Spied! 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited 6.2

Spied! 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited 6.2
Photos by Brenda Priddy & Company

In January, our spies caught a test truck that hinted at the return of the upscale Ford F-150 Lariat Limited model. Now there’s little doubt we’ll see the Lariat Limited return to the F-150 lineup for 2011, as seen in these new photos.

What’s unique about the Lariat Limited shown here? Highlights include a body-colored front air dam that’s shared with the Ford Harley-Davidson F-150, a six-slat grille borrowed from the XLT F-150 that’s painted to match the rest of the truck (instead of chromed) and wheels painted with body-colored accents. Other features include body-colored skullcaps on the mirrors, body-colored door handle bezels with chrome pulls and automatic retractable running boards. The word “Limited” is embossed on the sides of the cargo box.

We expect the Lariat Limited will feature Ford's all-new 6.2-liter premium V-8 engine, as Ford rolls that engine out to high-end F-150 models.

The 6.2-liter is rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque in the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. The test truck in these photos has a single large exhaust tip that appears almost identical to the exhaust tip of 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups with the same 6.2-liter V-8.

The first time we saw the F-150 Lariat Limited was in 2007, when the special-edition trim package debuted for the final year of production of the previous generation Ford half-ton. Only 5,000 units were built for the 2008 model year. It’s likely that 2011 will also be a limited build.

2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited


Robert - A 5.5ft Bed with a bed extender on a fullsized pickup is far from impractical. Especially if you need the cab space. I do plenty with my Titan with the short bed. Chances are this version of the F150 will still tow over 8,000lbs and have a payload around 1,600lbs if I had to guess. If one wants fullsized luxury with those capabilities and doesn't mind the price tag, this truck would work for them.

FWIW what cracks me up are people who want a regular cab long bed for the bed space then drop in a tool box that makes the bed really no longer than the one they could have gotten with the extended cab. Makes no sense to me.

What nice ford sure beats the denail !!!

@me - quote "As a woman, I think to myself...what kind of man drives a Japanese, Chinese, or any other foreign truck?"

Answer - Guys that date women with more teeth than tattoos.

@Lou low blow.
Does anyone recall the light duty shootout? Doesn't Ford claim the highest towing numbers for 1/2 tons? How could they tow so bad then(in the shootout)? All of this false advertising doesn't sit right with me

@ Sierra

Please define and I quote "Tow so bad then"

Fastest... no, control, comfort etc... Then?

Given 99% of 07 GM hald tons have the torqueless wonder 5.3L me thinks towing isn't important for you GM dudes...

@RR, the Hilux 3.0 diesel doesn't perform even close to the 4L V6. I lined up my father's 4LV6 Hilux SR against a diesel SR5, and it was night and day. Plus I test drove both before he bought it.
Nissan needs to sell the Frontier/Navara with their 195kw/550Nm 3.0L V6 diesel. Now that would blow away BOTH Toyota engines!

@x007, I see you have been watching too many commercials. Get a grip little one.

@@ Sierra - low blow? not really.
There isn't anything lower than making insinuations that a product or item is inferior because it's made by individuals of a foriegn origin. There isn't anything lower than implying that a man is less a man for driving such a product.
Isn't the USA supposed to be "The Great Melting Pot". Wasn't every person who first came to America a foreigner?

Alex@ the Toyota V6 is almost dead. Nissan has since withdrawn their 4 litre V6 from the Australian market the "new" Isuzu Pickup does not have a petrol option, so will the new VW Amarok when introduced.. . Nissan has problems with their current diesels, getting a very bad write up in a Caravan towing review. Maybe the 3 Litre Renault diesel maybe better?
The V6 on the Navara was always optional, not standard issue.
"It's not an all-diesel affair, though, with the Navara ST-X still offering an optional 198kW 4.0-litre V6 petrol engine. "

@snowboy-I'm far from little. My comments are made from first hand experience. I have little time time to watch tv much less commericals because I'm busy working my most highly capable truck. Speaking of tv, Have you seen the bandit?

@RR, The Renault engine will be in the European Navara, Nissan Australia hasn't announced they will be selling it yet, I would expect it to be in the new Patrol too. You're right about many Nissan diesels, the old 3.0L diesel in the old Navara ST-R was a gutless 4 cyl. The GU Patrol 3.0 had issues of reliability, and the current 2.5 CRD has complaints about lack of power and torque. The new one should be a rocketship!
The unappreciative of pickup trucks (British) get it http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/252133/nissan_navara_30_v6_tekna.html
complain that the 3.0L V6 diesel uses more fuel than the 4cyl diesel! I'm sure I would call it ultra-economical.
12,000 mile service interval! You can tell they are not in to 4x4s because they think part-time 4x4 is for vehicles that spend more time on-road than off-road. They need to hand the keys over to someone like Mike.

