Update 1: Sources Say Toyota is Sticking with the Tundra, Designing Next-Gen Half-Ton

Sources Say Toyota is Sticking with the Tundra, Designing Next-Gen Half-Ton

Update #1 July-28-2010 05:17 PM PDT:

Toyota has released the following statement regarding the Sequoia's future:

"Toyota denies any reports of the discontinuation of the Sequoia. For obvious competitive reasons, Toyota does not discuss future product plans. Sequoia continues to be a profitable, high-quality vehicle for Toyota and several years remain in the life of the current generation. Our focus remains on building our vehicles, including the Sequoia, with the highest possible quality."

This statement doesn't contradict our sources' claims. As we originally wrote, our sources said the Sequoia will not be renewed after the end of its current lifecycle. Or at least it won't be based off the Tundra's platform, which it currently shares.


The 2007-10 Toyota Tundra hasn’t been quite the success that Toyota envisioned, but that doesn’t mean the automaker is ready to give up on its sales-challenged half-ton hauler. The company is planning a thorough redesign of the truck, according to our sources.

The current Tundra was designed from the ground up to compete with full-size pickups from Chrysler, Ford and GM. On paper, the story was compelling. The Tundra featured a strong 5.7-liter V-8, could tow up to 10,800 pounds and was available in regular, extended-cab and crew-cab configurations.

Toyota was so confident in the strength of its new truck and the American truck market that it invested more than $1 billion to build a dedicated assembly plant in Texas with the capacity to build 200,000 Tundras a year in addition to a second Tundra factory in Indiana that could produce 100,000 annually.

The Tundra came close to meeting its annual sales goals of 200,000 trucks per year in the first year but has missed each year since by a wide margin, suffering from the effects of both the economy and high-profile quality and safety issues. About 460,000 Tundras have been built since 2007, and less than 80,000 were sold in 2009.

In response to lower-than-expected demand, Toyota consolidated all Tundra production in Texas – shifting Toyota Highlander production to its Indiana factory – and also moved production of the midsize Toyota Tacoma to the Tundra’s plant in Texas to soak up the extra production capacity.

That’s led some to wonder about Toyota’s long-term dedication to the Tundra, especially in light of tough new fuel-economy rules set to take effect by 2016. Will Toyota continue to invest in the Tundra?

Our sources say the next Tundra will arrive by 2014, just in time to take on all-new full-size light-duty pickups expected from GM, Nissan and Ford. That time period is looking like it will be a replay of 2007-08, which also had a fast cadence of new half-ton introductions.

But while Toyota is keeping the faith in Tundra, at least for one more generation, the Japanese automaker is said to be cutting its losses with the Toyota Sequoia full-size SUV that’s based on the Tundra platform. We hear the big people-mover will be killed at the end of this life cycle.


Oh look he came back. That was quick Vmax! I knew you couldn't stay away. I am not "resorting" to character, it's one of the things I absolutely hate about Toyotas. My goal is not to try to win against you, I am just stating my honest opinions. I have always felt that way about Toyotas as a whole. That's why I call them whitegoods. They do the job, get you from A-to-B (without stopping), but they lack character. If you want to know what character is, go look up some old Mustangs and Corvettes. I'm not going to water down my opinions because you don't like it.

VMIM: You are more than welcome to voice your opinion. I welcome and appreciate it. But please change your handle. It's insulting to another commenter and won't be tolerated. I'll start deleting your comments if it's not changed. Thanks.

@vmaxis ford did do a short comparison to dodge and gm its on there website.

plus you say toyota came along in 2007 and whipped out the big three
90 years ago, automakers didnt have what we have now. its easy to watch someone build a truck for 100 years and then build your own without making the same mistakes
think about that

Mr. Truckfan

I don't think anyone is trying to compare the capabilities of ANY 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton truck.

What I'm TRYING to convey (and what is lost on the window licker) is that because a truck flexes on a course specifically designed by a manufacturer to showcase what it thinks is an advantage doesn't mean that truck is bad.

In other words, if Ford ran its open c-channel frame 250 on that course and it flexed, does it make it any less of a truck?

Having owned various Super Duties, I KNOW they twist and flex. Guess what? Never had a frame failure. Another anomaly is my SD's bounced like mofos when empty.....way worse than my Tundra.

But I understand, some people base their decisions on Ford produced videos, some mis-guided sense of patriotism and hearsay on the www..... not on actual personal experience.

Mr. Levine,

As requested, I changed the name.

Alex, you're trying way too hard.

Where exactly did I come back from......may I have your permission to step away from the keyboard occasionally....LOL!!

I love the paradox on these boards......you hate Toyota because a they're too reliable and boring (LIKE A NEARLY 400HP DOHC 4 VALVE V8 IS SOMEHOW BORING) while others cry how junky they are.

