Debut Pictures of the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD Dually

World Debut Pictures of the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD 3500 Dually

The one-ton 2011 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD dually made its world debut today at the Heavy Duty Shootout in Michigan.

You'll have to wait until Aug. 16 to find out how the big Denali performed against its peers — it's one of nine trucks we're comparing — but we've got the first photos to share with you now.

What does checking the Denali option box buy you? Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar chrome grille with body-colored bumpers, chrome door handles, chrome accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum trim, power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: black, Stealth Gray and white.

Denali trim is available in the 3500 Series for both single-rear-wheel and dually versions in two-wheel and four-wheel drive. The 3500 series is also available in standard (6-foot 6-inches) and dually long box (8-foot) versions.

For more photos of the Denali 3500, check out our behind-the-scenes look at the 2010 HD Shootout posted on our Facebook page.

2011 GMC Sierra 3500HD


I was surfing through a GM fan site the other day and they had complaints about the outdated interiors, and fit and finish. Some guys were even slagging the IFS.

When those kind of comments are made on a fanboi site - it's constructive criticism,
When it's done by a fan of a rival brand on this site - it's bashing, it's the rantings of " nim rod feeble minded idiots" to quote Bob.

Even automotive pundits have said that the Chev/GM interiors do not compare to Ford or Dodge.

Let it be written, let it be done
(To quote Yul Brynner, the Pharaoh in the 10 Commandments - not Bob the bozo)

@ Quagmire- First of i dont have to be reminded of who took money and when , and second of all i said Government motors because i was expressing my opinion about GM and where there trucks are headed, I know that must be a hard concept to get into your head lol, but anyways its okay if you dont know what your talking about i understand, we all know that GM makes the worst vehicles on earth, Ford is THE BEST and always will be the best so everyone just please face the facts. Its definatly ok to have your opinions but in the end everyone must know who the true leader is ,and that leader is FORD

@ Anthony, I also think the Ram HD is an awesome work truck. The GMC HD with new frame ect, should be just as good

That's interesting.

Proof that the GM's have outdated styling and quality is the fact that they will be redesigned in 2013. This is not only my opinion, I got it right from this site. Ford is supposed to have new trucks out by this time as well. No major changes are expected for the Ram other than possibly an upgraded transmission as Ram drifts off into the sunset. Poor Ram. I know Ram fans had high hopes for this model.

What you don't understand is the concept of using IFS in Light Duty Pickups. What don't you understand? IFS break in Light Duty application. The IFS on those trucks are much much better. They can not use the IFS from these truck on Light Duty Trucks. Don't be such a dolt.

@ frank, I guess you are such a scholar on truck physics 101, that you know better than us "dolts" who actually use these vehicles to the extreme. Thank you for your sharing. NOT!!
As I was expressing earlier, I prefer the gm twins. They are not perfect but they IMHO are the best all around heavy duty truck for the general public.

The general setup of the gm twins IFS has every thing in common with the oshkosh IFS, one has coils and the other has torsion bars being the only major difference. The oshkosh is a 7 ton truck and the gm is 1 ton truck which is as similar as a 1 ton ford to a 5 ton 6x6, in operation that is. It's what works that matters not what looks good.

Remember, buy what you like and enjoy it.

I went and drove the Dodge and Ford HDs last weekend, but not the Chev because it hasnt hit the dealerships in Norcal yet. Believe it or not, but the Dodge had the better interior of the two which threw me cause the Ford looks so much better in the pictures. However, as soon as I got in the Ford, I couldn't help but notice that it looked and felt kinda cheap. Dont get me wrong it was ok and the features with your music and in dash computer were really cool, but something just wasn't right about the high quality feel I thought it was going to get. The Ford had it in every other category, minus the exhaust brake(whats the deal Ford, if it has an exhaust brake, let me control it!!! Or at least know when its on!) And as a last note it was weird that when I stepped on the Ford, it sounded like a gasser. Weird! But it ran great though, pretty quick.

GM needs to toughen that thing up a bit! I dig the clean body lines and the wheels, but that front end looks way too conservative. lol Looks like something my grandpa would drive in the late 90's. I loved it back in the day, just not in 2010. And that axle needs to toughen up. It's a truck, not a SUV.

I want tough and luxury with a slight mean streak without being tacky. I also want a tailgate step. Time to deliver the goods or call it a day GM with your truck line. Just let Ford and Ram take complete control of the heavy duty truck reins you've piratically handed to them anyway.

Complete control? What a bunch of crybaby Ford lovers we have on this board. Ford has their new 2011 Heavy Duty and new 6.7 liter Diesel. So what! GM has upgraded the Chassis and engine on their 2011 model and does not need an update on anything else! They don't need a tailgate step. Steps are for wussies. GM asked Ford to do a pull off contest and Ford backed away. I say this to every person here who has stated that it doesn't prove anything you are COWARDS!

