Sources: Ford's 6.7-L V-8 Power Stroke Diesel Could Make 800 Pounds-Feet of Torque


The envelope for diesel power in heavy-duty pickup trucks continues to expand. In 2005, Dodge and Cummins broke the 600 pounds-feet of torque barrier. Earlier this year, 700 pounds-feet was shattered by both Ford and General Motors. Now, sources say 800 pounds-feet could fall before the end of 2010.

The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra HD pickups are the current kings of the hill with their 397 horsepower and 765 pounds-feet of torque 6.6-liter 'LML' Duramax V-8 engines. But as we first reported in March, Ford is said to be working on a major power boost for the all-new 390 horsepower, 735 pounds-feet 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel.

According to new details we've received from our sources, a high output version of the 6.7 is expected to produce approximately 400 horsepower and at least 800 pounds-feet of torque, when production of Job 2 2011 Super Duty pickups starts later this year.

We're told that a big reason why Ford can squeeze more power out of the 6.7 is because of its all-new six-speed automatic transmission and tough new compacted graphite iron engine block. CGI is stronger than conventional gray iron, which the Duramax V-8 continues to use for its block. Our source says both were over-engineered from the start to go much higher than the 6.7's current 735 pounds-feet of torque.

Will early adopters of Ford's 2011 Super Duty be able to upgrade to the new power figures after the expected change? It's unclear. Our sources say there may be a few hardware changes in addition to a software upgrade for the engine control unit.


800 lb-ft of torque? Bah! That’s weak. When Ford hits the 1,000 lb-ft of torque mark, then I’ll be impressed. *sarcasm off*

Coming from Saginaw, it's Grey Iron.

this can be done with a chip and some tuning in 10 minutes...

Just thought I would post that last Friday I was at my local dealer getting the oil changed in my truck. I saw a Red 2010 F-250 on a lift. They had the motor tore down to the block.

I went to look at what was up, I saw that in the passenger side bank of cylinders, all had metal shavings in them, the last cylinder also was melted down, the dome in the middle of it was closer to flat. The service tech was also in the office arguing with an engineer, evidently the service tech wanted a new motor ASAP, so he could get the truck back to the customer. But the engineer wanted somebody to look at the motor before it was replaced.

I'm just suggesting wait another year or so before you buy a new Ford PS.

Edit: it was a 2011 Ford, new body style, new 6.7.

wow! amazing

I have an 08 Duramax and love it. Great truck and great engine but I long for the day that gm shakes things up and puts a yellow kitty cat under the hood mounted to the 8sp allison. I know I am dreaming, but I think the rest of you would like that to.

Guess we know now GM didn't feel comfy with hitting 400hp and was just trying to one up Ford. lol. Go Ford!!!!

Just wait until the Ram actually gets a trans that can handle all of the Cummins. That won't be a pretty day for the Stroker or D-Max.

Hint at what is coming?

2)EGR only, emissions system. (Which means no DPF or Urea.)

With the HD ZF 8 Speed trans coming for the Ram in 2012, look for 800+Ft.Lbs. of Torque and 425ish HP. Not to mention class leading fuel economy agian.

Lights Out.

Yeah right.

Hey Luke, a 2010 has the International 6.4 not the 6.7.

Totally different motor.

I heard dodge is updating the cummins again next year to push 1500 ft. lbs. of Torque to blow everybody out of the water.

More like Cummins will be updating the motor for Dodge....Kinda like a little kid, you have to do it for them! LOL

Yea well I heard that SmartCar is releasing its new diesel and its going to have 2,000 HP and well over 4,000 ft-lbs of torque and it has no egr, no dpf, no urea, and is totally naturally aspirated.

They are also offering a fifth wheel setup from the factory.

Bye Bye Cummins!

I really don't understand these power increases. These car manufacturers think you have to haul the Capitol or race a Corvette or something...
Nevertheless, Ford had better start thinking about a ten-speed automatic transmission to outdo RAM and GM. LOL.

If you look at the torque curve for the current 6.7L, you'll see that it is extremely flat. Flat torque curves don't happen by accident, it almost looks like Ford is really holding this engine back. 400hp and 800lb-ft doesn't seem like a stretch.