TRV, what is there to think about??

Are you trying to say Ford/GM/Fiat don't make mistakes because they're older companies. (if so, that's laughable)....if not, please explain.

TRV, I apologize.

I re-read it and I see what you're saying; even though I don't get the relevance.

Trucks mean different things to different people.

I gave up the pretty interior (even though the Tundra LTD has the coolest gauges out there) because I wanted the bigger crew.

In '07, only the Denali came close in the powertrain department.....I think Toyota had a direct effect on GM making the 6.2 more available.

The ride to me is more than adequate coming from heavier trucks.

My issue has always been Mr. Levine and his lemmings have always been quick to point out the Tundra's faults....which are undeniable. However, nor so quick to bring up awards and/or belittle its accomplishments.

WOW X 2!!!


BTW, how much is the price of tea in China today??

I guess this must prove to Mr.X007 that Nissan is better than Ford??


It's not just a Ford produced video thing, Mike Levine experienced the following in the light duty shoot out:

"Though we all really liked the Tundra’s tremendous acceleration feel, it had the poorest unloaded ride quality of the group. We felt road vibrations through the steering wheel on the interstate, and when the truck hit potholes on surface streets it had a tendency to skip sideways. It was so rough we thought we might need to seat-belt our coffee in place. If we owned a Tundra, we’d keep a load in the bed to calm the truck down."

As for the Ford Super Duty, I will also note what PM experienced in their recent test, "...this heavy hauler is really just about as good-natured and easy to live with as an F-150. The ride quality of our 7800-pound Lariat was incredibly smooth over any terrain. It not only rides better than any truck here, the new Super Duty glides over broken pavement better than some light-duty trucks."

So there goes your theory about it just being about a video; unless you are claiming Mike Levin is also biased.

@They All Have Issues
"Where exactly did I come back from......may I have your permission to step away from the keyboard occasionally....LOL!!"
And you don't think this is a sign of desperation, trying really hard to win a case? And when did I criticize Toyota for being too reliable? The answer is NEVER. Do you think reliability and blandness are the same thing? Duramax or Powerstroke for me next. Not even slightly considering a Tundra!
You think your responses are smart and witty but you really come across as arrogant and uninformed.

@ Youhaveissues- Its about TRUCKS!!!!!!!


Hey Alex,

Isn't this what you wrote:

" whitegoods. They do the job, get you from A-to-B (without stopping), but they lack character. "

Dude, stop!!! You are making an idiot of yourself......seriously.

(did you google Tacoma Narrows Bridge yet....or do you still think it's a Toyota truck?? LMAO!!)

Like I said,
"You think your responses are smart and witty but you really come across as arrogant and uninformed."

Stop telling bad jokes and laughing at them! You are not witty! You are just arrogant. Arrogance and wit are two different things! You don't have it in you. You haven't even said anything relevant to defend your toy. Stop trying to be funny, and let's hear something good about the Tundra other than 0-60 with an empty load. Because I think we have all given it credit for that.


Did you forget the part that was an older truck vs the field??

Maybe worn/not balanced tires??

Did you read MT's followup on the F-150?? (they complain about the 150's bed bounce)

Edmunds test of the Denali a few years back??

Now, be honest: Do YOU have an opinion, or is everything you write based on what others (who may be biased) have to say???

For the record, I currently own 4 Ford vehicles to go along with the Tundra (as well as a few other makes/models) My 50K mile Tundra has neither a vibration through the steering wheel or bounces my Big Gulps around....sorry to disappoint.

Alex, enjoy that new PSD or Dmax.......personally, I'd pick the Ford because I think you'll have more window area to lick.

Make sure there's enough headroom for you and that helmet also.


From the Edmunds test of the Sierra:

A full test of the 2007 GMC Sierra with the six-speed transmission showed us that GM knows how to build a strong transmission for this truck. But when the aforementioned four-speed in our Silverado fell on its own sword in the middle of traffic that Sunday morning, we lost all confidence in the Chevy.

Over a period of several weeks we had noticed a hard 1-2 shift while the transmission was cold. Once it warmed up, the shift action smoothed out. There were no signs of impending doom, so when we took the Silverado to Santa Monica Chevrolet-Buick for routine service, we asked the service personnel to look over the transmission.

After two days we called for an update. We were told the 3-4 clutch was losing hydraulic pressure and the piston was replaced under warranty. The technicians also reconditioned the transmission. When we reminded our trusty service advisor that the problem was with the 1-2 shift and off-neutral gear engagement, he assured us this was the proper fix. We picked up the truck and two miles later a hard 1-2 shift served as proof that the original issue remained.

