Spied! 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited 6.2

Spied! 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited 6.2
Photos by Brenda Priddy & Company

In January, our spies caught a test truck that hinted at the return of the upscale Ford F-150 Lariat Limited model. Now there’s little doubt we’ll see the Lariat Limited return to the F-150 lineup for 2011, as seen in these new photos.

What’s unique about the Lariat Limited shown here? Highlights include a body-colored front air dam that’s shared with the Ford Harley-Davidson F-150, a six-slat grille borrowed from the XLT F-150 that’s painted to match the rest of the truck (instead of chromed) and wheels painted with body-colored accents. Other features include body-colored skullcaps on the mirrors, body-colored door handle bezels with chrome pulls and automatic retractable running boards. The word “Limited” is embossed on the sides of the cargo box.

We expect the Lariat Limited will feature Ford's all-new 6.2-liter premium V-8 engine, as Ford rolls that engine out to high-end F-150 models.

The 6.2-liter is rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque in the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. The test truck in these photos has a single large exhaust tip that appears almost identical to the exhaust tip of 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups with the same 6.2-liter V-8.

The first time we saw the F-150 Lariat Limited was in 2007, when the special-edition trim package debuted for the final year of production of the previous generation Ford half-ton. Only 5,000 units were built for the 2008 model year. It’s likely that 2011 will also be a limited build.

2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited


Really one of the nicest F150 packages. Real head-turner. I see one riding around here in central Indy often. I'm not surprised they are doing it again. Hopefully, and most likely, it will be well-received again.

That is a good looking truck. I hope they put the 6.2 starting with the XLT. Those premium trucks get pretty expensive. Test drove a Super Duty Crewcab with the 6.2 and it seemed to move that heavier truck real easy. That engine really likes to rev. The sloping hood on the F150 sure beats that long high Kenworth size hood on the Super Duty.

Painted wheels? Blech!

I would rather the standard Lariat. I really like chrome, but not overdone. So let's see here. 2011 will have Lariat, Lariat Limited, King Ranch and Platinum?

Totally useless! CrewCab and a 3 foot bed? What are you going to do with that? How about a extended cab with a 8 foot bed and a 6.2 liter engine?

@ woopud,

I assume you haul lumber and plywood everywhere? Not everyone needs an eight foot bed, so the five foot + bed pictured is not quite as useless as your comment.


You can also get a 6.5' bed on the SuperCrew mister un-informed!

Power Kid,
Only 5000 of these are being made. Don't get your hopes up for the FX4.

That would be killer in black. I guess basically a HD, but not everyone wants to advertise for HD.

@ Fordman
I appreciate your concern LOL. My "hopes" have not been up for quite some time. I highly doubt Ford will offer the 6.2L "across the line" the first year. Maybe for '12 or '13. It would shock me if they did. That said if I can get the EB and it has equivilant motivation and gets better mpg... maybe I'll just have to get that? Or I keep my 04 which still looks as good as any truck on the road. Thats the nice thing... I don't HAVE TO buy anything.

@ 5 weeks we should know more as order bank opens so order guide should be out.

I like Lariat Limited will nice and luxury for CrewCab like formal luxury traditional SUV.

Hmm I haul plenty with my 5.5 inch bed on my Titan. Bearing in mind the target market for a Platinum F150 I doubt many will be seeing duty towing 5th wheels, goosenecks or hauling a whole lot o f payload anyhow. As far as the wheels, I am sure they are either powdercoated (not painted) or it is a trick of the light in the photographs that make portions look white.

White inserts, "outline" is not painted.

wow, that thing is such an eyesore, Wonder how it will look like when its cloudy(Since its kinda like a dirty yellow color). Ford should just kill the brand for doing this.

Look, I don't have a problem with Ford I'm happy for them doing extremely well without taking government money! I'm not pro one brand and anti other brands, right now I have a 2000 Silverado 1500 ext. cab and 8' bed which I love! I'm at 204K now doing nothing but hauling and towing, I see so many heavy duty trucks driving around with those cheapo 5000 lbs rated hitches, I mean give me a break! I work my truck, 1 ton in the back or a 10,000 lbs on the hitch is no problem. I'm not sure yet what my next truck will be depends what's available when I'm ready maybe a heavy duty Titan? I just don't get all those 1/2 ton crew cabs with short beds..... I bet a lot of those people can get by with a suv.

@ smelly cheese

Just beacuse your irritated Packers camp hasn't started yet, don't spread your negativity to others. Adjust the color on the library's monitor as clearly its not yellow at all.

Did you look at it through your Mtn Dew bottle?

@smelly cheese if it looks yellow to you try cleaning your computer screen.


hey, it aint my fault your beloved "F-150" is made out of stinky garbage. lol

He laughs at his own jokes. Hey Smelly Cheese, did your dad not let you take his truck out today? BTW, that truck is definitely white. Camera white balance is good too. Try updating your computer first, then buy a pickup.

WTF, a F150 Harley-Davidson for Arabian market? :D


For starters, your name is "Alex"(Just in case you havent noticed). and i also see you still like to do daddy jokes, its either you're still stuck somewhere in history, or your 11? ohh, and BTW, I own 93 Chevy Silverado for me to keep. Thank you for asking anyways.

i dont typically say thats trucks are sexy, but ford trucks just have subtle hint of style, but never losing the hard working nose.

some chevy's and dodge's, and the rare titan or tundra also look superb, but ford is built ford tough. i do miss those chevy " like a rock" commercials lol"!