Every red blooded American loves competition and you Ford lovers should have endorsed the pull off. This very website is doing a shootout of these new trucks and compare them in every catagory just like a pull off would. If Ford would win the shootout are you just going to say it doesn't prove anything? of course not.

So for all you GM bashers out there, do you have inferiority complexes or what. The interior and exterior styling is just fine and they don't need to toughen anything. It is tough enough unless you are a coward! Are you thouhg enough? Lou, I don't care what the fanboy sites say. Buy the brand of truck you like and stop the GM bashing and don't be afraid of the shootout. And stop making excuses, it makes you and Ford look like cowards.

wow, Bobby is a happy chappy. You shouldn't hold back your feelings so much, especially on the internet.

For those that say the shootout won't prove anything, I have one thing to say, you are LOSERS!!! What are you afraid of GM'S truck may beat your big bad Ford???? Only losers would say it doesn't prove anything or say your truck is better because it has a tailgate step. When the GM truck wins the shootout, it proves that GM can out pull and out tow the Ford Super Duty and Dodge heavy duty trucks and the shootout shows that to be true! Is that tough enough for you?????????

Don't even go to the outdated interior argument. GM beats Ford and Dodge in interiors with Onstar. GM is building trucks with the best interior in the business. So don't use the interior argument because GM's trucks have better interiors with Onstar than Ford or Dodge.

Sierra Denali HDs receive a unique four-bar chrome grille with body-colored bumpers, chrome door handles, chrome accents and 18- or 20-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. Inside, you get Denali-specific brushed aluminum trim, power-adjustable pedals, a Bose premium surround audio system and 12-way power seats. Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available. The exterior will be offered in three colors: black, Stealth Gray and white.

If that doesn't explain why GM has the best interior and exterior nothing will to you cowards!

I'm not going to leave this board for a GM fan site because you got your panties in a bind. I stated several times for you to buy the brand of vehicle you like, but stop the GM bashing. I don't care what your fanboy site says. GM tried everything they could do to update everything including the interior but to avoid bankruptcy they had to what they had to do. The interior and styling will be all new in about 2013 and if you and posters here would pull there heads out of their butts they would know that. So stop your whining! If you can't wait a few years for the new styling, be quiet.

I responded to posters here saying that the GM styling was outdated. I never once told anyone here what truck to buy. The more you posters cry about my posts, the more posts of mine you are going to get


What are you like 11 years old. Grow up douche bag

Keep going Bobby, don't hold back I said! You come across as too restrained!

I bet those fake chrome door handles will lose it's chrome before you get to tow you're Travel Trailer.

What is up with those hideous chrome stripping on the door. Good Gawd, this is hysterical.

Nice Superduty mirrors.

Wheels/tires looks like it came of a tricycle or better yet the Cobalt. I bet that's the only why GM can manage better MPG is by adding smaller wheels. Laughable at best.

I am sick and tired of these childish posters like Frank that have nothing to say about trucks just insults.

@Bobby, yes. How dare Frank. I think you really set the bar for maturity.

bobby, it is a fact that GM interiors are cheaper. Stop ranting for a second do a little research on the internet and see for your self. Panels don`t line up properly, mold parting lines. It s CHEAP. We had an 07 Tahoe traded in recently that I had to inspect for the sales lot. The trim around the rear folding seat hinges was the most pathetic attempt I have ever seen. flexible rubber the kind of rests in place, when the seat is folded the hinge just plows through the rubber trim like a stick through mud. After a few years the rubber hardens and the hinge pushes it of its retaining tabs. Now if you think its good enough then thats fine, I won`t give you any grief over it. Some people have higher standards, they are allowed to have these opinions. They are allowed to buy what they want and voice there opinions. So take a little of your own medicine, STOP INSULTING PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY DON`T AGREE WITH YOU YOU WHINY LITTLE CRYBABY. Okay,I got that off my chest and I feel m,uch better now.

hahaha im laughing with/ or at everybody here lol


"I dig the clean body lines and the wheels"

Take another look. The fender flares ruin the body lines, as frank called it there is "hideous chrome cladding on door", chrome handles and hood vent clash with the body lines, the circa 1997 front end has no creativity. The wheels are nothing special - just chrome with a a very basic design. The GM stylists must be some of the most unimaginative designers on the planet. GM gets a C- for styling.

who wants cookies and milk?

who wants cookies and milk? lol

@ super baby - the fanboi sites I mentioned in my post were GM FANBOI sites, not Ford or Dodge, but GM FANBOI sites. Even many guys whom are GM/Chev fans feel the interiors are below par.

