, only the weak minded!

@Jordan L.

All you have to do is Yahoo GM truck recalls: really do need to do your research a little bit more, bra, before hitting those puddles that you call "wheelin". Gen4+('98+) 4x4 Rangers or 2wd torsion bar Rangers fit a 33x12.50 tire with smart wheel specs. I think I would know... I own a '01 that currently has 8" lift and 35's, but along the way to it's current state, I went through all setups including the max tire+no lift setups.

Just 'cause you "drive next to Rangers, Dakotas, and Colorados all the time" and think they're all tiny, doesn't mean you know anything on the subject. I believe even Colorado and Canyons have standard or optional tires from the factory within a half inch of your 265/75r16 benchmark.

Back to the Toyota...I actually find the grille alot more attractive than the old one. Don't know why in God's name anyone would want the new 4cyl crew cab....WHAT A DOG AND A HALF that would be to own.

Ford 2.0 Ecoboost in the next ranger FTW!!


I seriously doubt a brand new 2010 Ranger can even hold a 265/75, I park next to them at work and they sit too low to even consider such a tire...

A Ranger is too small for that size tire, please look at them more carefully boy!

The Colorado sits too low for such large tires! Why do I have to look down upon a Colorado when I drive next to them?

Ground clearance? I am above 12 inches on the front end, no way in hell is a Colorado even that close boy let alone a Ranger!

And you needed 8 inches of lift for 35's? Geesh that is harsh, I had an 85 2wd Toyota with just a 4 inch bodi lift and ran 33 inch tires, my old 86 4x4 had just a 3 inch bodi lift with 35 inch tires!

Man you Ranger guys must have to fork out a ton of cash just to get to the level of a stock Toyota and bust the bank to get 35 inch tires on!

Again, advantage Toyota when seeking larger tires, Toyota's are much easier to get the proper clearance for larger tires than the domestic brands and Toyota's do not run weaker torsion bar setups up front and when they did they were mounted on the upper a-arm thus full frame protection, cannot say that about the domestics!

In the rear Toyota still runs their leaf springs above the axle and their lower rear shock mounts ride along or tucked away near the tires nicely while domestics run them in the middle exposed to bottoming out, not good on their part!

Toyota's tend to stand taller (not good for street driving) but is a plus off-road compared to lower trucks for its competition...

Jordan L., it involved the 2006 -2007 model years with the 4.8 and 5.3L. If you need you can reference TSB #07-06-01-007F. Also, you're right, the GM V6's had and still continue to have intake gasket failures. Nothing like calling up my cusotmers to say their 3 or 4 year old GM needs a major repair. It's unfortunate that big companies are unable to keep up with themselves and make a reliable product. I had always been a Toyota supporter myself and recently switched to another make.


I think you need to shut up about the whole tire size thing cause your sounding like an idiot. My first truck was an '89 Ford ranger and I put 265/75-16's and yeah I know thats not exactly a 33" tire but its only about .5" off. I had absoulutly no rubbing and that truck was 100% stock with no suspension modifications. I doubt .5" is going make any difference at all in offroad situations. BTW I am not defending the Ranger, I am just trying to weed out all the bs.

BTW...oxi I own an Fj Cruiser so I am not a Toyota hater but they are not the most perfect vehicles on the road either.

oxi ,You are the man bro,I saw a newer style Dakota R/T and it sits lower than my Tacoma also I seen a Tacoma with 22 inch rimz on you's can go bigger than the other guyz are talkin bout.Toyota are reliable,my 2006 has 23,000 trouble free miles except for the rear end seals and gears they said,grinding and clunkin at 13,000 so far 10,000 trouble free miles now..TOP THAT AMERICAN TRUCK OWNERZ!!!
I just came back from my holiday and I rented a Camry Toyota still does sell lots of cars oxi,and the rental lots buy them alot now good for selling advertisments.So what if Toyota has recalls for faulty motors and frames,its a toyota and we all know they are goods,I voted for Obama and he is doing awesome,great brother for real,keep it up man !

@ToyotaOwner are you serious? 23k trouble free miles on an 06 and you're bragging on your truck?! Rear end seals shouldn't go out at 13k! And 10 thousand miles is nothing to not have problems. I bought my 06 F150 a year and a half ago with 52k on the odometer, it just rolled over 70 thousand miles and i have yet to have ANY problems with it... so i guess i did beat that in my American truck.