We brought it back a few days later and were told by Santa Monica Chevrolet-Buick, "There is no problem. That is just how the truck shifts." Days later the problem came to a head with Senior Photographer Scott Jacobs at the wheel. Jacobs' voice was shaky on the phone. "The Silverado is parked at the office. The transmission locked up on me during a 2-3 shift. It screeched and lurched to a stop on Wilshire Boulevard. Drive doesn't work. Third doesn't work. Second doesn't work. First and reverse sort of work. The office was only a couple of blocks away so I was able to limp it back. An hour later and I'd have been on the Interstate 5 freeway headed to the Dodgers game. That was lucky."

GM Roadside Assistance came to our rescue, towing the Silverado from the office to the local Santa Monica dealership. We called to confirm the status of the vehicle later that afternoon. The advisor was surprisingly frank with his diagnosis. "We've had a rash of these lately...with the input housing busting as the mileage gets up there. It should be ready by end of day tomorrow." The forward sprag was replaced, the transmission again reconditioned and keys to the Silverado were back in our hands the next day.

Good news was that all gears worked again. The bad news was that the transmission didn't shift any smoother after this repair than before. We later learned there was an open technical service bulletin from Chevrolet about this issue. It made us wonder, if the dealer had already noted a "rash" of these transmission failures, why hadn't the sprag been replaced to begin with?

See, They all have issues!!!

Issueboy "Make sure there's enough headroom for you and that helmet also." I know I am not lacking in those areas, but thanks anyway.
All I can ask from you is to stick to talking about the trucks, and explain why you like the Tundra so much, in a way that proves to anyone who is mechanically minded that the Tundra is the best truck. But you can't can you? You came in from every attack angle you could think of, but not one of them had anything to do with trucks!


Our window lickin' hero blames the dealer on this one:


"they all have issues"

hey Vmaxsi---- why can't toyota outsell GM, Ford, or Dodge in the full size pick up market, is it cause their dumb... or American????? please..... stfu. you don't know anything about trucks, let alone your finacial skills... i'm sure your money experience is limited to balancing your checkbook.... seeing how you're a toyota owner lol

The tundra is by far the most ugly pos truck i ever seen you have to have 2 sets of beer goggles on to think this truck is sexy for 5 min lol

Did you forget the part that was an older truck vs the field??"


No, it was Toyota's newest truck, the truck we are talking about now. Also, the GM and Chevy came out in the last quarter of 2006, so they were actually just as old or older than the Tundra. The Ford was a fresh of the 2004 model. Are you saying Mike Levine is biased? Stop making excuses.

So window licker, do you remember writing this:

." All you managed to prove is you're a whiney prick who doesn't know a thing about trucks,"

You, loser, do not deserve a response.......even though it's been explained many times why the Tundra is as good if not better than any 1/2 ton out there depending on one's needs.

Nevertheless, mom always taught me to be kind to the special needs peep so I'll defer you to the '08 shootout on this very forum but I'm sure the pretty pictures will distract you from the actual objective testing.

But hey, enjoy that "character" that your new PSD (that you can't afford0 has and PRAY it has a better reputation than the 6.0-6.4 PSD....LOL!!!

ZAK, thanks for laugh!!

"their" dumb.........classic!!!

"finacial" skills...........dude, my sides hurt from laughing.

Dude, mom says dinner is ready, get off the computer and save some face while you can!!!

What I don't understand is why people are bitching so much?!?!?! All of this competition between Toyota, Ford, GM, and Dodge is absolutely amazing for the consumer. We, the consumer, are getting top of the line, amazing machines. Each company is trying to out do each other, so it means we are getting nothing but the best. I, personally, own a 2008 Tundra and I love it. My uncle owns a 2008 Silverado, and its a damn good truck. The new Rams have caught my eye. I think they got it right when redesigning the body of that truck. And I have to applaud Ford for not taking any TARP money from the government. They suffered for the better part of a decade, turned everything around. The newer F-150's look to be fine pieces of machinery as well. Ford also redesigned the engines for the better gas mileage. Bottom line, we are getting really good products from these companies. It doesn't bother me that I have family and friends that drive domestic's and I have a toyota. Their vehicles work for them, mine works for me. Its a great time to be a truck owner!!!

"No character"

"Not sexy"

Wow, some great parameters for buying a truck......

@JohnDavid: +1. I agree with you 100 percent. Buy what works for you and be thankful for the competition.

But this thread is closed. I think it's gone about as far as it can go.

@Scott: Yes. I sold the Toyota a while back. I'm looking for another small truck but I'm itching to pull the trigger on a Raptor. In the meantime, I'm driving my TDI and a different truck from each manufacturer every couple of weeks.

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