As far as Cummins goes, we all know the engine is capable of producing and sustaining big power. It's probably only a matter of time before it comes out swinging with big power numbers as well. Then there's the all new Duramax scheduled to come out in 2-3 years. The diesel power wars are definitely still in full swing.

Luke says, "Edit: it was a 2011 Ford, new body style, new 6.7."

I think you had it right the first time, it was a 2010 with the 6.4. I have yet to hear of a 6.7 being torn down, from diesel tech friends or on the 'net, pretty convenient a faceless internet guy has wild claims to offer on pickuptruck's comment section.

i was told by a mechanic that works at a ford dealer ship whom was sent up north to learn how to work with these new engines that they were electronically limited to 390 hp and 735 ft/lbs of torque. But that they were actually capable of 1100 ft/lbs of torque. However increasing the power was causing them to break either input or output shafts on their transmissions.

The competition between the manufacturers and their diesel trucks is insane!

Crazy! There is no NEED for this much power/torque in a pickup! Give me the 4.4L in an F250 with 300HP/550 ft-lbs, please Ford!!

I agree this power war is getting ridiculous. But I do prefer the power war to the notion that everyone should abandon their pickups for a Prius. Plus when you drive the new Duramax and Powerstroke, the power is really enjoyable. I guess a few months after the updated Powerstroke, we will see a 900lb-ft Duramax. The Cummins will remain unchanged, and we will be reading about the "less moving parts" crap again.


Actually The Ram Pickups are going to receive an update in 2012 which includes an updated Cummins engine according to Chryslers 2010-2014 plan (Cummins will do the update on their engine of course). The Hemi will also be have an upgrade as well.

#Allen wrote"it's probably only a matter of time before it comes out swinging with big power numbers as well. Then there's the all new Duramax scheduled to come out in 2-3 years."

Do you have any information of the blockmaterial? CGI?

It was a 2011. When I posted that, it was late, as I was just getting off work. Needless to say I wasnt really reading what I was typing.

Why else would Ford want to send engineer to look at what happened? If it was a 6.4 they would have just sent the new motor and been done with it.

One miiiillion ft-lbs! *pinky*

/Dr. Evil

I want that powertrain in my Explorer.

Re: The Ram

I'll believe it when I see it.

Wow...Ford never learns their lesson do they?

See, because Ford is so petty...and because they have this incessent need to win the power war on paper (the only war they even come close to winning), they will unnecessarily increase the power of their limp-wristed 6.7 diesel and it will break because the engine is too stressed.

That is exactly why the 6.0 was so problematic. Ford demanded that the power ratings be increased to look good on paper. Ever wonder why the Navistar applications of the 6.0 didn't have NEAR the problems as Ford's applications. doesn't matter to me...I wouldn't buy one of Ford's cheap, mediocre, unreliable POS trucks for any price. Far too risky. Ford trucks never live up to the hype...or capability claims.

Go back to the rock you crawled out from under. We know why you were banned from Blue Oval.

I would like to further explain my post.

ZF 8 speed, the contract has been signed. Chrysler will be building them. They are capable of 1000+ Nm of torque.
This trans will directly rival the Torqueshift, but with the same complexity and more gears.

MultiAir was developed by FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) . This is the same company that, with the help of Cummins, developed the first Common Rail Injection system. Fiat has stated that this system was designed to be put on both diesel and gas engines, with little issues retro fitting the system to current engines. This system alone is able to show at least 10% gains across the board (HP, FE, Torque at a lower RPM too, not to mention much lower emissions)
Why would Fiat not allow Cummins to use this? The two companies have worked together before and now that Chrysler is being managed by Fiat, the system would allow for more profit margin, allowing a quicker recovery.

Last is the removal of exhaust after treatments (However, they look to accomplish this by 2016, not 2012 like I miss-remembered).
This is done by doing 3 main things:
1) A new higher tech, injection system.
2) New EGR system, with twin turbos.
3) Either a "VVA OHC" or "VVA DOHC" setup (Something that the MultiAir system can do without needing to switch to the OHC or DOHC setup.
The article also shows what Cummins will do if they system is to expensive to bring to market.

Wonder why they need 6,7,8 speed transmissions for increased power/torque...yes ,mileage but added hp/ftlbs ?

