2011 Toyota Tundra Gets V-6 Power Bump

2011 Toyota Tundra Gets V-6 Power Bump

Toyota Tundra light-duty pickup trucks equipped with six-cylinder engines will see an increase in power for the 2011 model year. The 4.0-liter V-6 is now rated at 270 horsepower and 278 pounds-feet of torque, up 34 hp and 12 pounds-feet from the 2006-2010 Tundra.

The extra power comes from improvements to the 4.0-liter V-6's dual-overhead-cam variable valve timing system. VVT controls the opening and closing of an engine's intake or exhaust valves or both, which can improve emissions and power levels.

The previous version of the 4.0-liter V-6 used variable valve timing to control only the intake valve cam. The new and improved 4.0-liter V-6 has dual VVT to manage cam timing for both the intake and exhaust valves.

[Source: Toyota]


put this in the tacoma!

How long before it gets recalled?

Still can't compete with ford's Eco boost v6. One more reason why toyota should ax the turdra for good!

It's about freaking time! LOL it has virtually the same horsepower rating as the old 4.7L i-Force V8. I'm in!

Also what I wish for...
4.0L 265hp in Nissan Titan

3.6L 295hp DI in GM, 280hp Pentastar in Ram (similar displacement)

3.7L 305hp in Ford F150 (non-EcoBoost version)

Then I'll really be amped up (no pun intended) about getting a V6 large pickup! Woo!

The Tundra will never be taken seriously time to axe it. the 4.2L V6 from ford was cabalabe of high mileage, toyotas make lousy work trucks.

Hey Mike, any news on the ratings for the 3.7L for the F-150?

Whats the mileage on the yota v6?

@TheTone: No information to share yet on the F-150 for 2011. EPA ratings haven't been released yet for the updated Toyota 4.0-L V-6.

For 2012 the Tacoma will get this boost in their 4.0L engines...

Already the new 4-Runner has this new power boost with their V6 and the 4-Runner has always led the way before the Tacoma gets theirs...

Wow! x007 and Nick you guys should be in marketing!! your witty remarks are so hilarious!! SInce when did salse #s determine quality?


A good truck sells.

@Frank - it's much more complex than " A good truck sells" when it comes to Toyota.
The domestics do make better full size trucks, but the domestics do not need to content with the "us versus them" Pearl Harbor mentality that exists.

Like Nick said "The Tundra will never be taken seriously".

It took a long time for Toyota and Honda cars to be accepted.
Like it or not - they are now the gold standard which all cars are measured against.
Toyota needs to make a near perfect truck to slowly be accepted.

We are more than ready and willing to forgive and forget the crap that the Domestics have sold us in the past.

Competition is great for the consumer.

If I was shopping for an ugly, small, unreliable pickup truck, this would be near the top of my list.

and here comes oxi...

The biggest problem with the Tundra is it's styling and lack of 3/4 and 1 ton models. 4.2L Ford? One of the biggest POS engines of all time!


The Tundra is a small pickup now??? It's gotta be dang near the largest 1/2 ton out there.


By your reasoning a mcdonalds hamburger is the best burger money can buy.

Chuff, The pictured truck is a regular cab with a small bed.

I want a manual.

I have a manual Tundra, that I love.

What has happened to the standard transmission?

Does any manfacturer still offer a straight shift in a 1/2 ton?

I wonder why a V6 in a 1/2ton? Basically makes it glorified station wagon. I agree @ Big Bob the lack of HD diesel makes the Tundra a niche player.

@Robert Ryan,

I have a 4-cylinder with my just about 3/4 ton Tacoma (payload is over 1,400 on a Tacoma, hehehe)...

1/2 ton is only 1,000 lbs.

Wats the 0-60 and MPG ratings? And wat axle ratio it got? Dont jus tease us wit horse power ratings.

@ Roger- Never said anything about sales #'s. I'm glad I was able to make you laugh!

@ToyLuver: Toyota hasn't release EPA mileage ratings or 0 to 60 times yet. We hope to test the new truck soon. Please keep checking back!

GM will really need to update the Vortec engines. Hopefully not at the expense of purchase price, reliability or efficiency. Perhaps this will happen soon?

@Alex: Direct injection. :-)

I maybe wrong but isnt the 150 'sposed to get the 11' mustangs v6 with taller runners on the intake. Could be wrong or hoping. If it does wouldnt it trump this iteration of tundra.. Agreed the tacoma would be a great home for this motor tho

@BigBob you know nothen about the 4.2L ive seen many here in Ontario with over 600,000 kms, better than this yota crap, toyota should give uyp on pickups, they are the same everyyear, and still look like a turd.

give up toyota**

@Alex, And why does GM need to update the Vortec engines? I can understand if your statement is towards the 4.3 V6, which is old and either needs to be dropped or completely redesigned, I see nothing wrong with the current line of Vortec engines for GMs 1/2 ton trucks.

@Nick Yep, the 4.2L V6 Ford made was such a success they went from regular production, to commercial use with manual transmission only to entirely phased out and replaced with the 2 valve 4.6L V8. Might be a solid motor, but I doubt there are many owners who can tell us. I tell you this as someone who likes Ford trucks too. Call a spade a spade.

@Mark - You need to visit the eye doctor. The truck pictured is a Tundra. No less full sized than a shortbed regular cab made by the Big 3. The one shown is their work truck model. Just because this website uses it in their article does not mean it is the only version this engine will go into. They sell plenty of non 5.7L V8 Tundra's here. The current V6 is available across the line up, with maybe the exception of the CrewMax IIRC.

