Update 1: Sources Say Toyota is Sticking with the Tundra, Designing Next-Gen Half-Ton

Sources Say Toyota is Sticking with the Tundra, Designing Next-Gen Half-Ton

Update #1 July-28-2010 05:17 PM PDT:

Toyota has released the following statement regarding the Sequoia's future:

"Toyota denies any reports of the discontinuation of the Sequoia. For obvious competitive reasons, Toyota does not discuss future product plans. Sequoia continues to be a profitable, high-quality vehicle for Toyota and several years remain in the life of the current generation. Our focus remains on building our vehicles, including the Sequoia, with the highest possible quality."

This statement doesn't contradict our sources' claims. As we originally wrote, our sources said the Sequoia will not be renewed after the end of its current lifecycle. Or at least it won't be based off the Tundra's platform, which it currently shares.


The 2007-10 Toyota Tundra hasn’t been quite the success that Toyota envisioned, but that doesn’t mean the automaker is ready to give up on its sales-challenged half-ton hauler. The company is planning a thorough redesign of the truck, according to our sources.

The current Tundra was designed from the ground up to compete with full-size pickups from Chrysler, Ford and GM. On paper, the story was compelling. The Tundra featured a strong 5.7-liter V-8, could tow up to 10,800 pounds and was available in regular, extended-cab and crew-cab configurations.

Toyota was so confident in the strength of its new truck and the American truck market that it invested more than $1 billion to build a dedicated assembly plant in Texas with the capacity to build 200,000 Tundras a year in addition to a second Tundra factory in Indiana that could produce 100,000 annually.

The Tundra came close to meeting its annual sales goals of 200,000 trucks per year in the first year but has missed each year since by a wide margin, suffering from the effects of both the economy and high-profile quality and safety issues. About 460,000 Tundras have been built since 2007, and less than 80,000 were sold in 2009.

In response to lower-than-expected demand, Toyota consolidated all Tundra production in Texas – shifting Toyota Highlander production to its Indiana factory – and also moved production of the midsize Toyota Tacoma to the Tundra’s plant in Texas to soak up the extra production capacity.

That’s led some to wonder about Toyota’s long-term dedication to the Tundra, especially in light of tough new fuel-economy rules set to take effect by 2016. Will Toyota continue to invest in the Tundra?

Our sources say the next Tundra will arrive by 2014, just in time to take on all-new full-size light-duty pickups expected from GM, Nissan and Ford. That time period is looking like it will be a replay of 2007-08, which also had a fast cadence of new half-ton introductions.

But while Toyota is keeping the faith in Tundra, at least for one more generation, the Japanese automaker is said to be cutting its losses with the Toyota Sequoia full-size SUV that’s based on the Tundra platform. We hear the big people-mover will be killed at the end of this life cycle.


Looks like 2013/2014 is going to be a big year for trucks, the more competition the better, just means better trucks all around.

@Hank: +1

It's not just Toyota that is "sticking" with the Tundra! :)

I think Toyota needs to realize that it will never be taken seriously in the truck market here in the U.S. It should go back to it's roots and concentrate on cars and small SUV's.....rice burners if you will. They're going to lose another billion dollars redesigning the Tundra only to realize that Americans won't buy their trucks, at least most of us won't. GM, Ford, and Dodge have been building trucks for over 100 years, Toyota isn't going to be taken serious because they're the "johnny come lately's" of the full size truck market and haven't gotten it right since they tried building the T-100 which was an absolute joke! I don't care how powerful their engines are, they're still junk.

And the Tacoma, when will it's redesign appear? It has been around since 2005. 2011 version is already it's 6th year.

The problem with the Tundra is, as it has been proven many times over, it's just not a trucker's truck. It may have more horsies or more torques or a bigger this or a stronger that, but when it comes down to what makes a truck useful, it's just beat. Maybe it's just that the Americans have been at it longer, but if you want to pull big things, haul big things, get dirty, and get stuff done, you buy American.