Ok If you want a truck for work dont get a 250 or 350 get a 550 or bigger. Than its a truck not a kids truck. This is something the ocotr would buy not a farmer or a landscaper. Other than that its nice but too nice for me. Ill stick with my 650 and 350

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The awards keep piling in...The F-150 is the best all-around pickup available today.....and #1 in exterior and interior styling. Wooooo. Can't wait for the new engines and eletronic steering later this year. Then the F-150 will be tough to beat in any category. Wooooooooo!!!!!!!


F-150 took the top spot in an all-new full-size pickup comparison test by Kelley Blue Book's kbb.com. The editors gave F-150 high marks for being outstanding across the board, but also for offering a well-rounded, thoroughly developed package. Along with praise for its driving dynamics, F-150 was also noted for both its exterior and interior styling. more...

According to the judges, the truck was "outstanding in all areas...(and) offered a well-rounded, thoroughly developed package that does everything to a high standard."

1) F-150
2) Ram
3) Silverado
4) Tundra
5) Titan

Red more:

@Danny - thanks for the link.

To quote the test " It did that not by being outstanding in all areas but by offering a well-rounded, thoroughly developed package that does everything to a high standard."
Quote "The F-150 is a complete package of a pickup."

That is why I like the F150. It may not have the most powerful engine, or the best MPG, or best ride, or even the best looks - it does everything well - and as a complete package is the best.
Great job Ford.

Hey Lou , you buy that Ram HD powerwagon yet? You said if the dealer was open the day you saw it you would have bought it on the spot. Nicest truck you ever saw is what you said. I hope you buy a new truck soon so you can retire your GM van. Maybe then you will have a hands on opinion of the new trucks instead of copy and paste ALL DAY long. Get away from the computer and drive that new 2010 Ram off road and enjoy the beautiful country we have.

I like how KBB gives the F-150 #1 slot for interior and exterior styling. I always thought Ford had the best looks even before I became a Ford owner. The Fords always looked the most modern and toughest of the big three trucks.

F-150 interior highlights: the most trim levels, high quality, load flat floor, work solutions, the new nav, sony stereo, Sync, and now the new lcd screen...that new productivity screen is going to be a game changer. The Ram has made huge strides, but once you add up all of those F-150 features including the load flat floor and lcd screen the Ram just does not stack up to the F-150 interior.

Exterior looks I rate as follows...it just depends on what you want or need.

Ford: the most modern looking, bold and tough

Ram: classic old school looks without being tacky

GM: good but as KBB says doesn't do anything really well; needs a major update because the previous updates did not go far enough

@ Kevin - Yes.I liked the looks of the Power Wagon. The grey and black color with red pinstrips was pretty.
Reality sets in with a price tag comparable to a diesel. It sat on the lot for 3 months after that.
I'd also love a new SuperCrew Raptor - I have yet to see one on the lot.
The banks say I can easily afford a new truck - my stomach says no.
Until I can drop a big downpayment on one, I'll still be cutting and pasting to my hearts content.
I'm lucky to have a job that provides me considerable free time to do what I want. I spend hours doing research on my job. This site is a pleasant distraction from hard, cold information.
As far as a hands on opinion of new trucks - how many guys on this site have the pleasure of a "hands on opinion" of the latest and greatest?

The F150 is my first choice as a 1/2 ton. The PowerWagon or diesel Dodge 1st choice in HD.

I do enjoy the beautiful country we live in. Do you spend a 10 or more hours a week walking through the woods?

I doubt Lou would throw the money down for a heavy duty truck. It was probably more like a nice dream. Maybe if he suddenly needed to haul or tow all of the time he would consider a heavy duty, but I doubt it and the Power Ram which limits hauling/towing would not be the first choice.

I could see Lou being interested in a light duty Power Ram, but they don't exist and he would have to compare it to the other trucks' features and benefits overall. Once again the Power Ram is a nice dream.

I know a lot of people who are waiting for the all new F-150 in or around 2013 and the new GM models that are due out at the same time. The question is do you buy the 2011 F-150 with the new engines or do you waiting for the 2012 for any bugs to be worked out? Or do you wait for the all new F-150 in 2012/2013? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

When the economy picks up in 2012 and a new president is elected I think we will see a lot of people buying new trucks again. I can understand why Lou would be hesitant to buy. It's just that right now there are two many unanswered questions to put that kind of money into a truck that will likely get outdated in a year if he had waited for more information and had the benefit of a large deposit.

