June 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in June 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +33.8% June 2010 46,502 F-Series 12 mo. sales
240,345 June 2009 35,915
2 Chevrolet Silverado +11.2% June 2010 30,994 Silverado 12 mo. Sales
166,782 June 2009 24,766
3 Ram Trucks -10.0% June 2010 15,864 Ram 12 mo. Sales
84,869 June 2009 14,478
4 GMC Sierra +11.1% June 2010 11.441 Sierra 12 mo. sales
55,608 June 2009 9,014
5 Toyota Tacoma -3.8% June 2010 8,247 Tacoma 12 mo. Sales
50,797 June 2009 9,035
6 Toyota Tundra +26.3% June 2010 7,717 Tundra 12 mo. Sales
45,314 June 2009 5,187
7 Ford Ranger +12.2% June 2010 5,490 Ranger 12 mo. Sales
29,655 June 2009 5,310
8 Nissan Frontier +51.8% June 2010 2,920 Frontier 12 mo. Sales
18,429 June 2009 2,036
9 Chevrolet Colorado -31.0% June 2010 1,885 Colorado 12 mo. sales
11,661 June 2009 2,909
10 Nissan Titan +26.3% June 2010 1,604 Titan 12 mo. Sales
11,120 June 2009 1,290

Notable Items:
- Ford Super Duty sales were up 58 percent versus a year ago
- GM full-size pickup sales increase 27 percent; up 12 percent year-to-date
- Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck sales increased 26 percent versus June 2009


But seriously, what's up with Ram's declines??? Probably all those incentives from last year.

Wait nevermind. That's YTD. They actually increased 26% from last year.

They have actually had an increase the last couple of months, they are just behind YTD when compaired to last year.

FORD the best there was the best there is and the best there ever will be............. like or not is the truth nothing what you can do both

Meh, nothing new.

If Ford keeps this up the Ranger may pass the fugly Tacoma .

The Tacoma is not fugly. Toyota is, but not the Tacoma.

I sound like Lou P.

As a Ford Sales Consultant myself I feel privileged to be part of the Ford sales team.

So if you combine the chevy silverado and gmc sierra and the little colardo there is still 6294 more f-series sold not including the 29655 rangers sold. Go Ford! Now is the drop in sales of the monthly type for the silverado's because of the new truck coming out soon? We can only hope so.


Hey, yes we know. Don't tell that to the GM Fanboi's or else they will get pissy.


As usual Ram trucks rule. Lot of unhappy ford owners out there i see. GM trucks #1 in sales as usual.

snowman where you looking

I like to see how many of the Dodge Ram sales were the 1500, I bet there were more Tundra's sold then Dodge ram 1500! Also to snowman, "Ram trucks rule" ??? what numbers are you looking at?

@ mike levine is there a way you can just move all the comments under sales totals from month to month since they will probably never change. Maybe they will change after the new hd gms come out or after the comparo.

I remember when all the girly-men who drive Chevys and GMCs used to whine and cry about how if you added GMC and Chevy sales together they actually outsold Ford. Not so anymore. Ford is WAY outselling those 2 dogs. So pack up your man-purses and head back home in your Chevys.

meh nothing new

when the GM Twins have a new design they will lead the sales chart again..

if y look the numbers gm still sold more half ton,,ford more super duty,for now,,

So when will the new GM Twins arrive?

Those green dots are in the wrong spot, for everyone. The entire industry is losing sales month to month. Maybe trends will turnaround by fall?

Ford on top like always nothing new there !!! Got to love that raptor cant wait to get my hands on the 2011 6.2L

The truck sales numbers for Ford match this site (http://www.leftlanenews.com/in-pictures-best-selling-cars-of-june-2010.html), but for Chevy (or is it Chevrolet, or, whatever) dont match. Chevy is 24k on your site and 30k on leftlane news. Any ideas why? Or is it that you flipped 2009 with 2010, or they flipped them?

@woopud BTW, Ram 1500 sales kill Tundra sales. It's common sense. Also, I happen to know that about 60% of Ram sales are 1500's.

@Paul: Thanks for the catch! Sorry about that. It's corrected. The total and sparklines are correct. The month vs. month figures were transposed.


I wouldn't rely on LLN. PUTC is you're best source.


@Frank: Now, I'm really embarrassed!


That makes two of us.

you drive a chevy truck when your taking a girl out on a friday night. you drive a ford truck to work.


No I don't, I take my Sport's Car. Who takes their girl out in a truck? Oh wait........nevermind.

@ frank

lol. you sound so lovely XD

To answer the Tundra VS RAM 1500 question, I don't have a break down. If you go by a Dodge RAM lot and look at the selection and it's like 15 1500's to 1 2500/3500 on the lot that should tell you something and the chassis cabs don't even show up on this chart. RAM is either #1 or #2 in chassis cab sales. Even without firm facts I would think the RAM 1500 outsells the Tundra.

which trucks are included under the "ram trucks" banner?


The Tacoma is still outselling the Ranger by a large margin, 3,000 a month so you are telling me the Ranger will make up that 3,000 a month and then try and gain another 20,000 plus to even catch the Tacoma?

Not gonna happen!

@ Allistar

Are you saying that Chevys are trucks for girls?

@ Sierra

I think thats the Ram 1500 to 3500 trucks aswell as the Dakota. Someone correct me if Im wrong.

Dakota is not included in those numbers..

Frank- wtf are u talking about, Allistar is completly right , i was at an all GM car show last week even when im a ford guy and i swear there were more ford trucks pullin trailers then at a regular ford show, It just proves that ford is the truck when someones actually got a set and buys a real truck for work- Take a look at the new chevys , might as well buy a car its pretty much the same suspension lol, anyways all i know is that ford is the only true brand that doesnt need any crap because they truly are the best and if you dont believe me then grow a set and drive one -THE END

I cant believe The Dodge Ram isnt picking up major sales in the U.S.A !!!