A valiant effort for their first real foray into full size trucks, though, on Toyota's part (I don't think previous Tundras were even considered competition for the F150, Ram, and Silverado, even by Toyota). And it still has a good hold on the "I have a bigger engine than you!" crowd.

If Toyota comes out with a diesel in the Tundra...then it will be a HUGE seller!

Go diesel Toyota...or go home!

problem I can see is their interior is not up to their market expectations; the market for toyota is mostly for drivers who don't use their trucks for rough work on a daily basis, but rather professional office workers who happen to also be weekend warriors with toys to take around. As a result the in under-lux interior does not cut it. Especially when f150 lariat+ are more lux + heavier duty.... my 2 cents

So this one fool whose soul purpose in life is to scan the internet looking for Tundra tidbits claims the new Tundra will have a boxed frame.

I guess now that GM switched to FBF's for their 3/4> trucks their previous truck frames were junk??

Face it xenophobes, the Tundra stomped your precious "100 year old" truck makers in '07......took you 3 years to ALMOST catch up.

Levine brings up the sales decline of the Tundra while somehow forgetting the dwindling sales of the Big 2 1/2. Didn't Ford sell almost 1,000,000 trucks in '07 compared to 1/2 that in '09?? Of course having one model (1/2 ton) compared to 6+ models of the other truck makers is forgotten when mentioning sales.

He (Levine) also LOVES to bring up the negatives of the Tundra while somehow leaving out the recent awards given from best quality to best resale.......biased journalism at its best there Mr. Levine.

You boys go on and keep believing your foreign built trucks with almost 1/2 the American content are somehow mo' better because of a nameplate........Fiat and the mexicans who built them thank you!!!

@VMIAM, just because someone doesn't like Toyotas, doesn't mean they're xenophobic or racist. If you have to use those claims to defend your pile of junk, then that shows there is so little good to say about it as a truck. Previous HD Chevys and current Super Dutys are on a C-Channel frame, you are correct. But those frames are still tough and rigid, which is UNLIKE the Tundra. Should we start calling you "unpatriotic" and a "traitor" to the country? No? Well stop calling fans of American vehicles as "xenophobes."
And Mike Levine is a very unbiased reporter, He said "more competition, the better" You obviously can't comprehend that means he welcomes Toyota to keep producing full size pickups in North America.
You are an idiot, go live in Japan and fulfill your Fast And The Furious Rice Burner's fantasy.

@Mike L, I think this comment section would be a lot better if we had to sign in. Just my honest thoughts.

@Vmaxis: Good point about how all truck sales fell but Toyota fell more than others. Between 2007 and 2009, Ford saw a 41% decline in sales (698K to 413K) while Toyota saw a 60% drop (196K to 79K).

I'm not sure how you measure "catching up" but beyond an excellent powertrain, the 2nd gen Tundra has been a laggard. Three years in and it still doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Trailer sway control for 2011 will only brake the truck's wheels, not the trailer's too. GM and Ford beat Tundra's fuel economy.

I'll mention some quality issues too: cracked tailgates, rear driveline, unloaded ride quality. In 2010 JD Power Quality Survey, Tundra quality problems jumped from 88 problems per 100 vehicles to 100 problems.

Kudos to Toyota for having the most American content of any domestic-built full-size pickup. I think it's great they build them on the north side of the Rio Grande.


Nobody likes racist people like yourself!

Your own tests show the 5.7 trumping the GM 6.2's in economy while burning cheaper fuel to boot. And also splitting the twins performance wise.

You wrote at one point how the performance advantage for the Tundra was in the rear gearing......you somehow forgot to calculate the transmission gearing in your biased comment.

It's nearly even MPG wise with the 100HP to the rear wheels deficient Ford.