Hey Lou , you buy that Ram HD powerwagon yet? You said if the dealer was open the day you saw it you would have bought it on the spot. Nicest truck you ever saw is what you said. I hope you buy a new truck soon so you can retire your GM van. Maybe then you will have a hands on opinion of the new trucks instead of copy and paste ALL DAY long. Get away from the computer and drive that new 2010 Ram off road and enjoy the beautiful country we have.
Posted by: kevin


Kevin - I agree. It is time for Lou to put his money where his mouth is. Buy the Dodge Ram 1500 or Power Ram and stop with the jedi mind tricks. Stop with the copying and pasting and you will be a lot happier. Go out and buy it now. Dodge Ram: the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. NOTHING can beat a Ram. You only live once. It is time for you, Lou, to put up or shut up!!!!

You can also return it within 60 days if you are not satisfied! Ram was 2010 Motor Trend Truck of the Year! You cannot go wrong!

@Lou You have got nothing to lose! Best truck! Best warranty - don't like it return it in 60 days no questions asked. You risk nothing.

Let's make a deal the way a deal is meant to be done—with a firm handshake and a solid promise. It's a promise that you'll love driving your 2010 RAM so much that we're giving you 60 days to drive it on us.

When you buy, we'll make the first two monthly payments and if your RAM doesn't make a big impression, we'll take it back no questions asked. Our handshake means we stand behind you. And your RAM.


@ Joe Your Power Wagon comment is a little misguided. The PW actually has a higher tow rating than the standard Hemi 2500. The PW option enhances every part of the truck and doesn`t limit its abilities like the Raptors tow and hauling abilities or other specail trucks like the Tacoma X-runner or the old SRT-10 truck or Lightning. I`m not knocking those other trucks but the changes made to them took some ability away.

@RamMan, please avoid the temptation of sounding like a TV commercial! Just say you love the Ram and why, I will respect that. I just can't stand it when people sound more like the marketing department of a company than a motoring enthusiast.


"Dodge Ram: the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be." ? Umm, what history does the Dodge "Ram" have again? as far as im concerned, The dodge ram doesnt have any history AT ALL!

"@ Joe Your Power Wagon comment is a little misguided. The PW actually has a higher tow rating than the standard Hemi 2500." - Jordan

I'm wasn't arguing that, but according to my research that may not be true. I wrote if Lou was going to suddenly start towing and hauling all the time, the Power Wagon may not be the first choice.

According to my research the Power Wagon can tow 10,300 lbs and has a payload of 1900 lbs.
This also can be confirmed on the Dodge site:

I know some Ford half tons that have bigger numbers than that. My argument was not Power Wagon Hemi vs standard Hemi, although according to my research the Power Wagon Hemi does haul and tow less. This is not a knock on the Power Wagon. My point was if he was going to haul and tow all the time, he would probably consider a different package.

Read the fine print of the. You are passing Lou some bad information. This 60 day "handshake" isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Ram 2500 towing upgraded, Power Wagon coming
May 16th, 2010 by DaveAdmin

The Ram 2500
′s tow rating increased on 2011 models from 20,000 to 22,000 lb, when buyers choose the diesel and 4.1 axle ratio, indicating that the rear springs or axle
may have been beefed up to handle the extra load.

Hey Lou,
Why don't you take a minute and go to dodgetalk.com so you know what you are talking about? Then you will see Ram is better than the Ford! If you just cut and paste from pro Ford sites you will not get the big picture. Don't bother with the F150. The Power Wagon is better all day long and for less money.

RamMan: That's an interesting site. I took a quick look at the drivetrain talk forum for the 4th gen 09 and up and came up with this. No cherry picking. These topics were all on the top of the first page. I hope you don't mind that this information "leaks" out. lol.

Starting to think my 50K PW (Power Wagon) is crap:


guess what? first it was my Xfer case leaking fluid, now today, my wife says... what's the deal with the rust on the rear end of your truck... I look down at the rear diff... WTF? all the paint is peeling off in huge sections, AND the diff is so hot I can't touch it. I check the fluid level, it's really low.... how low..... it took 1.5 qts to get it up to the full line???? I'm so pissed at my worthless dealer...WTH.... do we have to check every fluid level before we drive off the lot???


Truck will be at the dealer on Friday.. I'm going to make them pull the cover and inspect the gears... no wonder my rear locker won't engage... it's probably gunked up with burnt oil. STARTING to miss my diesel.......

check my recent posts,my driveshaft fell out 7500 miles


The hilarity continues....

