Recall Alert: 2010 Ram 1500

Recall Alert: 2010 Ram 1500

Chrysler has issued a recall for approximately 22,000 vehicles due to a problem with hydraulic brake lines on certain 2010 models.

The recall affects the 2010 Ram 1500 light-duty pickup truck, Dodge Nitro, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Wrangler. These vehicles could have a bad connection from the brake master cylinder to the hydraulic control unit that could lead to a loss of brake fluid and reduced braking performance, increasing the possibility of a crash.

Chrysler says it's not aware of any complaints, accidents or injuries related to this problem.

The recall is expected to begin next month. Dealers will inspect and replace the brake tubes for free. Owners may contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s hot line at 800-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA, Chrysler]


Mel - 192K miles on the original plugs? Tossing up the huge BS flag. If that is indeed true your truck must run like a pile of poop. You are right on the oil changes, but your comment on the plug renders the rest of your post BS.

MEL,MY 2000 RAM had 325000 miles on a 318c.i. change oil every 3k mi, changed ONEwater pump,one set of injectors and the plugs 1 time.GREAT TRUCK!!

@john - yes, the trucks were fixed under warranty. Problem is - how can you ever trust the truck you bought?
The daughter of one of those guys told me her dad is afraid to go anywhere with his family in that truck. So much for his 60,000 dollar pride and joy!

So someone mentioned the Fuel Milage on the new RAM? I find it interesting I was just reading a Motor Trend yesterday at the doctors office and they did a long term test of the 2009 F-150 CrewCab 5.4L. The average fuel economy they got on that truck was around 13-14mpg if my memory serves me correctly. I get teh same economy or better in the city with my 5.7L Hemi 4x4 CrewCab with the 3.92 gear. Right now I avg about 15-16 mpg in my neck of the woods with quite a few hills and bends. So that goes to show when comparing the two trucks apples to apples there is little difference in fuel economy. Sure you go go with the smaller engine, lower gear ratio, 4x2, reg cab then you're going to get better economy.

I know guys who have had a truck less than one year and had to replace trannys already and these trucks were not RAMs. Even knowing this I looked at all trucks when shopping because I know those two instances do not represent the brands as a whole, $hit happens.

I guess if I was like everyone else here, as soon as any one of my past vehicles or anyone that I know vehicles has any major issues in the first year or so I would have written off most auto makers by now. I've met people who drive Ford, GM, and Dodge who have had issues early. Come to think about it, I have yet to meet anyone with early problems with a Toyota or Honda. I guess I need to sell my truck now. :\


The recalls if you notice for Chrysler are usually small amount of vehicles,built within a few week time period,so that should tell you the quality control is good,they catch it early and dont drag their feet like other manufacturers. I am not making excuses for them but they said they are recalling and repairing any forseeable issues now to improve their reputation,when their whole line-up is revamped.

I have not heard of any issues yet.But I would guess some people have problems as always trucks overloaded,look on youtube and see many new trucks doing brake stands..that will hurt the rear end and transmissions.I have many family members working in the Automotive field,couldnt find any common problems with new Dodge Rams.As for the older Rams rear ends some had bad c-clips but very few..and as for the transmission depends on how you drove it,like any other.My 2005 Ram SRT-10 has the same transmisssion as a diesel from the factory and I have never had an issue,shifts perfect even getsa second gear chirp !!

I thought I would say what my Hemi Ram gets ,since it also beats your truck in a 1/4 mile,gets better mpg,looks better and its not a piece of junk and the dashboard doesnt fall in(misinformed individual) ..
..I guess I brought Ford into this topic because of the first few posts knocking I thought I would enlighten people of my first hand knowledge of Fords issues,Ford has knocking/ticking engines for years and fail to recall them..

@ Dodge - Chrysler does need to aggressively correct any problems as they still have a reputaton for poor quality and reliability.
It will take a long time to turn that around. Look at the posts - many guys still talk about issues , that for the most part ,no longer exist.
I still have a hard time trusting Chrysler.

Initial quality rating for the 2009 Ram is slightly below average:

Inital quality for the 2009 F-150 was among the best:

Ram still needs improvement and they need to carry this improvement out over many years.

...over many years before buyers in large masses will trust them. Fool me once and shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me.

I don't care what anyone says. Dodge trucks are more durable, stronger, better frame and suspension and Fords are unreliable Kmart cheap trucks.

I know its not a Ram but i have a dakota w/ a 4.7 v8 150k miles ZERO PROBLEMS minus a steering rack but thats only after I lifted it I spin the tires and go 4wheeling all the time my best friend has a 5.9 Ram that he took to 300k miles all original that was a work truck a woods truck and he drove like a mad man my old Ford Ranger rear blew twice before 50k miles my dads 5.4 f150 ticks like a bomb these are personal experciences Dodges look better last longer and have more power I dont give a crap about your sales or stats lets go in the woods or to a dragstrip or pull some trailers for hundreds of miles the Dodge will be standing strong

@moperman...I agree with you about dodge being better then fords....Come on anyrhing is better then a ford...But if you want a real truck get chevy...Best trucks on/off the road.Dodge aint got nothing on that.

