Official: Toyota Confirms Next-Gen Tundra on Its Way

Official: Toyota Confirms Next-Gen Tundra On Its Way

It's official. Toyota has confirmed word from our sources earlier this week that the next-generation Tundra is on its way, via a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Mike Sweers, the Tundra's chief engineer, told the WSJ that Toyota "is in the process of making the next generation [Tundra] a bit more traditional looking" and that it will have a larger fuel tank for greater range because "Toyota also found that buyers liked the longer range that other trucks could provide, even if the actual fuel economy was the same or worse."

Last week, when we asked Toyota for comment about the information we received from our sources, we were told Toyota wouldn't comment on future product plans.

What about Toyota's lack of sales success so far?

"We believe from an engineering standpoint we met all of the targets," Sweers said. "As far as getting conquest buyers, no, we didn't get as much as we expected."

[Source: Toyota via The Wall Street Journal]


"same or worse" in terms of fuel economy? I thought that Ford and GM both had better than this by a long shot. Seems like Toyota isn't finding much to work with in terms of better fuel economy which will not help their sales. I will give them that they did kinda put the truck market at a loop that a foreign-based brand can make a decent truck, even if it didn't challenge sales. I see a ton of Tundras here in Indiana

Mike - For what it's worth, Toyota might have owed the WSJ's Mike Ramsey a favor or two for standing by his report about NHTSA findings, LOL.

Good work as usual - this is by far the best place on the Internet to find truck news FIRST.

"We believe from an engineering standpoint we met all of the targets," said Sweers."

If they really think that, their next gen Tundra will also crash and burn.

@Jason aka TundraHQ: Thanks, sir! Much appreciated. :-)

Quote "is in the process of making the next generation [Tundra]a bit more traditional looking"

That may backfire. Who do you copy?
what is the benchmark?

They are not going to convince many traditionally domestic buyers to switch. Toyota should look to it's own roots for traditional styling. Trying to "out tradition" the domestics by copying them will be hit hard by the Detroit faithful.
The retro truck that was featured a while ago on this site was ridiculed by many traditional truck fans.

Tundra was plagued with many problems that traditional truck buyers have attacking at every opportunity. A perfect truck would still have problems denting this market.

Make a solid truck with competitive options, price it competitively, and slowly they will gain market share. Throw a diesel in it and that would jumpstart the process (maybe).

For me, I waited and waited for the "New" Tundra only to be disappointed with it when it finally arrived. The thing is, my wife was too! The truth is we had both been excited to see what Toyota was going to do with a fresh design and no "dead wood". When we finally saw and drove the truck, although the power was impressive, it just felt like whoever designed it had never owned or used a truck before. It left us both completely cold. And another thing of note, our salesman was obviously ignorant about selling trucks. He pointed out things of zero interest to truck owners. In the end, we went with a new Ford and have loved it. I don't understand how Toyota can make such a great Tacoma and not understand the full size market better. Based on their low sales figures, hundreds of thousands must agree. Thanks.

Typical WSJ/Toyota article. When the Tundra launch was delayed by months for quality issues... WSJ trumpeted "Toyota sacrifices profits to Get It Right"

When the bad camshaft recall emerged, WSJ was quick to announce it was a "supplier" problem. Really, who makes Toyota engines?

When the Tundra only achieved a 4-Star safety rating from NHTSA, WSJ was quick to question whether NHTSA's testing methods were valid.

Now, when Tundra can't match mileage figures, WSJ says MPG doesn't matter, only range, and trumpets Toyota's decision to use bigger fuel tanks.

Forget the bad tailgates, rusting problems, ride quality, engineering, etc. Trust WSJ... What's in their parking lots?

My 2007 Tundra double cab 4X4 5.7L has been a great truck, and when it comes time for a new vehicle in another 7 years or so I'll give Toyota a hard look. Not that my anecdotal experience means much, but my truck has been idiot proof for the time I have owned it. No trips to the dealer for break downs, or functional problems. No broken cam shafts (over hyped), no unintended acceleration (although should it happen I do know how to shift into neutral), no tailgate issues..... well you get the drift.