"The lockers are electric (Magnetic) I would personally like air lockers better, these electric one's take FOREVER to lock.... if you were in a pickle you'd be screwed.... the manual says it helps to drive in circles to get them to lock??? WTF? hard to drive in circles if your stuck and need more traction... "



in disbelief,driveshaft dropped:

im so upset with mopar,being a die hard mopar fan would never buy anything else.im driving to vacation 200 miles away towing my small boat.when the rear starts humming at 70 mph i slow down start to get off the highway where in about 200 yards past the ramp the drive shaft falls on the ground pinion gear jams in the case and locks up the tires at 30 mph.luckily i was on the shoulder of the road at that point.

so i call dodge and they customer service guy says what sthe problem.i tell him,and my additional problem "not his" i have a 4 month old baby who needs an oxygen machine every 3 hours and im still 2 hours from my destination.guy tells me he can tow my truck to the nearest dealer and im on my own for a rental.they wont tow my boat.and if i want he will call an ambulance for my baby.this is just too much for my to take so i flipped out he hung up on me.luckily i was able to slpit the yoke from the driveshaft and get it back on to the pinion gear then reinstall it after a local farmer drove me back and forth to a local mall with a sears. what should i do about this now i dont even want the truck now its tainted with only 7500 miles on it????



2010 PW Transfer case leaking:

Ok, I'm pretty bummed... walked up to my truck today, and see she's pissed her pants.... there is tranny fluid on the ground. Got up under the truck, and the Xfer case is leaking at the very bottom. I checked the bolts, and they are tight... off to the dealer asap... anyone else have this problem???

Since Lou got his panites in a bunch and got the GM post shut down I have to again post this here.

No matter what GM comes out with you will find critics to find fault with it. They love to stick the "obama motors" B.S in their to. I am so sick and tired of people like this that try and pick apart anything that GM does or comes out with.

GM will once again the the leaders in innovation and bring best in class horsepower, torque, fuel economy. No matter what GM builds you will find nimrods like Lou try and slam GM. Don't like GM, than buy the brand that you prefer. seems simple enough but some people can't resist slamming GM no matter what they do.

The 09 Ram doesnt have the new brake recall,its a small number of 2010's..22,000 vehicles Ram ,Nitro ,Liberty and Wrangler.Again its not 22,000 of one single vehicle,again a Chrysler recall's are usually small, they catch them on time and dont drag their feet like other makes that dont recall them or wait until they have millions to fix.I am still waiting for a Ford recall on the 5.4 tick,tick knock,knock sound of a Ford quality engine..

Meh...dont like the look of Ford's..

@Mark, LOL, maybe that's where the Dodge boys base their "less moving parts argument." Dodge doesn't have ANY moving parts! :) OK, i was kidding, don't flame me people, it was a joke....Although truth comes out in jest.

@ super baby/bobby - you're a d-psh-t.
xXChevy_ManXx killed the Denali thread with his trash talk.
The site administrator pulled all of his posts.

Funny how you did not say GM will be the leader in interior design.


Help ,,Sorry to do this but is this the "Hemi Tick"



yea, wierd how they also didnt pull the posts of the people that started the trash talk in the first place(Lou, Bill, Alex, Built4Turd, Frank).

Welcome back.

"He started it!" Oh my goodness, this guy should be banned!

Back on topic, I am looking forward to the F150 news coming Monday!

@xXChevy_ManXx - that is because the site administrator knows the difference between qulaity posts and the rants of a fool.

Ya Anthony broke down chevy got creepy on the denial posts lol very creepy. On motor trend today i read about the 5.0L replaceing the 5.4L its confirmed i am pumped fords got great engines comeing out and they will be the best in class for MPG and towing its will be awesome going shopping for my new 2011 ford pickup truck !!!

Hey guys,
Stop the personal attacks. This is pickuptrucks.com Let's get back to talking trucks!

@Bill - Truckblog also had some news. The F150's will get the 3.7L V6, a 5.0L V8, or a 3.5L V6 Ecoboost, and from this post it looks like some trucks will have the 6.2.

The 5.0 sounds like the way to go.

The 3.5 EB will be a tough sell as a premium workhorse motor.

The thing I would love to hear on Monday is crew cab F-150 are getting the heavy duty payload package with 2300 lbs payload across the board like their heavy duty supercab brothers do.

Guys - don't mention the sub-par interiors on the Chevies. Wouldn't want this thread shut down too.

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa............. ;)

You can attack the Chevy, mention the subpar interiors, just don't get caught up in the attacking the person personally, if you are in doubt you should probably reword your response.

@Fordboy, Thank you. That needed to be said.

What about the things inside the interior in a Chevy, are they sub-par too? :)

@ Joe (posted by: Joe | Jul 16, 2010 3:40:49 PM)
Thanks. Well said!

My reaction to the PowerWagon was based on it's good looks.
Guys do that.
Kinda like when you are walking through the mall and a hot blonde in a skin tight micro-mini dress walks out of the Victoria's Secret.
You do a double-take, and think " daaaammm, would you like to be part of my home entertainment system".
Then CAPOW - you feel a sharp pain through your ribs, it feels like your lung has collapsed - because your wife just nailed you a WWF grade elbow......

Mind you - I'd be in less trouble if I showed up at home with the Ram ;)

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