Do you want some cheeze with your whine?

@super baby - quote "Along with an optional heated steering wheel, heated and cooled leather-appointed seating is available."

GM must have optional heated steering wheels and seats so Howie can order his GM without them. Wouldn't want to look like a wuss or wanabe metrosexual!

Man step - great idea for the babyboomers out there with arthritis setting in.
By the way - that is the demographic with the most money to spend!

@super baby - quote"I am sick and tired of these childish posters like Frank that have nothing to say about trucks just insults."

You don't have any mirrors in your house? Get some and you'd see a childish poster 40 times a day!

@ super baby -

OnStar - hhhmmm.... my cell phone does what Onstar does, with the exception of calling for help in a car crash. That's what good samaritans are for!

My vehicle gets stolen?
I'd rather get replacement cost insurance for the same price as OnStar. What's the point of getting my truck returned to me abused to an ounce of its life. Insurance doesn't cover wear and tear, only obvious damage.

@super baby - quote"I'm not going to leave this board for a GM fan site because you got your panties in a bind."

Never happen. I prefer going commando!

Hay Lou, your spewing lies again about the Ford. Ford's interiors are not better than GM. Ford does offer a little boy's step. Onstar is superior to Sinc.

GM was the first to offer Tow Haul Mode in their half ton's. Ford copied. GM was the first to offer a automatic locking differential. Ford now offers in very limited models a electronic locking diff. GM offered Onstar years before Ford came out with Sinc. GM was the first to offer a independent front suspension. GM was the first to offer a Denlai luxury package in the 2011. Ford will copy it next year. Ford has been ripping off and copying GM for years and always tries to one up GM (aka Mustang)

A GM truck with their old upgraded engine will get better gas milage than fords ALL NEW engine and beat it in acceleration tests.

Ford is always trying to one up GM. LOU, FRANK are liberals that are jealous of GM.

@bobby - what is sinc?
- what is a "Denlai" luxury package?
- why would Ford or Dodge copy an inferior interior?

@super baby - quote"Ford has been ripping off and copying GM for years and always tries to one up GM (aka Mustang)"

You don't know much about history!
1st Mustang - 1964 1/2
1st Camaro - 1967

Please note - it was called a 'pony car" why????? copying the Mustang = horse = pony.

super baby - quote"GM was the first to offer a automatic locking differential"

Pleae clarify "automatic locking differential".
Automatic locking rear differentails have been around for as long as I can remember.

Bobby, you are hilarious! You have all the makings of a true fanboy. Ford tries to one up GM with the Mustang? LOL. GM never sold more Camaros than Ford did Mustangs. Just watch the latest episode of Top Gear. The Mustang came out first, it never went away! That's not to say the Camaro isn't a decent car. I guess the Impala is better than the Taurus SHO, the Tahoe has more 3rd row legroom than the Expedition? Chevys can fly..... Bobby, what car do you drive? I want to see a photo.

@super baby - quote "Ford is always trying to one up GM".

I'd say Ford doesn't need to try, as they already have surpassed GM.

#1 in truck sales
#1 in trim choices: 14 trim choices.
#1 in box choices: crew cab - 2
#1 in standing up on their own two feet. No bailouts.

What year, make and model of Chev/GM do you drive?


Don't waste your time. I bet he doesn't even own a bank account. Let it go.

Bye the way, Denlai? I thought we agreed it was Denial.

@ Frank - True. That explains all of his hostility towards my van. It reminds him of home!

today i see the new 2500 hd diesel ,,wow the front grill is nice,truck look big,and the frame too...nice truck....

today i see the new 2500 hd diesel ,,wow the front grill is nice,truck look big,and the frame too...nice truck....

Wow, that front bumper look like it came off my '06 F150!
Superbaby and snowjob are not going to like this!!!!

I'm glad the back of the GMC (Government Motors Cheese) doesn't look like the back of my truck. I don't want anybody mistakin my truck for a government vehcile!

Tim said "I just think it's funny how everyone is commenting on the exterior looks and the interior. This is a truck. If you want the very best in interior, buy a Cadillac or other luxury CAR. "

Tim- I think the thing you're missing here is that, in modern heavy duty pickup trucks, a very nice/comfortable interior and a very capable tow/haul vehicle are not mutually exclusive- you really CAN have them BOTH in one truck nowadays, so that's what a lot of people expect.

Bob said "There is absolutely nothing wrong with gm's interiors. What's wrong is the nim rod feeble minded idiots on this site that have to complain about the interior's of gm's trucks."