I did have the front diff replaced under TSB for a potential growling noise that I never experienced. The dealer wanted to do it, and it only took two hours so I figured why not.

I have had no complaints with the unloaded ride (no worse than my friend's Duramax) on roads in the Black Hills, engine and transmission performance have been outstanding, and my fuel economy has been very respectable at 17.1-19.2 MPG highway depending on how fast I drive (65-75MPH). I don't do any city driving so I can't comment on that, although my hunch is that like any other truck it probably sucks.

My only complaints are the relatively small fuel tank, complete with extremely conservative gas gauge that will keep about 6 gallons in reserve prompting fill ups on "E" of only 20 gallons or so. I also dislike the oil filter arrangement with the cartridge type filters. On another side note trying to pour around 8 quarts of oil into a pan that only holds about 6 quarts makes a big mess on the garage floor. My fault for not reading the manual on my first oil change....

Things I would like to see on a new Tundra:

1.) Direct injection on the 4.6L and 5.7L V8's with an increase in static compression ratios to take advantage of the DI. Should improve both power and fuel economy.

2.) TurboDiesel engine option for the 1/2 ton something around 4.5-5.0L V8 or I6, compacted graphite iron block. Shoot for 300-350hp and a smidge over 500lb-ft of torque.

3.) Larger fuel tank, around 35 gallons would be about right.

4.) 3/4 and 1 ton offerings with a large turbodiesel. I wouldn't need one, but it would be an interesting addition to the market.

5.) Trailer sway control, integrated trailer brake controller, and other electronic towing/hauling aids similar to what Ford offers.

6.) Optional HID headlamps. I live where it gets very dark, and we have a lot of wildlife some of it very large. I would like better lighting performance, and although the Tundra has some of the best halogens I have ever used they are still not as good as HID's.

It would be great if they could just shrink it a bit.

Why doesn't Toyota put a different rear end in it for fuel economy. 4.30 vs 3.73 That would help a lot.

It needs a better interior, better ride, and boxed frame and I'll look at it.

Why do some of you morons hate Toyota so much?

If you are a "real" truck enthusiest, you would not make stupid comments like Toyota should just leave the market for good, etc...

Have you ever been to an auto show? I mean a large one? I have the luxury of making the Chicago auto show back in the day which is the largest in size at the McCormic Center in North America. How boring would it be if it was just the big 3 there...

I mean c'mon, how the makes and models there was freaken awesome to choose from and some of you guys want just the big 3 trucks... boring!

Then they should move auto shows to your local high school auditorium right!

Let me tell competition favors us the consumer! Insteade of the big 3 days where they dictated what you drove and wanted, today competition and the consumer does!

That fuels models that try to stick out and attract core buyers, etc... with features and options, no competition, no R&D or rush for new models...

Toyota may only sell 100,000 or so Tundra's but that's 100,000 full-size trucks the big 3 could have sold, etc... I see Tundra's out there even in my neighborhood, I see Tundra work trucks out there and road racing teams hauling trailers with them. So they still sell something the big 3 could have had sold to these consumers...

I am a long-time Toyota small truck owner and I am sad to hear the cutting of the Ranger, Colorado and Dakota from production here. I want competition because it will keep Toyota on the toes to design new models, etc... to keep buyers coming to their lots, etc...

Lose the competition and Toyota would shove Tacoma R&D to the shelves because they would know if you wanted a small truck, you would come to them anyway or have to.

And as a consumer you want competition to choose from insteade of just the big 3 so I favor competition!

I say hell yeah to the next Tundra, good job Toyota, keep em coming because it will benefit all of us loyal pickup truck owners!!!

Toyota need more engine/transmissions choices and why not a diesel engine. I will stay with Ford but I think choices is the name of the game.

People who buy Toyota trucks don't use it as a real truck. Alot of 1/2 ton buyers don't. But the big three 1/2 tons can and will work. It's sad to see so many people wanting to see the USA fail. Be American buy American.