Dude, he was joking.

@ oxi I`ve owned 2 Dakotas. An 06 and a 92. They are both great trucks. Never went off road in one before and I don`t really care to. I use my truck for hauling and towing. If I want to go digging I go in my ATV. I don`t claim to know what ground clearance Dakotas, Rangers, Tacomas, Colorados, etc. But what I do know is that the tire you are talking about will fit on many vehicles WITHOUT, let me repeat that for you, WITHOUT any sort of a lift. Thats the only point I was trying to make. The statement you made was false and the least you could do is man up, grow a set, and admit you were wrong. Just because you drive beside vehicles on a daily basis doesn`t make you an expert. I`m a mechanic, I have real hands on exerience with this kind of thing. But that doesn`t make me an expert either. I`m not a Toyota hater but I do enjoy rubbing your face in it when I can. You think that people who buy toyotas make me mad? You think that I have a weak mind because I`m pro Obama and union? Thats odd. I have never once said anything of the sort. Then you can consider the fact that I am Canadian. I really don`t give a rats ass what your unions and presidents do. The fact that you made the assumption that I`m pro Obama etc,etc just shows how arrogant you really are. I guess a person who can determine offroad worthiness just by parking his own vehicle next to others must be able to determine the personal opinions and beliefs of annonymous posters on a truck themed website. You really are talented. You are like a toyota jedi master. there is nothing more pathetic than a person who talks like they know everything and won`t admit when they are wrong.

Please don't call Oxi a Jedi. It insults the Jedi. LOL

BTW Oxi? There is more to ground clearance than how high up you sit. Put a body lift on your Taco and you still have the stock ride height, but if it impresses you to look down on other trucks so be it. My Titan does not ride all that high up but all the undercarriage stuff it tucked up high and out of the way giving pretty damn good clearace even stock. Adding bigger tires gives a minimal advantage as you have been told numerous times. 31" vs 33"'s? Ohh! A whole inch of added clearance!! To a skilled driver that would not matter.

i mean if your going to change somthing about a car, put a little effort into to it and actually change it. just by changing the grille doest change the car. people arnt going to be speeding to the dealership to by a new tacoma just because the grille is new. overall i think they need to do something about the whole front end. untill that day comes i would never buy this car or any other toyota


You make me laugh. I find it comical, you toyota fanboy! lol. I know these Rangers pretty darn well....I know it sounds horrible but I know these trucks almost like the back of my hand. You sure you're parking next to 98+ 4x4 Rangers?? Stock they have 255/70's(30.1)...265/70 is a whopping 1.5" taller.

“I seriously doubt a brand new 2010 Ranger can even hold a 265/75, I park next to them at work and they sit too low to even consider such a tire...”

A Ranger is too small for that size tire, please look at them more carefully boy!”

They do and here is proof…

“The Colorado sits too low for such large tires! Why do I have to look down upon a Colorado when I drive next to them?”


“And you needed 8 inches of lift for 35's? Geesh that is harsh, I had an 85 2wd Toyota with just a 4 inch bodi lift and ran 33 inch tires, my old 86 4x4 had just a 3 inch bodi lift with 35 inch tires!”

Apples to oranges… But I don’t believe for one second that Gen2 w/ 3” BL fit 35’s. Those trucks stock for stock sit about 2” lower than the 98+’s and require about 2-3” more lift to fit the same tires.

“Man you Ranger guys must have to fork out a ton of cash just to get to the level of a stock Toyota and bust the bank to get 35 inch tires on!”

I didn't need the 8" to fit the 35's, I ran the 5's on just the 3" BL on my '01 for a couple months. BUT...I prefer to CLEAR my tires instead of BARELY CLEARING(totally stuffing) them. Even with the 8" and no sway bars, I fully stuff front and rear when I’m out on the rocks or the trail. You know…actually USING the truck and not BROMOBILING the FJ at the mall on Toyo’s and Rockstars.

“Toyota's do not run weaker torsion bar setups up front and when they did they were mounted on the upper a-arm thus full frame protection, cannot say that about the domestics!”

