Global Vehicles Responds to New Comments from Mahindra About Pickup Timing

Global Vehicles Responds to New Comments from Mahindra About Pickup Timing

The battle over when Mahindra pickups will go on sale in the U.S. bubbled over Thursday, with Mahindra execs saying a lawsuit against them might delay the trucks’ already late arrival, while the U.S. distributor declared that nonsense.

Pawan Goenka, the president of Mahindra's automotive business, told reporters in India that the introduction of its truck in the U.S. could be pushed back yet again because of Global Vehicles USA's pending lawsuit against Mahindra.

"We are going as per (our) original plan for the launch of the pickup truck in the U.S. [by December 2010], but can't say on the actual time of launch, as it will depend on the outcome of the litigation," Goenka said.

GV USA, the Atlanta-based company that holds the rights to sell Mahindra’s compact diesel pickups in the U.S., responds that if Mahindra can stick to its delivery and distribution comments, there shouldn't be any delays at all, for either emissions or legal reasons.

Mike Geylin, GV USA's spokesman, said Thursday in a written statement that "this claim is both inaccurate and unfortunate.”

According to documents filed in federal court, GV USA alleges that while GV USA has signed up more than 350 dealers and spent almost $35 million preparing for the launch, Mahindra has dragged its feet getting final safety and emissions certification from the federal government.

“Indeed, in the litigation Global Vehicles seeks to compel Mahindra to honor its contractual obligations ... and to begin shipping them pursuant to existing and long standing orders placed by Global Vehicles on behalf of its many dealers.,” the GV statement said. “Global Vehicles and its dealers stand ready, willing and able to immediately begin selling Mahindra vehicles in the United States.“


To bad for the investors who have put up capital on this venture; I believe this brand has been self destructed by this latest marketing fiasco. It would be a big suprise if everyone involved still goes thrugh with the deal at this point. I wish it had worked out according to plan. I think there is a profit to be made in the small diesel truck business if it is marketed right.

I cannot imagine how a manufacturer and distributor can sell anything with so much mistrust between them. They should end their relationship soon. Mahindra should pay a penalty for breaking the contract and find a new distributor. I do not see any other way to resolve this mess and this should be done quickly.

Help me understand something. I am a prospect customer for a Mahindra pick up, and a business man. Mahindra trucks have been delayed for two years and they have missed every target date, The distributor then files a law suit to force Mahindra to start delivering trucks, then Mahindra response is, “we are on target for the original plan…” My question is, wasn’t the original plan to deliver trucks two years ago? I see this as a case where a big foreign manufacturer is trying to squeeze the little US distributor. I hope our laws protect the distributor.

im already sick of this little batmobile lol XD

Stick a fork in Mahindra. They're dead on arrival.

I too feel bad for the well intention dealers and investors. They didn't need this nonsense. Let the world know, Mahindra cannot be trusted in any joint venture.

And I should add that's ignoring the questionable quality, reliability, safety, economy, and design/styling of their retro crapilistic pickup.



One can't help but think this truck is having major problems getting through the EPA and NHTSA.

I don't see any appeal with this truck, nor anyone possibly wanting it due to how ugly this thing really is. Our Ford dealer advertises themselves as a Mahindra dealer, here's to hoping it never happens!

And I should add that's ignoring the questionable quality, reliability, safety, economy, and design/styling of their retro crapilistic pickup.
Posted by: Ken | Jul 9, 2010 10:47:26 AM

I bet Lou would buy one of these Mahindra since he cares nothing about quality, reliability and safety. Intelligence only comes across as arrogance to those who are ignorant. Lou, your posts indicate no love for quality pickup trucks, only a need to aggressively defend Fords and Toyotas. The Chevy Silverado has a warranty with 100,000 miles. That is 40,000 miles more than Ford and Toyota. I have no desire to continue to "debate" with someone who cares so little for the Chevy Silverado, so congrats, if you read and reply to this message, you'll get the last word. Hooray for you.

Chevy needs a 100,000 warranty, but heck ford should garentie for 300,000 its a good stragergy, either way Silverados are junk, and arent a good as a ford from 10 years or so before, chevys are never really good work trucks.