I agrees with oxi. As a consumer competition is good. I know people who have Tundras and Tacomas and have had little or no problems. I also know people that have Fords, Chevys, and Dodges with little or no problems. All brands can have bad models or lemons. If Toyota makes a better Tundra then Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and Nissan will be forced to improve their products. The same goes for all. I hate to see GM, Ford, and Dodge leave the small to medium truck market. If Nissan and Toyota are the only companies to make small trucks they will not improve their product and they will charge more.

I have a Tundra Joe,I have a fleet of three in fact [company trucks] I use them as work trucks 5-6 days a week. I have had zero problems with my Tundra's, I also have a GM Denali as my personal truck which has been flawless. The Toyota's have been a very good reliable truck for my guys.For you to say " nobody uses them as real truck's" is a uninformed opinion.

"I hate to see GM, Ford, and Dodge leave the small to medium truck market. If Nissan and Toyota are the only companies to make small trucks they will not improve their product and they will charge more." --Jeff

Right you are Jeff. I think Nissan or Toyota will have to come out with head-turning little haulers to get American car companies interested in making small trucks again. Too bad Mahindra isn't the break in the ice we were hoping for. Car companies in the US, domestic and foreign, are too caught up making top-heavy POS crossovers.

@ Joe

"Be American, buy American."

What do you consider American?

1. A truck made in Texas by Americans,
2. or a truck made in Mexico by Mexicans,
3. or a truck made in Canada by Canadians.

Good for you having a fleet whatever you do for your line of work. But we will see in the long run. And whatever your selling I'm not buying cause I only support companies that support our us economy. And also need everyone to check out. for the truth in us products.

@ Joe - you have no clue about economics.
Quote " I only support companies that support our us economy."
What does that mean?
A head office in Detroit does not guarantee a domestic product.

A head office in Detroit or more specifically a head office in Washington DC(GMC) or Italy(Fiat/Chrysler).

This is is what Government Motor Corruption is planning, and it does not sound like it will benefit the USA you so desperately want to support:
Exerpt -
GM currently manufacturers vehicles in China for sale in Asia. But the company plans for the first time to ship some of those vehicles to the U.S. to save on manufacturing costs.

A summary of the plan, obtained by Dow Jones Newswires, shows that GM plans to import 17,335 Chinese-built vehicles into the U.S. in 2011. The imports from China would jump to more than 38,000 in 2012 and more than 53,000 in 2013, the document shows. Imports from other countries, including South Korea, Japan and Mexico, would also increase. The plan is part of a broader cost-cutting strategy by GM, which has said it intends to cut 21,000 manufacturing jobs in the U.S. while increasing imports into the country.


GMC is also going to stop making Clorado/Canyon trucks in the USA but spend Billions in Thailand to build Colorado/Canyon trucks.

Here is a list of the top 10 American made vehicles. These are vehicles that have 75% or greater USA parts content and built in the USA.
Top 10 "American Made"

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Accord
3. Ford Escape
4. Ford Focus
5. Chevrolet Malibu
6. Honda Odyssey
7. Dodge Ram 1500
8. Toyota Tundra
9. Jeep Wrangler
10. Toyota Sienna

Grand Total

4 Toyota
2 Ford Corp
2 Chrysler Corp
1 GM Corp
1 Honda Corp

Please note - the Ram 1500 is the only pickup on the list.

Please note - the Toyota Tundra is right behind it.

The country where the head office is located is no longer relevant.

You mix up consumerism with patriotism. They are totally different things.

This is how it works. When Toyota sources a part or assembly from a Toyota owned supplier that has a US facility, even it was made on a Japanese sourced tool with imported steel, as long as that part is "assembled" in the US, it's a US part. It's a big shell game and gives people the warm & fuzzies while driving their "American as Apple Pie" Toyota Camry.

