First Look: 2011 Toyota Tacoma with New Grille

First Look: 2011 Toyota Tacoma with New Grille

Toyota is making final preparations to start production of the 2011 Tacoma midsize pickup at its new home in San Antonio. Here’s a first look at the latest Tacoma, which features a new grille for all models.

For the past few weeks, Toyota has been building preproduction Tacomas to check assembly processes and quality. The trucks shown here are part of the last pilot batch.

Tacoma production was moved to Texas after Toyota ended operations at the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Northern California, where Toyota had built small trucks for the U.S. since 1991. The Tacoma will be built alongside the Toyota Tundra at the Texas plant.

2011 Toyota Tacoma Rolls Down the Line Ahead of a Toyota Tundra
A 2011 Toyota Tacoma rolls down the assembly line for a final quality check ahead of a full-size Tundra.

Toyota’s flexible manufacturing process allows Tundras and Tacomas to roll down the line back-to-back if necessary to meet manufacturing demand, said Craig Mullenbach, manager of external affairs at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas.

The 2011 Tacoma sports a revised grille that collapses the previous two-bar style to a single bar. While some models receive bare plastic grilles, others, like the sporty X-Runner, will have body-colored grilles.

Production of the 2011 Tacoma starts Monday, and the first Tacomas could find their way to Toyota dealerships as early as the end of this month.

2010 Toyota Tacoma with old grille
2010 Toyota Tacoma with previous two-bar grille


really? putting a Tacoma up against a Dakota or a ranger or anything gm manufactures ? 05 Tacoma, 65k before I traded it in, 2 sets of tires & oil changes . nothing else. 00 Dakota, @ 25 k, wheel bearings, instrument cluster. ac expansion valve.
02 Durango r/t 360, knock @ startup, leaky pinion seal, awd module, expansion valve, compressor, failed ECM, (after 2 flashes) fuel pump. seat cover & heater element, all in it's 20k's
ford explorer, engine @ 60k. gm? never owned, never will. recalls or not, I'd do Toyota. funny how these issues come out right after out idiot president bails out the largest money loser in our empire,GM. speaking of safety, GM trucks roasted more people from 73 to 96 with that side saddle tank than all auto manufacturers combined.

Let's get to the heart of the matter fellas. It's time To-Yoter built changed the body style. This one's long in the tooth. @The Luigiian. EXACTLY. Seems like we all want something new to talk about, yet they've stuck with this thing for so long. This whole thread is like bored folks at a party with nothing in common but the weather. I long can you discuss it before it's just silly talk and you're staring at each other uncomfortably?

I mean a friggin' grill? That's all for '11? A grill? Really? How 'bout at least a new sound system or something with full iPod connectivity or maybe a diesel...something... But a grill? :-p

I wasn't a foreign car person until I bought my first Toyota in 2001. Since then, I have had 2 more Toyota vehicles including my current 09 Tacoma. Overall they have been excellent cars with excellent reliability.

My parents purchased a brand new Malibu in 2003. I purchased a brand new Camry in 2001. When my parents were looking for a new car in late 2006, most dealers were at $4,500 - $6,000 trade for their Malibu. It was only 3 years old and only had 42,000 miles on it. A year later, in Dec 2007, I traded in my 2001 Camry with 40,000 miles on it and ended up with $9,200 trade even after negotiating the price way down on the purchased vehicle.

The moral of the story: American cars are great if you can get them for less than half of their sticker price because in only 3 years they lose more than 2/3 of their value. Not to mention that I had owned my Camry for 6yrs 10 months and besides regular maintenance, I only had one problem and it was with a sensor for the fuel tank. My parents had many more problems with their Malibu in the 3 years they owned it including a loud engine knocking.

I can't imagine paying over 30 k for a Tacoma when you could simply get an F150 and better mileage.

well for some people toyota is a good vehicle i own a 2007 tacoma sr5 prerunner and it has yet to fail after 51,000 + miles i have on it especially running on the autobahn blowing doors off on some beemers tuff truck ,the 2011 is nice,the grill doesn't matter as long as the truck peforms as it's supposed also bear in mind not one thing manufactured on this planet is fool proof,why?because everything is made to last a certain period of time so the rest of the world of repairman can make a living,it's all about money the all mighty dollar a gm,dodge,chevy,ford all need maintaning don't they and if you do they last as long as the next truck so stop the petty mine is better than yours an appreciate what you see whether you buy one or not....BTW i have owned a vehicle from each manufacturer and i will never buy american again.............unless it's a classic

I own a 2009 Toyota Tacoma I live in nova scotia canada and I have about 55,000 km on my truck(34000 miles)and I have 265/75/r16 on my stock truck and it has been running fine. I've taken it off road a couple of times(not in any serious situation) and have never had any problem with power or a lack of it. If you ask me its worth the money to buy this truck over the competition because maybe it seems that right now Toyota is having all of these problems but they have handle it like true gentleman, whether your favourite company is ford or GM their vehicles will come across a mass problem were they will need to recall them and then we will see if they handle it as well as Toyota did. I'm not so sure if Toyota makes the best vehicle or not but I do believe the have the best customer service and to me thats worth paying for.

I've owned six new tacos since the '80s. Current one is an '02 SR5 4x4 Access Cab. I'm currently in the market to get a new one. That's why I'm reading this page. I don't know why they increased the size in '05. The smaller truck did everything I need and gets good gas mileage doing it. Now that Toyota exec's made it bigger, I'm back out looking at other options. If left alone, I wouldn't have even questioned it. $30K is outrageous for a small truck in today's tough economic times. Maybe I'll put a couple grand in Ole Red and drive her another 150K?

ok crack head american trk buyer i dont like ford trk nissan chevy I had had 2 toyotat 1 tunder 1tacoma 1 corrola all of these auto has been outstanding auto ford just fir the money chevy a bail out dodge 2500 disel is great the hell with the other any way toyota is built in tx just think where does most of out part come from when we build american auto hem
battery mexico
tire usa or else where
window here or else where
motor hell who know
transmission the same as above just like the enging oil did it come from usa or bfe
it really dont matter as long as the out come is safe and dependable so wake up american buy what you want

News flash- No one could find a problem with the recalled Toyota's including the feds. News flash- Toyota buys back the trucks with bad frames at more then they were worth are you listening Ford and Chevy? I have not owned a Tacoma or a Hilux with less then 200,000 miles on it when I sold it the one I just sold I had to put a clutch in it at 206K still had every front end part it came with at 247K and has never used a drop of oil. I have a farm and heat my house with wood I stack fire wood to the roof of my Tacoma's and drive through muddy fields while towing a trailer full and some one thinks I should buy a Chevy or Ford? Sorry too late I just bought an other Tacoma.

I have ordered a 4 cyl 4X4 that should be somewhere on the Texas assembly line right now. I can not understand why "Fog Lights" are only offered on the V6 Tacomas. The 4 cyl Tacoma bumbers are just like the V6 but fog lights are not avilable/provided, standard or as an option. WHY?

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