Here in Canada,the Dodge Ram is setting sales records,and is the 2nd best selling truck around !! Even though Ford is the lowest cost and GM trucks are cheaper than Dodge,the Ram is setting sales records ! I guess I should say,Wake Up America,snap out of it !!

People here drive Ram 1500's as personal vehicles,daily drivers at near 4 bucks a gallon and I do not live in the Prairie's or farm country,or in the sticks !! And I aint none no hillbilly !

Frank,yeah ! If I owned a Ford or GM truck I would not take those on a date,ladies love Dodge Ram's,down at the beach my buddies 2010 F-150 gets next to NO looks nor does my other buddies 2008 GMC 1500, but my Dodge Ram 1500 gets all the looks !! Never had a girl complain about going for a date in my Ram,when I met my girl she asked what I drove I said a truck..she rolled eyes..then I said a Dodge Ram,she perked up and said she loves the Ram trucks her dad drives a new ugly Chevy her sisters guy drives an ugly new Ford ,so if you dont have a Ram dont go out on a date you will need your sports car,as the lower cost Ford/GM trucks are low rent trucks and perceived as such !

I think Americans are confused and think Chrysler is gone and therefore no Dodge Ram trucks..Yes they are still considered a Dodge,they include them in total Dodge sales of Dodge cars/Ram trucks.Eg,they add the monthly total of Dodge branded cars/vans and the Ram brand together.. They should read a bit more.Also maybe if they learned Fiat is Ferrari,Maseratti,Alfa Romeo Lancia they might have better thoughts about the merger of Chrysler/Fiat,truthfully I think that may be hurting them Fiat sounds low rent,if they knew they also were Ferrari ect..it may go over better ! Just my 2 cents !

I should also say in Canada more tow trucks are now Dodge Ram's, on construction sites more Ram's are popping up !! Still the Ram 1500 is a real winner here,dealer lots here have tons of them,actually pretty even match of 1500's-3500's...How do the lots look like in the U.S ? Few trucks ? That also could be a factor,not enough inventory !

Why arent the Dakotas listed at all? The other compacts are.
But in my region which middle Geogia alot of the Dodge or RAM dealers went out of business so theres very few around with little inventory. I know they're good trucks but not too many big time dealers around here much. Also no Dodge tow trucks mostly old Ford F-550 with the 7.3s a few 6.0s and 6.4s here and there. On the jobs sites its still mostly Fords but various models all the way to the new 6.7L. Not a whole lot of money to spend on trucks at the moment though around here for the average truck guy.


Can you give us another breakdown of the 1/2 tons versus the Heavy Dutys that Ford, GM and Dodge sell? This would settle a lot of bickering. Thanks.

@Mike Levine
Who figured out the percentages? I didnt check all of them but what did catch my eye is the frontier percentage increase. I am sorry but 2,920 is not 51.8% increase from 2,032 just some quick math in my head says it should be around 49% increase. i didnt check all of them but thats the only one that really caught my eye because half of 2,000 is obviously 1,000 so 51% would have to be just over 1,000. Just an observation.

@Daniel: You're confusing year-over-year current month sales versus year-to-date sales. YTD Frontier is up 51.8% over the same period last year, 18,249 (2010) vs. 12,144 (2009).


"I cant believe The Dodge Ram isnt picking up major sales in the U.S.A !!! Here in Canada,the Dodge Ram is setting sales records,and is the 2nd best selling truck around !!" - Canadian


Per, this article from the Globe and Mail:

"Pickup truck sales are booming in Canada and one high-ranking industry insider says Canada's improving economy is not driving sales at all.

“It's due to over-heated incentives,” says the insider, requesting anonymity. “The (pickup) truck war in Canada is artificially inflating the truck industry and is not sustainable.”

Also note, per this article:
"Sales of Silverado + Sierra outsell the Ram in Canada. Ford F-series is #1.

At Dodge, the Ram pickup starts with $8,250 in stackable cash and a lower base price. Chrysler Canada also has its own Retire Your Ride program."



They numbers are skewed. Ford's numbers are so high because they count all their repurchases like mine.

Curious to see how the 6.7's will do. I guess they figure if they can't beat Dodge/Cumming in reliability, they might as well join them at 6.7.

I think we should focus on the facts, the facts are that the big three are built here and that is what this country was founded on. GO FORD! P. S. why can't toyota compete in truck sales, oh I forgot they are recalling more vehicles than they build!


Huh! What are you talking about? I was just stating I don't take girls out on a date in my truck.


If my sports car was next to you're truck people would care less about you're truck.

Mike Levine, shouldn't the Ram percentage be +10.0% (in the green)? June 2009 sales totaled 14,478 vs June 2010, which totaled 15,864.

@Billy: No. You're mixing year-to-date sales with year-over-year current month sales.

YTD the Ram has sold 84,869 trucks. During the same period last year (Jan-June), they sold 94,516.



the new GM trucks are set to debut in 2012 sometime as a 2013 model.

Here in Canada Dodge Ram HD trucks are having record sales. Sales for all Ram full size trucks in Canada are up considerably. Campgrounds and Rodeo ground full of Dodge Hd this year. When it comes to real tough work trucks the Dodge HD is hard to beat, use mine daily on the ranch with no problems at all. The Cummins is quieter now but still has the rich diesel sound, unlike Ford and GM's new diesels that sound way to quiet for a diesel work truck, may as well have a gas truck if you can't hear that musical diesel roar.

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