I used to drag race alot,we used Dodge 727 3 speed automatics with 440's and 426 Hemi's they were pushing 700-850 hp and 800-900 Torque,the trans never ever let go,even with the abuse of racing and street driving for over 10 years it never failed ! Though it never failed I added a overdrive/rebuilt it for more street duty !

I just keep thinking,6 speed,7 speed,8 speed automatics..they will be more problems with those than anything !! Too many parts..more parts more problems..

Lets see it Ford! Im more and more tempted to trade my dmax in for a superduty. But i do want to see some trucks with miles before i pick one up.

MIKE I hope you can get one of these trucks for the Heavy Duty shootout. When is production of this second wave supposed to start? I imagine ford has been planning this for a while if it really requires some new hardware.


Did you read the link you posted??? Clearly states that trans is for cars, and if you look it is rated for 700 not 1000 nm, or just over 500 ft lb, i guess thats "handling all of the cummins" as you said hahaha

click on the graph at the lower right :)

@ Jason;

Cat no longer builds diesel engines for semi-trucks. Do you know why? They said that they didn't want to invest the money required to build, test, & certify DEF & DPF systems for their engines. Cat only builds engines for "off highway" vehicles now.
I would seriously doubt seeing a Cat engine in a GM truck. Cummins has been going strong meeting 2010 diesel pollution regulations for 3 years on Dodges. Well, the chassis cab models do have DPF & DEF, I believe. But standard Rams don't.

Bring it!

Now put that engine in an F-150 Raptor...

wo this is a bad move for ford,imagine peopel get the new ford,they ask ford to upgrade the truck this year they just you thing gm dont no this,,,huuummm maybe gm still a something in is hat ford dont no,,,maybe they ha ve a new diesel ... wy do you thing they said the allison is good to 860,foot pound....

hhuumm maybe because ford get beat by gm in the shoot hout...humm maybe....Wye bring a news like this now...

Good grief! See above

GM still has the most power and torque you Ford humping lovers!!! GM has the best diesel engine with the most horsepower, best in class torque, and will beat Ford and Dodge in fuel economy.

On top of that, they do it with a smaller displacement engine! 6.6 liters to 6.7 for Ford and Dodge.

Just wait until the shootout results on August 16th when GM kicks sand in the faces of the Ford super dunce and the Dodge cummins.

I love it! Hay Frank and Lou, hows second place taste????


Fiat and Cummins had a big falling out over their development of the joint 5.9 litre diesel engine. The 5.9 Litre became the Dodge engine you know so well and Fiats version became the the Cursor used by IVECO.

My concern with the 400hp/800hp Ford engine is how reliable is it going to be?
What Ford/GM/Chrysler should be working on is the next evolution in chassis. If the a European 3 Litre diesel Cab Chassis Van can comfortably tow a 35ft 5th wheel, there is something wrong there.

There's no doubt a 3L diesel "CAN" pull a 5th wheel like that, you could pull it with a 14HP tractor if you wanted to. But it's not going to get it down the interstate at 75mph. I wouldn't want to be trying to control it on a descent either.

Alex@ It cruises at 60mph. Its GVWR is over 10,000lb. It has no problem going up or down steep hills. Its payload capacity is 9000lb.

Correction not 10,000lb but 20,000lb GVWR.

"I love it! Hay Frank and Lou, hows second place taste????" BOBBY

Only you would know? GM is second in truck sales.

Whatever Ford gets it will without Obama's name on it , which is more than enough for me and more than I can say for Government Motors and The Peoples' Dodge.

Keith@ they will be putting a CAT in the new CAT/Navistar NC2 Global trucks. Why, is good question, as they then will be replacing the CAT with a European MAN trucks developed Maxxforce engine. MAN has been developing Navistar's tractor engines.

" Government Motors and The Peoples' Dodge."

I don't care who you are. That was funny.

@ Tj, watch the video. They have at least 4 different versions of this. The last one showing it can handle over 1000+ Ft. lbs.

@ Ryan Roberts, the 5.9 was a Cummins engine well before Fiat and Cummins worked together, the commen rail diesel tech was develped around 03. I also believe that the Cummins contract for Ram had been extended after Fiat took control. Why would Fiat do that if they were on hard terms? I will need to see a link to this "falling out" before I believe it.

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