I think the reason that GM, Ford & Chrysler don't worry about it as much is because they have less incentive to do so. For example, when Toyota was getting all their tax breaks from San Antonio to build the Tundra plant, they promised that most of the parts & assemblies will be made on site. What they didn't say was that most of these on site suppliers were Toyota owned. The frame rails for the Tundra are made in Mexico with Chinese steel and get shipped in on rail. When the cross member gets attached at the supplier, it becomes a US made frame. What a bunch a BS.

I guarantee others would do the same if the incentive was there.

I am sick to death of people saying that the Tundra is a sales failure because Ford and GM sell 10 times as many pickup trucks.

I want choice. So should you.

Detroit was almost finished off last year, and if Toyota and Nissan had sold the 250,000 trucks each that their plants were capable of in 2008, they would have finished the deal.

At 10,000 trucks a year, the Titan is a giant sales failure... but there isn't a person working at the plant in Canton, MS who's now building them wants to announce defeat and shut the doors. They currently build 150,000+ 4 cylinder Altimas there. And Nissan is also going to build a new Titan.

Detroit builds better trucks now because of the Titan and Tundra. I hope the Japanese keep up the pressure on the design front and back off on production volume. And most of all, I hope beyond all hope that Detroit will build good cars again.

I always thought those corporate head offices had people working in them. I guess some consider them to be an empty building just for the CEO to lounge around in.

In addition to not taking into account the corporate office, this list is based off of sales. The sales weighting makes this top 10 American list utterly meaningless.

If you read the fine print, it also does not include all Camrys just the ones made in the US. It also does not include all Rams 1500's, just the ones made in the US. That is a huge point, and another fail in the methodology and presentation.

Also, it goes by prices and costs of the parts which is another flaw. If you have an insanely expensive parts, but a small part of the whole construction foreign-made, is that better or worse than having the most massive pieces be foreign? I mean when you think about shipping & labor costs, much of it is based on weight, rather than the cost of the goods being transported.

As I've said before, "Figures lie and liars figure".

Let's fixate on alleged shell games played by Toyota to dupe the consumer. Paranoia at its finest. Make yourself an aluminum foil hat.

The American companies don't need to play games because consumers are so brainwashed that they think Detroit products are the "end all - be all".
Ford is making their diesel engines in Mexico.
Ford Transit Connect is a Brazilian import.
Ram makes their HD's in Mexico.
GM is going to kill 23,000 American jobs through imports of foreign made GM products.

What coolaid tank are you guys drinking from?

@N - The frame rails for the Tundra are made in Mexico with Chinese steel and get shipped in on rail
Where did you get that information?
Last I had heard - Dana was making frames for Toyota.

@Dale Miller, Greg, Billy, Oxi, Jeff - I agree. Competition makes everything better for the consumer.

Foreign competition has made the " pseudo-Domestics" stop selling us crap.
Why did Ralph Nader become a public figure?

Talk about very short, selective memories.

People would still attack the Tundra even if it was the perfect

Buy the product that meets your wants, needs, or desires.

Spare me the BS.

Frames for the Tundra are dual sourced from Mexico's Metalsa S. de R.L. for the San Antonio plant and from Dana Corp. for truck production in Princeton, IN. Dana Corp has 106 facilities in 26 countries so don't think everyone they make is American.

@Alex, good point on the home office buildings.

The list is for AMERICAN/CANADIAN PARTS CONTENT. Notice it says more than AMERICAN. There is a Canada in there. So your information is compromised, do you understand what that means? Not a creditable source to say anything is the most American.

Secondly, I find it odd that they don't include the regular cab Rams that are made in Mexico. But they do include the crewcabs that are made for GM in Mexico and the F250 diesels made in Mexico.

Also, since this is sales weighted there is no telling if the F-150 has truly fallen from 2nd place to not even placing a year later. More than likely the diesel trucks are bringing the F150's parts content down. So to make it fair, why don't they take the Tundra, Tacoma, land crusier and find the average of the USA/CANADA content and thats the number that will be used for the Tundra? Seems fair considering the information being used for the F-150 is the F-series information. Is it Ford's fault that they make more than one truck?