How do we not know this is a 3.5 EB or 5.0?

I only ask because I dont see the 6.2 being offered in the F150 while ford is trying to go with a greener look.

@Keith you will not see F150's towing a 5th wheel, unless it is a F150 HD, a F250 without the name. That F150 looks too much like the gaudied up Toyota Hilux's we have running around here.

@ Mike Levine,

Not trying to nit-pick the article but you said the LIMITED letters on the side of the cargo box are "embossed." But in the picture they look like they are just stick on emblems like the 08 Limiteds letters were. Also, this truck has power deployable running boards. GREAT looking truck otherwise!

One last thing Mike, any word on the Ti-VCT 5.0L V8 in the F150?

I peed my pants.

Love how it's 411HP/434LBFT, but it can't carry a full size plow. Kind of an oxymoron for a truck, am I right?

Smelly Cheese, I wasn't trying to be funny. Still, a '93 Silverado... congrats! You're in a position to be criticizing a 2011 model F150 Lariat. That's called sarcasm.

@Tim, is everyone in the snow plowing business? If you wanted a full size plow, would you not just get an F250 or F350?


Remember the 88-98 C/K trucks? Maybe before your time? Anyhow, they were some very capable half tons that were excellent at pushing snow. GM still has half tons that are capable of carrying full size blades, a bizarre concept to other half ton truck manufacturers. Maybe you're cruising mall parking lots or out racing, but trucks (in my mind) are used for work.

Tim, I didn't know the only reason people had pickups was either to have a plow or cruiser mall parking lots? Thanks for telling me I must be doing one or the other in your simple little world. But seriously though, If someone needs extra towing, payload, axle load - should they get on here and complain the F150 won't do it or get a Super Duty?

Looks like a girls kind of truck/car. I would rather have the 09 ram with the new brake recall.LOL

"M still has half tons that are capable of carrying full size blades"

Good for GM. Ford does the same.

@ snowjob- I hope you have good insurance? The f150 looks good while working or sitting still. The most capable truck ever made.

I'm a Ford guy so i am definitely buying this before a denali, but i think it'll be cool to see the two 6.2 liter luxury trucks go at it now that ford has a true powerhouse under the hood!

although i cant buy this :( haha just didn't want to be a poser.

@ Tim

How does a half ton GM handle a full size blade? GMs HDs, up until this year, couldn't handle a load like that.

Ford most capable truck ever,

yet doesn't do anything with close to average performance.

@Frame-Most capable truck ever made.

@Andrew: You're correct. The lettering is like the Harley's. I call it embossed, though they are stick-ons.

5.0-liter for the F-150? What 5.0-liter for the F-150? I know nothing about a 5.0-liter for the F-150. ;-)

@StenSpel: EcoBoost trucks have an inlet in the lower bumper for the turbo intercooler. See: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2010/05/spied-2011-ford-f150-with-ecoboost-v6.html

@x007, Hey James Bond wanna be, Ford 1/2 ton almost capable of light duty service, getting closer with fially a strong engine. Ford cheap plastic hot wheels type truck.

@ Robert Ryan - You miss my point. Point is this version is not a work truck. It will not have the max tow and payload ratings so giving it an 8ft bed would be pointless anyhow. You are entirely correct that to do serious work a buyer would be looking at an F150 HD or step up to the Super Duty. BTW the F150HD is no close to the same as an F250 and there are a good number of 5th wheel campers that can be towed by a properly equipped 1/2 ton. The Limited model shown here is not one of those properly equipped trucks due to all the add ons reducing it's capability.

@Riley- No wanna be here. Cheap plastic hot wheels type truck holds up pretty good in any condition and looks damn good too.

Keith@ It does not look dramatically different from this sort of thing.

Its okay looking, the thing needs some better lines though, the grill is a rectangle and the front end a box and the back end.

Robert - No offense but I think you need to see an optometrist. The Hilux in the link looks nothing like the F150 in this article aside from both being crew cabs. If I am not mistaken the Hilux is not even fullsized for starters. It would also, in the US, fall in with the Tacoma's and Frontiers in terms of ratings and performance.

This is no 6.2, if you look closly at the bottom bumper you will see it has been modified, with the tow hooks removed and the bump noobs removed, behind that lower grill is the intercooler for the turbo 6.

John - IIRC there are bumpers like that available for the current F150. The F150 Harley Davidson edition has this identical lower grill. There is no real way to see if there is an intercooler behind it. It is possible it could be an Ecoboost, but the bumper is not giving anything away.

@ Kieth - I agree. I've seen the same bumper on the Harley F150. If it's an EB engine - where is the cold air intake?

I like the FX4 grill the best. The Platinum grill looks good with the white Platinum color. I think this truck would look better with an all white grill.

Keith@ I was referring to more the non-practical nature than anything else. As you said the F150 above is not made for any sort of real work situations. The Crewcab Hilux with a short bed falls into the same category. Yes it the Hilux is Tacoma sized with the 3 Litre diesel, well and truly outperforming the 4 litre V6.. Still the Hilux is the worst towing Japanese Pickup here.

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