Toyota, while very maligned recently, caused a lot of that sales decline by shutting down production. Sales need to broken down by 1/2 ton vs 1/2 ton and by fleet sales etc.... to truly be fair.

there you go embellishing again......I'll concede the tailgate (kinda like the GMT-800 bed rails and tie rods and steering shafts....kinda weak for a 90 year old truck company at the time) but driveline??? Are you talking about the small % of trucks that went in for a hardness test on the prop shaft??

The Torque convertors???

How about mentioning the GM truck that blew its transmission during a magazines long term test??

Ford's spark plug fiascos? Ford's injector problems?? Cam phasers??

LMAO at your trailer stability hardware comment.....Ford JUST came out with that on its last redesign.

In '07 the Tundra had many more features the competition didn't have......I don't remember you knocking GM/Ford/Fiat for not having stability control/side air bags etc....

Unloaded ride is subjective......last years truck of the year got blasted during it's long term test for exhibiting the same problem.

Edmunds criticized the Denali for the same thing.

They're trucks for crying out loud!!!

The fact remains the Tundra wins nearly every objective/measured test, including beating the vaunted weak kneed locker from GM, and we still have idiots talking about its lack of abilities.

Like I said, Toy trumped the comp in '07......the "domestics" (and I use the term lossely) have just now caught up.....The Tundra will probably leap frog them again during this redesign.

Yes, I know I mis-stroked the word "loosely".......it'll be one of the xenophobes shining moments pointing it out.

So Vmaxis..., you want Mike to ignore all the benefits of a domestic product because they may be new features, and focus more on a 2014 Tundra which people can't buy today because you say "It will PROBABLY leap frog them." And let me guess. The domestics are just going to sit around with no improvement, waiting for that to happen? Wow you really want Toyota to win don't you?

Sorry, Alex, if the truth hurts.

Where's the proof the C-Channel on Ford's bigger trucks are more "tough and rigid"??

Funny how Ford doesn't run an F-250> above on that Silver Creek test track.

And if you HONESTLY don't think a lot of the hatred toward the Tundra is based on it being from a Japanese company, you are delusional.

If they do not build a full range to compete with Ford , GM and Chrysler, you really have to wonder if they take the NA market seriously? The Tundra globally is a niche market seller for Toyota. The same applies for Nissans Titan.

Alex, Alex, Alex,because you happen to agree with Mr. Levine and have blinders on, you totally miss the point(s)

It's obvious the newest version of any vehicle will have the latest and greatest; to knock the Tundra because it didn't have trailer stability control when at the time NO ONE ELSE did either shows one's true colors.

Personally can't wait for Ford to offer the 6.2L across the board, I'll be happy to consider it then.

GM finally offered the 6.2L but it's still not available in all configurations; plus their crew cab is still behind the rest of the pack.

See, I actually compare the trucks and not take stand based on blind brand loyalty like some people.

@Vmaxis, what truth hurts? You haven't given any facts/truth. All you have done is manifest your personal anger problems. You honestly don't really believe the frame of a Tundra is more rigid than the frame of a Super Duty? Please tell me you are not serious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRfE_XAk2mE
That's just the F-150!
Funny how you mention "F-250 and above," Where's Toyota's 3/4 ton+ pickup? The truth about Toyota, says it all in the name!

Mr. Ryan.

Toy fully intended to go with a full range including a diesel....and after its 1st years sales success it was a go.

After the market imploded, they shelved many plans (just like the 1/2 ton diesels from the "domestics)

Even though sales figures are are not what Toyota wants, 1/2 ton vs 1/2 ton they still take 100K of sales away from the "domestics". Good thing for the Americans that assemble and supply the parts; huh??

I'm comparing fuel economy across the entire powertrain lineup, not just 5.7L vs. 6.2L. You can do the same comparisons at fueleconomy.gov.

