Ford to Offer V-10 Gas Engine for Medium-Duty Chassis Cab Trucks

Ford to Offer V-10 Gas Engine for Medium-Duty Chassis Cab Trucks

Ford's mighty three-valve, 6.8-liter Triton V-10 is one of our favorite gasoline engines because of its diesel-like performance. Although Ford discontinued the V-10 as an option for its 2011 F-Series Super Duty pickups — substituting the all-new two-valve 6.2-liter V-8 gasser in its place — the company is keeping the 10-cylinder mill for 2011 F-450 and F-550 chassis cabs and the F53 motorhome chassis, and Ford has just announced that it will offer the V-10 as a brand-new option for 2012 F-650 and F-750 medium-duty chassis cabs.

Today's Ford F-650 and F-750 commercials are offered with a Cummins inline-six diesel engine, a variation of the same six-cylinder oil burner offered in Ram HD pickups and chassis cabs. By adding the V-10 for its Class 6 and 7 work trucks, Ford will become the only manufacturer to offer a gas-powered vehicle in every truck class from 1 to 7.

GM used to offer an 8.1-liter V-8 gas engine for its medium-duty GMC TopKick and Chevrolet Kodiak chassis cabs, but production of those rigs ended last year.

“No other manufacturer offers this wide of a range of options and solutions for truck customers,” said Len Deluca, Ford's director of commercial truck sales and marketing. “The availability of a gas engine in this medium-duty segment will be welcome news to many businesses and municipalities.”

The powerful V-10 is rated at 362 horsepower and 457 pounds-feet of torque, but its biggest advantage may be its price relative to traditional diesel engines that dominate in classes 6 and 7. Gas engines burn cleaner than diesels. They don't require the same complex exhaust-scrubbing hardware, which can mean saving thousands of dollars in upfront purchase costs.

Instead of being paired with Ford's legacy 5R110 five-speed automatic transmission, the 6.8 will be mated with the all-new 6R140 six-speed gearbox that debuted in 2011 F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks for both the 6.7-liter V-8 diesel and 6.2-liter V-8 gas engines.

The 6R140 features Live Drive power takeoff with an output shaft linked directly to the engine crankshaft providing constant PTO operation any time the engine is running, regardless of vehicle speed. It provides the capability to power PTO-driven accessories such as dump bodies, generators, salt spreaders and snowplows.

Compressed natural gas or propane alt-fuel packages will also be available as an option for the 6.8-liter V-10. The conversion will be available starting this fall on F-450 and F-550 Super Duty chassis cab trucks.

The new gas-powered chassis cabs can be ordered starting in late 2011.

[Source: Ford]


What about swaping the old 5.4 2v for the new (and probably detuned) 6.2 v8 and the brand new 6.7 ford diesel
in the E series so it will stay copetitive with express and that new and very not pretty Nissan van?

The V10 will make more sense with GNG or LPG for a Motorhome, but will be pretty underpowered for a Class 7 truck.

That should be a great engine for a lot of users. A lot of cities and businesses need an idiot resistant truck for very local deliveries and maintenance. The V-10 should offer a simple reliable package. It may not have as much power as the diesel option but it will have a lot more power than the 1976 C60 with a 350 that I have been using around the farm for while and that truck does what I need it to do. That truck was retired from municipal use of road repair and trash hauling. The gas burner has certainly lasted long enough in that truck.

This V-10 was awesome in Ford's Excursion. It's one of my favorite engines. Glad to see they're not dropping it.

if you dont mind paying extra for diesel fuel and spend thousands of dollars just on emissions alone, a diesel truck is best for you. you can get the same amount of performance, better gas mileage, and spend significantly less by using the 3 valve 6.8l triton v10 over the 6.7l v8 diesel. i love the sound of diesels but gas engines do the same thing but cheaper.

@ 65chrysler300

i drove an excursion with v10 engine as well. it was an '03 and man was it huge and powerful. who needs a diesel when you can have a v10?

The Triton V10 sure has made a name for itself. I love my V10.

I get why people love the V10, so why don't more people love the 5.4? It's the same thing minus 2 cylinders. If the Ford 6.8 V10 is good for a V10, then the 5.4 should be considered a good V8.

Maybe because the 5.4L never got a huge significant boost in HP as where the V10 when first was introuduced as a 2v at 275HP/425TQ and now the 3v 362HP/457TQ. The V10 has great low end torque. Perfect for a HD Truck.

Thank God Ford did this. Diesels are not meant to idle for long periods of time. In the public utilities industry that's all our trucks do. Parts cost more, repairs are substantialy higher on diesels than gas engines. Now with all the federal emmissions regulations imposed on diesel engines, this can solve alot of problems. On top of the fact that diesels and cold weather don't go well together. Way to much work to get them started on cold winter days in the north east.