This is true. BUT...tbars are a tried and true design and stupid simple and in the areas where it counts(around the cv's), it takes up very very little room. I wouldn't really say they're weak because they're still used on 1ton Chev's.

One of the areas Ford really skimped out in ’98 on when they redesigned the front frame and tossed on torsion bars while the Taco had coil-overs since ’96. More on this later. BUT, there are aftermarket offerings for coil-overing your ranger. And it’s a night and day difference in ride quality and clearence. I scrape up my tbar skids all the time. lol. BUT....we do have that FREE 2" lift by twisting the adjustment bolt. THAT's something that can't be said for your precious FJ/Taco.

“In the rear Toyota still runs their leaf springs above the axle and their lower rear shock mounts ride along or tucked away near the tires nicely while domestics run them in the middle exposed to bottoming out, not good on their part!”

North American Rangers are spring over…

can't say though for the foreign Rangers as I've never really paid attention.

ALL Rangers internationally have outboard shocks like the F150….BUT the US and Canada Trucks. It’s been talked here for quite some time….Ranger is a dinosaur and will likely go the way of Mercury by 2012. I’m VERY surprised that if it was such a successful truck, why they didn’t upgrade it to be competitive with the other offerings? ’05 IMO is the beginning of the end of the Ranger. Yoda and Nissan came out with bumped up sizes and 245hp and 261hp respectively. Ranger: 207 since ’01. Point is, Internationally, Ranger is just about king if not is king. Ford doesn’t care about the Ranger here other than it’s epa figures that lowers its truck line. Sucks but oh well.

Sorta back on topic to the post…. I do like Tacos and would own one if I could afford it! That about $30k entry fee for something similarly equipped(stock) to my truck really has me hurting. I find it the perfect sized truck. Not compact yet not fullsize. I certainly do not need a fullsize. Toyota, offer me a TRDOR crew cab v6 WITH A MANUAL and we’ll talk. When I got my ranger (’03), it was down to a Ranger or a Taco….my requirements were in the 10-13k range, v6, manual, 4x4, xcab, somewhat low mileage(50-70k) and 01+. Tacos in that price range had 120k on the clock! Got my Ranger for at the bottom end of my price range with only 30k on the clock. I’ve put 100 on it since and the only major mechanical issues were my abuse of the pile of shiz mazda transmissions.

Toyota is a BIG truck compared to Ranger or Colorado. They're wheelwells are huge and come with decent sized rubber straight from the factory. If you're in a Taco or FJ, OF COURSE A RANGER WILL BE SMALLER THAN YOU.

In conclusion, I just want to set something straight... Why in the world are we comparing some 1980's trucks you had to 98+ and 2010 examples???? Apples to oranges to almost an extreme.


FYI-I think oxi owns a Taco...I am the one who owns an FJ.

So whats the sales pitch on this one... if the defective throttle don't get ya the rust will... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

@Shawn - the ironic thing is - the Toyota's that had recalls for sticking pedals where all made by an American company. The Denso pedals were not recalled. Same design, different wiring harness. Ford had to recall pedals from the same company.
Who made the frames for Toyota???????????

Not that I would ever want to stir the pot or anything........

@Lou Ford only had a recall in China over the throttle. I made this point before and I will make it again, yes I know it was outside vendors that made the parts but the buck stops with Toyota. Where the hell is their Q.C. at? To many recalls with to many of there vehicles all at once...


Taco...FJ...same thing but different. same thing under the skin. lol.

@shawn - I agree with the you on the QC comment.
The problem we are seeing with Toyota is shared components. If there is a flaw or potential flaw in a component that is used in millions of vehicles - there is no way around the fact that you will have a massive recall. Many experts say that this sort of thing is bound to happen again, regardless of manufacturer. The problem with Toyota's recall is that it was mismanaged and not caught early enough.

Smile fo me daddy
(What you lookin at)
Let me see ya grill
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Ya, ya grill ya, ya, ya grill

jap junk.

someone deleted my post. and i didn't even cuss in it. lame censors.

heck yes let me say if i wasnt in Iraq right now i be the first one at the dealership buying one. got my eyes on the v-6 6 speed TRD with the tow package its going to coast around 32,000 or so but deff worth it

Still no diesel....?! Why in sam hills is that 3L diesel available anywhere in the world but we are still left out?!

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