Debut Pictures of the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD Dually

World Debut Pictures of the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD 3500 Dually

The one-ton 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD dually made its world debut today at the Heavy Duty Shootout in Michigan.

You'll have to wait until Aug. 16 to find out how the big Denali performed against its peers — it's one of nine trucks we're comparing — but we've got the first photos to share with you now.

What does checking the Denali option box buy you? Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar chrome grille with body-colored bumpers, chrome door handles, chrome accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum trim, power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: black, Stealth Gray and white.

Denali trim is available in the 3500 Series for both single-rear-wheel and dually versions in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The 3500 series is also available in standard (6-foot 6-inches) and dually long box (8-foot) versions.

For more photos of the Denali 3500, check out our behind-the-scenes look at the 2010 HD Shootout posted on our Facebook page.

2011 GMC Sierra 3500HD


Awesome work truck.

@snowblower - you said on a different thread : Like i said before Ram HD rules all trucks.

So is the Dodge a play truck?

I hear the Duramax trucks are kicking butt in the shootout.

Looks good. For a 2007 model.

GMs are looking old, Fords are looking very old rear of A pillar and odd in front of it. New Rams need bigger rubber.

As far as how they pull, we'll know in @ 5 weeks. But I suspect they all pull real good. Ram being in last place generally.

Those 18 or 20s will be pretty expensive to replace when you gotta put 6 new ones on. But if you can afford this don't complain I guess.

These Chevy and GM trucks are old and ugly. I don't like the front ends one bit. The interiors I hate even more.

I just knew that it would only be a matter of time before someone would start complaining how ugly these new GM HDs are. But I do agree though, these trucks are starting to show their age in the styling dept.

Denali and Ram HD currently the best looking HD's on the market. Ford is the ugliest (reminds me of 70's for some reason)

The new GM HDs would be good looking trucks if this was 1997. Come to think of it, Onstar would be lot more useful back then as well.

Ford will win the shoutout!!!

July 12th till August 16th? Just curious mike. Why more than a month? Waiting for 'Ram'?

i like the styling on the gmcs better than the chevys. its like, why buy a chevy truck, when you can get a gmc truck?

also i had one question. does trailer sway control only apply to single rear wheels, or do dually;s have them as well?

Please this and every other truck is no where near any competition for the new fords lol These new Super Dutys are kickin some major a$$ lol

Please remember as part of this new shootout to use a max trailer load, not the mere 10K.

10K does not even test the cooling system, eng temp or tranny temps, EGT temps.

Pull it on real life steep mountian roads.

@scott- AGREED

@Scott- Couldn't agree more! 10K is what I pull with my 2000 Silverado 1500, what should they pull? Like 20K or so?

Agree with Scott, To test HDs take at least 15k over something like I80 CA to NV or I5 OR to CA.

I noticed that the tailights of the GMC are now the same as the Chevrolet? GMC's tailights always had the reverse lights at the bottom while Chevrolet had them in the middle. I liked the GMC ones better. I wonder if that change is just for the Denali or across the board?

I can't belive how many sorry ass whiners there are on this board who are bitching and moaning about the looks or the interior of the gm trucks. I think they look the best over Ford and Dodge and everyone has an opinion. Stop the bitching and if you don't like the looks or what ever you don't like than don't buy one. Seems pretty simple to me but NOOO, you always have some idiot on here that has to try and say negative bs about gm or it's trucks. If you think the sun sets on ford or dodge than buy that product but show some respect to people that like GM'S trucks.

The GM trucks look great and I don't give a rat's ass who doesn't like the interiors on the gm trucks, I like the interiors on the gm trucks. This is the land of the free, buy what you want and leave the rest of us alone.

Of course you do Bob. What a suprise.

Really like the look... not so much the price tag!

@ Bob
hahaha well some of us are just smart enough to actually buy a real american truck like a Ford or even a DODGE which for your information both have the nicest interiors in the truck market today. Even though im obviously a ford guy i do have to say that Dodge is a good looking truck and i would buy one wayyyy before i buy a Government Motors truck.

@Allistar - I agree. The GM looks much better than the Chev.

@ Bob - crabby as ever. That windshield wiper heater fire hasn't mellowed you out at all.

Follow up from earlier. I pull a 14K 40' 5er. That is what you should use. I pull this with my 08 F250.

I just think it's funny how everyone is commenting on the exterior looks and the interior. This is a truck. If you want the very best in interior, buy a Cadillac or other luxury CAR. If you want to tow a huge trailer, these are the vehicles you need. It seems like everyone is putting interior over what should really count in this style of vehicle, and that's towing and payload.

Tim, Try driving a truck for long trips with uncomfortable seats, poorly placed HVAC controls, a hard to reach radio, and hard to read guages and get back to us. People who tow RV's or do long distance driving want some comfort. Not everyone is buying a truck to work around the farm.

True, but wouldn't a truck that has a better exhaust brake add more comfort than a midly better interior? Wouldn't a truck that can actually maintain highway speeds up a grade be more comforting than a better looking exterior?

It's not like GM's seats got less comfortable from 2007 to now. It's not like the HVAC controls got placed in a worse location from 2007 until now, and it's not like the radio moved either.

Again, I think the new exhaust brakes, trailer sway control, more power, more fuel economy would be much further up the list for a truck buyer than some soft touch matierials in the cabin. did an update on the Silverado a couple months ago, and it was showing its age and quality issues. The trucks of today will meet the payload and towing of most anyone. But I do a lot of driving in my truck for work and I will settle not settle for low quality interiors anymore or lack of luxury or lack of features. If I was buying a new truck today, the a GM truck would not be it, but I will wait for the shootout to make my final decision.