Bob- this is a comments section on a pickup truck site. If you can't handle people offering their opinions in the comments section, whether they are positive or negative, then I think you don't understand what the comments section is about.


ohh and by the way those wheels arent chromed there freakin plastic that look like chrome lol cmon Gm pull your heads out of your butts and put a real tire and rim on that truck and not some pos that looks like it came off my kids hot wheels toy

The grill reminds me of an electric shaver.

x007 - Better get a new truck. I wouldn't want my ride mistaken for something from Government Motor Corruption.


Wow, talk about "Laughable at best", have you seen the competition(SuperDuty and RAM) lately?

First of all, have you seen the front end on the "Super-doody"? I mean, it has so much chrome on that front end, you can probably shred some cheddar on that mother, and a "Vehicle information Computer" on the gauge cluster? You're kidding right? I thought it was a "Real Work Truck" not a Luxury car with "Electronic Gizmos".

To make a Long story short, The SuperTurd looks like a Mutant turtle mixed with an iguana.

And as for the RAM, i dont really see much of a difference from the Last-Generation, did Dodge really think they'd get the top trophy just by making some minor changes to their already Sucky truck lineup?

Ohh, and "Frank", you don't like the truck?......... GET THE HELL OUT!

Not taking any sides, looks is always a preference, shootout/pulling tug of war good as the tires, but I think most important is it's reliability. The grilles & things can always be wapped out for aftermarket stuff BUT they gotta stay running with lower cost to repair.
Question on the heavy duty type trucks, wasn't there a story here not long ago about each american brand and the types of frames they use? Correct me if wrong, Ford using tube frame (more adaptable to after market bodies/beds for service vehicles) GM's a diff type??? That said does any of that play into someones decisions? Didn't see this subject mentioned here this time. Just a thought.

BlondeStar, oops OnStar, Can someone tell me why GM makes a big deal over this especially for getting "locked Out" of your car??? Why don't they have (or offer it on all vehicles) Keyless Entry as Ford does? That way you don't have to pay yearly fees or however they do it. Or have to wait for assitance? In winter time leave vehicle running locked while you run into store for minute, then use keyless to get back in.

Chevyboy, you have a hard time telling the difference between the old Ram and the new shape Ram? Yet, you don't have that issue with the 2010 Silverado compared to the 2011 Silverado? And what are you going to say when Chevy finally does change the body style and puts in these "electronic gizmos" that trucks don't need? You won't be saying that then will you? Why does Bobby keep changing his name on here? Frank, keep posting things that annoy the hell out of Bobby boy. Did I mention the interior on the Chevy sucks? LOL


"FYI", i actually do have a hard time telling the difference between the "new" RAM's and the old RAM's. I mean, What is it that is "new"? oh yea, just some minor changes to the front, the back, and hey, they even redesigned the "RAM" emblem(I guess that means extra horsepower to them).

And what makes you think Chevy has to follow the rest and put a "Computer" on the gauge cluster?

@Supercrew- Chevy doesnt have the rights to keyless entry because its again one of fords exclusive offers on there trucks and ford has it patened so nobody can take the idea.


Seems to me like you're the "Know-it-all" of this site.

oh, and do you really have panties?....... i'm guessin you do since you're a "ford guy".


That is you're opinion. Do you see me getting butt hurt?

See the difference between a MAN and a, well prick.

wha wha bill.
GM and Chev sucks crappy engines bad trannys can go on and on with them. Plus they are out dated and extremely ugly. ANd as for pulling and hauling its all bragging rights to who has the most power and torque. But any of the trucks would pull any more then any one who buy these trucks will need. It all comes down to durability. These tests do not tell any of that.

@xXChevy_ManXx - x usually is short for ex - as in ex-Chevy man. Does that mean you are a former Chevy owner?
or does x, like math: mean an unknown quantity? ie. the limited scope of your IQ is an unknown quantity.
I hate to traumatize you like many other guys on this site, but I currently drive a GMC van.
Yup - there is a big ugly bow-tie smack dab in the middle of the grill.

Logic dictates my preference for the F150.
Logic also shows that Ford as a corporation is the best domestic manufacturer.
I lean towards the Ram Diesel HD as it's the most unchanged design. It's proven.
The shoutout and time will tell the rest of that story.

Quote - First try buying a REAL TRUCK(CHEVY, GMC) then consider yourself a "Man".
Why do you need a truck to feel like a man?

Quote - Seems to me like you're the "Know-it-all" of this site
With posters like you and the Bobsie twins around - an ameoba would seem like a know-it-all.

Back on topic - I like the looks of the GMC trucks. The interiors of the Chev/Gm trucks do need work. I haven't seen any Denali trucks on the lot, so I cannot personally comment on the fit and finish. Tests have indicated that the Denali interior is not up to par with the competition.
I am looking foreward to the shootout, as Mike does a great job of reporting.

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