If you'd like to compare half-ton vs. half-ton sales, see this story: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2010/05/a-quick-look-at-year-to-date-truck-sales-through-april-2010.html

Latest quality issue for Toyota? See this week's Automotive News about a new TSB covering 2007-10 Tundras: http://www.autonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100726/OEM01/307269948

Tundra unloaded ride quality is materially worse than in other trucks. Besides my own experience, I'm sure you've read the owner threads on TundraSolutions.com.

GM also offered stability control on its trucks in 2007: http://www.pickuptrucks.com/html/2007/gm/comparison/page5.html

I've been vocal about quality glitches at other OEs too. Ford 6.4 and 6.0-liter diesels, for example. Also called out recalls from other manufacturers: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/recalls/

I'm not saying the Tundra has a lack of ability. I'm saying it's not on par in many areas compared to current trucks.


What does the fact there is no 3/4 ton Tundra have to do with anything?

How come Ford doesn't do their cute little videos with the open C-channel frame of the 250??

Son, I lmao at your "anger" comments. the only ones that are angry are the ones that somehow feel threatened by a "furrin" truck beating your beloved makes.

My "facts and truths" are based not only personal experience but also on the MANY published tests showing the Tundra's superiority in nearly every measured test (read Levine's own test right here if you don't want to accept my word for it)......again, the truth hurts; and try and keep up.

I'll mention one more thing then need to get other stuff.

I also wrote several times that the 2009 Ram LD and HD trucks didn't offer integrated trailer brake controllers that year, when GM and Ford did. Ram fixed that missing feature one year later for 2010.

In the upcoming HD Shootout, we're calling out the Ram trucks for not offering stability and trailer sway control when the GM and Ford trucks have it.

Toyota should have added an integrated trailer brake controller by 2009. Now, we won't see an ITBC until 2012 at the earliest.

again what facts? Where are your facts that the F250 is less rigid than a Tundra? Ford didn't compare the Super Duty to the Tundra because Toyota has nothing in that class! The Super Duty is compared to Silverado HD and Ram Heavy Duty. Is this new to you, or are you just thick? Nice back-pedalling too with your comment about considering the F150 with the 6.2. You keep saying how the Tundra is superior. There is ONLY one thing you could measure for the Tundra to come out near the top. That is 0-60 times. To be honest, gas powered engines in trucks don't really interest me anymore.

@Chris thats the same talk I heard 25 years ago about there "rice burners" now they are huge part of the market. give it time, toyota is paitent the tundra will near or at the top yet. I dont own a truck but how is the Tundra junk?

be specific. have you used one? did anybody whos owned one with a full size engine complain? let us know how they are junk. I cant defend the tundra because I dont own one but Id really like to know how they r junk Ive only heard great things from owners.


Yeah ,Toyota Tundra was a winner right out of the gate..

Blowing up camshafts,remember they blew up right from the get go !!

Cracking tail gates,bad transmissions..ect..ect...ect....

Yeh,it performed good (0-60 ect)but remember it has 4.30 axle ratio..a 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 345 hp 5.7L with aftermarket 4.30 gears will out run it..and the new Ram 1500 390 h.p Hemi with 3.92 gears out runs the 5.7 L 4.30 gear Tundra !!

Dodge Ram trucks are made in the U.S.A,the 2500/3500 are made in Mexico..though I dont care,get your facts straight before ignorant racist statements thay you make....

Also Fiat is better than Toyota,I would rather cruise in a Ferrari,Maserati,Alfa Romeo,Lancia than a Toyota product that doesnt stop,cant control the steering on the highway,rusted frames,bad ball joints,cracking tailgates,breaking side glass,blowing up Tundra engines plus the new Lexus/Toyota engine problems that also blow up and the previous 12 year-now sludge problems that plagued Toyota for along time now...you are in denial..

Yes,biased journelists still praise Toyota and they are the worst company around,liars,unreliable rolling death traps..who could ask for anything more !!!

Mr. Levine

You win the across the board MPG debate.

Personally, I only look at the top offerings.

You win the IBC debate.