I guess I know why they are taking advantage of this situation, not including the Rams, adding the diesels to the F-150 and saying the F-150 content fell, they need all the help they can get now. But if it makes anyone feel good you can say you are the most American/Canadian truck, that is fine, like anyone wants that title.

IF the materials are American, parts are assembled in America or the north American continent and the whole vehicle assembled in America, then i would buy it weather it be Ford, GMC or dodge.

If the parts are made in Mexico or Canada, buying the whole truck from Ford or GM(in the time being for GM) would still be supporting an American company.

I can see why ford would assembly their engines in Mexico because they can pay someone with Tacos, burritos or even nachos instead of American Dollars, Hell Id do the same thing.

As for GM going to import vehicles from china, That's just plain wrong Quality-wise. I would not Chinese putting a car together, That is just "Jerry-rigging" almost at its best. I would not want my truck to be built by 7 year olds who don't know what there doing. That is like having a slave on a the farm change a tire and not expect the whole tire and rim to blow off because of loose lug nuts or something. I would highly doubt the alignment would be even correct out of the factory.

Sure i eat some Chinese food and don't get the runs but that doesn't mean id want them building my truck. Its like building a house and ultimately "Jerry rigging" it with duct tape instead of nailing beams together. Would you not expect the god dam roof to collapse?

Tundras will never be taken seriousy in the truck game Ford Dodge and GM all feel and know the same all the BIG 3 Need is bigger leafs(but not really) tundras are weak, and look stupid, buy americian maintain americian, love your americian truck, dont fall for japan. a 1994 F-150 is better than that over hyped pos tundra.

Wow Nick, speaking of looking stupid... how do you spell American?

And "dont fall for Japan"?? WTF? Still holding a grudge over the whole Pearl Harbor thing are we? Get over it and move on.

Man this this fool calls himself moully#1... no where in that nonsensical rant was there an ounce of useful information or even witty bantor.. slaves changing tires? tacos and chinese food? WTF?! man.. wasn't there a new idiot filter installed on this site.. it needs recalibration

Ford profit for 2nd quarter, 2.3 billion. That's 2.3 Bil for the US conomy.I couldn't find Toyota's, but we all know it's more than that, since they are the most profitable auto manufacturer. Lets just say it was also 2.3 Bil. To be conservative, 1 bil is US sales. That's 1 bil for the Japanese economy. To say it doesn't matter where the headquarters are is just stupid! If you want to support Japans econmy, move there an buy all the Toyotas you want

@ Jm

How about you take a trip down to the closest Toyota manufacturing facility, and flag down just one of its American employees, and explain to that person how the wage they're making is a figment of their imagination. That money was actually shipped overseas, and they're working for free. Are you that ignorant that you think Toyota is not benefitting the US economy at all. Let me guess, you another one of those guys who can't get over WWII. Crawl back into your hole.

Check your source of info. Find out how many Toyota workers have retired. 29 1/2 years and cut your finger and your fired. Japan hasn't changed since WWII. They still just want our money and land. I guess you might buy a car from Bin laden motors in 60 years. We should never forget those people who died during a sneak attack.

Get off your high horse. I never said Toyot wasn't benefitting the economy at all. Go back an read my last post very, very slowly, an comprehend this time. If we all stopped buying foreign made vehicles, the domestics would have to make that many more vehicles, and hire that many more people. Now go back and read this post very, very slowly until you comprehend. I got over WWII when we nuked their a$$es.

Well said Jim.

Question is....are they actually going to build a TRUCK this time? If they really want to be serious, they need to go for it all. At least half-ton, 3/4-ton and 1-ton. As far as cosmetics go, they really need to make the thing look serious the new Ram and Super Duty trucks. GM, Toyota and Nissan are very lacking in that area.

Hopefully, a "more traditional" looking truck doesn't mean ugly, for the sake of ugly. Nothing wrong with a stylish truck that gets the job done.


That profit Ford made is NOT for the benefit of the U.S. people...

That profit benefits the shareholders and especially the big and fat ones that own large stakes in Ford stock!

Where did you take an economics class again?