Mahindra has been poorly understood. They have stood for values and protected employees for generations. They have done well with tractors and will do well with other segments of the automobile industry on a global scale. USA is only a small but important part of their big plans for the future. They are in no way different from other automobile manufacturers. Even Fords and Chevys are made in Mexico so what is the point in trashing Mahindra.

It's always amusing to me when people talk about a company's relatively new 100K warranty. I'm not saying that a 100K warranty is worthless or anything, but it's as if some folks think that there were improvements-a-plenty suddenly made when the manufacturer goes from a 36K warranty one year to 100K the next on a given vehicle.
There WEREN'T improvements-a-plenty made in most cases. And since there weren't, doesn't it make you wonder where that manufacturer's "confidence" was in the past.....and/or where it suddenly came from?

@ Nick, What is Silverados and fords has to do anyrhing with Mahindra??? And if ford gives a 300k warranty, they will go bankrup bc they suck..I nhad two f150s and in one of them i had to replace the whole engine at 125k miles. On the other one the trans went out at 75k...Im driving a 2006 silverado 1500 with 202k miles on it and it still rides like brand new....

"We are going as per (our) original plan for the launch of the pickup truck in the U.S."

What was the original Plan?? It has been changed so many times!!!

honestly..... who cares.... when is the shootout??? i thought it was supposed to be June??

This is one of the ugliest trucks I have ever seen. I get a lot of comments about how nice my Colorado looks. I'm afraid I would get the opposite reaction with this thing. I'd have to tint the windows Limo Black just so no one could see me in it.
No Thanks Mahindra, I'll pass.

What a piece of useless fluff to post. There's no news here, and a poor job of presenting the nothingness as well. What a waste of internet bandwidth.

As a previous Ford,Toyota,Chevy & Mahindra owner !!!! All of my vehicles had serious engine ,driveline or electrical problems within the first year or 2 of ownership.My 2006 Chevy rear end blew up destroying the driveshaft and transmission,my 2009 F-150 5.4 engine blew a rod at 6,500 miles !! my wifes 2008 Toyota Camry caught on fire at under 12,000 miles,destroying the car and my garage,my 1955 Ford F-100,1973 Buick Riviera (owned it 34 years) and spare parts for my Dodge Super Bee ,luckily it was getting repainted,but had to buy all new bumpers,interior,trim ect as it was destroyed in the fire,and my only good Ford or GM products that were reliable were destroyed so not so happy, Toyota never again,I get real mad when I see or hear anything Toyota !!
As for the Mahindra,I bought a lawn tractor and it to never worked,ran and stalled,couldnt cut my lawn evenly or properly ! I have 5 acres and 2.7 are manicured lawns..My 1992 Sears Craftsman tractor also works better than my Ford/Toyota/Chev and Mahindra...No I didnt abuse my new vehicles,serviced,maintained,no tire spinning (though they couldnt do that) rarely flooring it around.As for the Mahindra it was a 2007 model then replaced by a 2009 model finally got fed up and got rid of it,for another Sears ride on mower with a B&S powerplant.

I brought the fire deal up because my Mahindra tractor started to smoke,electrical fire and no way in hell I am going through that crap again,no more import crap for me,no new Ford or GM I had enough of crap !

If Mahindra's quality is like the mowers ,Mahindra trucks wouldnt be that great either !

DO NOT BUY A MAHINDRA,THEY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE ! Stress,countless hours of how the hell did I do that ? It cant be me ? Spend some time mowing 2.7 acres and then have to redo it (cut uneven missed spots stalling fire)in your old Sears tractor after you let your kids play with it.

So if a Sears /Briggs and Stratton builds a truck I will buy !! As my old 1992 Sears is B&S powered !! And I have used my 1992 until 2009 pretty much every week with no fail,my 2009 Sears ride on is aslo very reliable.

Ah, Lawn Tractor, you might want to think of becoming Amish.


With the luck I have had with newer cars,If I was Amish my horse would die,my wagons wheels would fall off and I would sweat to death wearing those awfull clothes !