Now bring up your own measured testing.......from empty to loaded, towing, including grades ,he Tundra wins.

Bigger brakes, while maybe not stopping any quicker INITIALLY, won't warp like the wimpy Ford brakes I've come to despise.

Interesting sales numbers.

More than the GMC and very close to the Ram.....not too bad.

Wow, you found another TSB.......I'm sure GM/Ford/Fiat have none.

TS is not a good indicator for me.....a lot of those people came from taco's and the 7/8th previous Tundra.

Me, coming from 3/4 ton and up trucks finds the Tundra's ride far smoooother on all but the expansion joint roads and on par with rest on those roads.

It's just not as one sided as you try to make it.....some people have different priorities (like Mr. pretty interior guy who posted above)

It'll never cease to amaze me the "work" comments and how it's not a truckers' truck from some people and then others talk about how the Tundra rides too truck like and has too spartan of an interior......amazing; huh??

I hope Toyota gets the engineering and features right in the next Tundra. I'll be the first to stand up and applaud. Competition is good for the whole segment.

And, for the record, I've owned a Toyota pickup before.

Alex, while we're on thick, let's try this again.

If those ignorant Ford produced videos somehow prove superiority, how come they don't do the videos for the 3/4 ton segment against Dodge and GM??

And it's not just the 6.2L where Ford is lacking.

It's their anemic brakes they're known for.

The comfort of the crew cab (not size, but seating position etc...)

Here's hoping Ford gets its engineering right this go around and we have no more stuck plugs, (I guess that beats self ejecting plugs)cam phaser failures, leaky injectors etc...

Define irony:

A Dodge owner telling someone else they're in denial!! LMFAO!!!

Vmaxis, you are asking me why Ford didn't make a video comparing the Super Duty to the Silverado and Ram heavy duties. Answer: How the hell should I know that, and what does that have to do with the Tundra's weak frame? The Tundra doesn't come close to any of the three. I've been using Ford as an example, but really the big 3 all make good strong pickups.
For the record, it isn't really about Toyota being Japanese, I quite like certain imports, but not ones where a Japanese company tried to copy something iconically American, and didn't do as good of a job in my opinion.
Why doesn't Toyota make some videos showing how tough their frame is? It would be a little more useful to potential buyers than driving close to flames up a spiral tower.
Also how is the 6.2L engine lacking? I thought it provided plenty of power.

@Vmaxis I think Toyota had great hopes of doing that, but reality struck and they realized they are chasing a niche market for them and like Nissan are real outsiders. Nissan has always treated the Titan as a niche product, that explains the lethargy in not updating and offering more choices.

Why do people wonder why the Tundra doesn't sell very good? It's the same crap as Nissan and Dodge. If you want a real truck, you buy Ford or GM. I ain't racist but American vehicles are the way to go!!!! What do you think Mike?

These are some of my favorite comments from Tundra owners on the "mysterious dents" phenomenon. Let's hope they stop using underengineered parts on the next one. Because it wasn't just the tailgate that had issues with cracks and dents. Let's also hope they get the frame right this time as well.

"I own a 07 tundra which developed dents on the bed halfway between the wheel well and cab and about 6 in down from the rail. I discussed them with the dealership and an auto body shop neither had an explanation. I have also seen them on another promo tundra. Has anyone else seen these?"


"Yes - my bed has a few dents but it's from hauling. Nothing I consider major although the construction does appear somewhat flimsier than I would have liked."


"mine are about 3 inches around now they're not major just irritating. They started much smaller and have grown over the past year."


"yep i had them as well but got them fixed recently. i also have creases in my doors from the showroom floor!!! i was to excited to say anything when i got it. now they say its my bad and im screwed."


This one has to be the most shocking!

"First time I washed mine I dented my roof just by leaning on it. Reminded me to keep all four tires on the road!"

Toyota should cut there losses with the tundra and ax the the whole fullsize line up! The trd (turd) edition is a big joke. the whole company is a joke!!