Blah, blah, blah. 30 more horse power from a 6 cyl. You may not even feel the difference from 10 to 11. How about making a truck you can put a load on the tailgate. A truck that doesn't shake its butt on rough roads. I'm not looking for boy racer when I buy a work truck

Along with the 4.3L, the 4.8L is being ignored by chevy. No AFM, No VVT, Cant get it with the 6spd. It does make about 300hp & 300ft/lb of torque. When you look at the 3.7v6 in the 2011 Mustang (which is going to also be the base engine of the 2011 F150) it makes 305hp & 285ft/lb of torque. I'm not sure how Ford would re-tune the 3.7 before it goes into the F150 but when I got two engines that make very similar power but one is more fuel efficient & is offered with a 6spd auto.......Forget the 4.8L, the base 3.7v6 would be just fine.

I think the 4.3L should be scrapped completely. Apply the tech used in the 5.3L to the 4.8, and offer a 6spd with the 4.8L, the 4.8 will be able to compete again.

@David, You do make a good point. Seems like the only improvement that GM did to the 4.8L recently was making it flexfuel capable, which really isn't much worth jumping with excitement.

I've always thought what GM should do is either bump up the hp/torque numbers for the 4.8, 5.3, and the 6.0L and drop the old 4.3 V6 in the process, or if anything, drop the 4.8L and bring back the 5.7L 350. Have the 350 as the mid-range engine and the 5.3L as the base engine.

@Steven - I agree. Kill the 4.3 for sure.
The 4.8 is harder on fuel than the 5.3. I wonder how much MPG it would gain if it had a six speed?
Bringing back the 350 would be a great move. Guys would buy it based on history alone.

You do realize the 4.3L is 22 years old.. It started off in the S10 back in '88 producing 125hp. Nowadays it pushes 200hp and 260tq.

Hell back in 2001 GM unveiled a zz4.3L V6 producing 260hp and 277tq.


And now 9 years later Toyota is just now reaching that mark... that's funny.

The GM 4.3L V6 may be old but it is one hell of a reliable V6.

How's that for dialing way back Mike. :)

Our business has a couple late model Tundras that have made great light duty work trucks, and one with this improved V6 might be okay in the future. They're in really dusty conditions at times, and the cabin filters get extremely dirty. The Chevy's, Fords, and Dodges we own give you a dirt storm from the vents when you get them out on the open road. Do the domestics have any plans to do something with thier HVAC systems to clean them up a little, like an easily accessed filter would be nice? And suggesting running on recirc doesn't cut it.


I would rather have the Toyota 3.4L V6 than the 4.3L from GM!

I still see many more older Tacoma's on the road than Chevy S-10's...

The 3.4 is a good mototr! Mine has 262,000 on it and pulls strong still.

DB, the zz4 did not come to market so you can't count it. That is like counting a NASCAR engine for V8hp in a production car becasue they share displacement. IIRC Nissan's 4.0L as well as Toyota's 4.0L have been there right with the 4.3L.

I want a diesel toyota!!!

by the way, the 4.3l from gm started way back in 1985 in the caprices and 1/2 tons with 125 hp, carborated! gm planted in the s-10 as tbi in '88 with 160 hp, cant remember torque ratings, making the s-10 super fast and powerful for the times! the 1/2 tons had an extra 5 hp. the vortec s-10 had 180 - 190 hp and 260 lbs while the 1/2 tons had 190 to 200 hp w/ 260 lbs starting in '96. props to toyota for being late and all the other v-6 mid and full size trucks for being late in comparision to gms v-6! only 2 upgrades in 25 years? there is a reason it has been around that long. just ranting. others say its a bad motor, but, if taken care of, lasts a long time. my brother bought a 93 1/2 ton brand spankin new with the 4.3l, drove the piss out of it for 400,000 miles before the truck fell apart!

My suggestion for GM is to drop the 4.3 V6 & 4.8/5.3 V8
Make a 'new' 5.4 V8. Utilize the bore of the 6.0 V8-4", and the short stroke of the 4.8 V8-83mm
That results in 5.383 liters; 350hp, 350ft-lbs (and that is only using VCT, not cam-in-cam VVT) with AFM. (on regular)

or a 'new' 5.6 V8: 103.25mm bore (from 6.2) and 83mm (from 4.8) cam-in-cam VVT (intake AND exhaust) and dual length intake manifold: 400hp, 400ft-lbs (on premium)

and GM should get their 8 speed automatic out for the 2012 model year.

More than enough to hold their own.

its funny the comments that i read on hear about how bad toyota's are. its THE MOST AMERICAN TRUCK ON THE ROAD for starters. They dont build a 1% truck to advertise best MPG and another 1% build so they can claim most towing LOL then the American SHEEPLE eat it up! Toyota comes out with the best half ton this country has EVER seen and all the brainwashed american society can say is its sub par because it doesnt wear the badge of the detroit 3. WAKE UP PEOPLE, read and learn! that Tundra you make fun of embarrasses your domestic truck. bigger brakes, bigger rear diff. a trans that the torque converter can lock up in 3,4,5, and 6th gear! meanwhile the others still only lock up in top gear. the tundra has 2 fluid to fluid heat exchangers, one for oil, and one for trans. NONE of the domestics have this AT ALL!. i could type PAGES of things like this and all you domestic sheeple can do is say it sub par??? please tell me how? give me just one reason or example of how the domestic beats the tundra?

v-6 in 4 doors??????????

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