But I bet if Mahindra made a truck people would buy them in record numbers and journelists would praise it,as its foreign and everything foreign is better as many journelists anti American values.I bought into the Asian is better crap and it literally burned me,ruined a great part of my life and I hate anything import ! American is the best ,if you dont think so why are you here ?

There was an earlier thread on another site regarding the Mahindra truck and the posters there at least on average had intelligent input, unlike here. I wish people would stay on track and not start snipping and bitching the values BS and start talking about the subject at hand, or their interpretation of it instead of going off on tangents degrading foreigners and their products. The old America, love it or leave it BS from the 60s.

Anyway, the looks are subject to individual opinion but there is a market for an affordable and reliable small diesel PU. If gas takes another spike way up and in fact I'm surprised it hasn't since the BP spill, that would make the Mahindra that more attractive. Mahindra has been building HD tractors for years and have done so with a very good reputation. Can you say the same about our home built products? I must say however, our domestic product has gotten a whole lot better over the years and I honestly think we have reached parity in most segments with the rest of the car building world. I have an 05 Dodge Ram Hemi and ask me in the 80s if I would buy a Dodge truck and I would have responded by throwing up. Not now, it is a quality machine with not one issue after 80K miles. Since I would like to get into trailering, maybe a diesel is in the future.

I hope Mahindra gets their product over here for one reason. It will stimulate other manufacturers to come out with their own quality small diesel rig. I'm actually waiting to see the anticipated 1/2 ton small diesels that were supposed to be launched by now via Ford and Chev? I haven't heard anything, whats up, some kind of emissions snag or something? Speaking of emissions, I'm all for that regulation and don't underestimate our manufacturers to come up with solutions eventhough they bitch about it. Dodge exceeded the requirements and have a bona fide fix whereas Chev and Ford do not. Kuddos to Dodge.

@lawn tractor...Man you got some serius issuis with tearing all those vehicle...what the crab you do to those cars man? I have a 2006 chevy silverado 1500 which has 202k miles on it. still works fine as heck.

I have no doubt that Mahindra fully intends to enter the US market... eventually. I believe they see the US as a key market for their long term aspirations. What Mahindra needs to do is save themselves some embarrassment, stop making excuses, and work with their importer to disclose the challenges they are experiencing and define a realistic timeline for launch. Then we can decide for ourselves if these pickups were worth the wait.

Somehow I'm thinking of buying a Jeep MJ Comanche long bed...that ol' bird has a better chance of availability than this new thing...

This thread is a waste of internet bandwidth? More likely one or two mahindra lovers are short on brain matter.

"Manicured" lawn and you are mowing it with a lawn tractor? Somehow I am thinking it is not as manicured as you are leading us to believe. Add to that a tractor would be one of the most inefficient ways to mow 2.7 - 5 acres of lawn. Sorry not buying it.

I've owned 7 pick up trucks in my 40 years of driving (along with several cars). Last running pu was a 2001 F150. Had to sell it because 14 MPG did not fit into my budget. I now drive a VW Jetta diesel wagon getting 38MPG.

I would buy a GOOD small diesel PU in a minute if I could. I am hoping Mahindra does succeed as a wake up call to other companies to design and build efficient pick ups. It's all about the numbers. The big auto makers know the US market does not want to sacrifice 0 to 60 performance RIGHT NOW. But mark my word, we are reaching the end of cheap oil.

Mahindra is ahead of the curve but they must establish a good rep initially with quality product unless they want to suffer the same fate of Hyundia who started in the US market with a poor product and who took 20 years to recover to the point they are at today.

Good Luck Mahindra.

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Who would dare buy a vehicle like this? With such a damaging, disasterous product launch that may never happen if ever, how could a potential customer rely on service. "Oh, yes sir, that part you are waiting on for your truck....ah, that may be another six or seven months, or maybe next year"
Just look at it. Could you imagine how long it took them to design that truck? Thirty, forty years?

Its over. What little trust I had for these guys is now long gone. I've waited since 2007 for the launch of this truck. So far- NOTHING but delays. Too bad Mahindra, someone else is getting my business.

@ John - I agree. Quality of the domestics have greatly improved.
Why? Competition from those dreaded, hated foriegners have forced everyone to improve.