"If those ignorant Ford produced videos somehow prove superiority, how come they don't do the videos for the 3/4 ton segment against Dodge and GM??" - vmax

Actually, Ford already did in 2008, and they will do it again for the 2011's. Do your homework.

Ford - Truth About Trucks - Front Suspension

And, for the record, I've owned a Toyota pickup before.
Posted by: Mike Levine

Does this mean you no longer own the Toyota pickup in your signature file on the forum? Are you looking to purchase another pickup truck in the future?

Learn more about the Toyota Tundra - the truck that's changing it all.

The heat is on in a new actual demonstration spot for the 2010 Toyota Tundra. This time, Tundra has the grueling task of towing over 10,000 lbs. through a giant heat tunnel where temperatures exceed 250 degrees. No sweat.


Why is it always people who know something about cars, and those that have a passion for them never talk about Toyotas? It's always the people you know who have absolutely no clue about cars that recommends a Toyota to everyone they know. The thing is, even if they did make a decent vehicle, they are not created with passion. They have no character or soul. They are a whitegoods car. Something that does the job, gets you from A to B, but you fall asleep when doing so. The Camry is the epitome of boredism! YAWN!! OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh.... what a feeling! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You guys are so threatened....it's bordering on neurotic..LOL!!

Alex, I asked you try and keep up. I see it's a lost cause.

When I said the 6.2L Ford was lacking, it was in reference to it's not being available across the board......did you forget that comment??

I'll try the frame comment one more time:

The Tundra flexing in the Ford produced video means absolutely nothing.. IF the 3/4> trucks flexed like that, would that mean they had weak frames??? Get it yet?? (I kinda doubt it)

Ford would never run their bigger trucks over that crap, the trucks would look like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge if they did....(look it up)

To Mr. Scott, how does that front end video show how rigid the frame is.

What's funny is there is a guy by the name of "Jowett Engineering" that posts on Tundra Solutions.......Not only are the rotors and calipers of the 1/2 ton tundra BIGGER than the Super Duty, but he showed hub sizes (like that video) where the Tundra was at least equal in beefiness. So much for not being a truck.


Poor, poor Alex.....running out of ammo??

First the only reason people like the Tundra is for its 0-60 times.....now, only people who like boring cars drive Toyotas.

Which is it Cybil??

Don't like Camrys?? Want a cookie? Thought this was about trucks.

Try to understand (It'll be difficult, I'm sure) that just because one likes a particular model from a manufacturer doesn't mean they have to like the whole line up.

BTW, 1st new Toyota I've ever owned and by the far the least problematic vehicle I've ever owned. I guess I like "whitegoods" WTF that means.

FWIW, my other vehicles include a car with over 550 RWHP along with an 180MPH+ bike.......try again on your ignorant stereotypes.

Why is it, Alex, the owners of trucks that are out matched in nearly every measurable performance test when compared to the Tundra, resort to talking about the Camry?

"They have no character or soul".

Yes, Alex. That's because they are machines. They don't have feelings or emotions either. You can add those to the repetitive, overused, unoriginal talking points too when you have absolutely nothing left but need to come up with something to disparage a piece of metal with.

It will accelerate faster than the competition.
@Alex "Yeah, but it doesn't cry when it sees a sad movie."

It will stop faster than the competition.
@Alex "Yeah, but it didn't laugh when I told it a joke" :(

It gets better gas mileage than the competition (except the Ford)
@Alex "Yeah, but it doesn't drink its gas with passion"

It has a tighter turning radius than the competition.
@Alex "Yeah, but can it dance with passion? I want passion!"

It has the largest ring gear of the competition.
@Alex "Yeah, but that ring gear has no soul."

It has the largest brakes compared to the rest.
@Alex "Yeah, but those brakes are so boring."

