June 2010 Year-to-Date Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

April 2010 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in June 2010

Rank YTD Sales YTD Change Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +33.8% June 2010 46,502 F-Series 12 mo. sales
240,345 June 2009 35,915
2 Chevrolet Silverado +11.2% June 2010 30,994 Silverado 12 mo. Sales
166,782 June 2009 24,766
3 Ram Trucks -10.0% June 2010 15,864 Ram 12 mo. Sales
84,869 June 2009 14,478
4 GMC Sierra +11.1% June 2010 11.441 Sierra 12 mo. sales
55,608 June 2009 9,014
5 Toyota Tacoma -3.8% June 2010 8,247 Tacoma 12 mo. Sales
50,797 June 2009 9,035
6 Toyota Tundra +26.3% June 2010 7,717 Tundra 12 mo. Sales
45,314 June 2009 5,187
7 Ford Ranger +12.2% June 2010 5,490 Ranger 12 mo. Sales
29,655 June 2009 5,310
8 Nissan Frontier +51.8% June 2010 2,920 Frontier 12 mo. Sales
18,429 June 2009 2,036
9 Chevrolet Colorado -31.0% June 2010 1,885 Colorado 12 mo. sales
11,661 June 2009 2,909
10 Nissan Titan +26.3% June 2010 1,604 Titan 12 mo. Sales
11,120 June 2009 1,290

Notable Items:
- Ford Super Duty sales were up 58 percent versus a year ago
- GM full-size pickup sales increase 27 percent; up 12 percent year-to-date
- Ram Heavy Duty pickup truck sales increased 26 percent versus June 2009


The only reason the Ford Ranger does not easily outsell the Tacoma is because there is no Ranger crew cab option if that were the case it would be all over for the Tacoma .

@ John those rebates you speak of are fairly recent and Gm has released employee pricing in the last week or so. $14,000 in incentives on some trucks!!!! Talk about unsustainable. As far as incentives driving the sales and not the economy. I call BS. One of the larger oil companies here in central Alberta has been buying up as many new and used low mileage Ram trucks that they can get their hands on gearing up for more new work.

That article from the Globe and Mail is not very accurate. There is next to no incentives on the Ram trucks really. I went to look at them and price them out at the dealer and really all there is is 0% financing up to 36 months and as of right now 7500 in consumer cash but thats due to them trying to get rid of 10's before the 11's come.

@Sierra and Evan. Dodge Ram sales include 1500 to 3500, and chassis cab configurations ie. 4500 and 5500.

Here is a link that breaks things down -

I find it interesting that the Tacoma is loosing sales, but the Tundra is gaining. Some guys have said that the Tacoma eats up Tundra sales. Could it work vise versa?

For Dodge b/c of the price and looks its rare to see a 1500 as a work truck its mostly f150s for hds/diesels its pretty even between ram and superduty some smaller companies use 3rd gen dakotas as smaller work trucks for things besides major construction most tow trucks are ram chassis cabs and some fords most personal vehicles are rams and the only chevys I see are some olders ones very few for work and alot of old men use them as personal vehicles fords are a little cheaper but reliable and drive fine rams are very powerful good looking reliable but a little more expensive gm products are well unrealiable underpowered not fit for work off road or much of anything at all

@ Moparman - I see a fairly even split between HD Fords and Ram diesel work trucks. I'd say 40% Ford, 40% Ram, and 20% Chev. Chev has lost HD sales in my neighborhood. Most of the tow trucks I see are Ford. I'm starting to see more Ram tow trucks. I don't recall ever seeing a Chev tow truck. I don't see too many 1/2 ton work trucks. The 1/2 tons I see are in town, light duty service trucks like cable vision installers, glass shops etc. I'd say most of them are Fords, and then Chevys, a few Rams, and the rare Toyota.
Most of the parts shops run econobox cars instead of compact trucks.
I've noticed regiional differences as well. Some areas are very pro-Chev, some pro-Dodge, and some pro-Ford.

Like i said before Ram HD rules all trucks. Stir the pot.

@snowman - you also own a Chev Duramax....... thanks for clarifing with us as to which on is better!

My question is who are all these people that are buying these 30 to $60000 pickups.has everyone lost their minds.i want a new truck really bad but i'm not gonna have a truck payment HIGHER than my house.all the new trucks are WAY OVERPRICED!!!!

@scac zac - sums up how I feel about truck prices.

@OXI you can get a crew cab Ranger in Australia.


I drove a 2002 F150 company truck, one day I started it and blew a spark plug right out of the head. I looked under the hood and could not find the spark plugs. Why would anyone design something that you have to tear the top off the motor to find the spark plugs. One of the most difficult trucks to work on ever made. Just over 36 months and Ford wouldn't cover it, $3500 for new head and labor.By the way, I couldn't wait to get home and get in my GMC

FORD... #1 Truck. Period.

chevy/generic motors, Ram (lol, right) are all irrelevant like the Tundra.

I LOVEE FORD TRUCKS. My boyfriend had a Ranger which I loved and now he bought a brand new 2010 ford F150. As much as it made me sad to see the ranger go...i just can't. The F150 is the BEST truck. And i'm lucky enough to be able to drive around in it. I love being taken out in a ford pick up truck. I have no idea what you guys are talknig about

All I know is this...my wife and I bought two brand new trucks within a month of each other. I bought a GMC Sierra Z71 and she bought a Ford F-150 Lariat with the Triton motor. While I was on deployment, she started driving my truck and didn't want to give it back when I returned home. For the next couple of months, she constantly complained about her Ford. Less than five months after my return, we now have a brand new Chevrolet Z71 sitting next to my GMC. I have driven both, but I have to say, I like my GMC better.

FORD the best there was the best there is and the best there ever will be

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