Nissan Hosts Truck Rally for Frontier and Titan Owners

Nissan Hosts Truck Rally for Frontier and Titan Owners
Photos courtesy of Nissan

Nissan is busy designing and engineering the next-generation Titan half-ton pickup, but that doesn’t mean existing owners are being left behind. The automaker recently hosted its first Nissan Truck Rally in Texas for current Titan and Nissan Frontier midsize pickup owners and enthusiasts.

Tiago Castro, senior planner for Nissan trucks, said the company is looking for a way to build better relations with some of its most loyal customers.

“We wanted a firsthand opportunity to talk to customers who currently own Titans,” Castro said. “We wanted to learn what they like and don’t like about the Titan and also have interaction with them like we do for other Nissan vehicles, like the Z car. A lot of these guys get together on their own, but this time we wanted to facilitate that meeting.”

Nissan Titan and Frontier pickups get ready to hit the trail

The three-day Truck Rally was held June 25-27 at Hidden Falls Adventure Park, a four-wheeling and camping spot about 50 miles outside of Austin, Texas. The park has almost 200 miles of trails for off-road vehicles.

The primarily off-road theme of the rally allowed Nissan to easily gather a group of truck owners together in one spot instead of managing the logistics of a cross-country towing trip or focusing on work truck applications.

On hand at the rally were Nissan engineers, marketers and planners who could talk face-to-face with 70 Nissan owners and their friends and families. There were 41 trucks — 21 Titans and 20 Frontiers, Castro said.

Nissan Frontier with cargo box tent

The event was split into two parts: a relay where the trucks traveled the park’s trails in a group with a professional driver who demonstrated the rock-crawling capabilities of the Titan PRO-4X off-road model, and a group of stations where Titan owners could see the different functional features that Nissan offers for the Titan’s and Frontier’s cargo boxes.

“We wanted to demonstrate and show off features like the spray-in bedliner,” Castro said. “We also wanted to get their feedback on how important accessories are. It was very interesting to see some of the modifications our owners had made to their trucks, too.”

Part of the feedback that owners provided to Nissan staff could also find its way into new in-truck features and accessories that Nissan offers in the next Titan.

Owner's customized Nissan Frontier

“These guys are passionate about their trucks. They love them,” said Dan Tons, chief marketing manager for Nissan trucks. “We asked them why did they choose Nissan [instead of a competing truck]. They told us they didn’t feel pressure to buy any other truck. [They bought a Titan because] they were looking for a vehicle that fit their needs, was priced right and could handle their capabilities best.

“All of the information we gather will definitely help us build future vehicles,” Castro said.

Nissan accessories for the Titan and Frontier hang on a wall


Ford just did a Raptor event in Las Vegas the week prior. There are lots of vids and pics on

Good idea! Excellent way to get a lot of feedback from their drivers!

@Frank: Thanks for the reminder. I was out of state or would have been there. I hope to make the next one.

It would have been nice if they had sent out invitations to current owners, i would have loved to attend!!

@Mike: Ford has been all over SVT Offroad asking about where the next one should be.

@Frank: Borrego. Or someplace where there will be snow this winter. Playing with Raptors in the snow would be fun.

the silver truck with licence "4x four" looks cool. Functional accessories that aren't for show.

How did this break down into a raptor post so quickly?

@Mike: I am on the East Cost so I'm kinda hoping they will do one out my way but a lot of the other owners are pushing for another one in the SW.

Did someone say Raptor?

Here is a great Raptor review.

The bottom line: The Raptor can do things we didn’t think were possible in a factory pickup. We don’t really know or care how it was given the OK by Ford’s attorneys. The fact is, it’s available now and it’s virtually perfect for the application for which it’s built. We’re just happy Ford’s legal eagles must like their Raptor as much as we do.

OK. Enough Raptor talk.

Let's get back on track because Nissan put on one heck of an event for Titan and Frontier owners. Nice job, Nissan!

direct feedback from the customers is the best way to improve your product. ford already did one, and if chevy, gmc and ram were smart, they'd do one too. hell even toyota needs to do something like this, all problems put aside lol.

Looking more and more like the next Gen Titan will be a go!

This was an awesome event. Talking with the engineers that were there, it seems as if Nissan is truly concerned about stepping up the Titan and correcting any complaints to an already awesome truck. Way to go Nissan and keep up the hard work!

Love that cargo box tent! Ha ha talk about never leaving your truck!!

Were all the paths accessible to 4X2 trucks as well, or was it only for 4X4's?

No major changes to Frontier since the current model was introduced in 2005, it is time to update the Frontier.
It is a great truck that is in need of more fuel efficiency, improved interior and an overall weight loss program.

I'd love to see Nissan offer a diesel in the Frontier and Titan too, chances are about the same as my winning the lottery without buying a ticket, I still hold out hope for diesel in a 1/2 ton or midsize truck.

We had a great time & thanks again to Nissan for putting this on. Nissan did everything they could to get a set number of vehicles there. It was posted all over the nissan titan & frontier internet boards & here on face book. I hope that the attendees get a CD of some of the footage they shot out there. The frontier that is pictured is bad a-- Everything on that truck is usable. Not just for show. Again Thanks Nissan.


I would like to know when the next NISSAN Truck Rally is. Can I be put on a list for this to receive this info please....

Shane Fox

Are they plaining to have another Titan & Frontier GTG

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