If the mileage didn't suck I'd love to have a V10 SD to drive, instead I'm in search of a 7.3L PS for my towing rig. I was never a fan of the 6.8L's exhaust note but when its used for work that doesn't really matter

Even the Operation Repo F250 is powered by the V10! Their previous 5.4 obviously didnt have enough ummmph...

Lets see, Ford dropped the 429 gas powered F-800's back in 1996, citing that there was no market for gas powered mediums. GM had the market to themselves from 1997 to 2009, and aside from some municipalities and U-Haul, no one bought them. Now, Ford comes out with a gas medium, and are playing it up like they just invented the wheel. What do they think is different this time?


They have always used the Grey V10 F-250. Never have I seen a 5.4L.

love that engine I miss the Rams w/ the magnum v10s

The 8.0L Dodge Ram V-10 was twice the engine the 2 valve 6.8L Ford V-10 was.

Oh, and by the way, Freightliner offered the 8.0L Dodge Ram V-10 in the FL-60 medium truck for a couple of years too. Nobody bought those, either.

the 8L V10 Dodge was twice the fuel consumption too! side note, I think the 6.2 is an awesome motor for the F250.

I know a few people that own V10s. couple Dodge guys and a Ford. They LOVE them. If I could find a Dodge with a v10 that wasn't miled out I'd buy it for a tow rig. I never understood why the V10s weren't more popular. The V8s in 3/4 ton form are okay but the difference in mileage compared to the 10s is small enough that most people wouldn't mind plus you get the near diesel power.

Rumor has it Navistar will use GM gas engines in certain medium duty Internationals too.

With the cost to buy, operate, maintain and repair of the diesel increasing dramatically, large gasoline engines are coming into favor again.

I wonder if GM will bring the 8.1 back?

8.1L? I heard something funny. The big block assembly line is supposedly still intact in the Tonawanda Engine Plant. Since the 4.5L diesel isn't going into production, there was no reason to dismantle it?

I just bought my 2010 f250 extended cab equipped with the 6.8 v10 6 speed manual love it love it...who needs a diesel 12 mpg in town 15-16 highway pulls my fifth wheel like it's not there !

just purchased a 35 ft motorhome with a V10 triton. Is this enough power to pull a ski boat?

I love my V-10 in my 2001 F-250, I went and looked at the 2012 V-8 and wasnt impressed at all. Did like the 2012 diesel but not wanting the high cost of fuel and maintance.. :) So i went home detailed, and cleaned out all the junk in my V-10 with 190k miles on it and I'm hopping it last another 150 k. I might even drop and new engine in it till ford changes it mind on the v-10 in the 250-350 models.

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love my v 10 its a low rpm well balanced engine owened my 2001 xlt for 8 years now havent put a dime in it tires brakes etc.

What gas mileage do you get with a 35 Ft motor home with a Ford 6.8 L V10 engine (city/hwy)?

I put over 1,000 miles now on my newly bought 2005 v10 30 valve. Driven 20 valves before. Big deference in low end power. At 65 mph the 30 valve gets over 30 mpg. drive 70 mph and it drops to 23 mpg and so on. City driving is 21 mpg if you keep your foot of the gas peddle. a light touch is all you need. Fact is a diesel is great at sea level but over a 12,000 foot pass. The 30 valve v10 would leave the diesel way behind. I live by the rockies so my first and only choice is the Ford 30 valve V10. If I lived at the lower land ELV's. my choice would be a turbo diesel. At 12,000 feet the V10 ford is 17 mph faster with the same load than the diesel.

Have 2 V-10's. A 99 and a 00. The 00 is twice the engine the 99 is, there are minor differences in the truck configurations, but love both engines. All the power I need, the 00 is in my utility service truck. With diesel engine oil, filters, and fuel costing what they do, the mileage required to get a payback on the diesel, far exceeds what you can get out of any truck in the northeast rust belt- meaning it will rust out long before you will get a payback on the "savings" of the diesel. With well over 200,000 miles on my V-10, the lifespan is there as well. How much power do you really need? I am self employed as a diesel mechanic, but cannot see the benefit of the diesel expense, since the V-10 will hang with it for economy (mileage), and longevity, lags a bit in power and torque behind the diesel, but maintenance costs are FAR less than the expense required to keep the diesel happy. Plus, for the cost of a set of injectors, I can have a whole new engine. The V-10 in a medium for the muni market makes perfect sense.

I have a 2002 f 250 6.8 v10 gas 271.890 mileage motor never touch driving ever day 18 to 24 mpg look to find another one this good

ford has v8 diesel stroke engines and 6 cylinders is someone going to introduce 7.0 v10 diesel engines, possibly rebadge a super duty ,lincoln and put in if they ain"t got any problem balancing em if they had the technology to make Em a v10 yanmar engine in it!

What was the first year of the Ford v-10, and is it 20 or 30 valve.

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