Stop comparing a private and publically traded company with the federal government, the U.S. flag and the Constitution...

Last I checked Ford motor was not a signatory to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights!

Ford's number 1 job is not the U.S. people, it is their shareholders and profitability!

Learn and get of your brainwashed high horse that corporations actually give a dam where they operate anymore!!!

This is an oversimplification.

You have 2 vehicles (vehicle A and vehicle B) with a 40,000 MSRP.
Vehicle A is built in China by an American based company.
It costs 20,000 dollars to manufacture.
$4,000 goes to the selling dealer in profit.
1,000 goes to taxes and miscellaneous fees.
and the remaining 15,000 dollars go to the corporate head office in profit.
20,000 dollars leaves the US economy and goes to China to pay for the assembly plant, the running of the plant, the parts, and the wages of the workers.
It is built in China by an American based company.
building costs lost to China) - 20,000
Corporate profit ---------------15,000
Local profit (USA)------------- 4,000
taxes etc. (USA)-------------- 1,000

Money benefiting the USA economy = 20,000

Vehicle B is made in the US by a Japanese company.
It costs 30,000 dollars to manufacture in the USA.
30,000 dollars stays in the US to pay for the assembly plant, the costs of running the plant, parts, and wages of US workers. The local dealer has 4,000 dollars to spend in his home town; 1,000 dollars go out to government agencies.
That means only 5,000 dollars leaves the US to the head office in Japan as profits.

Japanese vehicle built in the USA
Corporate profit to Japan --- 5,000
Manufacturing costs (USA) -30,000
Local profit(USA)--------------4,000
taxes etc. (USA) --------------1,000
Money benefiting the USA economy = 30,000

Which one benefits the US economy more?????

Any money that stays in th US benefits the US ECONOMY, which benifit the US citizens. Any money that leaves the US hurts the US ECONOMY, which hurts the US citizens. Economics 101. I love how you talk about the US flag and constitution. You are'nt loyal to either, buying Toyotas! You must be one of those who wraps himself in the flag, and acts better than most! Buy American so you won't be a hypocrite the next time you talk about the flag and constitution!

Lou, I see your point. My point is the $5000 per vehicle adds up to a billion or more out of our econmy. Plus you left out a part of your equation, the domestics plants in the US. You didn't figure out that money. Vehicle C, built in US by domestic auto manufcturer. By the way, every thing I said was oversimplication too. Lou, I like you, very knowledgeable.

@JM - I don't recall mentioning the flag or the constitution!

Gross Domestic Product : measures the value of a nation's output of goods and services for some period of time, usually a year.

Importing products decrease GDP - therefore GMC laying off 21,000 workers kills US services hurting GDP.
Importing Asian GM products will hurt GDP.

Toyota building cars and trucks in the USA benefits the GDP therefore helps the US economy.

Import (definition) - To bring or carry in from an outside source, especially to bring in (goods or materials) from a foreign country for trade or sale.

Toyota is a company.
Ford is a company.
GMC is a company.
Chrysler is a company.

The all import into the USA.
They all export from the USA.

A Chinese made GMC is an IMPORT product.
A Flint made GMC truck is a DOMESTIC product.

A Mexican made Ram truck is an IMPORT product.
A Warren made Ram truck is a DOMESTIC product.

A Texas built Toyota Tundra is a DOMESTIC product.
A Japanese made Toyota Yaris is an IMPORT product.

A Dearborn made F150 is a DOMESTIC product.
A Brazillian made Transit Connect Ford is an IMPORT product.

Lou, that flag and constitution comment was directed at oxi, read his last post.


Just so you know I served this great nation in the USMC back in the early 1990's!

First of all let's get one thing straight. If Ford was so interested in the U.S. economy and people, WHY DO THEY HAVE PLANTS IN MEXICO THAT BUILDS AUTO'S FOR THE U.S. MARKET?

Why can't they just build them here? Same with Canada... and why the hell can't they build them here and ship them to China insteade building new plants in China and not here?