But yeah, I can see why you brought up the Camry on a pickup truck site. When all you have left is a lack of "soul" and "passion" and "character", you gotta do what you gotta do.

comparing a tundra to other half tons is one thing, but you got to be smoking something if you think its as capable as the HDs from GM, Ford and Dodge...

@VMax, I was keeping up just fine. You just have no substance in your claims. Something that Tundra frames lack... substance! Oh my goodness, now a Tacoma is tougher than a Super Duty! Let me guess, we are supposed to sit back and just say you are right. Or you will call us racists and xenophobic? I know you will be still here reading everything we are saying. You might resist the urge for a little while to respond, after all you want us to believe you are gone. All you managed to prove is you're a whiney prick who doesn't know a thing about trucks, and all you can come up with is the brakes are bigger? VMax, the brakes on a Toyota don't work! I thought there was plenty of proof of that? That was really a bad comparison you gave, didn't really help you out. Go on, go on your little silent treatment. Act like you are not coming back and reading this.

The new 2014 Turdra! Looks good. They finally did it right this time!!!!


Not to get off topic but, all new brakes were put on the 2010 F-150.

"...2010 F-150 is an overhauled brake system. It includes new rotors that are 6 percent larger than last year's rotors, plus new front calipers, master cylinder, brake booster and linings. Grueber said F-150 drivers should see improved brake feel, reduced stopping distance and reduced brake dust thanks to the upgrades."

Credit: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2009/07/2010-ford-f-150-pickup-truck-receives-minor-updates.html

Alex, you would only hope I'd leave after making you look like such a fool!!!.

My substance, for about the 3rd or 4th time is not only my ownership of said vehicle but nearly every published report that shows the Tundra winning every objective test. Chances are you will not understand that and come back with some Camry reference.......don't worry, we're used to it.

LMFAO that you didn't understand the Tacoma Narrows Bridge reference.....thinking I was writing about the Tacoma truck....dude, by any chance did you ride the short bus to school? Still licking those windows? Helmet too tight??

Tundra brakes work just fine, thank you. I guess since you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, you missed the memos where Toyota was basically exonerated from the unintended acceleration BS.......probably too many big words to read for you.

You know what is sad, this website has more experience will full size pickup trucks than Toyota! It's been around twice as long as a full-size Tundra has.

@Brian, you honestly think a Tundra has more character than a Camry? The Tundra blends in with a Sequoia which blends in with the Bland Cruiser, which blends in with the Highlander, which blends in with a Rav 4. Hence they have no character. Toyota fans just don't get what character is in a car.

I knew VMax would just change his name on here. That way he can pretend he is gone, and still come back for more beatings!

Anyone seen Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom? Hearing these claims how the the Tundra is as strong as the heavy duty trucks reminds me of the scene where Short Round is jumping up and down and the bridge, saying "strong wood", and then he falls through the wooden planks.

You know what is sad, this website has more experience will full size pickup trucks than Toyota! It's been around twice as long as a full-size Tundra has.

@Brian, you honestly think a Tundra has more character than a Camry? The Tundra blends in with a Sequoia which blends in with the Bland Cruiser, which blends in with the Highlander, which blends in with a Rav 4. Hence they have no character. Toyota fans just don't get what character is in a car.

I knew VMax would just change his name on here. That way he can pretend he is gone, and still come back for more beatings!


The only one taking a beating is the fool who is losing so badly he resorts to "character" as a last ditch effort.

(Still think the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a Toyota??)


I believe the Tundra is a good truck my boss has Rams and Tundras for his business. The powertrain on the Tundra is very nice and pulls like there is no tomorrow. The problems we have is we had to buy our on trailer brake controller to it and we had to install a TRD rear stabilizer bar because compared to our Rams it did worse on turn. Other than those two things we think the Tundra is a good Full size half ton truck.

The Tundra here is treated like a half ton and to compare it to a 2500 or 3500 is like comparing Spider-man to the Incredible Hulk.

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