Mahindra has really botched up the import of this truck. I'd like to see Mahindra succeed as it would force everyone else to compete. It could revive the compact to midsize market.
It could revive the diesel 1/2 ton programs of the domestics.

Oil prices will rise again. China has little domestic oil, and they are stupid enough to buy into the dream of automobile ownership.

Okay, I give up. You guys are right--it's DOA.

Pity. I could care less what any truck looks like, but how can you trust a company to provide good service and a reliable vehicle after all this?

I've been waiting for something other than a loaded commuter's toytruck for a long time. I want something that can haul a load with a diesel engine. And I want it to get 30 MPG on the highway, like the small Euro-haulers do.

Hey Jeep, how about a bare-bones hauler for a farmer who will beat the crap out of it?

I'm not holding my breath. It's back to Craig's list for another F-150 to work until it dies. I'll just pay for the gas and smile that I only shelled out 5K for my next wheelbarrow-with-a-motor.

I'm rather new to pickup trucks so I'm a little confounded about the attitudes toward this truck (not the company).

Is it not what people want and expect in a small/compact truck? But most importantly, it is a small pickup truck, something the USA market has moved away from.

Another article stated correctly about the delay, "The lawsuit says hurry up. The reaction is: whoa, it might slow us down."

I hate this delay. Mahindra should fire its automotive president, "Pawan Goenka" and apologize to its distributors.

HEY guy don't know about mahindra , the're good ,
i will BUY mahindra turck , if any in usa , (JAY HIND)

I stumbled upon this thread while looking for the status of these trucks and felt i should leave a comment. Everyone seems to be blaming mahindra for the delays and i thought i might leave something else for you to think about. The original press releases for these said the pickups were going to only be available with the 4 cylinder turbo diesel, 5 speed manual transmission, no power anything and a bare bones utilitarian interior for about 17 thousand dollars. Then the distributor convinced them to change all this to only a 6 speed automatic available, power windows etc. a much more plush interior and many other "convenience" features driving the msrp up to the 23-25 thousand dollar range, am i the only one that thinks these demands that the distributor thinks are neccesities for the U.S. market could be the reason for the delays? these are also the things that have made this truck lose it's appeal to me, and i think the resulting price increase is what will kill it's sales in the states. Especially with rumors of a 4 cylinder turbo diesel 4x4 tacoma being available in the near future. And as far as the people on here with the whole american vs. import argument going on, i will not argue as i see no debate, there are a lot more good running imports on the road with 300-400 thousand miles than there are "american" vehicles, not sure if i've ever seen a running american vehicle with much more than 250k on it that wasn't a cummins, powerstroke or duramaxx. I also put american in quotes because there are a whole lot of american built toyotas, nissans, hondas and subarus, there are also a lot of canadian and mexican built fords, chevys and chryslers. the difference is the american built cars from the foreign manufacturers use almost entirely japanese and american parts, where as these days american automobiles are mostly full of chinese, canadian and mexican parts, and are also grossly overpriced due to outrageously greedy union heads charging insane contract rates to the manufacturers, which are the core problem with the american auto industry. with the imports you are paying the price for quality components, with the american companies you are paying for expensive union contracts. The american vehicles seem to have improved significantly over the last several years but as far as i'm concerned are still not up to the same mechanical reliability as companies such as toyota, honda and nissan. Some may say that's just my opinion, or some may say i don't know what i'm talking about, but as i stated before there is no argument, it's a fact that the vast majority of the time the imports are more reliable and long lasting than the domestics. And getting the most for your money is how capitalism works.

I have been working down in Chile due to the earthquake. I got to see plenty of small fuel efficient diesel trucks down there. The Mahindra being one of them. I have to tell you guys that to see one up close, they are actually pretty nice. Fit and finish are good, everything is built heavy duty. Full box frame, and what appears to be dana running gear. A rough conversion into american standard, calculates fuel mileage right near 30 mpg. Everyone I talked to down there loves their Mahindra trucks. Their opinions coming from having owned just about every brand of small diesel truck made. Chevy, Ford, isuzu, Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda.

So I say give the folks from Mahindra a break, we all know what dealing with the federal government is like.

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