Ford is in the business to make profits and if that means leaving the U.S. worker behind like they do by building plants in Mexico, Canada or China, they do this to make profits.

They do not give a dam what nation they operate in, they want profitability! And incase you haven't noticed Toyota has been the largest investor into U.S. plants the last 20 years here in the U.S., so you need to step off and understand the REALITY of the modern auto inductry!

And when a company like Toyota makes profits from my Tacoma purchase, it's their money and the shareholders. They can do as they please with it, unless you are a shareholder you have no say on where those profits go and the same with domestic brands!

Do you question the profits of the brands of food you buy at the grocery store? Do you question where your clothes or shoes are made and where those profits go? Do you question your neighbors of when they pay all their bills what they do with their money?

Probably not, so stop singling out foreign named auto companies!

Yes, Ford has NOTHING to do with the Constituion nor the Bill of Rights so stop labeling them as a company of the U.S. government, etc... they are a publically traded company that answers to shareholders, NOT the U.S. government!

My Tacoma reads "Made in U.S.A." on the door data tag and the last time I checked its assembly point was in the U.S.

@JM - I did not mention Vehicle C as I thought that scenario was the most obvious one.

It would be better if profits stayed in the country of generation but we live in a world of "lesser evils".
Losing a billion to a foreign company is better than losing trillions in lost productivity. A company that makes a profit is more likely to reinvest some of that profit.

I don't have a problem with someone disliking a Ford product, or Toyota product, or GM or Chrysler product.
I have problem if that dislike or hate is based on the condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

I do not plan on buying a Toyota Tundra. It does not have the features I want at the price I'm willing to pay.
I would buy a Tacoma if the price difference between it and a full size were greater.

I remember when Toyota, and Honda cars first came to North America. They were ridiculed.
Like it or not - they currently are the benchmark that other companies try to beat.
I doubt that will happen with the Tundra, but if Toyota builds a quality product it will keep the Detroit 1.5 on its toes.

You don't have to be a college educated idiot to look at our job market. I will Ford, Gm would build everything for there cars and trucks here in the US. The imports only build here because they want to call themselves Toyota u.s.a. After 9/11/01. Ford ,Gm replaced emergence cars and truck for Ny city. The imports donation was $0.00. Oh and sorry if I seem uninformed but I only have a GED.


Just for your information GM, Ford and Chrysler are the LARGEST importers into the U.S.

Sorry Canada and Mexico do not fly our flag!

Look into how many models of trucks and cars are built in Mexico and Canada by the big 3 and then imported into the U.S.

Research before you speak...

@Joe- "You don't have to be a college educated idiot to look at our job market".
You haven't commented on the fact that GM plans on importing vehicles from the Orient and kill 21,000 USA jobs.

Tell me again - how is GMC better than Toyota?

@Joe - where did the bulk of that bailout money come from that was used to save the banks, Wall Street, and the Auto Industry?

People's Republic of China (mainland).........23.4 %
Japan ...................................................................20.5 %
United Kingdom ................................................ 6.2 %
Oil exporters ....................................................... 5.8 %
Brazil ..................................................................4.6 %
Hong Kong(China) ........................................... 4.1 %
Republic of China (Taiwan) ............................. 3.2 %
Russia .............................................................. 3.2 %
Grand Total ...................................................... 65.8 %

China, Japan, and the OPEC own over 1/2 of USA debt.

NAFTA allows US companies to import vehicles and call them "Domestic". The Detroit 1.5 play games with definitions and rules just like Toyota.

@oxi - I agree.

oxi, yes I do question the products I buy. I hate the fact I have to buy foreign goods, but I don't have much of a chioce, do I? I do have the choice to not buy a vehicle from a foreign auto company. I try to buy as many american made goods as I can.
I'm not labeling Ford as anything, you did that, then, accused me of doing it.
The biggest oversimplication I can make, The more money that stays in the US = good. The more money that leaves the US = bad. I'm going to agree to disagree even if you don't.-
I served in the USN, 91-95, USS JOHN F. KENNEDY since we are sharing resumes.

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