The people who are complaining about the interiors of the trucks don't really use their trucks as they should. They're probably just grocery getters to them.

And hey, built4rdturd, you say you would get a Dodge before a GM because GM is "government motors"? Are you forgetting that Chrysler took money too? And so did Ford wayyy before everyone else before there even WAS a recession!
Dodge trucks have been looking the same since 1994, with just some headlight and taillight upgrades!

@Quagmire, I really love the new Duramax, but come on! If it was as comfortable and nice looking inside as the King Ranch, are you going to ask them to "please make it less comfortable?" But I actually don't care if the seats are not leather, I do like them comfortable and supportive. And I won't complain if the truck is luxurious, it's not going to make it less capable.

Like I said a million times, buy what brand you like but stop with the GM bashing. For the record the Silverado and the GMC Sierra are the second best selling vehicle in the US behind the ford f-seires. this is despite the so called by many posters here of the bad inteirors or lack of looks. Well alot of Americans don't agree with your opinions now do they. I just can't wait until the shootout and the GM trucks kick sand in the face of ford and dodge.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

I think this 3500hd dually denali looks awesome. Thanks for the pictures Mike. Can't wait for the shootout. Keep up the good work!

Bob -

The GM Sierra is currently the 4th best selling.

1) Ford
2) Chevy Silverado
3) Ram
4) GM Sierra

I finally figured out who the gm bashers are on this site. They are all left wing liberal zealouts that voted for Barry aka Barack Obama. I don't care what gm comes out with, some ignorant leftist liberal here is going to critisize it. Do you see gm fans bashing ford or dodge, NO! They like GM, and they don't go out of their way to bitch and moan about ford or dodge.

GM and the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra will win this years shootout!

So let it be written, so let it be done!!!!!

Guys! Bob is right here,even I'm a Ford man and like more Ford's trucks,I have respect to other people.
If you like Ford go buy Ford!
If you like Chevy go with it!
Same with Dodge and others.
Its a free land,everyone have a choice to buy what he want!
Whats wrong here?
I always say,ALL THREE Ford,Chevy amd Dodge ARE GREAT TRUCK'S!!!
There is no truck without problems,
every company has pros and cons.

This truck is lame i would rather have a f350 harleydavidson truck than this pos lol


Your laughing at you're own joke.

I have been a gm fan since birth and I voted for our current president, President Obama. I served so that everyone here on this forum could have the freedom of speech that we all enjoy today, thru the blood and sweat of others in uniform. The gm heavy duty trucks are the best all around design imho at this time. And for those who think gm is crazy for using an independent front end instead of a solid axle, then I guess the MARINES and Oshkosh are crazy too. Results speak for themselves.

i am frank i cant support this harley rip off !!!


What you don't understand is the concept of using IFS in Light Duty Pickups. What don't you understand? IFS break in Light Duty application. The IFS on those trucks are much much better. They can not use the IFS from these truck on Light Duty Trucks. Don't be such a dolt.


I have the same sentiment.

the boss is here,start your diesel....

The new gm heavy dutys are the real work horses....I like the gmc's look better tho. I cant wait for the shootout results...It is clear that gm hd's are going to winn it....

wow ,,Wye you complaint about they have 2007 not pulling whit your driver seat,if this truck win again,do you thing you get a truck for is interior or for what he can do,maybe you like to have more power in your radio ,..not from the engine,anyway this is your choice..

@Bob, in the same sentence that I criticized the GM interior, I wrote how I love the new Duramax! Yes I have driven it (yesterday - I couldn't resist), I think I am allowed to give my honest feedback. I'm sorry you don't like it if I give the good AND the bad. But if I said that everything about the truck was perfect, I would be lying. Just like if I said that everything was terrible. Engine/performance and driving was fantastic. Interior was crap. I would still love one if it makes you happy.

I like the GMC's, I think they're the best looking truck right now. 'RAM' next best looking?
The GM interiors are simple. I like that. I'd tear mine up at work.

I wonder how many of the people bashing the interior have spent a lot of time in it. I have spent many hours in a new body style 07.5 Duramax. The interior is quite nice in my opinion. I don't want a lot of stuff that will get broken easily or fancy computer screens. The controls you need are right in front of you and the seats are comfortable.

Great looking trucks IMO.

Very nice looking truck, much better looking than that fake Marlboro Man King Ranch.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with gm's interiors. What's wrong is the nim rod feeble minded idiots on this site that have to complain about the interior's of gm's trucks. I prefer the interior of the gm trucks over ford and dodge. buy the truck of your choice.

Like I said before GM sells almost as many trucks as ford does when you combine GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado. Dodge, your not even in the ball game! you suck!

Dodge's are cheap and are proven to be less reliable. just look at consumers reports.

IMO I think the new Fords aren't very good looking. I'm a Mopar guy but I also like how the GMC's look. I am especially impressed with the improvements with the new frame on this truck from the 2010 model.

However, the 2010 Ram HD is the best looking IMO!

Regarding interiors, the base model Silverado and Sierra look a lot better than the base model Super Duty. Much better instrument cluster in particular. As for the exterior, the GMC and Dodge are by far the best looking HD's. The Chevy looks kind of strange, and the Ford, as one other poster stated, looks like a combination of old and new. Got the '99 doors, tried to update the front, grille doesn't match the rest of the truck, '97 F-150 taillights, ect.. At least it is better looking than that train wreck of automotive styling known as the Tundra. The new F-150's look good, when will the Super Duty really get a stylng update?

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