Brand loyalty is a great thing to see. But what is no it the child like nature of a majority of the postings. I just got a 2010 Dodge Ram 5.7 Crew cab 4X4 TRX4. I traded my 2004 Dodge Ram 5.7 quad cabin to get it. Did I have something ever go wrong with my 2004? Yes, just like every other car and truck builder on earth. They all have problems. It's not the problem or recall that should be looked at rather the manufactures actions once a problem is found. Dodge is doing a great job of taking care of their loyal buyer by making the needed repairs. Unlike others who have a tendency to cover it up tell it to late resulting in the loss of a life.
Most of you all need to get over the import vs. domestic defect numbers. Look at your car or trucks vin and get on the net to see where it was built. All the manufactures have plants all over the world. Case in point, The Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix. If you look at the stickers on the two you will see they both read "80% Pontiac 20% Toyota" and built at the same plant. So the lines are very blurred now.
It's really easy to read something in the paper or hear on the news that a recall has been issued and get on a get on this and ridicule the buyers of the affected vehicles. In my opinion, if you have never had or don't have a Dodge Ram, you have no real reason getting on.
Before I got my 2010 Dodge I did shop around. I did my home work on all 2010 trucks. Being such a large purchase, I feel you would be crazy not to look into all options. However after looking into all the 2010 model year trucks I found for my needs, the Dodge was the best truck on the road. No other truck could come close to the 2010 Dodge Ram in all areas. Looks, fit and finish, power, MPG, options, handling, feel, performance and many more things I looked at easily put the 2010 Dodge on top.

I have a new 2010 RAM 1500 4X4, Hemi powered. Periodically, it seems like the drive train is sloppy, like little hesitations or slow shifting. The computer is managing the change from 8 cyl to 4 cyl for the fuel saving Eco system and the shifting requirements so I wonder if there's just a lot going on and I'm not used to this or something is wrong with the drive train somewhere. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

I've owned '95 2wd, '99 2wd, '05 4wd, and '08 2wd Dodge Ram 1500 trucks, a '97 model 2500 (3/4 ton) 4wd V10 which could haul a house, and currently own a 2010 model Dodge Ram 1500 2wd. Collectively I've had 2 problems. Problem 1 was a known deficiency with a synthetic bushing in the automatic transmission ('99 model). Problem 2 was the poor individual who didn't know that my 2010 had 390hp & 407 ft/lbs of torque. Next time you pull up to one at a traffic light ensure you notice the factory-installed traction bars. They are installed for a reason. For the uneducated, and there seem to be a few of you out there, this translates to more rear-wheel traction on the ground. In layman terms-"She's fast". Oh yeah, and did I mention 21mpg on the highway? Add to that an auto-stick shifter (have not seen that on a truck before), the front coil suspension, doubled-rear suspension, and torsion bars front/rear, and she handles like a car in the curves. If you don't own one, or don't know the truth, then you may want to quite being biased, and learn something.

Love my Dodge I like parking next to a Chevy, GMC, Ford people always ask me about my pumped up looking Dodge I will fix the problems myself.

I've got a 2010 ram 1500 4x4 crew with the big horn package. At 50 mph, if I floor it, the transmission slips pretty bad. I now hear that slipping transmissions are comon in Dodge's. Everything else about the truck is pretty descent, minus very little issues like the lousy high beams.

My Ford had a fuel line leak and front calliper problems. Then the passenger window stopped working. Always something!!

Nothing is perfect. Unless of course we are talking about; the Sierra/Silverado with the 5.3L & 6.6L or the Toyota Tacoma.

the worst thing on 2010 dodge ram 1500 is the back up camra can not see anything if sun is shining

I have a ford F250, Chevy c3500 and a 2010 dodge 1500, My dodge is a fantastic truck. It is funny how some people feel they have to stick up for their brand so they will still feel good about their purchase after the new has worn off. every brand has made lemons.

If you want to talk about a bad vehicle, my 2005 Buick Ranier had the motor go out at 30,000 miles and again at 62,000 miles. The dealer would not extend the warranty at 5 years because they knew the car was crap. The instrument gages all went out, the abs sensors go out and the gas tank sending unit went out twice which they only paid for half of the repair like it was partially my fault. Its not imposable that plugs last for extended periods these days because most vehicles burn so clean, no doubt it would be better if the plugs were changed before 190,000 miles. I purchases the lifetime warranty for my 10 ,4x4 1500 big horn so let the tranny go out, they will fix it. My truck gets 22 mpg freeway or better and it drives like a dream. The biggest problem I have is the power is way to much. This is the funnest vehicle I have bought so far. Its hard to keep my foot out of it.

This happened to me last night it made a weird noise the back end locked up and the axel/drive cam fell off and oil/lube spilled everywhere luckily a mechanic reattached and my daughters and I drove it home anyone know how we are suppose to get it fixed? I am absolutely terrified my 2010 dodge truck I use to love Dodge and this was my first NEW dodge Truck now im terrified to drive it. I once only wanted dodge vehicles and this experience has made me so weary especially since my children were in the truck and will I have to have a lot of work done since it dropped the axle/drive cam? help someone I didn't even know there was a recall until I looked for it online last night

bought a 2000 Dodge Dakota brand new. No recalls, drove it into the ground twice. Truck was a beast for a sport truck. Even my ex couldn't kill the dang thing. Decide to upgrade to a truck that could haul more, and I end up getting more recalls and issues than any other vehicle I have ever owned.

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