Ivan Stewart Shifting Gears from Off-Road Racing to Electric Bikes

Ivan Stewart Shifting Gears from Off-Road Racing to Electric Bikes

You know the times are changing when Baja racing legend Ivan "Ironman" Stewart is getting out of the off-road racing business to open an electric bicycle store in San Diego, according to a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“I’m simplifying my life,” Stewart said. “I’m changing to something more suited to what I want to be. I still want to be connected to off-road racing. I’ll still be at some of my favorite races. But not every day.”

Stewart won the Baja 500 17 times and was the only driver to earn both the SCORE and Unlimited Class series championships in the same year. He was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2006.

In 1983, Stewart started a long-running affiliation and partnership with Toyota, racing its trucks off-road. That relationship also led to limited-edition versions of the Toyota Tundra that were built and sold by Toyota (first-generation Tundra) and accessorized by Stewart directly (second-generation Tundra).

As Stewart prepares to shift gears and his attention to his newly opened electric bike shop, he’ll be auctioning off some of his most famous memorabilia, including his famous Toyota-powered Mickey Thompson stadium truck that led to the successful "Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road" video game series in the 1980s.

We’ve had the opportunity to meet Ivan and go for a drive in one of his supercharged Tundras. The man is class act, and we wish him all the best in his new endeavors.

[Source: San Diego Union-Tribune]


"I’m simplifying my life,” Stewart said. “I’m changing to something more suited to what I want to be. I still want to be connected to off-road racing. I’ll still be at some of my favorite races. But not every day.”

Your getting old Pal. I remember playing 'Ivan Ironman Stewart's Super Off Road" & "RC Pro-Am" on Super Nintendo.

Those were the days.

Good Luck Ironman!

Good for you Ivan! I've got an electric bike and I can't tell you how much fun it is. Whether it is a 500 horsepower supercharged truck or a 1/2 horsepower (500 watt) electric motor, Ivan knows how to have fun.

Ivan Stewart Electric Bikes in San Diego carries our Pedego Comfort Cruisers. Stop in for a free test ride and be a kid again!

Good luck Ironman.

The first race I saw Ivan was at the 1993 Baja 1000. We were at the finish line in Ensenada when he pulled in 1st overall (including against the bikes) to the win in his V6 Toyota!

The next day Ivan signed a huge Toyota trucks banner in the second O "Ivan Ironman Stewart 1993 Baja 1000 1st Overall."

That banner is in my garage proudly on display.

I saw Ivan race again in the desert many times. When we were heading into Ensenada to compete in our first off-road race the 1995 Baja 500 we blared on the Hella air horns as Ivan zipped by at over 100 mph on the highway.

The funny thing was we were pre-running the Baja 500 and guess who passes on by when we were eating lunch on the side of the trail, Ivan and an engineer in his 4-Runner pre-running the course likewise. He was not arrogant or cocky, he stopped, got out and asked if everything was ok, shook our hands and took off for the mountains crossing over to Santo Tomas.

We later ran a hott pit with PPI-Toyota at a Baja 500 with my brothers trusty old T-100. Ivan also autographed my old 86 Toyota desert truck at the 1996 Parker 400 when he was walking around.

We later hooked up with Bill Smith one of his crew chiefs when Rod Millen brought a Toyota Tundra to race short track at Crandon, Bill Smith was Millen's crew chief and worked the pits in the CORR Series here in Wisconsin. After Rod Millen was handed the boot by Toyota in favor of local Johnny Greaves, we moved to Carl Reneazedor's 2 truck Chevy team that Bill Smith was crew chief and worked his pits for a season.

Speaking about Johnny Greaves, saw him race last weekend here at the Traxxas short course races with his awesome 900hp Monster Energy Drink Tundra. That guy still has talent since I first saw him race his little Toyota pickup 20 years ago where I grew up near Blackhawk Farms Raceway!

Anyway Later saw Ivan again at Crandon, autographed my 2 model trucks of his. Great guy to hang out with and talk off-roading with. Lots of memories!

For barely having over 300 hp and a V6 up against 800 hp V8's and Dodge V10's, he smacked their rears back in the day!

His games are still fun to play with and I know two spots in Wisconsin where the newer arcade game and his legendary stadium arcade games are! If I pass on by I typically stop in to play a round or too!!!

Stewarts big wins over those "800 hp V8's and Dodge V10's" came while driving a 500 plus hp, V8 powered T100. At least that is what he ran in 1993 when he won the Baja 1000 overall.

I love the Iran Man, but lets not go off making like he took a pea shooter to a war zone and beat all the guys with M16's. FWIW Toyota was and still is notorious for dumping vast cash into racing efforts to succeed. He had an awesome piece of equipment to work with as well as his driving talents.

All of the race teams - especially trophy trucks sink millions into their race efforts.
That is one of the reasons why Kawasaki pulled out of racing Baja. They used to come in first overall most of the time but the truck teams got all of the press and acolades.
There isn't much in common with one of these trucks and what we drive. The shocks cost more than most pickups.

Don't get me wrong - Ivan Stewart is an amazing driver. He's the type of guy that could win in almost anyone's truck.

I've seen it in motocross. You get guys who whine that the pros are fast because of the trick bikes they ride but one of these pros slings a leg over the whiner's bike and still spanks everyone!



Ivan raced a V6 powered (3.5 liter) at just over 300hp, mid-engined truck that kicked the daylights out of the 800hp V8's and 10's!!!

By 1997 he had the Tundra V8 behind the seat and he won another Baja 1000 that year if I recall. I have an autographed picture of his V8 powered truck winning the race!!!

That V6 truck was called a Formula-1 car with large tires back in the day. It was the most advanced truck or buggy racing out there hence why Ivan would win against 800hp trucks.

It was fully independent suspended, mid-engined, single seater with great weight balance, had less weight than the heavy V8 trucks, could corner better than they could, what it lacked in flat out speed on the flat open areas in Baja it made up for it in the tight sections of the courses.

The V6 was so advanced and well built by Bruce at TRD in California, he could run it much harder than the competition could their V8's. Ivan was the pilot of that incredible machine that sits at the off-road racing hall of fame in California. Check it out sometime when you are out there!

oxi - The site I got the info for was for the 1993 truck that beat the motorcycle 1st place finisher. I gave all the spec's and flat out stated V8, 500 plus hp. Show us something other than opinion where I am mistaken.

here is mine: http://www.protruck.com/trophy.shtml


You obviously do not know the history of off-road racing:


I was there at the finish line bud in Ensendada, B.C.

And that year he fielded a V6 powered Toyota machine. I talked to Cal Wells III and crew chief Bill Smith after the race. Trust me it was a 3.5 liter V6 based off the production 3.0L engine. From that knowledge Toyota came out with the 3.4L V6 production engine for the first Tacoma in 1995!

Their was no V8 in that rig at the finish line in 1993! Toyota spanked the competition with a little V6. It was well over an hour before we saw another truck which I believe was Rob Macheran's Ford Rough Rider F-150!

Again, I do not make this shyt up, I was there and have some old pics (not scanned) from the race in my archives...

I still don't get the whole electric bicycle thing at all. Bicycles and motorcycles are both great, but the mix of the two just seems like a silly waste of time and resources for everyone. but, that's just me I guess...

Going the way of Johnny Johnson, eh?

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